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A daring escape, several kidnappings, a counterfeit diamond, and a whole lot of secrets bubbling to the surface made for an exciting week. February Sweeps is here, and things are heating up in Port Charles. It's time to check in with Liz Masters and this week's Two Scoops.

It was inevitable from the moment that Peter learned the truth about Louise that the wee babe would end up in his evil clutches. I'm not the least bit shocked that Peter escaped and made a beeline for Jax's mansion, but I am gobsmacked that he managed to pull the kidnapping off so effortlessly with Brook Lynn and Chase standing just outside the patio doorway. Did Peter walk through the front door? Shimmy up a ladder like the Lindbergh kidnapper? How did he get the baby out of the house without her making a peep?

I have so many questions, but most of all, I'm curious why Brook Lynn grabbed a throw and ran outside when she blurted out that she knew how Chase really felt about her, thanks to her eavesdropping on his chat with Dante during study hall. I mean, a break during the move-in.

Unless she was having a hot flash (or walking the dog), it makes absolutely no sense to me why a woman in New York -- in the middle of winter -- would choose to go outside to nurse her injured feelings. At least, Chase and Brook Lynn were able to sort their feelings for each other out before everything went to hell in a handbasket. When the dust settles and Louise is returned to Maxie, Chase and Brook Lynn will have each other. I think Brook Lynn can be good for someone like Chase and vice versa.

Despite Chase's ill-fated plan with Sasha to manipulate Willow into marrying Michael, and his role in this latest charade with Brook Lynn and Maxie, Chase is a good person who tends to do things by the book. He's very straight-edge. Brook Lynn is his polar opposite. Lies fall from her lips with frightening ease, she forever assumes the worst about all people and every situation, and she is always quick to take the path of most resistance. She needs someone who can ground her, while Chase needs someone who challenges him and adds a little excitement to his life.

Chase and Willow were a sweet couple. In real life, they would have been perfect for each other. Their personalities complemented each other, and they had the same values and interests. They were supportive of each other and saw life through the same prism. Like I said, in real life, they would have been relationship goals for anyone. However, for a soap opera, they were dreadfully boring.

I'm not talking dysfunctional like Peter and Maxie. They were a horrible couple from the start, mainly because Peter was an awful human being. True, there was a time when he was reformed, but even then, he continued to do shady things under the guise of protecting what he had found with Maxie.

Dare we hope that this is Peter's last stand? I certainly hope so. I can't imagine that the writers would dare let Peter disappear into the night with an innocent babe. The man is absolutely demented and utterly diabolical. If Peter isn't stopped, I'm certain that viewers will blow up ABC's phone lines with complaints -- and demands for heads on pikes.

Many of us still aren't over the timing of poor Liam's death.

Once word spreads that "Bailey" has been kidnapped -- and that she's really Louise -- everyone in town will grab their pitchfork, light it up, and hunt Peter down. He's not going to get far, and depending on who catches up with him, he will not be long for this world. Will it be Chase who saves the day? Dante is in the hospital, and Valentin is MIA, so unless someone resurrects Jason, the list of potential heroes is pretty short.

I'm hoping that it will be Drew, for two reasons. I think that he has as much reason as Maxie to want Peter dead. Drew lost years with Oscar because of Peter, and he was kept away from Scout long enough that she forgot her father. Drew deserves the honor of ending Peter's miserable existence and rescuing Louise. Drew is one of the good guys, and he should be celebrated and hailed a hero for saving everyone from Peter.

I'm afraid if Anna gets to Peter first, she will spare his life or, worse, hesitate and let him get away. However, the main reason I want Drew to be the one to save the day is because I want to know if there is indeed a third level of programing that Faison had installed.

I assume that by now, Drew already stopped by Kevin's office or one of his colleagues' -- for some mind-control deprograming sessions. It's my hope that Peter was merely bluffing about helping Victor if Victor found Louise. Victor has that coming to him for sacrificing an infant the way that he did. That should not be rewarded in any way, and I think it would be fitting for Victor to find out that Peter had played him. I love Victor, but I hated that he told Peter about Louise.

All is fair in love and war, but kids are off-limits.

I am thrilled, though, that the "Bailey" secret is finally out. It's time for Maxie to be a mother to all three of her children and for Brook Lynn to pay the piper for her lies and move on. Ned is blissfully happy now that he's back with Olivia, and they are going through with the plans for Ned to adopt Leo, so any anger over Brook Lynn's faked pregnancy will be fleeting. Plus, Brook Lynn is going to have Chase and Maxie in her corner, reminding everyone that Brook Lynn had kept Louise safe for months.

Now, let's talk about Austin and Maxie.

Is there anyone that Roger Howarth doesn't have chemistry with? I've been watching him since his days on One Life to Live, and he has never failed to draw me into whatever romance his character was having, even when I didn't particularly like his character.

When Roger returned as Austin Gatlin-Holt, a part of me hoped that the writers would have Austin help Liz get over losing Franco. I have nothing against Finn, and I do like Finn and Liz's romance, but I was a huge fan of Franco and Liz. I hate that they killed him off just as Liz and the boys finally had someone in their lives that they could depend on. No one can argue that Franco was good for Cameron, Jake, and even Aiden.

Unfortunately, the writers had other plans, and it's Maxie that Austin ended up falling for. Maxie definitely deserves to have a nice guy come into her life after all she's been through since losing Nathan, but I wasn't sure if Austin was that guy, especially since Spinelli has been waiting in the wings since his breakup with Ellie. Spinelli and Maxie share a daughter, and they have a lot of history. Spinelli is a wonderful father, and I think he's grown a lot as a person. He's still quirky, but he's a lot more mature.

Now, that Austin knows the truth about Louise and he shared a couple of steamy kisses with Maxie, I see more potential than I did a couple of weeks ago when he was confiding to Britt about his feelings for Maxie. Austin seemed very reasonable and understanding when he figured out the truth about Louise and when Maxie explained why it had been necessary to keep the secret. It also made sense for him to question Maxie's well-timed kisses, but when he found out about Mac, he immediately called her. It says a lot about his character.

I am a bit baffled, though, about why Austin didn't tell Maxie that Peter had escaped or why Maxie didn't pick up the phone to let Brook Lynn and Chase know that the transport van had been ambushed and to be on alert. I know Maxie was shaken about Mac's shooting, but Louise is her daughter. It was for Louise's safety that the elaborate ruse to hide her with Brook Lynn had been necessary. Also, why were there no police cars escorting the transport van, since Peter is such a dangerous criminal with a long history of escaping?

I'm starting to think that the police can't afford to keep Chase on suspension for six months.

Back to Austin and Maxie. While I do see potential, if things don't work out, there's always Britt. I've seen sparks between Austin and Britt, too, and I enjoy their banter. Britt -- more than Maxie -- could use a little romance. Maxie will walk away from this with a daughter to bond with, while poor Britt is heading into Valentin's Day all by her lonesome and still mourning Jason. The only pitfall with a romance between Austin and Britt is that Britt is the co-chief of staff. I know there aren't any issues with Finn and Liz dating, but that might not be the case for someone in Britt's position.

Speaking of romance, Sonny is doing his very best to woo Carly back. With Kristina's help, he transformed the Haunted Star into a Martinique wonderland in an effort to dazzle Carly with a trip down wedding memory lane. It's not what Carly wants. She needs time and a little space from Sonny, but he hears, "But I'm open to a grand gesture."

Part of the problem is that until a few days ago, Sonny was in the grips of a manic episode because he'd been off his medication. He's back on it, but it takes time to work and to make certain that he's on the proper dosage. The other issue is that Sonny isn't being honest with himself.

I actually felt bad for Sonny when he stood on the deck of the ship, holding the little box with two wedding bands (that did not in any way compliment the over-the-top platinum and diamond set that Carly currently wears), a rose, and his heart on his sleeve. He's so filled with hope that one night of romance will fix everything that he can't even imagine Carly not showing up.

Enter Nina.

I know that Liesl sent Nina to check on Sonny, but Nina didn't need a big nudge to seek out Sonny. She's been looking for an excuse for days. I have no idea why Liesl or Britt would ever encourage Nina to have a relationship with a mob boss, but they both seem to think that Nina could find a happily ever after with him. She won't because Sonny isn't in love with Nina. If he were, he wouldn't be fighting so hard for his marriage to Carly.

If Sonny was in love with Nina, he would have used Carly and Jason's wedding as an excuse to end the marriage and be with Nina. If he was in love with Nina, he would have stayed at the penthouse and let Carly walk away without a fight. Sonny is in lust with Nina, and I fully expect them to hit the sheets before he's able to cut Nina loose. Most likely, Sonny and Nina will give in to their passion on the Haunted Star just as Carly arrives to tell Sonny that she wants to work on their marriage. Naturally, Carly will have a change of heart when she finds Sonny with Nina in the Martinique stateroom of desire.

If it plays out like that, the fireworks will be spectacular. I would expect nothing less for Sweeps, and if the writers are feeling particularly evil, Sonny's sperm will work its magic and impregnate Nina's barren womb.

Speaking of Sonny's progeny, Kristina was such a sweetheart to check on her father when she thought that Carly wasn't going to show. Sonny doesn't deserve her. Yes, I'm still salty about the Charlie's Pub debacle. Kristina had been keeping Charlie's Pub afloat for over a year. I like Phyllis, but Kristina should be the manager -- if not the owner -- of the pub, and Phyllis should be working at the hospital.

I just don't get why Phyllis is running a bar when she's supposed to be an amazing nurse. I know she wants to honor Lenny's memory, but being Sonny's on-call cheerleader is not the way to do that.

Another big development was Harmony's confession to Alexis about Willow's birth certificate. I didn't believe a single word of it. If Harmony had really given birth to Willow in a commune -- even one that was anti-government -- why not just tell Willow the truth? After all that stuff with Shiloh, confessing to obtaining a forged birth certificate isn't even in the top 100 worst things to admit to. Willow will certainly understand the paranoia of a cult, since she was raised in one. Also, why wouldn't Harmony's husband not tell Willow about the forged birth certificate back when he was trying to discredit Harmony and get Willow out of Dawn of Day?

Nothing is random in soaps, and Harmony's story has more holes than a lace hankie.

Way back, when Willow first arrived in Port Charles and clashed with Nina over Charlotte's education, I was certain that Willow would be revealed to be Nina's daughter. At the time, we didn't know about Nelle or even that Phyllis had been the one who had handed off a baby to Frank Benson. All we knew was that Nina had given birth to a child and that Sasha had been hired by Valentin to pose as that child.

I checked, but I didn't find anything. Was there ever a maternity test to confirm that Nelle was indeed Nina's daughter? I only recall that people had put the pieces together based on the half-heart pendant necklace that Madeline had made for Nina and her baby. If there was never a DNA test to confirm that Nina and Nelle were mother and daughter, then that is significant.

Did Frank Benson have a connection to Harmony's husband? Could there have been a baby switch of some kind? The long-lost twin twist has been overdone, but it can't be dismissed here, especially since Willow and Nelle were the same age. If Willow does turn out to be Nelle's twin, that will give Willow a biological connection to Wiley, not just Nina. It will also make things more difficult for Michael and Willow because, as much as he despises and resents Nina, he's not going to be able to tell her to stay away if Willow wants to get to know her biological mother.

I want to be clear. I have not read any spoilers. This is all speculation based on Harmony's excuse for not having a legal birth certificate for her daughter and her reluctance to tell Willow. All of this could be completely unrelated to Nina and simply a plot device to give Harmony something to fret about and Alexis an opportunity to go to bat for her new friend, but I've been watching GH long enough to know to always expect the unexpected.

Much like Esme getting away with all the things she's done lately, especially her stunt at the cabin. At this point, even a blind person can see how twisted Esme is.

I have no idea why Spencer is still with Esme. She wasn't even subtle during her little baiting game to humiliate Trina. Why isn't anyone questioning why a drink -- served by Esme -- hit Trina so hard that she became sweaty and nauseous after only a few sips and left her without any memory of it the next day? Esme set a car on fire and helped Spencer stalk a person. A little ecstasy (or whatever she put in Trina's drink) would be nothing for someone like Esme.

I was so happy when Spencer called Esme out on her behavior during the car ride home -- until he backed down and wrapped his arm around her. What was that? He clearly sees that she's got an issue with Trina, and he knows more than anyone else just how dangerous she can be, since she was his cohort in the stalking. It's not like Spencer is married to Esme. People break up all the time, especially teenagers. Why is he with Esme when he clearly has feelings for Trina?

That's why I was happy that Esme stopped the kiss. Trina deserves better than to be Spencer's sidepiece, and that's exactly what she will be if they start sneaking around behind Esme's back. I don't care about Esme's feelings. Esme is a nasty piece of work and should be in jail, but Trina hasn't had a boyfriend. Spencer would be her first, and he's not treating Trina with respect if he starts a romance with her before ending things with Esme.

I do know that Esme is going to want to punish Trina for that near-kiss. My hope is that without Spencer around, Esme will start to get sloppy and that more people will see her wicked ways -- besides the teens. I want someone to start digging into Esme's past, and I want to know what her connection to Ryan is.

We've been teased enough, and now that Spencer is in Spring Ridge, it's time to get some answers.

Random observations

Whoever is sneaking up to the attic to raid the Wardrobe Department's 90's section, please stop. Someone needs to rescue Amanda Setton from those hideous bulky blazers. Put her in a sweater or a flowy kimono, but no more unflattering blazers.

Hey, Britt, just a reminder that you and Nina are first cousins. Your mothers are sisters. I don't know why she didn't tell Phyllis that when Phyllis asked. Yes, they had Nathan/Jay in common, but they share a pretty close genetic link, too.

Why does Lindsay Hartley not have a permanent role on GH? She would make a fabulous Hayden Barnes or even Lulu Falconeri. I definitely saw sparks during her scene with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) when Sam went to check on him at the hospital.

Laura thinks that the counterfeit Ice Princess, Luke's death, and Victor's recent return are all connected. She's correct. Now, go solve that mystery, Laura, and rescue Luke.

Reader feedback

Why does Anna think it's her duty in life to reform every Bad Boy she gets involved with? Did she learn NOTHING from her experience with DUKE? A big part of the reason why she's attracted to Valentin in the first place is because he's as darkly mysterious as he is potentially deadly. If SHE wants to retire from all the cloak-and-dagger stuff, FINE! More power to her, but she can't expect Vlad to go all soft and domestic, hang up his gun, put on an apron, and let his fearsome reputation diminish, after taking all these years to build it up. Vlad's only now coming into his prime! -- Scrimmage

My prime suspect for the mystery of the suspiciously appearing wedding ring and the arson of Franco's studio is Elizabeth. I feel like she's having some sort of dissociative episode and she's doing these things without realizing it. -- Marci Robin

Marshall is not exactly keeping a low profile for someone in witness protection. Starting a band and going to the Invader trying to drum up publicity isn't exactly staying in the shadows. That scene where Curtis throws out the two guys with the packet of drugs is harbinger of things to come. Marshall is connected in some way, good or bad I don't know. -- JDF

I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to leave a comment below or email me.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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