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Mary Mae Ward
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Actor History
Rosalind Cash
January 7, 1994 to January 17, 1996
Other Names

Maiden name was Mary Mae Courtnee


Said to have been 18 years old in 1944 [revealed 1994]

Died of natural causes in her sleep (January 17, 1996)


Ran an orphanage at the Ward House

Former blues singer for L&B Records

Resides At

Formerly the Ward House

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Daniel Ward)

Past Marriages

Buddy Powers (married: 1944; deceased)

Daniel Ward (deceased; married: 1946; deceased: 1969)


Miriam (mother; deceased)

Henry Courtnee (paternal grandfather; deceased)


Bradley Ward (son; with Edward; deceased)

David Ward (son; with Daniel)

Idis Ward (daughter; with Daniel)

Faith Ward (granddaughter)

Justus Ward (grandson; deceased)

Keesha Ward (granddaughter)

Maya Ward (great-granddaughter)

Flings & Affairs

Edward Quartermaine (affair)

Crimes Committed

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