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Kim Nero
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Actor History
November 22, 2017 to present


Resides At

Port Charles, NY

Formerly San Diego, CA

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



None known


Oscar Nero (son; with Andrew Cain)

Flings & Affairs

Andrew Cain

Crimes Committed

None known

Health and Vitals

No information known

Brief Character History

In 2017, Dr. Kim Nero and her son, Oscar, moved to Port Charles. Kim took a job at Mercy Hospital while Oscar settled in at a new high school where he befriended Josslyn Jacks. The teenagers soon struck up a romantic relationship and started dating, so Carly Corinthos was eager to meet Oscar's mother. Oscar kept putting it off because his mother worked long hours, but Carly forced the issue by inviting Oscar and his mother to Thanksgiving with the Corinthos family. To Carly's delight, Kim accepted the invitation.

Carly worried that Kim might not realize that Oscar was dating the stepdaughter of a crime lord, so she was determined to put her best foot forward and win Kim over before Kim found out. On Thanksgiving, Kim arrived for dinner and quickly made it clear that she was aware of who Josslyn's stepfather was. Kim admitted that she didn't approve of Sonny's lifestyle. However, she also recognized that Oscar and Josslyn were young, and the romance likely wouldn't last, so Kim was willing to let things run their course. Moments later, Jason Morgan arrived for dinner.

Kim was stunned when she saw Jason because she recognized him as Andrew Cain. Carly immediately perked up because it had recently been revealed that Jason and Drew were identical twin brothers who had been separated at birth. Carly explained that there was a dispute about which twin was the real Jason Morgan because Drew had been critically injured in an auto accident, resulting in facial reconstruction surgery and amnesia. Carly was eager to know what Kim knew about Drew, but Kim claimed that she'd only known Drew for a short time.

According to Kim, she had met the Navy SEAL in San Diego, and they'd casually dated for a few months until he'd been deployed. They had always known that the relationship wouldn't last, so Kim had lost touch with Drew after he'd left San Diego. She admitted that she'd tried to reach out to Drew through the Navy to tell him about Oscar, but she'd been told that he had deserted, and eventually, she'd given up. Years later, Kim had decided to run Oscar's DNA through an ancestry site in the hopes of finding Drew or someone from Oscar's father's side of the family, because Oscar had expressed a curiosity about his father.

Kim claimed that she'd received feedback from the site, indicating that Oscar had family in Port Charles, so Kim had packed up her son and moved to New York in the hopes of finding Drew or his family. Kim was stunned when she realized that Oscar was a Quartermaine because Kim had moved her practice from Mercy Hospital to General Hospital, which meant that her new boss was Oscar's grandmother. Monica was delighted that she had another grandson and welcomed both Kim and Oscar to the family with open arms.

Kim decided to visit Drew and tell him about Oscar. Drew had no memory of Kim or the relationship they'd had, but he was eager to build a relationship with his son. Kim gave Drew a copy of a music CD that he'd made for her when he'd left San Diego in the hopes that it might help spark a memory of his past. Drew was grateful, but it was clear that his heart belonged to Sam. Kim focused on her life in Port Charles and struck up a friendship with Julian Jerome.

On May 28, 2019, Drew and Kim arranged to take their son's ashes to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. They thought it would be fitting for that to be his final resting place, since he had always dreamed of going. Monica supported the decision, but she asked Drew if he would mind if she put a plaque bearing her grandson's name in the family crypt, anyway. Drew was touched by the offer.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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