General Hospital comings and goings: Michael E. Knight out as Martin Grey

Posted Monday, February 19, 2024 9:11:21 PM
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When Martin Grey got on a plane on General Hospital, Michael E. Knight left the soap. But fear not, he'll be back a tad bit later.

It looks like Michael E. Knight's time on General Hospital has come to a close -- for now. The actor has been playing Laura's long-lost brother Martin Grey on a recurring basis since 2019, and five years later, he has left the Port Charles scene, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Fans last saw Martin on February 12 when he boarded a plane to go visit his ailing mother. Lucy Coe tried to stop him upon realizing she loved him, but it was too late. Martin was tired of Lucy's attachment to Scott Baldwin and needed to get away. One of his last moves before he headed out of town was encouraging Laura and Kevin to adopt baby Ace.

The good news is that Knight will be back a little later this year.

Knight was introduced to GH fans as Valentin Cassadine's fast-talking lawyer with a southern drawl. By 2020, the character was given a family in the form of mobster Cyrus Renault and Mayor Laura Collins. Both Martin and Cyrus never knew that their father, Gordon Grey, had had an affair with young med student Lesley, which had led to the birth of Laura.

Martin's connection to Laura and his romance with Lucy endeared him to fans. Just last year, we learned that Martin had another ABC soap connection -- he was once married to One Life to Live's Blair Cramer.

Knight came to daytime fame in the 1980s as All My Children's Tad Martin, a role he played off and on (mainly on) until 2011. He also played Dr. Simon Neville on The Young and the Restless.

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