Dumping Dex: General Hospital's Eden McCoy weighs in on Jex's surprise split

Posted Thursday, March 21, 2024 9:02:25 AM
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Another couple bit the dust on General Hospital this week as Josslyn ended things with her latest boyfriend.

For someone who is only 20 years old, General Hospital's Josslyn Jacks has had quite the tumultuous love life through the years.

Her first boyfriend, Oscar, died from cancer. When she finally had sex with her next boyfriend, Cameron, Esme Prince secretly recorded the event and blasted it out onto the Internet. She later fell for Sonny's new enforcer, Dex Heller, but just learned what mob enforcers actually do -- they kill people -- and Josslyn had to draw the line. She ended things with Dex and is out there on her own again, looking for love.

Since Joss and Dex first got together a little over a year ago, some fans have been all in while others weren't quite sure if Joss should be forgiven for breaking Cameron's heart. Eden McCoy could see both sides and just enjoyed the soapiness of it all.

"It's one of those tales as old as time. And it has an element of danger, which is always exciting for people," McCoy told Soap Opera Digest. "It's really complicated because when you zone in on their actual characters, this [relationship] is a first for Dex and a first for Joss in different ways. This is Dex's first real love and experience with that and figuring out how to navigate that. And then for Josslyn, this is her most high-stakes adult relationship by far."

She also freely admitted there was a very sexual element to Jex's relationship when she added, "There's a sex scene every episode." Or at least there seemed to be, as Joss and Dex had a very healthy relationship in bed.

McCoy also remains pragmatic about what happened between Josslyn and Cameron, saying, "It wasn't always going to be kumbayah forever! You just can't please everyone. I love the mess of it all, I love Joss being a mess. I am sort of a Joss defender, but me, as Eden, I totally see all of her mistakes and I just kind of laugh at them. We're all just doing our job! I'm just doing what's written."

With another relationship behind her, what can fans expect for Josslyn? Even McCoy is ready for a surprise.

"I mean, sure, but I don't think there's anyone [viable] on the canvas right now," she said regarding a new love interest. "Hopefully, that will change and we'll have some new blood in the young adult [set]. You know, there's been a lot of changes at GH, a lot of pairing changes. And it's an exciting time on set because nobody knows what's happening!"

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