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Martin Gray
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Pretended to represent a client selling a portrait of Helena Cassadine in order to plant a listening device in Jasper Jacks' home and record a private conversation between Jax and Mayor Laura Collins [Nov 26, 2019]

Broke into the Jerome Gallery with Valentin Cassadine to search for the painting of Helena [Dec 5, 2019]

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Brief Character History

On September 30, 2019, Martin Gray went to Pentonville prison to visit a potential client named Nelle Benson. Nelle needed Martin's help with her upcoming parole hearing. Martin warned Nelle that it wouldn't be easy because she had admitted to murdering her first fiancÚ and attempting to murder her second fiancÚ, Michael Corinthos. Nelle blamed it on hormones because she had been nine months pregnant at the time, but she insisted that she had seen the error of her ways and she had turned her life around. Nelle pointed out that she was a model prisoner without any incidents on her record.

Martin agreed to represent Nelle, but she was not granted parole. Nelle was frustrated, but Martin reminded her that he had warned her that she had faced an uphill battle. He urged her to continue following the rules because it would have an impact at her next parole hearing in a year or two.

Martin had also agreed to represent Franco Baldwin in a court hearing to determine his mental fitness. Franco had been exposed to a mad science experiment that had left him with the memories of another man named Drew Cain. Franco believed that he was Drew, but Franco's wife was determined that her husband undergo another medical procedure that would reverse the memory mapping. Martin successfully argued the case that Franco was still of sound mind despite having another man's memories, and it should be Franco's decision to undergo the risky procedure.

Martin had another connection in Port Charles. He was acquainted with a man named Valentin Cassadine, who had reached out to Martin for help finding out why Jasper Jacks and Mayor Laura Collins were eager to get their hands on a painting of Helena Cassadine. Martin paid Jax a visit, while Laura was at Jax's home. He introduced himself then explained that he was presenting a client who had recently purchased the portrait of Helena Cassadine from Ava Jerome. Jax and Laura were surprised, but they were tightlipped about why they wanted the painting.

After Martin left, Jax and Laura discussed the codicil that was hidden in the painting. The codicil would effectively disinherit Valentin, and the entire Cassadine estate would revert to Valentin's young nephew, Spencer Cassadine. Spencer was Laura's grandson. A few minutes later, Martin returned to Jax's home to retrieve his computer tablet, which had left on the coffee table. Martin had secretly recorded the conversation between Jax and Laura.

Martin went straight to Valentin to share what he had uncovered. Valentin ordered Martin to keep tabs on Spencer, who was away at boarding school. Martin was leery, but Valentin assured the attorney that Spencer wouldn't be harmed. Next, Valentin enlisted Martin to help Valentin break into the Jerome Gallery to search for the painting. Martin reluctantly agreed, but things took a surprising turn when the duo were interrupted by a third thief. After a brief scuffle between Valentin and the masked thief, the masked thief managed to slip away. Valentin and Martin also left the gallery empty-handed.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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