How General Hospital fans really feel about Heather Webber's insta-redemption

Posted Friday, March 22, 2024 9:26:26 AM
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General Hospital seems to have found a way to inch Heather back into Port Charles society, but is this the right move?

General Hospital's Heather Webber was never a heroine. She was that bad girl everyone loved to hate who wanted money and status and was willing to do anything to make her dreams come true -- except kill.

All that changed when the show brought the character back from a two-decade hiatus and had her commit her first murder. After she killed Officer Ross Duncan, Heather tried to frame Skye Quartermaine for the crime but was eventually caught.

She then became more than just a villainess as she seemed to go insane. Heather had some mental health issues after accidentally taking LSD while married to Jeff Webber decades prior, but that was only temporary, so this new version of Heather was a little bit of a shock.

However, that can't compare to the shock of 2023, when GH turned this longtime iconic character into a serial killer. By then, Alley Mills had taken over the role from a retired Robin Mattson and even won an Emmy for her work in December.

It looks like the new head writing team of Patrick Mulcahy and Elizabeth Korte realize that turning Heather into a serial killer might not have been the best move. At the moment, they are trying to undo that unforced error by claiming cobalt from a faulty hip replacement caused her murderous ways. The problem is -- fans aren't buying it. At all.

First, some fans wonder why redeeming Heather was one of the first orders of business for the new writers when there are more long-term characters whose stories need some tweaking.

"The fact that this show is wasting screen time that could go to other characters on redeeming Heather via cobalt poisoning and saying it affected her mental health," X (formerly known as Twitter) user @jelevision wrote incredulously.

@DanteIsAVibe concurred with: "This Heather redemption story is utter BS. Why, of all the characters and SL's that need fixing, is this getting priority??"

Other fans remember who Heather has been for the last 20 years and the crazy things she has done, including jumping off the GH roof with baby Danny Morgan in her arms. After Heather asked Laura if she had always been crazy, the answer seemed clear to the audience.

"To answer Heather's question yes, the bitch was always insane lol she literally took a innocent baby and jumped off General Hospital with him and that was not because of a hip injury," tweeted @GHFan10130.

The reaction to a Heather redemption does not mean the character and actress do not have fans -- they just want her to remain crazy as a guest character and not be a free woman whose bad hip lets her get away with heinous crimes scot-free.

"I do not want Heather to get an out-of-jail-free card. She has killed people. I wouldn't mind if she lived in a psych facility & we saw her occasionally trying to figure out what her life was for her now post Hip surgery," @johnwalterseip wrote.

When Soap Central asked in a Two Scoops column if Heather could be redeemed, @bredrew had a simple answer:

"The thing is that Heather works better as a recurring character, not someone on canvas full-time, no matter who is playing her."

What do you think? Should Heather Webber be redeemed? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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