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Andrew "Drew" Cain
Declared Deceased
Actor History

Date of birth was September 14, 1981

Year of birth was changed to 1973 in 1995

Birthdate changed to November 11, 1976 on November 6, 2017 based on fraudulent death certificate

Birthdate changed to September 14, 1978 on June 5, 2018 when Do Not Resuscitate order was shown

Revived from cryogenic stasis on August 12, 2014

Presumed killed in a plane crash over the Gulf of Aden [Sep 9, 2019]

Declared dead by absentia on October 9, 2019 by the WSB

Other Names

Andrew Quartermaine (birth)

Andrew Frank (with Betsy Frank)

Patient 5

Andrew Moore (fraudulent death certificate)

Jake Doe (name used while experiencing amnesia)

Jacob Barnes (name Hayden claimed was Jake's real name)


Owner/Publisher Aurora Media

Ex-Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego, California


1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, New York

122 Harborview Dr., Penthouse #2, Port Charles, New York

458 Lexington Ave, Port Charles, New York

Crichton-Clark, Scarsdale, New York, 10583

San Diego, California


Frank residence, New York

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Samantha McCall Morgan [Divorced: Jun 19, 2018]

Past Marriages

Samantha McCall Morgan [Invalid; Married: Sep 2, 2016]

Single/Divorced from Samantha McCall Morgan [[Married: Jan 22, 2018; Divorced Jun 19, 2018]


Alan Quartermaine Sr. (father; deceased)

Susan Moore (biological mother; deceased)

Monica Bard (adoptive mother)

Edward Quartermaine (grandfather; deceased)

Lila Morgan (grandmother; deceased)

Gail Adamson (adoptive grandmother; deceased))

Jason Morgan (identical twin brother)

Alan Quartermaine Jr. (half-brother; deceased)

Emily Bowen Quartermaine (sister, via adoption; deceased)

Skye Chandler Quartermaine (sister, via adoption)

Dawn Winthrop (adoptive sister; deceased))

Tracy Quartermaine (aunt)

Bradley Ward Sr. (uncle; deceased))

Jimmy Lee Holt (uncle)

Ned Quartermaine (cousin)

Robert "Franco" Frank (cousin)

Dillon Quartermaine (cousin)

Faith Ward (cousin; deceased)

Justus Ward (cousin; deceased)

Michael Corinthos III (nephew; godson)

Lila Rae Quartermaine (niece; via adoption)

Herbert Quartermaine (paternal great-uncle; deceased)

Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed)

Quentin Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin twice removed)

Steven Lars Weber (second cousin)


Oscar Nero (deceased; Apr 29, 2019)

Emily Scout Morgan [born on-screen Feb 28, 2017]

Flings & Affairs

Kim Nero (Fall 2001 to early 2002)

Carly Corinthos (kissed, as Jake Doe)

Hayden Barnes (kissed, as Jacob Barnes)

Elizabeth Webber (lovers, as Jake Doe)

Elizabeth Webber (engaged, as Jake Doe, Aug 11, 2015)

Samantha McCall (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Shot two of Helena Cassadine's henchmen [Sep 17, 2014]

Held Sam Morgan at gunpoint, shot Detective Nathan West, and helped Cesar Faison escape police custody while under the influence of Helena Cassadine (as Jake Doe) [Dec 8, 2014]

Broke into Sam Morgan's apartment [Jan 16, 2015]

Stole Sam Morgan's wedding figurine [Jan 20, 2015]

Assaulted a man and activated a bomb on the Haunted Star while under the influence of Helena Cassadine (as Jake Doe) [Jan 29, 2015]

Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, the attempted murder of a police officer, and aiding and abetting a known terrorist (as Jake Doe) [Arrested Jan 30, 2015Mar 4, 2015]

Arrested for killing Duke Lavery [May 11, 2015]; later released after agreeing to help take down Julian's organization from the inside [May 13, 2015]

Breaking and entering with Sam Morgan [Jul 7, 2015]

Killed Charlie Heineck and guard after Charlie shot Sonny Corinthos [Sep 4, 2015]

Breaking and entering with Sam Morgan [Oct 6, 2015]

Assault; physical altercation with Nikolas Cassadine [Oct 15, 2015]

Assault; chocked Nikolas Cassadine [Nov 9, 2015]

Trespassing/Assault; entered Cassadine compound on Cassadine Island and knocked out a guard [Nov 19, 2015]

Held Nikolas and Helena Cassadine at gunpoint [Nov 19, 2015]

Assault; physical altercation with Nikolas Cassadine [Nov 23, 2015]

Assault; physical altercation with Nikolas Cassadine [Dec 14, 2015]

Arrested after Hayden accused him of instigating a fight with Nikolas Cassadine, resulting in Nikolas falling from the terrace [Dec 22, 2015]; charges dropped and when witnesses stepped forward [Jan 15, 2016]

Assault; physical altercation with Nikolas Cassadine [Apr 6, 2016]

Threatened to kill Nikola Cassadine [Apr 12, 2016]

Assault; physical altercation with Franco Baldwin [Apr 25 and 26, 2016]

Arrested and released for allegedly killing Nikolas Cassadine; Nikolas faked his death [May 27, 2016]

Breaking and entering/theft: entered Wyndemere and stole Nikolas Cassadine's laptop [Jun 9, 2016]

Assault/false imprisonment; attacked and locked store owner in shop [Jun 16, 2016]

Breaking and entering with Sam Morgan [Jun 22, 2016]

Assault; attacked Huxley Lynch [Jun 23, 2016]

Breaking and entering; broke into a cabin [Jun 27, 2016]

Assault; physical altercation with Valentin Cassadine [Jul 26, 2016]

Assault; stangled Nikolas Cassadine [Nov 9, 2016]

Breaking and entering; broke into pawn shop [Dec 27, 2016]

Trespassing; with Curtis Ashford broke into Olivia Jerome's tomb [Feb 24, 2017]

Assault; slammed Franco against the nurses' station [Mar 2, 2017]

Assault; slammed Franco against a wall and knocked him unconscious [May 9, 2017]

False imprisonment; chained up Franco and left him to die [May 10, 2017]

Assault; beat up Valentin Cassadine [Jul 21, 2017]

False imprisonment; tied Valentin to a chair and threatened to kill him [Jul 24, 2017]

Threatened to kill a henchman if he didn't provide information about Sonny [Aug 3, 2017]

Bribery/Obstruction of justice; paid a police officer for the gun that Sam used to shoot Sonny to cover up her role in Sonny's shooting [Aug 15, 2017]

Assault; punched Andre Maddox [Dec 1, 2017]

Arrested for assault; got into a physical altercation with Jason Morgan [Mar 27, 2018]

Covered up Franco's role in Jim Harvey's kidnapping [Apr 10, 2018]

Threatened to kill Hank "Shiloh" Archer [May 3, 2019]

Assault; shoved Shiloh to the ground [Jul 11, 2019]

Assault; physical altercation with Shiloh [Jul 22, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Exposed to latent virus in 2012 [revealed on Feb 25, 2019]

Revived from cryogenic stasis [Aug 12, 2014]

Fever [Sep 22, 2014]

Run over by car driven by Ava Jerome while escaping from Helena Cassadine's henchmen and required numerous surgeries, including facial reconstruction [run over: Sep 23, 2014; facial reconstruction revealed Oct 1, 2014]

Experienced memory loss after waking up from surgery [Oct 6, 2014, to present]

Hallucination of Robin Scorpio-Drake [Jan 19, 2015]

Laceration on head [Jan 20, 2015]

Hospitalized after suffering hypothermia [Jan 21, 2015]

Hospitalized after losing consciousness on the pier [Jan 21, 2015]

Underwent brain surgery to remove a microchip that allowed Helena Cassadine to control him [Feb 19, 2015]

Injured hand from altercation with Nikolas Cassadine [Dec 22, 2015]

Twisted ankle [Jan 20, 2016]

Bloody lip during altercation with Nikolas Cassadine [Apr 6, 2016]

Accident; banged up, dazed, and experienced hallucinations when his motorcycle was struck by prison transport van during Carlos Rivera's escape [May 9, 2016]

Knocked out in Greece after the jet he was piloting exploded [Jul 28, 2016]

Was tested and determined to be a bone marrow match to Danny Morgan [Aug 5, 2016]

Fell ill with a high fever and low blood pressure; suspected malaria, but determined to be the flu [Aug 9, 2016]

Minor burn to his arm [Oct 10, 2016]

Collapsed after being drugged by Julian Jerome [Jan 25, 2017]

Knocked unconscious by Franco [May 10, 2017]

Choked by Phillipos Costas [Jun 15 and 16, 2017]

Grazed in arm by bullet [Jun 23, 2017]

Shot in chest [Aug 29, 2017]

Slipped in coma [Aug 31, 2017 to Sep 25, 2017]

Seizure [Sep 25, 2017]

Torn tendon in hand [Feb 2018]

Minor injuries from being trapped under a freezer door [Mar 2, 2018]

Roughed up and bound at Jim Harvey's orders [Mar 14, 2018 to Mar 21, 2018]

Cut head sustained from altercation with Jason Morgan [Mar 27, 2018]

Suffered migraine that resulted in loss of sight and consciousness [Feb 22, 2019]

Minor injuries from car accident [Feb 22, 2019]

Surgery to reverse blindness [Feb 25, 2019]

Injected with a sedative in an attempt to sexually assault him [Jul 8, 2019]

Presumed killed in a plane crash over the Gulf of Aden [Sep 9, 2019]

Brief Character History

Andrew "Drew" Cain was the son of Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, Susan Moore. What few people knew, was that Susan had given birth to identical twin boys: Jason and Andrew. Fearing that she might lose her sons in a custody battle, Susan persuaded her cousin Heather Webber to take Drew, and hide him. Heather gave the newborn to nurse Betsy Frank, who had also agreed to raise Heather's son Robert, who had been born on the same night.

Betsy raised "Andy" and Robert "Bobby" Frank as brothers, and she never told the boys that they were cousins. The young family was happy, and the "brothers" were very close, but things took a turn when Betsy began to date a man named Jim Harvey. Jim was a deviant, and he molested Bobby, and when he lost interest in Bobby, he turned his sights on Andy. Desperate to protect his brother, Bobby tried to get Andy to hide in the basement before Jim could find him, but Andy didn't want to leave his brother's side.

Bobby panicked when he heard Jim's approaching footsteps, so he shoved Andy hoping to get his brother moving, but Andy tumbled down the steps and fractured his skull. Andy survived the fall, but Jim convinced Betsy that it had been Bobby's fault. Fearing for Andy's safety, Betsy whisked Andy to an orphanage on the outskirts of Port Charles.

On August 12, 2014, Robin Scorpio-Drake had been held prisoner by Victor Cassadine at the Crichton-Clark facility in Scarsdale, New York. Victor needed help reviving Jason Morgan from a cryogenic stasis, and he needed Robin's considerable skill to make it happen. Robin had once been in love with Jason, and they had remained close friends throughout their lives until Jason had been presumed killed in October 2012. Robin was stunned when she saw "Jason" in a cryogenic pod. Despite her reluctance to use "Jason" as a guinea pig, she injected him with her serum. It was a success. The man in the pod emerged from stasis.

In September, a man identified as Jason Morgan by his captors had been restrained to his bed. However, Robin had made her way back to the patient, and together they fled the facility before it was destroyed in a massive explosion. Robin and "Jason" made their way back to Port Charles, but Robin realized that they had been followed. They decided to split up, with Robin heading to Metro Court to track down her mother, Anna Devane, while "Jason" set out for Sonny Corinthos' home.

Things went awry from the onset. Robin was captured before she reached the hotel, and "Jason" was struck by a car driven by Ava Jerome after he had managed to escape Helena Cassadine's clutches. He was critically injured and underwent extensive facial reconstruction surgery to repair the damage. When he woke up, he had no memory of anything except brief flashes of nurse Elizabeth Webber from a distant past.

As the weeks passed, Liz helped the patient pick a name other than "John Doe," and he chose "Jake" because he liked the sound of it. Liz was touched because her beloved son with Jason Morgan had been named Jake, but Jake Webber had died a few years earlier.

After Jake Doe left the hospital, he started to build a life. He had felt an instant connection with several key people who had shared an important history with Jason Morgan, including Sonny and Carly Corinthos. Carly admitted that Jake had filled a hole in her life that had been left by Jason's passing.

Jake and Liz also grew closer, but her ex-husband, Ric Lansing had entered the picture, and he had encouraged Jake to focus on finding himself. In March 2015, a woman named Hayden Barnes turned up on Liz's doorstep looking for her husband, Jacob Barnes. Hayden presented a wedding photo that she claimed had been her husband prior to the accident. However, it was soon revealed that Ric had hired Hayden to make certain that Jake stayed away from Liz.

Liz washed her hands of her ex-husband once and for all, and things quickly heated up between Jake and Liz. Everything changed on the night of the Nurses Ball when Nikolas Cassadine blurted out to his good friend that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan. Nikolas explained that he'd learned the truth from his grandmother, Helena, and that "Jason" had escaped from Crichton-Clark on the same night that Jake Doe had been struck by a car. Liz realized that she had felt a connection with Jake because he was "Jason".

Liz was about to rush to the stage and make the announcement until she realized that she would lose everything that she and "Jason" had built. Faced with the prospect of losing the man she loved to his wife, Sam Morgan, Liz decided to keep her secret, and she implored Nikolas to do the same. Nikolas was devoted to Liz, and he agreed to keep quiet.

Jake Doe moved in with Liz, and they were happy for a while raising her two sons, Cameron and Aiden. A couple of months later, Liz was given a miracle when her ex-husband Lucky Spencer returned to Port Charles with her son, Jake Webber. Jake Webber hadn't died in May 2011; Helena Cassadine had kidnapped the injured child from the hospital, and she had arranged for a dead child to be put in the boy's place.

Initially, Jake Webber had been remote and unsure of himself, which the adults had attributed to his recent ordeal. One of the few exceptions had been Jake Doe because the child seemed drawn to his mother's boyfriend. Liz knew that it was because "Jason" was Jake's biological father, and her secret began to weigh heavier on her mind, especially when Jake Doe proposed.

In December, Helena Cassadine surfaced, and she was revealed to be in control of "Jason's" mind because of a chip that had been implanted in his brain. She gave him a series of tasks, but she always ordered him to forget the incident then to return to his life as Jake Doe. Jake Doe began to notice missing time, but he had also had flashes of memory of his life with Sam as "Jason."

After Jake Doe was arrested for a slew of crimes that he had no memory of committing, Liz turned to Nikolas for answers. Nikolas managed to get the truth from his grandmother about the chip that she'd had implanted in "Jason's" head. On February 19, Jake Doe underwent surgery to remove the chip.

Liz's house of cards began to fall apart on her wedding day when Carly Corinthos interrupted the wedding to tell Jake Doe that he was really Jason Morgan. Carly had a DNA test to prove it. Soon, "Jason" learned that Liz had known the truth, and he ended their relationship and filed for joint custody of their son. "Jason" picked up the pieces with Sam, and Jake Webber grew to resent the woman that he had blamed for taking his dad away. Jake tried to drive Sam away by making it look like his mom was in danger.

By February 1, 2016, Sam had figured out that Jake had been behind the unsettling incidents, and she decided to talk to him about it, but Jake became upset and ran to the hide in the basement. Sam followed Jake, but she tripped, stumbled down the steps, and hit her head. Fearing that he had killed her, Jake fled. History repeated itself when Jake was hit by a car, but this time he had survived the accident with a few broken bones.

Meanwhile, Sam had accidently ignited a fire in the basement, and "Jason" had found her in the nick of time. The incident was a turning point in Sam and Jake's relationship, and things improved. Jake was grateful when Sam forgave him for everything.

On May 9, "Jason's" motorcycle collided with an out-of-control prison transport van. Carlos Rivera had managed to overpower the driver and force the van off the road. After the crash Carlos escaped. Banged up and dazed, "Jason" made his way over to a badly injured Dante Falconeri who had been pinned under the van. "Jason" fought through hallucinations to save Sonny's eldest child.

Later, "Jason's" memories began to return. "Jason" also continued to have trouble with the Cassadines when Nikolas faked his death, and "Jason" was arrested. "Jason" and Sam set out to clear his name, and they ended up in Greece on Cassadine Island where Valentin Cassadine had held several people captive, including Nikolas. Valentin's showdown with Nikolas ended in tragedy when Valentin shot and killed his nephew.

"Jason" and Sam returned to Port Charles, and they settled down to their new life. Sam was delighted when she discovered that she was pregnant. "Jason" asked Sam to marry him, and she happily accepted. They called their old friend, Damien Spinelli to officiate the wedding, and they exchanged vows on September 2, 2016.

On February 28, 2017, Emily Scout was born, but her birth was not without incident. Sam had been kidnapped by her homicidal aunt, Olivia Jerome, who had returned from the dead with a vengeance, and a diabolical plan to "resurrect" her great love, Duke Lavery. The plan went horribly awry, and Sam was tossed to the bottom of Roebling bridge in the frigid cold. "Jason" arrived in time to delivery his daughter then rushed Sam to the hospital.

A few months later, Sam began to exhibit alarming behavior that was eventually diagnosed as Toxoplasmosis, which she had picked up during her time at the bottom of the Roebling bridge when she had been in labor.

Just as "Jason" and Sam's lives began to settle down, a man known as Patient 6 arrived in town claiming to be the real Jason Morgan. His story was believable because he looked just like Jason Morgan, and he had all of Jason's memories. Around the same time, Josslyn Jacks started dating a boy named Oscar Nero who had moved to town with his mother.

Carly and Sonny firmly believed that Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan despite the DNA test that had confirmed that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan. "Jason" insisted that Patient 6 was lying because "Jason" knew that his own memories of his life were real. Part of the answer was revealed in November when Oscar's mother was invited to Carly and Sonny's for Thanksgiving, and Kim Nero saw Patient 6. Kim knew the man as Andrew Cain, a Navy SEAL that she had known in San Diego.

On November 30, the rest of the puzzle fell into place when Dr. Andre Maddox was arrested. Andre confirmed that Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan, and the man originally known as Jake Doe was Andrew Cain -- Jason's identical twin brother. Andre revealed that he had worked for the World Security Bureau researching ways to transfer memories in an effort to find a way to treat dementia, but the WSB had ended the program due to the questionable ethics of transferring memories.

Sometime later, a private party had paid to revive the program, and they hired Andre to perform the procedure on a set of twins. Andre admitted that both Jason and Drew had been sedated, and that he'd never spoken to either of them. Andre had agreed to the terms of his benefactor for the good of the medical field, so he had imprinted Jason's memory to Drew. It had resulted in Drew believing that he had led Jason's life, but Andre admitted that he had had no idea why the benefactor had wanted the memory transfer done. Later, Andre had been ordered to relocate to Port Charles to monitor Drew.

In time, the benefactor was revealed to be Helena Cassadine, who had hoped to create a perfect killer like Jason Morgan, without all the emotional attachment that he'd had.

Andre had been filled with remorse, but no one had been moved by his regrets. Drew's Navy records confirmed that Drew had vanished in 2012, just before his twin had been presumed killed on the docks, and Jason's body had vanished. A fingerprint match confirmed the identities of each twin.

On December 4, Franco Baldwin paid Andre a visit in jail to talk to his psychiatrist about Drew. Franco was curious why Andre hadn't revealed that Franco had uncovered that Jason had had an identical twin when Franco had gone looking for answers about his own childhood, and an imaginary friend named "Andy" who had turned out to be Franco's adoptive brother, Andrew Frank. Andre explained that he still respected his oath as a doctor, but he encouraged Franco to talk to Drew about the night that three year-old Drew had fallen down the basement steps.

Later, Drew had a talk with Andre in lockup. Drew was furious that Andre had allowed Drew to live a lie. Andre explained that his procedure had been intended to help people who had suffered from Alzheimer's and dementia by preserving then restoring a person's memory, but Drew reminded Andre that Andre had turned the technology into a weapon, and he had used it to steal Drew's life. Andre assured Drew that he had fully recognized the consequences of his actions over the past five years. Drew was unmoved because all he knew about his life as Andrew Cain had been reduced to what had been in his service records, which had been tainted with an accusation of desertion.

Andre suggested that Drew talk to Franco because Drew had spent the first three years of his life with Betsy Frank. Andre also assured Drew that Drew's desertion from the Navy had been out of Drew's control because Cesar Faison had abducted Drew, which Andre had made clear in the statement that he'd given to the Navy. A few days later, Drew received word that the charges against him for desertion had been dropped.

Not all the news was bad for Drew. He learned that he had had a son with Kim Nero that had resulted from a brief affair prior to his abduction by Faison. Oscar was a teenager who had longed to meet his father. Drew's relationship with his son quickly flourished as Drew took every opportunity to get to know the young man. Drew also remained a constant presence in his nephew's life, which had made it easier for Jake to get to know his biological father, Jason.

Sam assured Drew that it didn't matter to her who he was because she still loved him. On January 22, 2018, Drew and Sam were married surrounded by close family and friends. Among the guests was Monica Quartermaine, who had told Drew that she intended to adopt him to ensure that he was her son. Drew was deeply touched by Monica's gesture.

Drew's relationship with Franco also shifted, as the two uncovered the secrets of their past, and the night that Drew had fallen down the basement steps when a lecherous Jim Harvey had been on the hunt for a new victim. On April 10, Franco and Drew had a deadly confrontation with Jim that had ended with Drew shooting Jim to save Franco. The shooting was ruled justified, and Drew had been cleared of homicide charges. Afterwards, Drew saw Franco in a different light, and they slowly began to grow bond as brothers.

Drew's marriage to Sam did not survive. By April, she had realized that she was still in love with Jason. Drew and Sam split amicably, and Sam signed over all rights to their joint business venture, Aurora Media. Drew didn't have time to mourn his marriage to Sam. In August, Drew's son began to be plagued with terrible headaches and fainting spells. Initially, it was brushed off as low blood-sugar, but the truth was far more serious.

Kim confided to Drew that their son had been diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor two years earlier. She had kept the secret from Oscar in the hopes of giving Oscar the carefree life of a teenager that he deserved. Drew was devastated, but he urged Kim to reconsider because he believed that Oscar should be told. Kim insisted that she wanted to get some answers first, so she turned to Dr. Terry Randolph for help because the new doctor specialized in pediatric cancer. A few days later, Oscar learned the truth on his own, and he was furious his parents had lied. Oscar also objected to his mother making his medical decisions, prompting Oscar to turn to Alexis Davis for help becoming an emancipated minor.

Oscar's health slowly began to deteriorate, but Josslyn Jacks stepped in to help Oscar and his parents make peace. Oscar had tried to keep his condition a secret from her, but she had learned the truth anyway. Josslyn vowed to stand by Oscar's side, and to help him fight because she loved him. Oscar reconciled with his parents, and they focused on making the most of the time that they had together. One of Oscar's lifelong dreams had been to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, which he had hoped to do with his father. However, Oscar's illness had made that impossible, so he made a bucket list of all the things that he could accomplish.

As Oscar's illness advanced, Monica invited Drew, Kim, and Oscar to move into the Quartermaine mansion, so that Oscar could be surrounded by his family in his final days. Oscar asked Ned Quartermaine, and his wife Olivia to be in charge of his memorial service, and he made several special requests of other family members including Jason. Oscar wanted Drew and Jason to work together building a tree house in Monica's backyard. Oscar hoped that Drew and Jason would find a way to be the brothers that they had been born to be.

On April 29, 2019, Oscar quietly passed away in his sleep. Josslyn was curled up in a chair with a book next to his bed having just dozed off. Drew and Kim were seated together on the bottom of the Quartermaine staircase talking about their son. When Oscar opened his eyes, he was greeted by Edward and Lila Quartermaine. After a last goodbye with a sleeping Josslyn, Oscar joined his grandparents. Moments later, Josslyn woke up and quickly alerted Drew and Kim that Oscar had stopped breathing.

In the days that followed, loved ones gathered in the park to help Drew and Kim say goodbye to Oscar. Drew and Kim were deeply moved when Ned and Olivia announced that a part of the field in the park had been renamed in honor of Oscar. Mourners scattered wildflower seeds on the ground, which bloomed that summer.

In May, Drew and Kim took their son's ashes to Mt. Kilimanjaro's summit then scattered the ashes as the wind currents carried them away. Drew and Kim admitted that the sight had been deeply moving, and it had been a fitting final goodbye for their son. When they returned from the summit, Drew nursed Kim through a bought of altitude sickness. During the grips of the illness, Kim mistook Drew for Oscar as she lovingly talked to her son. The experience had had a profound impact on Drew as he had been given insight into the close relationship Kim had shared with their son.

After Kim recovered, Drew and Kim returned to Port Charles to resume their lives. Drew had sold 50-percent of his company to Jasper Jacks. Drew also offered his good friend Curtis Ashford a job as the head of Aurora Media's security in an effort to help pay the medical expenses that Curtis and his wife had incurred for a kidney transplant that had been a result of an accident in the parking garage when Drew had gone temporarily blind from a virus that he'd been exposed to during his captivity. A simple surgery had reversed the effects of Drew's blindness the following day.

Drew had offered to pay for Jordan's medical expenses, but Curtis had insisted that Drew had been a victim too. Drew's relationship with Franco had also grown closer too when Drew had officiated Franco and Liz's wedding.

On June 25, 2019, Kim invited Drew over for dinner. After a meal of Drew's favorite food and wine, Kim turned on the music then made a pass at him. She admitted that she wanted to have another baby with him. Shocked by the request, Drew gently turned her down. He reminded her that another baby could never replace their son. Disappointed, Kim decided that it would be best to cut the evening short. However, she was undeterred in her quest.

A few days later, Drew attended Franco and Elizabeth's wedding reception. When the power when out, Kim lured Drew to the breaker box where she injected him with a sedative. Startled, Drew looked at her with confusion as he collapsed. Kim helped Drew to his feet and led him to a nearby cabin with the intention of having sex. After Drew was settled into bed, Kim began to undress, but she was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Julian. Julian quickly took in the scene and realized what Kim had intended to do, so he whisked her away before she could go through with it.

The following day, Kim encountered Drew in the park. He was horrified when she confessed what she had done to him, but he took comfort in knowing that the plan had been thwarted, and that Kim had made arrangements to seek therapy. Around this time, Drew had also made the decision to sell 50-percent of Aurora Media to Jasper Jacks. It was a lucrative deal that had made Drew wealthier.

Meanwhile, Shiloh's life began to unravel as his crimes caught up with him. In a desperate attempt to get his hands on some money, Shiloh decided to steal the flash drive with Drew's memories. Prior to Drew's abduction in 2012, Shiloh's partner had confided to Drew where Tex Owen had stashed a million dollars from the illegal sale of stolen fuel in Afghanistan. Shiloh contacted Dr. Arthur Cabot to conduct the procedure.

Shiloh's diabolical plan took a twisted turn when he kidnapped Cameron Webber with the intention of having Drew's memories transferred to Cameron. Luckily for Cameron, Franco had used a tracking device on Cameron's cell phone to track his wayward stepson down when Cameron had failed to return his mother's calls. Disgusted by Shiloh's sick plan, Franco insisted on taking Cameron's place. Shiloh reluctantly accepted Franco's offer when Dr. Cabot refused to do the procedure on a child. Moments after the procedure began, Drew and Curtis arrived at the warehouse looking for Shiloh.

After Shiloh was arrested, Franco was taken to the hospital. The procedure had been a success; Franco woke up believing that he was Drew prior to 2012. Franco provided Drew with the location of the money -- in the trunk of Tex's wife's car. Shocked, Drew realized that the used car that he had purchased for Oscar months earlier had once belonged to Tex's wife. When Franco learned about the recovered money, he insisted on returning it to the people of Afghanistan, but Drew pointed out that Franco was hindered by an ankle monitor for punching a police officer.

Drew had another reason for keeping Franco in town. He didn't want Franco to have an opportunity to disappear before the memory swapping procedure had been reversed. Elizabeth was heartbroken that her husband was gone, but Drew promised that there was hope because Drew had experienced "flashes" of his old life in recent months, which he firmly believed had led him to purchase Tex's wife's car.

On August 21, 2019, Drew left Aurora Media in Jax's capable hands, while Drew flew to Afghanistan. However, Drew took a quick detour to Ethiopia to find Andre Maddox. Andre had been working in Ethiopia on a mental health initiative, but he had readily agreed to return to Port Charles to help Franco. Trouble soon followed both men. Shortly after Andre landed in Port Charles, he was nearly stabbed to death. Luckily, Andre had been able to make it to the hospital where he collapsed. Andre barely survived.

On September 9, 2019, Drew was presumed killed when his plane crashed over the Gulf Aden on his way to Afghanistan. Unbeknownst to anyone, Peter August had been behind both incidents. Peter feared that the procedure would backfire on Franco, and Franco would remember more of Drew's life including that Peter had been instrumental in both Drew and Jason's abductions in 2012.

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