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Daisy Kwan
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Actor History
Kelsey Wang
September 26, 2018, to Present

Health aide at Turning Woods Long Term Memory Care

Volunteer for Dawn of Day

Former Outreach Ambassador for Dawn of Day [Demoted Jan 29, 2019]

Resides At

Dawn of Day house, Port Charles, NY

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


None known



Flings & Affairs

None known

Crimes Committed

Sent threatening letter and emails to Sam McCall [Dec 3, 2018]

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

Daisy Kwan was first seen in Charlie's Pub, handing out flyers for a concert in the park. A few weeks earlier, Daisy had met Kristina Corinthos at a party, so she invited Kristina to attend the concert. Kristina accepted, and the two struck up a friendship. Kristina had been through a bad breakup and was trying to pick up the pieces, prompting Daisy to invite Kristina to read Every Day Is a New Dawn. Daisy promised that the book would be transformative. Kristina was impressed with the book, Daisy's open-minded friends at the Dawn of Day house, the community volunteer work that the DOD group did, and the way that Daisy had helped Oscar Nero manage his headaches -- caused by an inoperable malignant brain tumor -- through a form of touch therapy. Daisy credited DOD with teaching her the healing technique.

Eventually, Kristina began to volunteer with the DOD people then moved in with her new friends at the DOD house. When Oscar decided to become an emancipated minor in order to make decisions about his medical treatment, Daisy invited Oscar to move into the DOD house. She also continued to treat his headaches through touch therapy. Daisy also worked at Turning Woods Long Term Memory Care, a facility that specialized in treatment and care for those diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. While working there, Daisy seized the opportunity to use one of the patients, Yvonne Godfrey, as cover to subscribe to a Galena, IL, newspaper.

The newspaper was from the hometown of a man that Sam McCall had married under false pretenses to steal his fortune. When Leland Powell passed away, Daisy sent Sam a clipping of his obituary. Next, Daisy sent ominous threatening emails, using the alias Linda Black, an alias that Sam had used during her days of conning various men out of their fortunes. With Damien Spinelli's help, Jason and Sam were able to trace the emails to the DOD house. On January 28, 2019, Sam confronted Shiloh, the charismatic leader of DOD. Shiloh was the son of one of the men that Sam had swindled. Sam was certain that Shiloh had sent the emails, but the culprit was revealed to be Daisy.

Daisy confessed that she had read Shiloh's book, which had mentioned his father's marriage to Sam, and Daisy had connected the dots when she had talked to Kristina. According to Daisy, she had thought sending the obituary and cryptic emails would make Sam feel remorse for what she'd done to Shiloh and make Sam more receptive to the DOD teachings. However, Daisy was adamant that she had acted alone and without Shiloh's knowledge. Sam was skeptical, but Daisy stuck to her story. Shiloh expressed his disappointment in Daisy then began to freeze her out.

On March 5, 2019, Daisy was desperate to get back into Shiloh's good graces. She turned up on Sam's doorstep to ask for forgiveness and to offer to make amends. Sam was concerned because it was clear that Daisy was anxious. Daisy promised that she was fine, but when Sam noticed a bold tattoo on Daisy's lower back, Daisy panicked. Daisy claimed that she'd gotten the tattoo before joining DOD then made a hasty exit. Later, it was revealed that Harmony, another DOD follower and someone close to Shiloh, had the same tattoo.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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