Will Mac ever find true love?

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GH Two Scoops: Will Mac ever find true love?
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Love is a battlefield for Mac Scorpio. Just when he reunited with his beautiful ex-wife, Felicia, the love of her life came home. Frisco is making a play for Felicia, but will she fall for him again? Or will she choose Mac? Two Scoops' Jennifer Biller dissects this surprising love triangle and wants your vote on which couple you're rooting for.

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Mac Scorpio has about as much luck in love as he has at solving crimes. He gets close, but someone else always swoops in and gets the girl or saves the day. I say, no more! It's time for Malcolm Scorpio to get his mojo back and find his one true love. Whether or not that's Felicia is yet to be seen.

For some inexplicable reason, Mac has been single for the majority of his run in Port Charles. Clearly, the women in town must be blind and dumb. He's gorgeous, sexy, loyal, and smart. He's also one of daytime's greatest fathers, to children who weren't even biologically his. His scenes with Robin, Maxie, and Georgie have been solid for decades.

Sure, Mac has had romances. Katherine Bell and Dominique Stanton come to mind. (May they rest in peace.) He was also briefly married to Felicia, who seemed like a good match but, unfortunately, never quite lost her wanderlust for Frisco, danger, and the road.

Then, there was Alexis. The Mac/Alexis pairing made me squeal with delight, but they received little screen time and shallow writing. For some reason viewers only got to see Mac and Alexis together on a holiday or when their kids set them up on an awkward blind date. His relationship with Alexis never got past the tepid stage, and she hit the sheets with Shawn. (Who could blame her?)

I've loved Mac and John J. York since the day he hit the docks with that Aussie accent. I am simply baffled why someone who is as hot and talented as Mac can't get, and keep, a woman. (It's a bigger mystery than why Jerry Jacks can't be killed.) The new show runners perhaps asked themselves the same question and brought Felicia home to reunite with Mac. The problem is that Felicia has always been a flake when it comes to loving Mac. Now that Frisco is back in town, she's once again fighting her feelings.

I can't blame her. I'm powerless to fight the connection between Frisco and Felicia, too. I spent an entire college Thanksgiving break, catching up on the Aztec treasure hunt and falling in love with that couple. They had incredible chemistry.

But as I watched Mac's heart breaking, on Friday's episode, when he overheard Frisco planning a date for Felicia, I suddenly realized that this time, I want Mac to win. He deserves to get the girl of his dreams, whether or not it turns out to be Felicia. This guy deserves some love scenes and a delicious romance, with a woman who puts him first. (And Mac fans deserve a little eye candy. His abs are still ridiculous!)

From years of watching all kinds of soapy dramas, I've learned one thing: women like bad boys. So, the odds aren't good that Felicia will choose Mac.

Don't yell at me. I don't write these things. The stats don't lie: Laura chose Luke over Scotty; Brenda chose Sonny over Jax; Joey chose Pacey over Dawson; Felicity chose Ben over Noel; Veronica chose Logan over Duncan; etc., etc., etc. But these writers have more surprises than a fun house, so perhaps they'll take the road less traveled.

I just know that I can't wait for Monday. I want to see Frisco and Felicia reconnect, even if it is briefly. What say you, Scoopers? Do you want Mac and Felicia to live happily ever after? Or do you want Felicia and Frisco reunited and Mac free to find another love?

In other musings:
"We'll be done when I say so, Toots." How much did you love Frisco Jones when he delivered that one-liner to Britt? His arrogance is unmatched, but I think Britt may have actually been trembling when he doused her with his steely gaze and menacing threat. Karma, baby. It's a Britch!

Frisco's scenes with Spinelli were also a highlight this week. Check my Best Lines of the Week section for their hilarious exchange. But this is all you need to remember from their volatile meeting: "I prefer Mr. Jones." Priceless.

Speaking of humor, did you guys catch the commercial with Carly and Todd for General Hospital's 50th anniversary? If not, here's a recap of the fun. After the 50th anniversary logo, Carly says, "Looking good, General Hospital." Only to have Todd chime in with, "Have you had work done?" Hilarious. Oh, yes, work has been done, Todd. This show is tighter than ever.

I want to join the FOS. How does one get in the Friends of Spinelli ring? Are the dues orange soda and barbeque chips?

How is it possible that Kristina Wagner looks better now than 20 years ago? The woman is simply stunning. Also under the word "stunning" in the dictionary is a picture of Rebecca Herbst. Even Michael gave her the eye when she rounded the corner in that hot little dress. Get Liz out of those scrubs more often, GH scribes.

I'd like to thank the show runners for not killing Steven Webber. Considering the news that Scott Reeves is leaving the show, I thought for sure that Steve would be leaving town in a body bag. But, nope. It looks he'll be leaving in steel bracelets instead. He survived his mother's knife attack only to be arrested by the Memphis police. Is Johnny Z behind this resurgence of the Memphis ugliness to try to keep Olivia from marrying Steve? Yeah, I know it's a long shot, but unless Lisa Niles is back from the dead, too, I don't get why the cops are tracking Steve.

I'm sad to see Steve go. He and Liz had some beautiful scenes this week. It's a shame it took his exit to get that quality time with his sister. Reeves is a great talent. I hope he ends up on that show Nashville with Lucky. Oops, I mean, Avery.

Finally! Patrick's blinders are off when it comes to Britt. He's finally emerging from his grief-stricken haze to see that she is a manipulator. I was starting to think that Patrick was the dumbest brain surgeon in the history of the planet.

I'm torn over ELQ. Ideally, I want to see both A.J. and Tracy running the company and bickering on a daily basis. I love both of those characters, despite their flaws. But they both have shown poor judgment. A.J. is letting Starr, a singer and college student, analyze his small, last-known sample of relish. And Tracy sabotaged her own company. Edward must be rolling in his grave. Duke has shown more sense than all of them so far. Or maybe Ned is the best choice to head the company. Tracy's not a quitter though. I half expected her to rip down those living room curtains when she was channeling Scarlett O'Hara with the "I'm not dead yet" rant.

Lucy Coe, Buffy called. Your slayer license has been revoked. Lucy must have missed stealth day at slayer school. She knocked herself out before finding Caleb and then charged at him, loudly, when he was trying to bite Sam. What happened to slayer finesse?

So it seems Caleb isn't a vampire. He was just a freaky, deranged serial killer who liked to wear fangs and drink blood. Um, okay.

Moving on... Many of you wrote to me, upset that Luke Spencer was knocking back Scotch last week. I have no explanation, other than Ron Carlivati Tweeting that the drink wasn't scripted. Maybe Patrick can get Luke to a meeting.

As sad as we are that Jason is gone, I have to say that I'm thrilled that Sonny seems to be developing more as a character in Jason's absence. For so long, Sonny was on autopilot, playing the same scenes over and over. Now, his character is growing. I'm actually loving Sonny's scenes these days, as he tries to maneuver this Kate/Connie nightmare. He's more interesting than he's been in years.

It's been a long time since I've griped about anything on General Hospital, but I can be silent no longer. Please, I'm begging, stop ending scenes prematurely! It keeps making me think that my DVR has cut off an ending. A few weeks ago, I really wanted to see Britt's reaction to Frisco telling her that he kills people for a living. I was drooling at the thought of it. Cue the credits, only to never pick up the scene again.

The same thing happened when Frisco came face-to-face with Maxie for the first time in years. Hellos were exchanged, then credits rolled. The next time we saw Maxie, she was ignoring Frisco's phone calls. This week, Lucy left Caleb, or whatever his name is, lying on the floor, staked in the chest. That scene didn't feel finished either. I kept waiting for him to pull that stake out of his chest or something. We should have at least seen him rolled out on a gurney on his way to the morgue or wherever vampires are buried.

Best Lines of the Week:

(John and Lucy, hiding from the cops, decide to use the professor's ancient weapons to defend themselves against Caleb.)
John: "I guess I should have taken that refresher course in spear-throwing at the college."
Lucy: "By the way, that is not a spear. It's a pike, not very practical. I suggest you go with the battle axe."
John: "Where we going, the Crusades?"

(Elizabeth catches Steven eating the doughnuts from the A.A. meeting.)
Elizabeth: "What are you doing?"
Steven: "Searching for jelly. What's it look like?"

(A.J. tells Elizabeth how uncomfortable he was seeing a "shrink" about his panic attacks.)
Elizabeth: "I think the point is to get you to explore your own feelings and figure out what's going on for yourself."
A.J.: "Really? Because the only thing I wanted to explore was the exit."

(Anna tells Alexis she can't help with Molly's case because Heather Webber just stabbed her own son.)
Alexis: "I thought Heather Webber was dead."
Anna: "Yes, we all did. But apparently you can't even kill her if you strangle her and throw her in the harbor."
Alexis: "She's like a cockroach."

Maxie: "Spinelli, this is my dad. Dad, Spinelli."
Spinelli: "Ah, the famed Frisco Jones. I'm sorry. Do you prefer Andrew?"
Frisco: "I prefer Mr. Jones."
(Later, after meeting Spinelli.)
Frisco: "That's the father of my grandchild?"

Reader Spotlight

  • I am glad they had a logical explanation for the Caleb vampire junk. -- Ron

  • If Sabrina is talking about her childhood, might she be Lauren? (It) would be interesting to see her morph into a Quartermaine. -- Melissa

  • (I think) the Q heir is none other than our favorite -- Damian Spinelli! Think about it. His past is very quietly "unknown". He grew up with his grandmother but never speaks of her. I can see the scene where he realizes he was related to Jason -- heartbreaker that one. The Q's would be apoplectic, with him holding the strings at ELQ. Can you see Tracy? She can never remember his name -- calls him Spumoni all the time. That would be hilarious! -- Stevie

  • Robert and Holly should be brought back to the GH canvas, if only to right things between them. Their love story deserves a happy ending, not the complete garbage that's been thrown at them the last few times they showed up, like Ethan being Luke's. -- LJ Springer

  • My heart skipped a beat, maybe several, when I saw Frisco looking at Felicia in Jack Wagner's first scene back. I love Felicia and Mac, but nothing can compare to what Frisco and Felicia had. With Jack Wagner only on a limited run, Felicia is going to end up with Mac, but oh, it does my heart good to see Frisco and Felicia on screen together again. -- Barbara

  • Jennifer: I loved your writing when you were assigned to ATWT and continue as you share with us your views on GH. I am amazed at the wonderful turnaround this series is enjoying. I hope that once the anniversary is in the rearview mirror, this attention to history and families and tone of the show's heyday remains. I suppose the mob is always part of the landscape, but I am glad it is not as prevalent. I feel good about soaps again. GH is why. Keep up the good work! -- Jim Petsche

  • I am loving the return of Caleb! Soaps are fantasy so what's wrong with a little of the supernatural kind? I have to say one of the reasons I started watching OLTL was because of Michael Easton and Roger Howarth (and the fact that they had canceled ATWT) so when they canceled OLTL, I was thrilled that they went over to GH. I'm loving the Caleb/John storyline, as it brings in more history and is a tip of the hat to fans who've been watching soaps all of their lives. Hats off to you GH! -- Luanne M

That's all for now, Scoopers. See ya next time!

Jennifer Biller
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