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by Nel
For the Week of February 7, 2022
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It appears there are several storms brewing in Genoa City. Victor has once again pitted two of his children against each other, Victor is having Ashland's health issues investigated by Michael, Adam and Victoria are already beginning to lock horns over autonomy, Noah is still mooning over Tessa, and we have Chelsea and Sally baring their claws with each other. Who will weather the storm and have the last laugh? Join our columnist who shares her insights and speculations in this week's Two Scoops.

Good grief, where should I start when there so many storms brewing. There is never a dull moment. Victor has created a lot of angst with his decision to sell Newman Media to Newman Locke and further enable Victoria to believe she knows how to control and manipulate Victor while believing she has created an empire. I'm not an Adam fan; however, in this case, I really feel for him. He and Victor were finally in a good place, but then Victor sold Newman Media out from under Adam without so much as a "by your leave."

Victor threw Adam a bone by telling him he would remain CEO of Newman Media, and ChancComm would also be under Adam's purview. He also said Adam would have complete autonomy over the media companies. "Not so," cried witch Victoria while she stirred her cauldron. Do we have unrest in the ranks? Victoria wants to remain top dog, Adam wants autonomy, and no one seems to remember that Victor will have the final word.

I think I understand Victor's reasoning for selling Newman Media to Victoria. It wasn't because she said, "Pretty please, Daddy." Victor sold it to her because I think he wants all the Newman entities under one umbrella, and that umbrella is going to be Newman Enterprises, not Newman Locke. I don't believe for a second that Victor was okay with having the company renamed. He built from nothing, and in his eyes, it will always be Newman Enterprises. I believe he is working toward grabbing Ashland's company and adding it to Newman Enterprises, leaving Ashland with nothing -- or some sort of power play that would have Victor ruling over the company rather than Ashland and Victoria.

I had to laugh when Adam entered Victoria's office and she immediately assumed he was going to give her his regrets and leave. The look on her face when Adam told her he was staying to oversee the two media companies was priceless. That caught her off guard, and you could see that she immediately began plotting on how she could make Adam miserable enough to quit. I think Adam is staying on just to spite Victoria.

Victoria has become the bitch for all seasons. I think if I heard one more time that she was Adam's boss, I was going to throw something at my television. She kept gloating that Adam worked for her and didn't have autonomy. The last time I checked, Victor still owned the company; Victoria is merely running it in her capacity as CEO, but Victor has the final say. At least that's how remember it; however, I could be wrong.

I think Victor should have the last say, but that won't stop Victoria from making Adam's life miserable every chance she gets. I wonder how Victoria is going to accept that Sally Spectra will be working with Adam -- or will she try to pit Sally against Adam? It wouldn't surprise me. Victoria has been on an enormous power trip, and I can't wait to see it all blow up in her face.

The bond Adam and Victor formed is beginning to show signs of minor fractures. Adam feels betrayed by Victor. Victor pointed out that Adam should have seen that Big Bad Billy had been setting Adam up. Well, Victor wasn't blind at the time, either, and he should have picked up on it, as well, but he decided to put the entire blame on Adam. Victor was as much at fault as Adam for missing Billy's ploy. Plus, Adam wasn't going to do anything with that -- that was Victoria's manipulation.

Victor hired Michael, on Michael's terms. Victor has him looking into Ashland's past -- and Ashland's health issues, in particular. Lauren wants to know what Michael is working on. Lauren was concerned that Victor would expect Michael to be available to him at all hours of the day and night. Michael assured her that wasn't the case, and they agreed to his terms. Lauren isn't sure Victor will abide by Michael's terms. I hope Victor isn't going to come between Michael and Lauren.

Michael made a discovery about the clinic in Peru. When he met with Victor, he told him that the clinic where Ashland had received the unheard-of drug protocol from South America, which was getting results that no one expected, was a non-profit organization. After some digging, Michael discovered that a shell company was financing the clinic's operations, and the trail led back to Ashland Locke. Curious that Ashland never said a word about that clinic to anyone. He'd stealthily convinced everyone he'd found the clinic while researching online for treatments for his cancer.

Victor had me howling when he wanted Michael to go to Peru and do more digging. Michael reminded Victor about boundaries. Victor claimed he wasn't calling Michael in the middle of the night, and it was still daylight when he'd made his request. Even Michael had no comeback for that one. That sly dog Victor managed to find a way around Michael's boundaries. Michael knew Lauren wasn't going to be happy about his trip to South America; however, Michael wanted answers as much as that sly dog did, and he agreed to go.

When Chelsea and Chloe approached Victoria about their fashion platform, Victoria looked at Chelsea and Chloe with surprise. Coldly, she told them she was ditching the fashion platform, and she wished them well in their future endeavors. Her cruelty continues to reign. I want Victor to discover that Victoria sided with Billy in his plot to get her hands on Newman Media and that she lied to him about stopping Billy from continuing on his path for revenge. Victoria needs to be pushed -- no, shoved off her throne.

What is with Ashland? From the beginning, I have wondered about his health and whether his cancer was real. I believe I mentioned in my last column that no one has ever seen him in therapy or in a discussion with his oncologist. He went alone to the clinic in Peru for this miraculous cure. Victoria has not witnessed a single instance of treatment. I find that very strange. I would be there every time my husband needed care, and I was! Ashland has also been making decisions behind Victoria's back.

Ashland was miffed because Victoria and Victor agreed to the sale of Newman Media. Why was he miffed that Victoria finalized the sale without him? He'd been aware of the conditions of the sale, since he'd helped to put the proposal together with the company lawyers. What was there to argue about, since Victor agreed to all the terms. Ashland is planning something, and it's obvious he wants the company for himself. He honestly believes he can outsmart Victor. Ashland is ruthless, but Victor is far more ruthless. Ashland is in for a surprise because when Victor puts a target on your back, beware.

Sally is coming off as sour grapes. The rivalry brewing between her and Chelsea might turn into a full-scale war. Sally was really angry that Chelsea had heavily edited her video of all the interviews Sally had done in New York. Chelsea explained that it was a fashion platform and not the Sally show. Knowing Sally and her enormous ego, I'll bet she featured herself quite prominently in all those videos, so if Chelsea edited them and did it for the right reasons, not because of the rivalry between these two, then she did the right thing.

Sally was told that Newman Locke had dropped the fashion platform, Chelsea told Sally they were weighing the pros and cons of being an independent entity and that it would only be Chelsea and Chloe. Sally retaliated by stating that Chelsea was a has-been. Oh, oh, fighting words, and they came off as childish. Chelsea had an established career in the fashion industry, and she still has all her contacts. Sally claimed she had put their platform on the map with Victoria's wedding dress. I'm sorry, but that's all Sally has done since arriving in Genoa City, that wedding dress. Sally seems to be under the impression that the wedding dress is going to sustain her. Why is Victoria's wedding dress the only thing she has designed?

I feel Sally wants to become famous but by riding on someone else's coattails. I haven't seen anything that she has designed other than that wedding dress. The rivalry between Chelsea and Sally will be epic when it comes to fruition, but who do you believe will come out on top? I'm hoping Chelsea will.

We all saw Chelsea's designs in the past, and they were fabulous. I don't know how many of you saw Sally's designs in Los Angeles when she was on The Bold and Beautiful, but they couldn't compare to Chelsea's. Just my opinion. Chelsea and Chloe had a successful fashion line in the past, and they could do it again and be as successful.

Sally keeps throwing around that she had her own fashion house in Los Angeles. Well, I beg to differ. That fashion house was established by her great-aunt, and Sally only resurrected it. She didn't build lady-love it, but somehow, she has been claiming it was hers. I could be wrong in the way I see this, but Sally really does love taking credit for other people's work.

Chelsea and Chloe met with Lauren in an attempt to regain her confidence in them and rehire them as her designers. After their pitch, Lauren was excited and asked for a business plan. It seems they will become a team once again, but what of Sally? Well, Mr. Magnanimous, Adam, has hired Sally to work with him in "a" job, which he couldn't define because he had no idea in what capacity she would fit in, but he knows she has good business savvy.

Can we see Victoria riding around on her broomstick, trying to make Adam and Sally's lives as miserable as she can? I have a feeling that Victoria might have met her match in Sally. Sally doesn't hesitate to shoot from the hip, and Victoria isn't used to that, so I think she will be in for a huge surprise. I'm looking forward to watching Victoria's downfall; you can see it coming.

When is this never-ending baby saga going to end? Devon wants the baby in a safe and happy home. Great! It's what every parent wants. Has Devon forgotten he was only the donor? Why is he calling himself "Daddy"? Talk about confusing the kid. What is Dominic supposed to call Chance? This storyline is getting more ridiculous by the minute. Dominic shouldn't be calling Devon "Daddy." That's Chance's role.

Speaking of Chance, I get the feeling he doesn't have any real interest in Dominic. He puts on a good show, but it feels like he is giving Devon all the responsibility for Dominic; he is offering his opinions, which Abby agrees to in her attempt to keep Chance happy. Why isn't Chance putting his foot down and telling Devon to stop referring to himself as "Daddy," since that is Chance's role in Dominic's life, not Devon's. When is Chance going to stand up for Abby? I find Chance's attitude far too blasť, where Dominic is concerned.

It appears that Dominic has become ill, and it could be serious. If a decision has to be made about Dominic's treatment, which "Daddy" has the final say? Was that included in the shared custody agreement? I can see Abby freaking out, especially after losing her and Stitch's baby. Devon has a tendency to overreact at times, and he too, will see shades of the child he lost with Hilary. Abby and Devon will both be subconsciously affected by their losses, and Chance has been floundering with being a first-time father.

With his PTSD, Chance might believe that it was his fault that Dominic became ill because he didn't pick up on the symptoms soon enough and prevent Dominic's illness -- or, in spite of his PTSD, Chance was the first one to notice that the baby was having a health issue and sought out medical intervention. That would certainly bond him and Dominic. I wonder which one of the three parents will become the voice of reason if treatment for Dominic is necessary. I have visions that if treatment is required, Devon will try to take control of the situation.

This whole shared custody thing needs to define boundaries and be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb. Who will be the decision-maker? Who will set the standards by which this little boy will be brought up? There are too many decisions that will need to be made for Dominic, and it seems the primary parent hasn't been defined in making those choices. I really wish they would just drop this storyline, especially since it seems to be at the edge of murky waters.

Here is something to ponder. Do you recall Stitch spying on Abby right around the time Mariah agreed to be the surrogate and Devon the donor? What if Stitch knew about this and switched the donation, and the child is actually his? His appearance on the show never made any sense to me. My brain took a detour, and something began to make sense. What if Stitch switched the donation, and when he found out that Mariah was pregnant, he kidnapped her, thinking the child was his, and this would be a way for him to reunite with Abby. It might be an interesting way of giving Abby peace of mind, knowing Dominic will have only one male parent to call Daddy, and putting an end to this storyline.

Mariah and Tessa' engagement party was sweet -- with the exception of brooding Noah. Although I give him credit for that wonderful speech he made about Mariah and Tessa, he is hot off the heels of his breakup with his lady love in London, and seeing Tessa, he recalled what they'd had together. It had to be difficult for him to cope with both the hurt that drove him home from London and his feelings for Tessa. I think Sharon and Nick's attempt at trying to help Noah will bring them closer together.

Many moons ago, I stated that I didn't want to see Nick and Sharon reunite because there had been too much water under that bridge; however, they have both matured, and they have learned life's lessons, which taught them about love, family, and loyalty. I think with that said, I wouldn't be against seeing this couple reunite and have longevity in their relationship. I've said it before: I don't see any chemistry between Sharon and Rey. She has more chemistry with a rock than she has with Rey.

I have a feeling Noah's situation might bring an end to Sharon and Rey's wedded bliss because of Sharon and Nick's growing closeness while trying to help Noah. Rey thought Adam was a threat; he obviously didn't see the connection Sharon and Nick have always had. I also feel that Rey and Chelsea are going to become a couple. There seems to be a lot of chemistry going on there. That should be interesting.

That's it for me for this week. I hope you have enjoyed my views, speculations, and comments. Feel free to comment. I enjoy reading your views. Until next time, stay safe!

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