Clowns to the left, casualties to the right

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Clowns to the left, casualties to the right
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I'm with Monica when she wisely said, 'I have learned from very sad experience that when Port Charles has very big events, they often end in disaster.'

Hi everyone, Liz Masters here. I'm filling in for Tamilu this week.

I'm with Monica when she wisely said, "I have learned from very sad experience that when Port Charles has very big events, they often end in disaster." Next time, they should seriously consider hiring Monica instead of that crone-like gypsy fortune-teller who seemed to take great delight in freaking out her customers.

I had some other minor issues with the carnival scenes. For instance, all of the ladies were running around in stilettos. It never ceases to amaze me how out of touch the wardrobe department can be at times. It was also a bit baffling why they decided to dress Andrea and Alexis in the same exact outfits and then style their hair in a similar fashion. It was clear from the beginning that Andrea had been killed, so what was the point of making them look like the Doublemint Twins? There was also a scene when rescue workers were searching for victims while some of the rides continued to run in the background. In reality all of the rides would have been shutdown.

Those few issues aside, I LOVED the carnival storyline. They really captured the spirit of a carnival with the outdoor shots. The "Dunk a Hunk" scene was a bit cheesy, but I immensely enjoyed seeing little Molly being rooted on by her Uncle Sonny. Sonny and Molly's natural interaction reminded me of all of the reasons that I adore Sonny. That side of him is what made me fall in love with him, not that He-Man sex maniac who doesn't see Claudia for the lying skank that she is.

I'm also thrilled that Sonny is finally connecting with Kristina. Those scenes at the hospital with Alexis, Sonny, Molly, Michael, and Kristina were downright heartwarming. I never blamed Alexis for the distance between Sonny and Kristina; I blamed Sonny. I've seen Sonny go after something that he wants; nothing, certainly not Alexis, could stop him if he's determined. I'm happy that Sonny is, on some level, owning up to that. It shows growth and that is something that makes a character interesting to me.

Edward's heart attack and subsequent car wreck, as Nonpoint's In the Air Tonight played, was riveting. I knew that Edward would survive, but I couldn't help but hold my breath as he clutched his chest and then collapsed. The scenes of Ethan saving Edward made me like Ethan for the first time! Finally he did something truly heroic and selfless! I cheered right up until the moment that Rebecca swept into the scene and went all "Oh grandfather" on me.

I don't hate Rebecca, but I'm not a fan either. Mainly, I find the character bothersome and unnecessary. She's like a pesky mosquito on a hot summer day. It's her sense of entitlement that irks me. She was adopted and raised by people who apparently loved her. Why exactly was that so horrible? Plenty of people grow up without the advantages of money and most of us have managed to live happy lives.

She also seems to be an insensitive little thing. Case in point was her visit with Elizabeth. She wanted Elizabeth to help ease Edward's guilt. However, Elizabeth wasn't at the hospital because she had some time to kill; she was there with her son who had nearly died. Why wasn't Rebecca hunting down Jason to talk to his grandfather? He had offered to do so earlier. Why bother a mother who was busy with her child? Speaking of Elizabeth, she's got man trouble once again and once again my girl is making one foolish mistake after another. I love Elizabeth, but there are times I would like to shake some sense into her.

Someone recently asked me the following: I know I don't watch, which puts me at a disadvantage, but when I read about these plots, I just shake my head in disbelief. Does that happen when you watch, too? They always seem to fail!

I responded: I have to constantly remind myself that if these people did what they were supposed to do then we wouldn't be watching a soap opera.

Elizabeth is a perfect example of what I mean. Her heart is in the right place; she wants to make it work with Lucky because she does love him and they are raising children together. Unfortunately they lack passion. If they didn't then Elizabeth wouldn't be drawn to other men nor would Lucky have affairs. Let's face it, Sam, Maxie, and Sarah wouldn't have been able to seduce Lucky if he wasn't interested. He was, hence they were successful.

According to the spoilers, Elizabeth is going to repeat history by accepting Lucky's proposal in order to prove that she can stay away from Nikolas. She will do this after she and Nikolas make love. I can't tell you how disappointed I was to read that spoiler. I don't want Elizabeth to hide how she feels about Nikolas. He's a great guy and I think they would make a much better couple than Elizabeth and Lucky.

Sure it's going to devastate Lucky, but he really doesn't have a whole lot of room to complain. Not just because he had an affair with Elizabeth's sister, Sarah, but because he was also in love with Emily back when Nikolas was living in the cabin with crazy Margaret and I'm pretty sure that he had a thing for Gia at one time.

None of that, of course, excuses Elizabeth lusting after Nikolas while continuing a relationship with Lucky, but it does illustrate why I don't quite see Lucky as a true victim here. Karma tends to work that way.

Yes, I know he's Lucky's brother, but that taboo has been broken numerous times; it's practically a soap standard. Monica loved Jeff and Rick Webber, Courtney was married to AJ while sleeping with Jason, and let's not forget about Keesha Ward, who also had a thing for the Quartermaine brothers. Elizabeth and Nikolas are no more shocking than Alexis having two of her children fathered by brothers.

This brings me to Sam. I was so very happy that Sam didn't take the opportunity to start slamming Elizabeth when Jason showed up to talk to her about the kiss that he had seen. Jason impressed me when he clarified two very important points: Elizabeth is free to be with whom she likes and he gave up the right to have a say in what happens to Jake. I do understand his concern though, and I have to give props to Sam for pointing out that Lucky loves Jake and Cameron enough not to drag them into an ugly custody battle in order to punish Elizabeth.

I believe that Sam was correct because after Jake was hurt, Lucky put his differences with Jason aside and didn't say boo about Jason hanging around the hospital to hear how Jake was doing. I loved seeing them act like proper adults rather than possessive children incapable of sharing their toys. It was really refreshing.

So, did anyone else notice that scene of the woman who walked right passed Kristina while she was buried beneath the rubble of the ride? Or the other scene when Kristina realized that Claudia had the same exact high-heeled sandals on? I have to admit that for a nanosecond I had believed that Claudia actually cared about Kristina's fate, despite the fact that they tend to play that creepy music whenever Kristina's name is mentioned around Claudia.

However, when I saw that scene at the elevator I realized that Claudia was exactly who I had thought she was: a bottom-feeder willing to use and kill children.

I really can't blame Johnny for distancing himself from Claudia. If I had a sister like her, I'd likely disown her too. I just wish Sonny would open his eyes to who is living under his roof.

Speaking of people under Sonny's roof, why exactly isn't Sonny or Diane at Max's bedside? I would have thought that Milo would have called her the second he had learned that Max had been hurt.

Then again, Johnny and Spinelli appear to be MIA as well. Last we saw, Johnny was bleeding to death somewhere near the warehouse that probably resembles a huge block of Swiss cheese, thanks to Anthony's henchmen. Curious that Jason didn't pass them by on his way to Sam's apartment. Jason usually tends to be one of the first responders to rival mob hits.

I realize that the carnival is a disaster area, but it couldn't possibly have tied up the ambulances since it happen right there in the hospital's parking lot. It doesn't make sense that Johnny and Spinelli continue to be missing.

I'm hoping that by Monday they find them; I like Johnny and don't want to see him die. If a Zacchara has to go, let it be Claudia or Anthony.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Until next time, take care.

Liz Masters
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