Where's Taggert? General Hospital's Réal Andrews has the scoop on his MIA character

Posted Tuesday, February 20, 2024 1:14:10 PM
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General Hospital fans haven't seen Réal Andrews on screen since 2023. What happened to his Port Charles alter-ego?

Réal Andrews and Marcus Taggert haven't been seen in Port Charles since last July, and General Hospital fans have noticed.

Andrews originated the role of Taggert in 1997 and played him off and on until 2003. The character was rarely thought of again until 2020 when he moved back to Port Charles and was revealed as Trina Robinson's father. Fans welcomed Andrews and Taggert back with open arms, but he seemingly vanished last year just after learning he wasn't Trina's biological dad, after all -- Curtis Ashford was.

After giving an Emmy-worthy performance expressing Taggert's grief as he found solace in the bottle, Taggert hasn't been seen again. In fact, the show now acts as if Curtis has always been Trina's father, as she doesn't even mention Taggert anymore. She refers to Curtis as her father, making it seem like Taggert has been erased from her life.

Now, Andrews has addressed the issue in an Instagram video in which he answers a fan about Taggert's GH status.

"I appreciate your support," Andrews said in response to a fan asking if he'd be coming back to GH. "At this point, it's really gonna up to you guys -- and God, first and foremost. If God wants me back, I'll be back, but also with your support -- you guys have a very loud voice, especially in today's day and age, so between God and you all making a bunch of noise. If it's meant to be, I'll be back and if I'm back, I'll bring it, you know? That's what I do."

In between Port Charles stints, Andrews has also spent time as Hal Michaels on Days of our Lives, Agent Trumbull on All My Children, and Keith Campbell on the soap star-studded digital series The Bay.

UPDATE (February 29, 2024): Shortly after Soap Central posted a question about Taggert's absence on social media, Réal Andrews offered an update. You can read more about that here.

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