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An impending marriage, a bloody graduation party, a masked intruder, and an unexpected kiss. So much to discuss in this week's Two Scoops!

Dear readers, if you are a part of the General Hospital Twitterverse, you have undoubtedly participated in the conversations abounding about Jason and Carly's impending marriage of convenience. Some people feel that Carly wrestling with the idea of marrying Jason is disingenuous, because, let's face it, she's wanted Jason all to herself since the day she met him.

Carly has tried to intimidate every woman Jason has been involved with over the years. She has been relentless in ensuring every woman Jason loved understood that Jason would always put Carly and Sonny first. Now, Carly has the chance to have him all to herself, with no other woman in the way, so why is she wringing her hands? Carly loved Sonny fiercely, and I believe she is still grieving him. She liked having Jason as a backup, but I don't think she ever daydreamed about marrying him as a business arrangement.

Of course, we all know that Sonny is alive and well, so this marriage won't be long-lasting -- but probably more durable than we'd hoped because rumor has it that the Nixon Falls "Mike" and Nina story will drag on until November. So, five more months of watching "Mike" wipe down the bar and stack chairs? I hope they have more planned for this storyline than that.

Has anyone been watching GH long enough to remember when GH brought Tony Geary back as Bill Spencer? Everyone was thrilled that Tony was back, but Bill Spencer didn't take off the way Luke did. The audience kept saying, "LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE LUKE!" The viewers wanted Tony as Luke. Period.

I understand that, as an actor, a person might get weary of playing the same character day after day for 20 years. It probably becomes monotonous and boring to cycle the same scenes and repeat over the years. I used to tour in a repertory theatre group, and sometimes on the road, after we had done the same plays and same roles for so many nights, we would switch roles just to play something different for a change.

I understand why Maurice Bernard is enjoying this break from Sonny. He has the chance to wear a cowboy hat, and laugh, and dance, and show entirely new sides of his wide range of talents He's incredibly gifted. I love him. I love watching his YouTube show, "State of Mind." He's a fascinating fellow.

However, the audience is invested in Sonny Corinthos. The audience isn't invested in "Mike." They are salivating for the scenes where Sonny's family and friends find out he has been alive all this time. They are anticipating the fallout when this all comes crashing down. I personally want to see the day Carly bitch slaps Nina and pulls fistfuls of her hair out when she discovers Nina knew Sonny was alive and didn't tell anyone. Then the next catfight when she finds out Nina and "Mike" dated. Oh, it will be such a delightful day when that happens.

But, my dear readers, we must wait. This twist of storyline presents so many possibilities. Here are my hopes. I hope Britt got pregnant that one time she and Jason slept together. I want her to be pregnant with Jason's baby, to carry it to term, to have the baby, and to have Liesl be an Oma to it. I want the whole package. And I want Carly to choke on it.

I want Sonny to regain his memory, to come home and find Jason and Carly married, and to be crushed that no one was looking for him. I want Sonny to be incredulous that they gave up on him even after no body was found. Maybe Sonny will even sympathize with Nina's choices and say, "You were right to protect me from this life." I want Carly to have to fight to get Sonny back. I know she has missed her morning coffee. We heard that a few times. But what else did she miss? There had to be more than coffee to their relationship. I also want Sam to go ballistic. Can you imagine her reaction to finding out Jason is going to marry Carly? Or Liz? Oh, these discovery scenes will be so much fun.

I want Michael and Willow to destroy Nina, because she was supposed to be such a great grandma to Wiley but kept his grandpa from him. I want them to forbid Nina from seeing Wiley again. And then, I want Nelle to come back from the dead, reunite with Mommy, and fight for custody, just for the sheer soapy drama of it all.

But do you know what I don't want? I don't wish for Nina and Jax to reconcile. Sorry, but they bore me. In fact, the only person they could bring on to pair with Jax that would interest me would be Brenda. And one more side note on Jax. Jax saw Sonny with his own eyes in Nixon Falls and never even mentioned it to Carly. Even if Nina convinced him that it was an illusion, wouldn't he say to Carly, "It's the weirdest thing? I hallucinated Sonny when I got shot in Nixon Falls."

Why did they even have Jax see Sonny if nothing was going to come of it? Is it so that later, when all is revealed, Jax can say, "So I did see you in Nixon Falls!" Or, so Nina can say, "Well, Jax saw him, too, and he didn't tell you either"? I just don't understand the point of that scene if it amounted to nothing.

Now, let's talk about Britt. I am a big fan of Kelly Thiebaud. I think she and Steve Burton have lovely chemistry, and I was looking forward to a relationship growing between them, but of course, the writers instantly crushed them as soon as I started rooting for them. The scene where she was frantically cleaning up her hotel room and getting all dolled up, anticipating a night of romance with wonder in her eyes, made me a little sad. I think there is still a future where Britt and Jason get to be a couple, but hopefully, it won't be as she is wasting away from Huntington's. I mean, Faison was on GH for decades, so hopefully, Britt can linger that long, too.

Let's switch gears to the couple that was the steamiest this week: Anna and Valentin, in the cabin in Pautuck. Sizzle! The two of them have always had chemistry, from being frenemies to actual friends, and now, perhaps, to being lovers. They are a perfect fit -- the shared WSB past, the straddling the line between right and wrong. They understand one another and the secrecy required in the world of a spy. That kiss that never quite materialized is still hanging in the air, and I am anxiously waiting for those lips to touch and set off an electrical storm.

Does anyone remember when Helena said that Valentin was the most dangerous Cassadine and that she was afraid of him? Instead, he is the dreamiest and most romantic Cassadine, so I think it must have been like the Wicked Witch of the West is afraid of Dorothy because she had a bucket of water. Valentin is manipulative and scheming at times, but he's not especially deadly.

Now, moving on to the Quartermaines. Hearing about Stuart Damon's passing this week made me cry. I started watching GH in 1977, and Stuart Damon was one of the hot male leads. To be honest, I was there for Scotty and Laura. They were more my age demographic. But the exciting scenes of Alan, Monica, Rick Webber, and Leslie were thrilling to my teenaged heart, too.

Stuart Damon was Prince Charming in the Rodgers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella that aired when I was a kid. When I was at school, I used to have my mom watch the first 15 minutes of GH for me every day because my bus didn't get home until 3:15. She would give me recaps like "Prince Charming threw a silver tray at Monica when he found out she kissed Laura's dad" and stuff like that. He will always be the most handsome Prince Charming to me. He was so dreamy in that role. Find it. Watch it. You will see. I am glad GH will honor him with a special episode. I will probably record it and keep it forever.

Finn is still wracked with guilt over murdering Peter and nearly confessed his crime to Scott, who, quite frankly, is not the best secret keeper in Port Charles. But a visit from the angelic Violet convinced him otherwise. I think the best take on this I saw was from a lady on Twitter named "Ava Forever." She wrote, "And here's the issue with Finn not wanting to have murdered Peter. Everyone in town wanted that mf dead. Everyone else would be parading the corpse around and bragging." That made me laugh because it's so true.

Finn should have ignored Liz and immediately gone to the police. We wouldn't be worrying now about how to get a corpse out of the hospital sub-basement. Finn should just let Liz tell Jason to take care of it and make Peter's body disappear. However, as previously mentioned, Jason is a bit preoccupied planning his wedding right now.

Nikolas was accidentally pepper sprayed this week after laying a trap to catch Ava's stalker, which turned out to be a SORAS'd Spencer. Readers, I absolutely adored Nicholas J Bechtel. I am sad that he has been recast with an older actor. But that having been said, I am willing to give New Spencer a chance because Joss and Cam were also aged up and recast, and Eden McCoy and William Lipton are both fantastic. Sydney Mikayla is also outstanding.

So, if the casting directors who cast these three amazing teen actors also launched the new Spencer, I am hopeful that he will be a great addition to the GH teen scene. My mind is open. Come on, kid, wow me. I am also happy that Joss and Cam finally had the long-overdue discussion about the journal and Dev's fake entries. When Joss grabbed Cam and kissed him, I sighed, "Finally!" at my TV.

Poor Trina ended up at her graduation party in full Carrie style, covered in blood. (Or, more accurately, stage blood we used to make with Karo syrup and red food coloring.) I don't know how Spencer will get from villain to Trina's love interest, but it is bound to happen. Since Trina is so fond of Ava, maybe Spencer's crush on her will aid in her convincing him that Ava is a good person and that he should be happy to have someone so fierce and loyal as his stepmom.

I am running low on time and still have pages of notes to discuss. Maybe I will just bullet point some of these to get them all in.

Seeing Parry Shen this week was a highlight. Britt and Brad are delicious together. I hope he gets sprung from jail soon.

I think Genie Francis is the heart and soul of GH -- a daytime Queen. She's the reason I started watching GH in my teens and one of the reasons I continue to watch it. Me talking about Maurice's Emmy speech last week was in no way a diss of Genie. I have been a diehard fan of hers for 40-plus years.

Who is Austin? Is the rumor true that he is Jimmy Lee Holt's son, all grown up? Is that why Dr. Austin is so fascinated with Jason and the Q's? Will he make a play for ELQ? Will Cameron Matheson's Drew and Austin team up to take over the family business?

Liz's other boys... Jake got tall! I miss Aiden. Where is he?

Nice to see Charlie's for Cam's graduation party, but I still miss seeing Julian behind the bar. I still don't understand why such a central character as Julian Jerome portrayed by an actor as beloved as William Devry was let go. Bring him back. Ava needs a brother. We can get around the whole explosion thing.

Liesl and Scott making a public debut at a family party were endearing and delightful. Keep them together for a while, please.

Brook Lynn is getting a job so Maxie could see her baby. I am enjoying their developing friendship. Can you imagine when Lulu comes home to find out Maxie's replacement BFF is her archenemy, Brook Lynn? And by the way, bring back Emme Rylan already.

Taggert, Curtis, Portia, Jordan...who will end up with whom? It seems like everyone will swap partners and that Curtis and Portia will get together, and Taggert and Jordan will get tother, but I don't like it that way. I hope Shawn gets released and throws confusion into all the couplings. He is, after all, T.J.'s real dad.

When Diane was listing all the reasons that Cary and Jason's union made sense, one reason gave me pause. When she said they were each the guardians of the other's kids, I didn't believe that. Can you imagine Liz signing off on Carly being Jake's guardian? Oh, hell no.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Nina and Ava continue to be pals, even though Nina tried inducing labor to steal Ava's baby? Will Jax stop trying to buddy up to Michael after blackmailing him? Will anyone explain why that even worked, because who really cares if Chase finds out Willow slept with Michael? Will people stop mentioning Max and Milo if we don't actually get to see Max and Milo? Will Epiphany come back to the floor and whip things into shape, so anyone can't just log into computers at the nurse's desk and steal info?

Will "Mike" make a signature cocktail at the Tan O called the Mob Cocktail but not know why he came up with the name? Will Sasha and Brando have a chance at being a happy family with the annoying busybody Gladys in town? Will anyone attend Carly and Jason's wedding, or will they elope to Vegas and get married at the speakeasy in the Mob Museum? Will Trina ever get the blood out of her party dress? Will Nikolas stock up on Visine to cool his pepper spray-soaked eyes?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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