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Dev Cerci
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Actor History
Ashton Arbab
March 7, 2019 to March 21, 2019; June 19, 2019 to Present
Other Names

Devin Corbin (alias used to stay in the U.S.; Jul 12, 2019)

Giannis Costas (Name used on a forged passport)


Employed by Corinthos Coffee Imports

Server at Metro Court Restaurant



Greystone Manor (120 Shoreline Road, Port Charles, New York 16543)

WSB Custody

Formerly Turkey

Marital Status

Single/Never been married

Past Marriages



None known



Flings & Affairs

Trina Robinson (flirted)

Crimes Committed

Pickpocket in Ankara, Turkey [prior to arrival on Jun 19, 2019]

Stole money from a Turkish gangster named Raj

Breaking and entering; charges dropped [Jun 19, 2019]

Obtained forged passport to enter U.S.A. illegally [revealedJun 20, 2019]

Stole Josslyn Jacks' cell phone [Jun 25, 2019]

Accepted forged documents to establish himself as a U.S. citizen named "Devin Corbin" [Jul 12, 2019]

Attempted to steal Laura Collin's wallet [Jul 12, 2019]

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

In March 2019, Mob boss Sonny Corinthos and international spy Robert Scorpio joined forces to search for Sonny's son Dante Falconeri in Ankara, Turkey. Dante had been working undercover for the World Security Bureau infiltrating an international arms dealer's organization. Dante's handlers had lost contact with Dante, so Sonny was determined to rescue his son.

One day, Sonny sat in a café when a pickpocket attempted to steal his cell phone. Sonny caught the teenager in the act, but he'd taken pity on the young man and invited the teen to join him for lunch. Dev introduced himself then sat to scarf down the food. Sonny showed Dev a picture of Raj, and he was surprised when Dev recognized the arms dealer. Dev warned Sonny that Raj was dangerous, and he should be avoided, but Sonny was undaunted. He showed Dev a picture of Dante, but Dev thought that Sonny was better off cutting his losses.

Sonny explained that his son had gone to Turkey to take Raj down, but he hadn't heard from his son. Sonny insisted that nothing would stop him from going to his son if there was a chance that Dante was alive. Moved by Sonny's love for Dante, Dev agreed to help find Dante.

Later, Dev met Sonny in an alley to report that he'd been casing Raj's compound, but Dev hadn't seen any sign of Dante. Sonny decided that he couldn't wait. He gave Dev money and a piece of paper with Robert's phone number. Sonny instructed Dev to call the number if Sonny didn't return. After Sonny left, Dev hid in one of the large trash bins when he saw a couple of Raj's guards approach.

Unfortunately, Dev was captured when he went looking for Sonny. As Raj's men dragged Dev into the compound, Dev was stunned when he saw Sonny with Dante. Dev had alerted Robert before going after Sonny, so Robert and his men arrived just as shots rang out. When the dust settled, Raj was dead, and his men captured or on the run. Sonny left Dev in the care of the WSB then returned to Port Charles with Dante.

On June 19, Josslyn Jacks entered Lulu Falconeri's home to fetch something for Lulu's son. She was shocked when she saw a young man standing in the living room holding a bag of stolen items from Lulu's home. It was Dev. Dev insisted that Josslyn had the wrong idea, but Josslyn snapped his picture on her phone then called the police. Dev fled on foot, but the police quickly captured him.

Josslyn followed Dev to the police station because she wanted answers. She was startled when Dev mentioned her stepfather's name, and he claimed to know Sonny. Josslyn called Sonny. When Sonny arrived at the police station, Josslyn filled him in on what had happened. Sonny immediately recognized the young man sitting in the interrogation room, so he asked for a moment alone with Dev. Dev was relieved when he saw Sonny, but Sonny was curious what Dev was doing in Port Charles.

Dev assured Sonny that the police were lying. He promised that he hadn't been robbing the house, and he insisted that he was no thief, but Sonny reminded Dev how they had met in Ankara. Sonny insisted that trying to steal a phone made Dev a thief, but Dev clarified that he was a professional because Dev relieved "underserving people of unneeded valuables." Sonny was offended, but Dev was quick to clarify that he had made a rare mistake in Sonny's case. Dev reiterated that he did not break into people's homes.

Dev explained that he'd gone looking for Sonny, and he had sneaked onto the compound, while the guards had been helping the housekeeper with the groceries. He went to the front, but couldn't find a way in, so Dev had decided to seek out Dante. According to Dev, he'd caught someone robbing the place. He had startled the intruder who had dropped the bag and taken off. Dev added that Josslyn had arrived seconds later.

Sonny was curious why Dev was in Port Charles. Sonny had been under the impression that the WSB would take care of Dev because he had helped Sonny and Dante escape Raj's compound. Dev admitted that he hadn't trusted the WSB, and he had no idea if Raj's people had infiltrated the organization. Dev had decided to use the money that he had helped himself to at Raj's compound to procure a Greek passport in the name of Giannis Costas, and a plane ticket to the United States. However, Dev feared that his papers wouldn't hold up under scrutiny, so he needed Sonny's help to get the charges dropped.

Dev confided that he could not return to Turkey because Raj's people would kill him. Sonny stepped into the squad room to have a private talk with Lulu, and ask for her help. Lulu dropped the charges. Later, Sonny arrived home with Josslyn and Dev. After he introduced Dev to Carly, Sonny explained that Dev would be staying with them for a while.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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