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Alice Gunderson
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Actor History
Bergen Williams
2001 to present
Other Names

Big Alice

The Dominator (wrestling name)


Housekeeper for the Quartermaine family

Camp Counselor for the Lila's Kids program

ELQ Shareholder


Former bodyguard for the Quartermaine family (employed by Sonny Corinthos)

Resides At

66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, NY (Quartermaine Mansion)

Marital Status


Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Luke Spencer (crush)

Crimes Committed

Did not report the presence of a known fugitive (A.J. Quartermaine) to the police [Nov 2012]

Rendered Tracy Quartermaine unconscious and tied her in the Quartermaine boathouse [Nov 2012]

Health and Vitals

Blood type is B+

Hospitalized after suffering a heart attack [Jul 2, 2014]

Diagnosed with heart failure [Jul 8, 2014]

Underwent a heart transplant [Aug 2014]

Brief Character History

Wrestler Alice "The Dominator" Gunderson was originally hired by Sonny Corinthos to protect the Quartermaine family from the threat posed by mob rival Joseph Sorel. Lila Quartermaine bonded with Alice and kept her on staff as a housekeeper after the danger had passed. During her time serving the family, Alice openly shared her opinions regarding certain members of the Quartermaine clan but always remained loyal to the family. Alice openly favored Edward and Monica over Tracy and her allegiance was awarded in the form of ELQ stock upon Edward's death. Alice also doted upon her crush, Tracy's husband Luke Spencer. When Edward's great-grandson Michael took his place within the family, Alice favored him over Tracy as well.

After serving the Quartermaines for several years, Alice was considered family. She was involved in numerous inter-family squabbles, Thanksgiving pizza, and battles for control over ELQ. When Alice was diagnosed with heart disease and required a heart transplant, the family rallied around her with Tracy at the helm. Tracy promised to find Alice a new heart in exchange for Alice's silence regarding Tracy's secret plans to take over ELQ.

Alice and the Quartermaines were relieved that a donor had been found after mobster Mickey Diamond was declared brain-dead. Alice's condition worsened while the hospital tried to contact Mickey's family. Unbeknownst to everyone, Sonny Corinthos paid an actress to pose as Mickey's sister and she authorized the transplant. As Alice recovered, she told Michael that Tracy and Luke were plotting to get ELQ.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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