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The judge denied Nina's petition for visitation. Carly received the results of the DNA test, but she decided not to tell Willow that Nina was Willow's biological mother. Nikolas slept with Esme. Britt met Dante's childhood friend. Chet accepted the job in Chicago. Valentin and Anna made plans for a date. Rory charmed Trina. Britt met Dante's childhood friend.
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The judge denied Nina's petition for visitation, Britt met Dante's childhood friend, and Nikolas and Esme had sex
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PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Monday, May 30, 2022

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital aired an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired October 26, 20221. A complete recap of that episode can be read here.

This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 31, and picked up where the Friday, May 27, episode concluded.

Nikolas and Esme passionately kiss

Nikolas and Esme passionately kiss

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

In the courtroom, Willow grabbed Nina by the arm and demanded to know why Nina had let Scott attack Michael on the stand. Nina said that Scott had only presented facts, but Willow was furious. Willow accused Nina of trying to redeem Nelle. When Nina asked if Willow believed that people were born bad, Willow responded that the apple never fell far from the tree. Michael and Carly overheard Willow and Nina arguing and rushed into the courtroom -- just as Nina said that it was too bad Harmony hadn't said who Willow's real mother was. Michael had to restrain Willow from physically attacking Nina.

Willow recalled that Nina had always treated Willow poorly, dating back to when Willow had been Charlotte's teacher. Willow said that Nina was not worthy of Wiley and vowed that whatever the judge ruled, Wiley's childhood would be different from Willow's. Nina vowed that she would never hurt Wiley.

Carly left for the hospital just before Scott, Diane, and the judge all returned to the courtroom. The trial proceeded, and Diane called Willow to the stand to ask why Willow believed Nina shouldn't have visitation rights to Wiley. Willow testified that she didn't believe the sharing of DNA entitled someone to a familial relationship. Willow added that Nina had kept Sonny from his family for months and had played an active role in breaking up Wiley's grandparents' marriage.

Willow also stated that Nina had dragged Michael's name in court earlier in the day, and she quipped that all of Nina's actions were done without thought for Wiley. Nina looked defeated as she watched Willow's testimony. Scott started to cross-examine Willow, but a resigned Nina grabbed his arm. "Enough," Nina said.

The judge asked if both sides had presented all of their arguments. Scott and Diane both said they had, and the judge said that she would announce her ruling within one hour. At the same time the judge called a recess, Carly arrived at the hospital and received an envelope with the DNA results inside.

At the hospital in Terry's office, Terry told Chet not to turn down the job offer in Chicago, and she said that what was meant to be wouldn't pass by either of them. Terry said that Chet needed to decide whether he wanted the job or not, and she felt that both of them already knew the answer. Terry told Chet that she only wanted what was best for him. Chet said that he would phone his recruiter to accept the job. Terry spoke through tears and told Chet that he would be her first call if she didn't have a date for Valentine's Day the following year.

At the Metro Court pool, Drew and Britt attended a mixed singles party and talked about their respective love lives. Drew said that he'd only gone to the party on Brook Lynn's advice, and Britt wondered why she'd gone to the party at all. Drew encouraged Britt to step out of her comfort zone, but Britt groused that the event was a "colossal waste of time." Drew smiled at Britt and got her to agree to stay and mingle.

Also at the Metro Court pool, Brook Lynn told Dante that she needed a favor. Brook Lynn recalled her problem with Linc, and Dante encouraged her to talk to Chase about it. Dante quickly surmised that Brook Lynn had already asked Chase to do something illegal or unethical, and he reminded Brook Lynn that Chase had always been supportive of her. Dante asked Brook Lynn to cut Chase some slack, and he said that every person had a breaking point. Dante told Brook Lynn not to wait until a day came when Chase might not run if Brook Lynn called. Later, Brook Lynn and Chase met face to face. Chase asked Brook Lynn how mad she was at him, and Brook Lynn quipped that she had been about to ask Chase the same question.

Elsewhere at the pool, Sam noticed Spinelli's sports coat and remarked that she couldn't get used to seeing Spinelli in his new wardrobe. Spinelli told Sam that he was ready to move on from his divorce from Ellie, and he said that he'd changed his mind about the matchmaking service. Sam wanted to know what was really going on with Spinelli. Spinelli claimed there was nothing amiss, but Sam knew better. "What's going on?" Sam asked Spinelli again.

At the shooting range, Ava fired several shots at a target X-ray to blow off steam. Laura arrived and quickly guessed that it was either Nikolas, Spencer, or Esme who was the subject of Ava's anger. Ava said that she would love to blame all of her marital problems on Spencer and Esme, but she knew better. Laura asked if Ava still loved Nikolas, and she added that where there was love, there was hope. Laura pleaded with Ava to give Nikolas more time to work on their marriage, but Ava claimed that Nikolas hadn't worked on the marriage at all.

Laura said that Nikolas and Ava were two people who both put their pride first, and she remarked that it made love tough but not impossible. Ava asked Laura for advice, and Laura shared that every marriage had its troubles, including Laura's own marriage to Kevin. Laura said that she and Kevin both had demanding jobs that required them to tune the world out and focus on each other. Ava said she wanted the same thing, but Nikolas wouldn't reciprocate. Laura asked Ava a question that she vowed to ask Nikolas. "Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?" Laura said.

Laura told Ava that Nikolas had grown as a husband, as a father, and as a man since he'd known Ava. Laura added that she only wanted Nikolas to live his best life. Ava admitted that she wanted the same thing for herself. Laura encouraged Ava to reclaim her happiness and to keep fighting for her marriage.

At Wyndemere, Esme took off her jacket and walked into the main room, wearing a sleeveless blouse and a short leather skirt. Esme poured herself a drink and raised a glass to Nikolas. "Guess we're both on our own," Esme said to Nikolas.

Esme apologized for the rift between Nikolas and Spencer and said that she thought Nikolas had known about Ava's plan to give Spencer a weekly allowance from Spencer's trust fund. Nikolas said that his and Spencer's failure to communicate hadn't been Esme's fault. Nikolas encouraged Esme to pick her own battles, but Esme said that there were no more battles to fight because her relationship with Spencer was over.

Nikolas was surprised when Esme told him that Spencer had broken up with her, and he asked if Esme was certain that she and Spencer couldn't patch things up. Esme said that she and Nikolas both deserved better, and she hinted that Nikolas should find someone who would put him first.

Nikolas noticed that Esme was shivering, and he took off his jacket to slip over her. Esme complimented the Cassadine family and told Nikolas that she had been proud to have been associated with them. Esme then told Nikolas that Spencer no longer wanted to make love to her. "That hurts, but I don't have to tell you that. Spence and I aren't the only ones in this house sleeping apart," Esme said softly and slowly to Nikolas.

Esme told Nikolas that he was both powerful and attractive and was still in his prime, and she asked what Nikolas wanted and needed. Nikolas said he only wanted respect, peace, and faith. Esme said that any woman lucky enough to have Nikolas in her life should strip herself "down to the studs" and give Nikolas everything he needed. "I would," Esme said.

Esme started to leave, but Nikolas reminded Esme that she was still welcome to stay at Wyndemere. Esme complained that Spencer only wanted his trust fund, and she took off the jacket to return to Nikolas. Nikolas asked what Esme wanted. "Nobody is choosing me. Even my own boyfriend doesn't want me," Esme said. Nikolas moved closer to Esme.

"I want you. Here. Now," Nikolas said softly. "Prove it," Esme whispered. Nikolas and Esme wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately.

Nikolas gives in to temptation and has sex with Esme

Nikolas gives in to temptation and has sex with Esme

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

At the Metro Court pool, several were gathered for a charity event sponsored by a matchmaking site. After greeting Britt, Maxie apologized for being late to the party. Britt regretted attending the event, but Maxie encouraged Britt to keep her mind open to the possibilities. Maxie insisted that she and Britt deserved some good karma after the "hell" they had been through. Britt agreed to stay because the drinks were good. Maxie suggested that Britt follow her lead by forgetting the past and looking to the future.

Maxie smiled when she spotted Austin as he approached the table with a cocktail for her. Britt's mood also improved because she saw Brad. Unfortunately, someone bumped into Brad as he handed a fresh drink to Britt, and the contents splattered on Britt. Brad apologized, but Britt agreed not to let it spoil her evening. Pleased, Maxie encouraged Britt to mingle. After Maxie and Austin retreated to their own table, Brad noticed there were a lot of cute guys in attendance.

A short time later, Terry arrived. Terry joined Britt and Brad at their table, but Britt was surprised to see Terry. Terry explained that things with Chet hadn't worked out because Chet had gotten a job offer in Chicago. Britt snagged a tray filled with drinks from a passing server. Sensing that Terry was uncomfortable talking in front of Brad, Britt sent Brad to talk to a cute waiter.

Terry acknowledged that she and Chet had met by accident and exchanged a lot of text messages, but they had only gone on one date. "Love sucks," Britt said. Terry admitted that she and Chet hadn't been in love, but there had been a potential for a deeper relationship. She admitted she was disappointed that she and Chet hadn't had an opportunity to explore things. Britt's tone filled with bitterness as she warned Terry that life always offered something special then snatched it away.

Nearby, Sam noticed Spinelli looking in the direction of Britt's table, and she assumed that he had been watching Maxie and Austin. Sam knew it wasn't easy on Spinelli to see Maxie with another man. Spinelli pulled his gaze away as he agreed with Sam. They found an empty table and sat down to continue their talk, but Spinelli quickly steered the conversation away from him when he saw Drew and called out a greeting. When Drew walked over, Spinelli asked Drew about coaching Scout's swim team. Drew explained that he merely volunteered when the country club needed help.

Moments later, Dante approached the table and asked for a private word with Drew. After the two men walked away, Sam asked why Spinelli had been dodging her questions. She was certain that something was going on. Spinelli conceded that Sam was right, but he wasn't ready to discuss it. He asked Sam to let it drop. Sam agreed, but Spinelli's attention returned to the table as a drunken Britt became increasingly louder.

Elsewhere in the pool area, Dante asked if Drew backed Michael's vendetta to dismantle everything that Sonny had built. Drew had no idea what Dante was talking about, but Drew thought it was unlikely that Michael had plans to start "fire-bombing" Sonny's warehouses. Drew pointed out that Michael and Sonny's troubles didn't concern him, but Dante argued that Michael intended to use ELQ to target Sonny. Drew admitted that he had known about Michael's decision to cut Sonny out of Michael's life, but Drew had no idea that Michael intended to use ELQ to achieve that end.

Dante backtracked a bit as he explained that it had been an "educated guess" based on what Michael had said. Dante was not happy when Drew confessed to understanding Michael's anger because Sonny had chosen the woman who had kept Sonny away from Sonny's family for months over Michael's mother. Drew made it clear that he wouldn't interfere if Michael made a legitimate deal that would benefit ELQ. However, Drew knew firsthand how destructive it was to be consumed by anger, so he promised to have a talk with Michael.

At Maxie and Austin's table, Maxie talked about Bailey until she realized that Austin might not be interested. Austin admitted that Maxie lit up when she talked about her children, which Austin thought was beautiful. He did take the opportunity to invite Maxie to go hiking with him soon. Maxie agreed, but she stipulated that they not go to Pautuck because she wasn't ready to return there. Austin was confident that they could find somewhere in Port Charles to enjoy nature.

Britt overheard Maxie and Austin, and she wondered why the pair was at the singles mixer. Maxie reminded Britt that it was also a charity event. Britt burst out in drunken laughter because it was official -- Britt was a charity case. Britt plucked another cocktail from the tray of a passing server, prompting Maxie to suggest that Britt slow down. Brad promised to take care of Britt.

After Maxie and Austin left, Britt tried to enlist Terry and Brad's help to find Britt a suitable match. However, Britt loudly began to list the faults of the men gathered at the event. Terry tried to get Britt to lower her voice, but Britt ignored Terry. After Britt finished her cocktail, she stood up and called out to get everyone's attention.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn and Chase were in a quiet corner of the charity event as they cleared the air between them. Brook Lynn admitted that she'd gone too far by asking Chase to help her go after Linc. Chase agreed that they had both gotten a little heated, but he reminded her that she had asked him to entrap Linc, which would have gotten him thrown off the police force for good. Brook Lynn knew it had been wrong, but she was pleased that they were good again. Chase pointed out that she hadn't actually apologized. "I'm sorry. Now can we move on?" Brook Lynn said.

Satisfied, Chase announced that he had decided to help Brook Lynn with Linc. Brook Lynn was delighted, but Chase warned her there would be ground rules. Chase would keep an eye on Linc and find out if there was any illegal activity to uncover, but Chase would not break any laws. Appreciative, Brook Lynn hugged him. After they pulled apart, Chase suggested that he and Brook Lynn discuss another subject they had been dancing around. Brook Lynn agreed, but Britt's loud whistle drew everyone's attention to Britt.

Britt told the gathered guests to prepare themselves because Britt intended to do something that would blow their minds. Terry pleaded with Brad to do something, so Brad whipped out his cell phone to record Britt. Britt drunkenly asked why everyone had shelled out their hard-earned money in search of love. Britt decided they had all been suckers for doing so, and they should instead get a pet. Spinelli reminded Britt that everyone wanted to find their special someone, but Britt scoffed at the idea of "the mythical right one."

Several of the guests began to look up as the sound of a small plane flying overhead grew increasingly louder. Meanwhile, Britt insisted that there was no love in Port Charles because all the good ones were taken -- or dead. Suddenly, several guests called out a warning to Britt, but Britt continued to rant until a parachuter landed in the pool. Britt was knocked into the pool. Moments later, Britt sputtered to the surface and demanded to know what had happened. Just then a bare-chested man popped up out of the water, greeted Port Charles, and grinned at Britt.

At the shooting range, Valentin was not surprised to see Ava. Ava felt the same about Valentin. He suggested that it wasn't a bad idea for her to brush up on her skills, considering the company that Ava kept. Valentin revealed that he knew about her dinner with Victor. Ava didn't recall seeing Valentin at Metro Court, so he explained that he had spies who had reported to him that Ava and Victor had looked cozy. Valentin wondered if Ava intended to upgrade from Nikolas. Ava admitted that she found Victor a lot more charming than Valentin.

Anna arrived in time to hear Ava's assessment of Valentin. Anna spoke up in defense of him because Valentin had his moments. Valentin smiled at Anna. Ava quickly gathered her things and left. Valentin confessed that he had been worried that Anna might stand him up. Anna wondered if he had been concerned because of all the times he had disappeared on her. Valentin acknowledged that he had a bad habit of doing that, but he hoped her presence meant that Anna had given him a second chance. Anna clarified that the number was closer to 99.

Anna invited Valentin to choose his weapon. Valentin teasingly asked if he would need to defend himself. After each selected a weapon -- Valentin a Walther PPK and Anna her personal gun -- Anna proposed that the one who had the cleanest set of kills would win. Valentin was curious what the prize would be. Anna offered to have dinner with him. Valentin asked what Anna would get if she won, but she hadn't decided. Valentin reminded her that they might have a draw, but Anna was confident that wouldn't happen.

Valentin pointed out that Anna had an advantage because she was using her own weapon, while he had selected a gun that he had never fired before. Anna invited Valentin to take a few practice shots. Valentin agreed, but he only fired the gun once. He explained that once he got a feel for it, he always hit his target. Anna smiled.

A short time later, Anna and Valentin looked at their targets to determine who had won. Valentin assured Anna that he intended to stick around, even though he knew that she liked a moving target. He wondered if that would work for Anna, but she confessed that it would depend on whether there was anything to stay put for. Valentin promised that there would be. After they looked at both targets, Anna was declared the winner. She decided that her prize would be for her and Valentin to spend the evening together, and she told him what time to pick her up.

After Anna left, Valentin's cell phone rang. It was Victor.

In the courtroom, Nina asked Scott if Judge Foster's decision to render a ruling quickly boded well for them or not. Scott had no idea but said he and Nina would soon find out.

Nearby, Willow asked Diane why there hadn't been any closing arguments, so Diane explained that it had been a hearing not a trial. Michael worried about the damage that Scott's attempt to rewrite Michael's history with Claudia had done. Diane refused to speculate, but she was curious where Carly was. Michael revealed that his mother had left to take care of an errand, but he hoped Carly would be back in time for the verdict.

A short time later, Carly entered the courtroom just as Judge Foster resumed the hearing. The judge cut to the chase when she acknowledged that Nina had a right to file a petition for visitation. However, Judge Foster announced that Michael and Willow had prevailed. The judge denied Nina's petition because Judge Foster believed that Nina's presence in Wiley's life would be detrimental to Wiley. Overjoyed, Michael and Willow hugged each other. Carly smiled with relief, but the smile quickly vanished when she glanced at the envelope with the DNA results in her purse.

Judge Foster blasted Scott for the comments that Scott had made about Michael. The judge warned Scott that it had bordered on slander, and that the judge had been perfectly capable of reading and comprehending a criminal record. According to the judge, Scott's distortion of the facts had wasted the court's time, and it hadn't done his client any favors. After the judge left the courtroom, Scott defended his actions to Nina because he believed that it had been a legitimate argument. Scott assured Nina that he had given it his best shot, but he was sorry that he had lost the petition.

Devastated, Nina approached Michael and Willow to make another appeal. Nina implored the pair to reconsider, but Michael reminded Nina that she had known the risks when she had filed the petition. Nina begged for mercy, which infuriated Willow because Nina had tried to have Scott destroy Michael's reputation. Nina proposed supervised visitation, but Willow wondered why she should let Wiley spend time with a woman whose lawyer had lied about Wiley's father. According to Willow, it was only after Nina had failed to get her way that Nina resorted to tears and claims of being misunderstood.

Michael became concerned when he noticed that Willow seemed out of breath, but Willow brushed it off. Willow reminded Nina that the judge had sided with Michael and Willow, and they didn't think that Nina could be trusted with Wiley. Nina warned Willow that Wiley loved Nina, and there was nothing that Willow could do to change that. Michael argued that his son didn't know any better, but Michael and Willow would protect Wiley from Nina. Before Nina could reply, Scott ushered Nina away.

Diane thought Nina should sue Scott for malpractice, but Michael didn't care. He was grateful the judge had sided with him and Willow, and it was over. Michael and Willow thanked Diane, but she gave them all the credit. Willow looked forward to finally being able to sleep. Diane reminded Michael and Willow that the ruling meant that Nina could be arrested if Nina went near Wiley. Willow hoped that it wouldn't be necessary.

After Diane left, Carly asked if Willow had any second thoughts because Willow had struggled the most with denying Nina contact with Wiley. Willow explained that that was in the past. Willow was thrilled that Wiley had been protected legally, and they would never have to see that "awful woman" again. Michael noticed when his mother glanced at an envelope in her hand, and he asked her about it. As Drew entered the courtroom, Carly recalled reading the results of the DNA test at the hospital. The results had confirmed that Nina was Willow's biological mother.

In the hallway, Scott explained that he had to sign some paperwork. He offered to call Liesl if Nina needed her aunt, but Nina declined. Nina left the courthouse and made her way to Nelle's grave. Tearfully, Nina told Nelle that she had failed. Nina wondered what she would do, since she had lost both Nelle and Wiley.

At Wyndemere, Spencer saw Esme's suitcase in the foyer. He recalled his argument with her before he'd gone riding and Esme's threat that she might not be there when he returned. "No such luck," Spencer muttered. After going to the kitchen to fetch a sandwich, Spencer entered the living room. He noticed that the suitcase hadn't moved, so he sat down and sent Esme a text message asking where she was. He suspected that she was hiding out in the bedroom, waiting for him to chase after her.

Spencer decided to send Cameron a text message explaining that Spencer had messed things up with Esme. Spencer realized that he would need to grovel, and he hoped that Cameron would have some tips. Spencer was certain that Esme's continued silence meant that she wanted Spencer to beg, but Spencer refused. Moments later, Ava entered the castle. She called out to Nikolas, but she stopped short when she saw Spencer in the living room.

Ava asked if Spencer had seen his father, but Spencer advised her to send Nikolas a text message. Ava explained that she had, but Nikolas hadn't replied. Spencer admitted that he wouldn't respond, either, if he saw a text message from her. Ava was not amused. She turned to leave, but Spencer asked her to wait. Spencer revealed that he and Esme would be moving out. Spencer wanted access to his trust fund, as he and Ava had agreed.

Ava clarified that she had agreed to give Spencer a weekly allowance, but he would only receive it once she was assured that Esme was truly out of Wyndemere. Spencer explained that he intended to move into a five-star hotel with Esme, so he needed the first payment, but Ava was unmoved. Eventually, Ava and Spencer went in search of Nikolas and Esme. Outside the turret room, Spencer recognized Esme's denim jacket on the floor.

In the turret room, Nikolas and Esme shared a heated kiss until Nikolas pulled away. Nikolas realized that he shouldn't have kissed Esme, but Esme didn't have any regrets. She kissed him passionately. Nikolas gave in to temptation as he slammed Esme against the door and locked it, and they began to shed their clothes. Nikolas and Esme ended up on the floor. Esme smiled victoriously as Nikolas made love to her.

Later, Nikolas shared a blanket from the sofa with Esme. Nikolas apologized because he had never intended for things to go as far as they had. Esme confessed that she had been fighting her feelings for Nikolas for some time, and she knew that he had been struggling with his feelings for her, too. Nikolas felt like he had taken advantage of Esme, but she assured him that he hadn't. Esme insisted that Nikolas had saved her because she had been lonely and sad.

Esme claimed that it had been nice feeling close to someone again and that she had felt safe in Nikolas' strong arms. Esme admitted that Spencer was not the man she had thought -- and Nikolas' marriage was over -- but Esme was glad she and Nikolas had found each other. Nikolas looked at his wedding ring as he explained that what he and Esme had done had been wrong. He reminded Esme that Spencer was his son. Nikolas was certain that Spencer would never forgive him, but Esme promised that Spencer never had to know -- for both of their sakes.

Esme insisted that the last thing she wanted was to cause trouble for Nikolas, but she hadn't been able to resist Nikolas because he had been good to her. Nikolas kissed Esme, but they jumped apart when they heard Spencer call out Esme's name.

One of Dante's old friends drops in unexpectedly

One of Dante's old friends drops in unexpectedly

Thursday, June 2, 2022

At the park, Josslyn declared Wiley the winner of their latest game. Just then, she got a text from Cameron promising to set Spencer straight about Esme. Josslyn had an idea for a trip she and Wiley could go on, and they began to gather their things.

In the courtroom, Michael asked Carly if there was something wrong. She thought back to finding out that Nina was Willow's mother, and she insisted that she was just decompressing. Drew arrived and was pleased to learn that the judge had ruled in favor of Michael and Willow. Michael wanted to go celebrate with Wiley, but Drew pulled him away to talk. Carly remarked that she'd never seen Willow so angry as when she had gone after Nina, and Willow replied that she'd never been that angry. Carly put the DNA results in her purse and declared that Wiley was all that mattered.

Outside the courtroom, Drew assured Michael that taking down Sonny was Michael's call, but he needed Michael to focus on the merger. Michael lamented the years he'd wasted believing in Sonny, and he vowed to see to it that Sonny was seen as the criminal he was. Drew had heard from Dante that Michael planned to use ELQ to go after Sonny, and he refused to be part of it. Michael figured he could outmaneuver Sonny without ELQ, as he was a better businessman than Sonny. He promised not to let his issues get in the way of doing business with Drew.

When Michael and Drew returned to the courtroom, Willow declared that she was ready to go home. Just then, Josslyn arrived with Wiley. She asked how things had gone, and Carly explained that Michael and Willow had won the game they'd played. Josslyn was happy that things had worked out, and she left with Wiley, Michael, and Willow. When they were gone, Carly revealed to Drew that she'd gotten the DNA results, and Nina wasn't Willow's mother. Drew wondered why Harmony had claimed that Nina was Willow's mother, and Carly dismissed Harmony as a troubled woman.

"Hello, Port Charles!" the skydiver called out from the pool. Britt yelled at someone to help her out of the pool, but Brad just kept recording on his phone. Britt climbed out of the pool and demanded that Dante arrest the man who had pulled her in. When the man finally got untangled from his parachute, Dante realized he knew the man. "Cody?" he asked. Cody got out of the pool and explained that he'd been hired to skydive into the pool. He wondered what Dante had ended up becoming, and he was shocked to learn that Dante had become a cop. Dante cuffed Cody and led him out, followed by Sam.

Chase and Brook Lynn decided to sit down to talk. Chase promised to do everything he could to help her get her music back from Linc. He thought that he needed to "seize the moment" more often, and she agreed that there was "no time like the present" as the two grew closer. Just then, Chase's phone went off, and he informed Brook Lynn that Finn was having a tough time dealing with what Elizabeth was going through. She urged him to go be with Finn and promised to see him the next day. The two went their separate ways.

Spinelli got some coffee for Britt and assured her that they would one day have "fond memories" from the day. She muttered that she was going to sue Cody for assault "for every stitch of clothing he's not wearing." Brook Lynn approached and remarked on the "splash" Cody and Britt had made. Chase watched as the group laughed about it.

Sonny arrived at Charlie's and asked Phyllis if Nina had been there. Phyllis said she hadn't seen Nina, and Sonny said that he was worried, since he hadn't heard from Nina. Sonny briefly told her about the hearing, and she figured it was probably hard going up against Michael. She wondered if he would change anything if he could, and he replied that he had to be true to what he believed. He thought that Wiley deserved more love in his life, and he hoped that Wiley grew up to be his own man.

Just then, the phone rang, and Phyllis answered it to Scott. When the phone call was over, she revealed that Nina had lost. Sonny called Nina and left a message for her to call him back so he could support her. He wanted to go out and look for Nina, so he instructed Phyllis to let him know if Nina went to Charlie's. He believed that he knew where she was, though, and he left.

A short while later, Sonny arrived at Nelle's grave. He called out for Nina, but she wasn't there.

Dante, Sam, and Cody arrived at Charlie's. Cody had thought that Dante was really going to "haul me in." Sam remarked that it was lucky that Dante had a change of clothes in his car. Phyllis approached, and Dante introduced her and Cody. He sensed that something was wrong and asked her about it. A few minutes later, Dante and Sam returned to the table, citing "family stuff." Sam wanted to know Cody's story. Dante answered that they'd grown up together, and Cody added that they'd gotten in trouble together.

At Wyndemere, Spencer picked up Esme's jacket and called out for her. Esme and Nikolas, startled, heard from inside the study. Spencer tried the doorknob, which was locked, and he remarked to Ava that it was never locked. He figured that Esme wasn't in there, and he walked away. Ava lifted a fist to knock on the door just as Nikolas opened it.

Ava wondered what Nikolas had been doing in there and asked if he'd seen Esme, as Spencer was looking for her. She observed that he seemed nervous, but he claimed that he'd just woken up from a nap, so he was still getting his bearings. She informed him that the door had been locked, and he figured the wind had to have done it. He asked her to accompany him downstairs, but she said she had something to tell him first.

Outside the study on the parapet, Esme, clad only in underwear, hid with her clothing in her arms. She got dressed but dropped a shoe in the process. Inside the study, Ava was about to make her way onto the parapet to investigate the noise, but Nikolas explained it away as bats. Esme listened at the door as Ava apologized for threatening to leave. She told him about her conversation with Laura, and while they still had issues to work out, she wasn't a quitter. He agreed, and he took her hand to lead her downstairs. Esme emerged from her hiding spot and muttered that they would both regret reconciling.

While Spencer looked for Esme downstairs, the doorbell rang. Spencer opened the door to Cameron, who demanded to know what had happened with Esme. Spencer told Cameron about seeing Trina with Rory and then having Esme tear into Trina again. Cameron was angry with Spencer for losing his cool, and he refused to lose Josslyn because Spencer couldn't "keep your head in the game." He demanded that Spencer do whatever it took to take Esme down. "Make it happen tonight, or I will," Cameron stated.

Later, Spencer returned to the study and found Esme. He wondered where she'd been, as he'd been looking everywhere. "Around," she answered. He said he had something to tell her, and she responded that she had something to tell him, as well.

In the living room, Nikolas stoically poured himself a drink. Ava thought that he was acting weird, and it was scaring her. Nikolas advised that there was something she needed to know.

Ava tells Nikolas that she wants to fight for their marriage

Ava tells Nikolas that she wants to fight for their marriage

Friday, June 3, 2022

Outside Curtis and Portia's house, Rory dropped Trina off at her home. The two thanked each other for a nice evening, and Rory said that he couldn't wait to spend more time with Trina. Taggert and Portia opened the door, and Taggert asked Trina who her friend was. Portia invited Rory in and made conversation with him and Trina. Taggert kept a skeptical eye on Rory, who complimented Taggert on having helped Jordan arrest Cyrus Renault. Taggert said that he'd had to break the law in order to take Cyrus down, and he asked if Rory liked breaking the law.

Portia chided Taggert for trying to "interrogate" Rory, but Taggert told Rory that there were written and unwritten rules. Rory shared that he'd taken an oath as an officer to uphold the law, and he said that nowhere in the rules was it against the law for Rory to spend time with Trina. Rory looked at Trina when he told Portia that he wanted to find more time for the things he enjoyed. Taggert was displeased by Rory's comment. After Rory left, Trina was giddy and told Portia more about Rory.

At the cemetery, Sonny found Nina's necklace at Nelle's grave. Sonny was worried about Nina's state of mind and feared she might do something extreme. Just then, Nina arrived at the cemetery. Sonny said he was sorry that the judge had ruled against Nina in court and then showed Nina the necklace she'd dropped at Nelle's grave. Nina asked for the necklace, and Sonny said that he wasn't going to let Nina go. Nina claimed that she couldn't stay in Port Charles because her mistakes had finally caught up with her and because she'd lost Wiley.

Sonny said that Michael and Willow couldn't keep Wiley away from Nina forever, but Nina surmised that she'd missed her chance of ever getting back what Madeline had stolen from her. Nina pleaded with Sonny to give the necklace back to her because it was the only thing she still had by which to remember Wiley and Nelle. Sonny gave Nina the necklace but asked Nina a question before she left. "How do you think Wiley is going to feel when he finds out that you gave up on him?" Sonny asked.

Nina denied that she was giving up on Wiley but swore that it hurt her too much to live in the same town as her grandson and to not be able to spend time with him. Sonny said that Nina could still have a life with Wiley, but only if she chose to stay in Port Charles. Nina agreed to stay for Wiley, and Sonny told Nina that she'd made the right choice.

Sonny assured Nina that she wouldn't have to handle things alone, and he reminded Nina that she had Sonny, Phyllis, and other friends. Nina admitted that she didn't know how she would watch Wiley grow up without her or how she would live without Wiley. Sonny put his arms around Nina as she began to sob.

At Charlie's Pub, Dante and Cody recalled their childhoods and how long they'd known each other. Cody told Sam that both he and Dante had been bad influences when they'd been younger. Cody went to get a drink, and Sam wondered why Dante had never mentioned Cody. Sam said that Cody seemed like a good guy, and Dante replied that Cody was good at getting into trouble.

Cody asked how Dante and Sam had met and how long they'd been together. Dante recalled that Sam had been a family friend for years and that Jason had been Dante's father's best friend. Cody was surprised that Dante had found his father, and Cody wanted to know who he was. Dante told Cody that his father owned Corinthos Coffee. "Your dad is Sonny Corinthos?" Cody asked.

Cody lightheartedly said that Sonny made a mean coffee bean. Cody then told Dante that he was happy Dante had made a great life for himself with a good job and a family. Sam told Cody of a job that she might know about if Cody was interested. Sam remarked that Scout and Danny spent a lot of time around horses at their grandmother's, and she wondered if Cody had experience managing and grooming horses after Cody had mentioned that he'd ridden horses out west. Sam offered to help get Cody's foot in the door, but Dante thought it wasn't the best idea. Cody politely turned down Sam's offer before he and Dante shared a stern look into one another's eyes.

At the Metro Court pool, Josslyn met Cameron, who said he'd taken a second job at the pool when Elizabeth had been sent to Shadybrook. Cameron and Josslyn spotted Adam, a student who'd tried to hit on Josslyn after the sex tape had been uploaded. Adam gave Josslyn a sincere and heartfelt apology and confided that he'd read Josslyn's story in the Invader. Adam said that it had changed his outlook, and he commended Josslyn and Cameron for their bravery in going forward with the story. Josslyn accepted Adam's apology.

When Adam left, Josslyn assured Cameron that they'd made the right decision by having agreed to the article because it had changed some people's minds. Cameron was glad to see Josslyn begin to get some closure, but Josslyn said that she would not get any true closure until Esme paid for her crimes.

At Wyndemere, Ava told Nikolas that a divorce was the last thing she wanted, and she asked Nikolas if they could find their way back together. Ava shared that she'd had some time to think and to put things into perspective. Ava said that it would take more than just an argument to sever her relationship with Nikolas. Nikolas flashed back to him and Esme having sex and then turned to look at Ava. Nikolas said that when Ava had walked out, he'd thought their marriage had been over. Ava said that her life with Nikolas had been wonderful, and she vowed not to let Esme and Spencer bring her marriage down. As a gesture of good faith, Ava offered to give Spencer his weekly trust fund allowance on the condition that Spencer remain at Wyndemere so that Spencer and Nikolas could rebuild their relationship.

Also at Wyndemere, Spencer told Esme that he was sorry for how bad things had gotten between the two of them. Spencer took Esme by the hand and asked if she could forgive him. Esme told Spencer that things weren't that simple. Esme recalled that she'd stood by Spencer's side, no matter what, and said that she deserved better. "Your father reminded me of that, among other things," Esme said as she flashed back to her and Nikolas having sex.

Esme said that Nikolas had talked her into staying at Wyndemere and that he'd given her a new perspective on things. Spencer claimed he was ready to do whatever it took to make his and Esme's relationship work. Spencer begged Esme to forgive him, and Esme said she did.

Later, Spencer and Esme joined Nikolas and Ava in the main room at the mansion. Ava told Spencer of her plan for his weekly trust fund allowance. Ava shared that Nikolas had told her about the struggles Esme and Spencer faced in their relationship. Ava quipped that she was certain Esme would find another family to terrorize. Esme gleefully told Ava that Esme and Spencer had worked everything out. Ava said the most important thing to her was for Nikolas and Spencer to work out their problems. Spencer and Ava left the main room. Alone in the main room, Esme stared seductively at Nikolas. "I thought they'd never leave," she said.

Nikolas told Esme that what had happened between them could never come to light. Esme said she agreed. When Nikolas left, Esme smiled and rolled her eyes.

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