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Could a breakup and a firing have been the best things ever? Less Rope and Saric? Let's grab some Tylenol and try to get our Salemites moving in the right direction in this week's Two Scoops.

I'm a Cin fan, partly because I think the storyline is well acted and partly because it's a legit marvel of storytelling that any of this is possible. A former serial killer finds love with a beloved legacy kid? Sure. That'll work.

But it did. Last week, that legacy kid lived up to every ounce of her paternal DNA and cowboyed up to save the day. This tiny woman managed to drag a man by gunpoint across Salem, past prison security, and into the execution chamber, and she got the man to confess to murder -- all in less time than it took a doctor to administer a shot. I have no idea what superpowers Ciara has, but I want in. If I could have a fourth of her magic, maybe I could get my kids loaded into the car after daycare in under 20 minutes.

While Ciara was doing all that, Marlena stayed behind with Ben. I'm not sure yelling at someone who's stages into lethal injection to "Hang on! You've got so much to live for" is that applicable, but she's the doc here. What that did was give us a chance to see what Ben has to live for. It's Ciara. And that's it. And that's something the show needs to fix if they want (and they should want) to have Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal stay front burner.

I'm not surprised Ben's flashbacks didn't include anything else in his life. When trying to summon things that bring you hope, your abusive father, homicidal mental illness, and disturbed sister are not good options. But Ben -- as a character -- needs more in his life. Going forward, he needs to start forming legit friendships (Will's a surprisingly good start) and have some family connection (hopefully Ciara will help Rafe find David next!). When Ciara ran in, relieved that Ben's life was spared, she was all alone. She's pretty much the only one who cares. I'm ready to see that change.

In news of other lives being saved, Gabi arrived at the hospital to donate her bone marrow to baby Mickey. She was met with a truly laughable amount of judgment from Nicole and Kristen (more on that later) and pretty hateful treatment from Sarah. I get Sarah being furious with Gabi for gambling with Mickey's life. But the big picture here is that her kid has a chance to live. Sarah's usually a big picture kind of person. The whole reason she kept Mickey a secret in the first place is because she saw the big picture conclusion when Nicole came back.

Anyway, now that Gabi's secret is out, I'm kind of more on her side than ever. She can just detonate truth bombs without having to worry about optics, which is kind of refreshing. Yes, there was traffic. Yes, caring about kids and also wanting to stay out of jail are not mutually exclusive. I feel like this version of Gabi is what the show always tried to do with Eve, but they never quite got there.

I don't totally buy that she loved Eli, but I believe that she didn't want to hurt him. I had to chuckle when Julie said that she didn't get what she wanted out of the deal. Lady, you have a new heart. The sinister pacemaker plot (which is all on Gabi -- make no mistake) actually wasn't part of the initial transplant plan. Her lack of gratitude for Stefan's heart doesn't sit quite right with the Julie that we know loves to live her life, but I've long since learned that it's bad to try to figure out Julie.

Instead, can we devote a minute to discussing just how Gabi is a match for Mickey? The show made a huge deal about how immediate family members have the best chance. Maybe that was more to further the storyline of Nicole digging into why Xander was so focused on Tate, ultimately leading to the baby swap reveal. Or, could it possibly be that Kristen's fertility treatments somehow involved Gabi's eggs and...Stefan's sperm? Could the reason Gabi was a match be because she's the biological mother?

Dr. Rolf already implanted Kristen with an embryo before. Having Kristen carry the DiMera heir would all but guarantee the child would stay in the DiMera fold. That sounds like something Stefano would want. This is utter speculation. I have no inside knowledge. But the fun part about Ron's Salem is that these types of suggestions are not out of the realm of possibility! Thoughts?

Anytime someone mentions Mayor Carver doing something and I don't get to see it on-screen, I get angry. I would have loved to see Abe make the call to the governor.

A lot of people are taking their swings at Kate for sitting on the secret. I guess that's fair. But I think her real punishment is coming when she realizes Chad has been compromised, too. Kate's usually had a soft spot for Chad, and he for her, as well. Billy Flynn is playing this Chad-bot thing perfectly, but still...I can't help but wonder if this is even necessary.

Chad's complicated affection for Stefano would be a much-needed anchor in this sea of riduculata. Plus, Jack is uniquely qualified to speak of the dangers of becoming a good man after a truly terrible father. That piece of the puzzle is right there. A lot of the things Chad-bot was saying -- keeping hold of the family business for his kids -- were things the real Chad has said before. I would believe it if he said it again.

Baby David is still out there. Evan called someone mysterious for help before he pleaded with his boo at gunpoint (always a winning move), so there's another ally out there. Either that, or Jordan's neighbor from California is super understanding and willing to take this kid again.

Victor is right that Maggie will punish herself more than going to jail ever could. But part of me really wants to see Maggie in jail, just to see her Mrs. Garrett the other inmates. Think of the pep talks she could give! She could really change some lives! Plus, everyone would like her because she has the best snacks.

Dr. Raynor showed back up in Salem just to make Xander and Victor squirm. Sure, it was out of the blue. But I'll allow it because it gave Xander the chance to say, "I'm Tom Hanks compared to Victor Kiriakis." Ha! Indeed.

Kayla spent the entire week tied to a chair, having the same conversation over and over again with Stevano. Then, within about seven seconds, Stevano made it to Ben's old place with Marlena, and Kayla, Justin, and John were locked back in the storage room. Everyone's hope hinges on Roman and Hattie now, which gives them pretty good odds. Hattie's becoming more of a character and less of a caricature. She's tough. So is Roman. I'd put my trust in the two of them.

I want Shawn around all the time. His no-nonsense treatment of Princess Gina was therapeutic. I want Shawn to be around to tell off all alters. "You were not born at all! You're one of Stefano DiMera's little toys!" You're a gift, Shawn-D.

I didn't love Nicole laying into Gabi about using circumstances to better her own plight. Come on, Nikki. I adore you, but stand down, five-million-dollar baby snatcher.

But then, I was utterly floored when Kristen started judging Gabi. I might have moved away from my TV just so the lighting didn't accidentally hit me, too. I'm pretty sure she traded her freedom for "the essence of Jack" a hot minute ago. Yikes, ladies!

Evan (about Jordan): "She was funny off beat!"
Sonny: "Off beat?! Is that a euphemism for criminally insane?"
Freddie Smith's "Everything I Do is Awesome" tour continues.

Honorable Mention:
Victor: "I just see Kristen moping around, acting like she's auditioning to play Hecuba."
I am there with you on Kristen, Vic. She's reaching stratospheric levels of annoying. At least she's with Brady now, whose BS-o-meter has never been wrong before. Good times.

I've never related to Chad more than when he said his kid likes to hide his phone.

I liked Hattie sticking up for Kate. I really want Hope to come back so Hattie and Hope can reunite, too.

Nicole looked great this week! I really liked that cool side braid and that shade of pink on Ari Zucker.

Lani's floral robe was amazing! But instead of wearing it with black lingerie, how do you think it would look over fleece sweatpants and an old college T-shirt? Asking for a friend.

Why hasn't NBC.com started selling phoenix rings? Tony's birthday is in August, so they have a few months to get it together.

I don't remember Princess Gina mentioning Greta ever. It's not that I particularly want her to, but it would be a neat nod if she threw some side eye at Eric and Nicole for history's sake.

Marlena returned to the pub to tell John and Roman what happened with Ben's execution. This resulted in one of my favorite soap moments -- when soap characters hear what's happening in other storylines across their own soap and make "What in the world?" faces. These are the same faces my husband makes when I tell him what's happening on DAYS.

Sonny referenced Lani as "my friend." Really? Are they friends? That's not a dig. I honestly don't remember them having that many scenes together.

I like the study, but I'm ready to see the DiMera living room again.

Even I rolled my eyes at the doctor ripping open Ben's shirt to give him an adrenaline shot in the heart, and I'm a professional soap-watcher.

Chad promised to keep Kate from going to jail if he sold her shares to him. Don't take that deal, Kate. No one in Salem goes to jail, anyway.

Who's more likely to get an ornament on the Horton tree first: Xander or Ben?

Of course, John immediately noticed colorless, odorless gas but didn't notice Princess Gina living with him for months. Of course, he did.


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