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Keesha Ward
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Actor History
Senait Ashenafi
June 10, 1994 to May 15, 1998

Formerly worked at GH in the social work department

Resides At

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formerly a room above Kelly's

Formerly the Ward house

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



David Ward (father)

Bradley Ward Sr. (grandfather; deceased)

Mary Mae Ward (grandmother; deceased)

Bradley Ward II (half-uncle; deceased)

Justus Ward (paternal cousin; deceased)

Faith Ward (cousin)

Maya Ward (paternal cousin)



Flings & Affairs

Jason Morgan (lovers)

Alan Quartermaine Jr. (dated)

Crimes Committed


Health and Vitals


Brief Character History

After her uncle Bradley Ward was found dead in Luke and Laura Spencer's yard, Keesha came to town with her cousin Justus and their grandmother Mary Mae. Bradley had been murdered, but who killed him? Keesha began dating the young, rich Jason Quartermaine. Mary Mae and Edward Quartermaine, both grandparents of the teens, weren't happy about the two dating each other. Soon all evidence of Bradley's death was pointing to Edward as the murderer. Edward was arrested and charged. He swore on his life to Mary Mae that he was not her son's killer. Mary Mae knew it and revealed during her testimony that Bradley was Edward's son. Edward had wartime romance with Mary Mae when she was a blue singer years ago which resulted in the conception of Bradley. Edward was later acquitted.

Keesha and Jason had gone to Paris together over spring break. Keesha revealed that she was a virgin and Jason confessed that he was also. The two then made love.

During a car accident Jason was badly injured and was in a coma. A.J., who had been driving drunk with his brother in the car, had not been injured at all. Ned, who had found an unconscious Jason and a drunken A.J., took the blame and said he was the one behind the wheel to spare Monica and Alan from anymore pain. This made A.J. feel even more guilty. When Jason woke up from his coma he was no longer the kind young man he had been before; now he was a very angry person who didn't remember anyone or anything from his past. Alan and Monica tried everything to get back the Jason that loved them, but the more they pushed the farther Jason went from remembering them. Soon he would want nothing to do with them or Keesha. He started working for mobster Sonny Corinthos and Keesha's world was crushed. She suffered further devastation when Mary Mae died in January 1996. That same year, A.J. began to clean up his act and assumed his cousin Justus's seat as City Councilman. Keesha started to notice and the two began a romantic relationship.

After A.J. confessed to his family that he was responsible for the accident that caused Jason's memory loss and subsequent personality change, he went to Luke's and got drunk with nurse Carly Roberts. The two went up to Jason's upstairs apartment and jumped into bed together. Keesha rejected A.J. for his part in Jason's accident, and A.J. didn't remember being with Carly. But Carly was pleased that A.J. didn't remember because she had become pregnant and feared the A.J. could be the father.

After his blackout A.J. was very disappointed with himself. He decided not to drink anymore and try to get back to where he was happy with Keesha. But Carly, still fearing A.J. might remember their one-night stand, drugged him and left him in an alley. She hoped that A.J. would think he had yet again gone after the bottle. A.J. nearly left Port Charles for rehab, but Keesha helped him remember the night that he and Carly shared together. A.J. realized that he may be the father of Carly's baby. Carly tried her hardest to convince A.J. that he wasn't the father of her baby. A.J. soon decided to forget about Carly but informed her that he would have a paternity test done when the baby was born. But Carly managed to prove that A.J. was not the father of her son. Keesha supported A.J. all the way and the two were in love with each other more than ever. But his alcoholism eventually drove a wedge between them too big to fix and they broke up.

Keesha left Port Charles, and A.J., behind in 1998 to go back to Philadelphia to take care of her ill father.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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