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Tracy Angelica Quartermaine
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Actor History
June 19, 1978 to 1980; March 17, 1989 to June 16, 1993; June 26, 1996 to October 7, 1996 [General Hospital]; October 7, 1996 to March 28, 1997 [The City]; April 17, 2003 to April 28, 2003; June 12, 2003; November 13, 2003 to May 4, 2017 [General Hospital]

C.E.O. of ELQ

Former C.E.O. of TAQ

Former C.E.O. of ELQ

Partner with Luke in the Haunted Star casino

Former director of the General Hospital Charitable Endowment

Former mob boss of the Soleito crime family

Former ELQ board member


Birthday is April 6

Birthday was celebrating on-air April 9, 2012


66 Harbor View Road (Quartermaine Mansion)

Formerly somewhere in Europe

Formerly in the SoHo section of New York City

Marital Status

Married to Luke Spencer [Engaged: Mar 6, 2014; married: May 9, 2014]

Past Marriages

Larry Ashton (divorced)

Mitch Williams (divorced)

Paul Hornsby (divorced)

Gino Soleito (deceased)

Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr. [Married: May 19, 2005; invalid]

Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr. [Married: Dec 21, 2010; Divorced: Oct 12, 2011]

Anthony Zacchara [Married: Jan 23, 2012; widowed: May 22, 2012]


Edward Quartermaine (father; deceased)

Lila Morgan (mother; deceased)

George Quartermaine (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Ida Zemlock (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Harold Morgan (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Alan Quartermaine Sr. (brother; deceased)

Bradley Ward II (paternal half-brother; deceased)

Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal half-brother)

Herbert Quartermaine (paternal uncle; deceased)

Hal Morgan (maternal uncle)

Alan "A.J." Quartermaine Jr. (paternal nephew; deceased)

Jason Morgan (paternal nephew; deceased)

Robert "Franco" Frank (paternal nephew)

Justus Ward (paternal half-nephew; deceased)

Faith Ward (paternal half-niece)

Skye Chandler Quartermaine (paternal niece; via adoption)

Emily Bowen Quartermaine (paternal niece; via adoption; deceased)

Maya Ward (paternal half-great-niece)

Michael Corinthos III (great-nephew)

Jake Webber (great-nephew; deceased)

Daniel Edward Morgan (great-nephew)

Lila Rae Quartermaine (paternal great-niece; via adoption)

Quentin Quartermaine (paternal cousin)

Alexandra Quartermaine (paternal cousin)

Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal cousin)

Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed)

Chloe Morgan (maternal second cousin; deceased)


Edward "Ned" Ashton (son; with Larry)

Unnamed child (aborted; with unknown father)

Dillon Quartermaine (son; with Paul)

Unborn child (aborted)

Brook Lynn Ashton (granddaughter; via Ned)

Flings & Affairs

Mitch Williams (dated)

Nicholes van Buren (dated)

Scott Baldwin (lovers)

Harlan Barrett

Jasper Jacks (kissed)

Coleman Ratcliffe (lovers)

Joe Scully, Jr. (lovers; deceased)

Luke Spencer (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Schemed to prove that A.J. wasn't Alan's son so that Ned would remain the Quartermaine heir [1979-1980]

Blackmailed Larry Ashton for a portion of the Dragon Bone profits [1989]

Blackmailed Jenny Eckert to stay away from Paul Hornsby [1992]

Hit Jenny Eckert with her car and fled the scene [1993]

Hired a prostitute to pretend to be her when Gino wanted to consummate their marriage; hid his body when he died in bed [1996]

Hired robbers thieves to rob the Quartermaines [1997]

Blackmailed Skye Quartermaine; Tracy told Skye that if she didn't cough up $5five million dollars, she would reveal that Skye wasn't Alan's biological daughter [Apr 18, 2003]

Sneaked into Jasper "Jax" Jacks's hotel room and stole the Dead Man's Hand [Nov 13, 2003]

Hired Coleman to steal the Azure Key's treasure from the auction [Feb 4, 2004]

Helped Sage Alcazar upload pictures of a showering Georgie Jones onto the computer at General Hospital [Mar 31, 2004]

Blackmail; threatened to send Dillon to military school and ruin Georgie's reputation if he didn't vote for her as CEO of ELQ [Apr 6, 2004]

Blackmailed Jax into an engagement; if Jax married her, she would not go to the police with photos that suggested Skye Quartermaine had killed a police officer. [Apr 30, 2004]

Blackmailed Felicia Jones; if Felicia chose Tracy as Lila Quartermaine's heir, Tracy would keep Georgie Jones' Jones's role in Sage's Alcazar's death a secret [Aug 27, 2004]

Helped to cover up Alan Quartermaine's hit and run; later blackmailed Dillon into keeping quiet about it [Mar 24, 2005 and Mar 30, 2005]

Faked her death after Luke Spencer pretended to kill her [Jan 16, 2006]

Blackmailed Sam McCall into leaving ELQ; if Sam left, Tracy would keep a secret from Sam's past hidden. [Jan 16, 2007]

Teamed up with Luke Spencer to alter Alan Quartermaine's will [Mar 7, 2007]

Aided and abetted Luke Spencer in the kidnapping of Laura Spencer [Jun 11, 2007]

Arrested for the illegal disposal of a firearm [May 31, 2012]

Suspect in the disappearance of Anthony Zacchara [May 31, 2012]

Blackmailed Damian Spinelli into stealing the recipe for Pickle-Lila relish [Mar 8, 2013]

Broke into the General Hospital lab [Mar 28, 2013]

Assaulted Nicolas Cassadine and two of his guards after they held her against her will in a hotel room [May 13, 2013]

Blackmailed A.J. Quartermaine into taking responsibility for the tainted relish that had sickened Elizabeth Webber and the cast of a tv cooking show [May 15, 2013]

Shot Jerry Jacks in the shoulder [Oct 14, 2013]

Health and Vitals

Involuntarily committed to the Shadybrook mental institution, after having conversations with her deceased brother's ghost [Jun 2007]

Suffered a life-threatening illness while being held in a dungeon in Greece [2010]

Knocked out by the Quartermaines' housekeeper, Alice, and tied in the Quartermaine boathouse [Nov 8, 2012]

Brief Character History

Tracy, the spoiled daughter of Edward and Lila Quartermaine, blew into town in 1978 and fell in love with Assistant District Attorney Mitch Williams, who was corrupt and involved with the mob. Mitch, however, was also seeing Susan Moore.

In 1979, Tracy learned that her sister-in-law, Monica Quartermaine, was pregnant. Tracy assumed correctly that this child, the first male heir of her brother, Alan, would inherit the Quartermaine fortune. Tracy wanted her son, Ned Ashton, who was away at boarding school, to inherit the money. The only way to keep Ned as the heir was to prove that the baby wasn't the son of Alan but of someone else. At the same time, Tracy discovered that her father, Edward, wouldn't give her any money at all unless she was married.

Tracy lured Mitch into a wedding, because Mitch found the Quartermaine fortune enticing. Mitch, however, continued his affair with Susan. Mitch also started his campaign for state senate, but with Tracy supplying the money, he had to give in to her demand to crack down on organized crime. This was hard for Mitch, who was involved with the mob. Soon, however, Tracy discovered Mitch in bed with Susan, which caused the marriage to crumble. This allowed Tracy more time to prove that Monica's baby wasn't Alan's child. Tracy had a feeling that the unborn baby was the son of Rick Webber, a man with whom Monica was very close. Eventually it was revealed that Monica and Rick had an affair. After Monica gave birth to a son she named Alan Quartermaine Junior, Tracy filed a paternity suit against her, hoping that Rick would be named the baby's father.

Edward wanted A.J. as his own heir, and was furious at Tracy's recklessness. Edward drew up a new will disinheriting his daughter. As Edward began to sign the will, however, he fell to the floor with a heart attack. He begged Tracy to give him his medicine, but Tracy refused, hoping that he'd die without ever signing the new will. Edward became lifeless, and Tracy thought he was dead. Suddenly, Edward jumped up and signed the will. It had been a test to prove Tracy's loyalty, and she had failed. Later, Edward gave in and gave Tracy two million dollars, which could only be spent on Mitch's race for the senate. Knowing that she needed Mitch in order to keep the money, Tracy again lured Mitch away from Susan Moore, and the two moved to Albany.

In 1989, Tracy returned to Port Charles, single and dating Nicholes Van Buren, a.k.a. Domino, who was a criminal seeking the Dragon Bone, a key to a long-lost Chinese civilization. Tracy also wanted a piece of the profit, so she blackmailed her first husband, Lord Larry Ashton, who was also after the Bone. Tracy revealed to Larry that she knew he wasn't the real Ashton heir and that she would expose him unless he gave her and son Ned a share of the profits from the quest. Eventually, the quest ended after Robert Scorpio's dog, Friday, buried the Dragon Bone. Tracy then got involved with David McAlister, who wound up murdered with Tracy as the prime suspect. She hired Scotty Baldwin to defend her. Almost as greedy as Tracy, Scotty agreed to help her only if she got him the position as General Counsel at ELQ. As a backup, Scotty also collaborated with Alan to help him oust Ned from ELQ. Scotty and Tracy became close and fell in to bed together.

The affair between Tracy and Scotty fizzled out and Tracy became involved with the new CEO of ELQ, Paul Hornsby. He was a member of a cartel run by Cesar Faison and Paul was ordered to marry Tracy to gain access to her money. Paul was in love with Jenny Eckert but the cartel threatened the life of Paul's daughter so he complied and married Tracy.

Tracy began to see that Paul really loved Jenny. However, Tracy refused to give him a divorce, especially after learning about his involvement with the cartel and his true motivations behind marrying her. Determined to hang on to Paul, Tracy announced at Ned and Jenny's engagement party that she was pregnant. Shocked, Jenny married Ned. Tracy and Paul bonded during her pregnancy. Baby Dillon was born premature but healthy, and Ned and Jenny were named his godparents. Although Tracy tried to make her marriage work, the love Jenny and Paul was too great and the planned to divorce their respective spouses so they could be together. However, Tracy tried to keep Paul in the marriage.

Paul and Jenny were able to turn the tables on Tracy after she accidently hit Jenny with her car. Tracy thought that Jenny was dead and fled the scene after phoning the police to report a hit-and-run. Jenny knew Tracy had hit her and she used the information to coerce Tracy into granting Paul his divorce. Edward learned the truth of Tracy's hit-and-run and kicked her out of the house. Tracy left Port Charles with baby Dillon in tow.

Tracy again returned to Port Charles in 1996 for revenge. She was tired of being treated like an outcast by her own family and planned to orchestrate a hostile takeover of ELQ with the help of Jax. The takeover attempt failed, and she was again banished from the family. Before Tracy left town, though, she managed to break up the marriage of Ned and his new wife Lois. Tracy hated Lois from first sight and felt that Lois wasn't good enough for her son. Lois was pregnant and learned of Tracy hitting Jenny; Lois felt that Tracy was evil. She was starting to believe that all Quartermaines were evil. Lois didn't want her daughter, Brook Lynn, to grow up like Tracy, so she divorced Ned and left right after Tracy did.

1996-1997: The City

Tracy arrived in SoHo with the intention of blackmailing her old acquaintance, Sydney Chase, over the golden pipes that were supposedly stashed in a building at 212 Greene Street. Sydney was moving to London, and gave Tracy 51 percent of the building. Tracy and Dillon briefly lived in the building's penthouse. What they didn't know was that there was twelve million dollars in back taxes due on the building. Tracy decided she needed to marry somebody rich, and set her sights on Gino Soleito. He wooed her and finally proposed marriage. She accepted, but his daughter Carla hated Tracy. Carla thought Tracy was just a gold digger. Gino and Tracy married, and Gino couldn't wait to consummate their marriage.

On the wedding night, Tracy faked getting the measles so she was safe for one night. She knew, however, that measles wouldn't last forever. She hired a prostitute to pretend to be her during a romantic night with Gino. It worked, but there was one problem: Gino died in bed. Tracy hid the body in the basement. One of Gino's many homes was later broken into. Tracy headed to the house to see if she could find what it was that the would-be robbers wanted, and she did. Armed with the pertinent papers, Tracy became the new Godmother of the Soleito crime family. In 1997, Tracy was hard up for cash and hired robbers to dress up as pilgrims and rob the Quartermaines on Thanksgiving. The robbery wasn't successful, and Tracy wasn't heard from for a while.

2003 to Present: General Hospital

In 2003, Tracy returned to Port Charles with her son Dillon and an agenda. She was aware that Skye, the woman who claimed to be Alan's daughter with Rae Cummings, was not actually his child. Tracy tried to blackmail Skye into keeping the secret but Skye turned the tables on everyone and admitted that she was not a Quartermaine. The family learned what Tracy had done to Skye and Lila kicked Tracy out of the house. Tracy left town but Dillon stayed.

When Tracy returned to Port Charles, she used a visit with her son as a cover for her actual intent of getting a hold of the "Dead Man's Hand." She involved Dillon in her plan and hoped to open a casino. Her plans were thwarted when the cards were stolen from her and she was unable to get a gambling license. She then turned her focus to breaking up Dillion and his girlfriend Georgie Jones. She enlisted the help of Sage Alcazar and hoped that Sage could entice Dillon away from Georgie. The plan worked temporarily until Georgie and Dillon found their way back to one another.

After Tracy's attempts to control Dillon's life proved unsuccessful Tracy learned that A.J. robbed the family of its fortune. Tracy devised a new plan to get rich by stealing the treasure that was to be shared between the Cassadine and Quartermaine families. The treasure was set to be auctioned at the Quartermaine owned Port Charles Hotel. The treasure was stolen before Tracy's hired thief could get to it and a fire broke out due to faulty wiring. Edward wanted to take responsibility for the fire but Tracy convinced it would be best for ELQ if he remained quiet. While Edward recovered from a heart attack that nearly killed him, Justus convinced Edward that he should act senile to avoid responsibility for the fire. Tracy took advantage of the situation and went after ELQ. She even tried to have Edward committed, insisting that it was a necessary step in the senility ruse.

Eventually an arson report relieved the family of responsibility for the fire and a battle for control over ELQ broke out between Tracy and Edward. Dillon held the deciding vote and Tracy hired Sage to take nude pictures of Dillon's girlfriend Georgie. Dillon was forced to side with his mother in order to prevent her from damaging Georgie's reputation.

After Tracy was named CEO, she turned her attention to tormenting Skye. She went to Skye's lake house one night, Tracy saw Luke through the window, dragging a dead body across the floor in an attempt to hide it. Skye, in turn, saw Tracy peeking through the window. Luke and Skye hid the body in the Quartermaines' freezer, and Tracy managed to get a picture of Skye with the corpse. Tracy turned the photos of Skye with the deceased officer in to the police, testified against her at the trial, and took part in sending her to prison. The Quartermaines were not pleased.

The following month, the family grieved upon finding out that their matriarch, Lila, Tracy's mother, had died in her sleep. Tracy lashed out during this difficult time, and on the day of the funeral, found comfort in her brother's arms. Soon, Lila's will was read: the estate would be given to the Quartermaine family member who could be most virtuous for the following month. This proved to a difficult task for the mischievous Tracy Quartermaine, who was initially eliminated for blackmailing the woman appointed by the will to make the decision, Felicia Jones and she was eliminated. Later in the competition, Felicia made the decision to reinstate everyone. Unfortunately for Tracy, she was eliminated again for teaming up with Helena Cassadine to stop Nikolas and Emily's marriage.

Meanwhile, Heather Webber had been in town and had turned her attention to the grieving Edward Quartermaine. She had a plan to lure him to the altar, murder him, collect his life savings, and then run off with Luke Spencer. Tracy was not fond of her father's relationship with Heather and tried to put a stop to it. The rest of the Quartermaines sided with her, and eventually, Edward himself realized what was going on. As a result, he, Tracy, Luke, and Skye formed an alliance, and in the end, Heather was carted off first to jail and then a mental institution.

Not long after Lila's death, Tracy's focused returned to money and she teamed up with Luke Spencer to retrieve the Quartermaine money Helena Cassadine had stolen. Luke and Tracy lured Helena out of hiding by transferring fifteen million dollars from Helena's account into Tracy's. As planned, Helena was captured but Luke and Tracy disagreed about which of them was entitled to the money. Luke enlisted the help of Dillon and Georgie and together they lured Tracy to Las Vegas. After a night of drinking, Tracy woke and discovered that she was married to Luke. She was horrified, especially when Luke assured her that they had consummated the marriage, thus making an annulment impossible. Tracy asked what Luke wanted. His response was "alimony." He would gladly divorce Tracy if she gave him 15 million dollars in the settlement. Tracy refused.

The next couple of months resulted in a full battle of one-upmanship, as Tracy and Luke took turns trying to get out of a marriage that neither of them wanted to be in. Tracy tried to prove that Luke was committing adultery with Skye. Luke went as far as putting the owner of Jake's bar, Coleman, in bed with Tracy, and took photos. Tracy believed she was sleeping with Luke and didn't realize what had happened until the next morning. Luke insisted that the photos proved adultery and that he would be able to get the cash.

Tracy turned the tables on Luke when she decided to pursue a relationship with Coleman. Luke was jealous and decided not to divorce her. Meanwhile, Coleman and Skye spent some time together. Tracy and Luke caught them, and later, when Coleman had some harsh words to say about Tracy, she kicked him out. Luke finally decided he was tired of the games and agreed to a divorce, but Tracy, angry about Skye and Coleman, wasn't going to give him one or the 15 million. The game was back on.

Afterwards, in June, 2005, Luke agreed to help Tracy maintain her position as CEO of ELQ. For three months, which would be long enough to solidify the position, he would also have to act as a real husband, and then she'd give him the divorce and the alimony. Luke, indeed, acted as a real husband, as he comforted Tracy when she was forced to give up Lila's former position as director of the GH Charitable Endowment. Skye saw that Luke really wasn't acting, and that he and Tracy did have a growing bond. However, this didn't last long. When it was time to vote for the new CEO of ELQ, Luke didn't support his wife, and she lost out to Lorenzo Alcazar. Luke broke his end of the deal, and Tracy wanted Luke to be miserable, so she assured him they'd be married for a long, long time.

The games between Luke and Tracy continued when Tracy found out that Luke was very short on money and that he was dependent on Tracy's wealth. Glad to have the upper hand, Tracy imposed some rules. Luke, Skye, Dillon, Georgie, Lulu, and Alice teamed up against Tracy. As part of the plan, Luke pretended that he wanted to kill Tracy. His goal was to scare her, so that she'd divorce him and therefore, give him the 15 million. His plan backfired, though, when Tracy's car went off the road and into a lake. Luke dove in to try to save her, but she was nowhere to be found. The police suspected that Tracy was dead which caused Luke to flee town. Tracy was actually alive but had faked her death to give everyone a scare.

When Luke did return to town, he unintentionally took a virus with him and he fell ill and was hospitalized. Dillon developed the same illness and Tracy agreed to allow him to marry Georgie on his deathbed. Both Dillon and Luke survived and but the close call brought Luke and Tracy closer. Their relationship became even more solid after Luke learned that Skye was pregnant with another man's child. He distracted himself by reconstructing the Haunted Star casino and made Tracy his partner.

Tracy believed that she and Luke were meant to be and she agreed to renew their vows, unaware that Luke wanted to make Skye jealous. On the day of the ceremony, Luke received a call from his former flame Holly Sutton and took off to rescue her, which left Tracy stranded at the altar. Tracy tracked her husband down and was disappointed by his interest in Holly. He drugged Tracy and Robert and placed them in bed together and documented her supposed betrayal. Holly double-crossed Luke and left him and Tracy and Luke grew close once again. Luke was confused by his feelings and took off.

While Luke was gone, Tracy served as a surrogate mother to Lulu and helped plan a surprise birthday party for her. When Lulu discovered she was pregnant with Dillon's child and was considering abortion, Tracy shared her own experience of abortion with Lulu. Luke returned to town briefly and was thankful that Tracy had been there for his daughter. Against Tracy's advice, Lulu did abort her pregnancy, but Tracy was supportive nonetheless.

Soon thereafter, Luke authorized Robin to use an experimental drug to draw Laura out of her coma. Tracy threatened to tell Laura about her marriage to Luke, but he convinced her not to. On November 20, Tracy filed for a divorce so that Luke could be with the only true love of his life. Luke, however, told Tracy that, while he'd always love Laura, Tracy had become the only woman for him. Later, when Luke and his "angel" Laura decided to renew their marriage vows, Tracy was devastated, despite his assurances that it had been Laura's idea. He reiterated that he was content in his marriage to Tracy. On the day of the ceremony Luke surprised Tracy when, after 18 months of marriage, he told her that he loved her. Tracy, however, was still upset and turned to alcohol. When she got up to object during the ceremony, Monica tripped Tracy, and Alice carried her away. Tracy spent the reception, tied and gagged, in a closet.

In the meantime, Luke doted on Laura, while sharing the truth with Tracy alone. It was revealed that Laura's condition was only temporary and that she would slip back into her catatonic state. Luke was set on making Laura's final days perfect. Just before Thanksgiving, the Spencers decided to give Laura a special Christmas, since she wouldn't be there for the real one. Luke chopped down a tree from Tracy's yard, which angered her. He proceeded to lash out at her but apologized moments later. That evening, Tracy confessed to Dillon that she would never be able to win Luke's heart away from Laura. Later, Edward reminded her that she deserved better than Luke. Tracy was thankful for his support. On Thanksgiving Day, Laura slipped away, and Luke couldn't deal with the loss. Tracy encouraged her husband to be there for Lulu, but he ended up leaving town.

In February of 2007, the Metro Court Hotel became the scene of a hostage crisis. Tracy's brother Alan was in the hotel at the time and had a heart attack, collapsing outside the building. Luke, wanting to participate in the rescue efforts, helped lead Alan to safety. Tracy was very grateful for Luke saving her "big brother." At General Hospital, Alan lay unconscious, as Tracy begged him to wake up. He did, but it was short-lived. Alan died that night. Tracy told Dillon that she was afraid to live without Alan.

Later on, Tracy and Luke teamed up to get Alan's will and change it. Soon, Tracy was in for the shock of a lifetime when Alan started haunting her. He manifested himself as her guilty conscience, and she couldn't get Alan out of her mind. Luke noticed and was worried that Tracy was going to break and tell the truth about the will. Tracy wasn't being as careful as she should have been. Several times she had conversations with her deceased brother in the presence of others. The family eventually found out about the will.

In the meantime, Scott Baldwin was trying to get guardianship of Laura and made a deal with Tracy, but she was just working him. The court awarded custody to Scott after Luke's rape of Laura decades earlier came out during the proceedings. Tracy helped Luke spirit Laura out of town before Scott got to her. She was arrested for her efforts but Lulu bailed her out.

After Luke took off with Laura, the hallucinations of Alan continued and he warned her that Edward planned to have her committed to Shadybrook so he could take over ELQ. She was unable to hide her visions of Alan and taken in for psychiatric care. While she was there, she discovered that Scott had a son named Logan Hayes and she planned to use the information against Scott. She also tried to prevent the relationship between Logan and Lulu from occurring because she sensed that Scott's son would cause trouble for Lulu.

Alan's ghost recognized that Tracy was doing a good thing in looking out for Lulu and he stopped haunting her. With the visions gone, she was released from Shadybrook. Upon her release, Tracy realized that Lulu was involved with someone she considered to be even more dangerous that Logan, a mobster's son named Johnny Zacchara. Despite Tracy's machinations, Lulu and Johnny became close. Tracy and Luke worked to keep the nascent relationship from developing further. Alan's ghost returned, exclaiming that he did not want to be "damned to haunt the rest of the Quartermaines together, forever!" The family suffered a huge loss when Monica's adopted daughter, Emily, became the next victim of the Text Message Killer.

Just after Emily's death, Luke required heart surgery and Monica was scheduled to operate on him. Tracy warned Monica that she was in no condition to operate because of Alan and Emily's recent deaths. Monica disregarded Tracy's concerns and went forward with the procedure, but she froze during the operation. Tracy filed a malpractice suit against Monica. Monica kicked Tracy out of the mansion, but Tracy discovered that Monica had hit Sam McCall with her car and had fled the scene. Monica allowed Tracy, Luke, and Lulu to move back in.

As Luke recovered and a new year approached, Luke proclaimed his love for Tracy, but she shut him out and lied to him so he would believe they'd been divorced. Luke decided to win Tracy back. She did take Luke back but their relationship was tested again when a young man named Ethan Lovett arrived in town. He was there on a mission to find his birth parents. Tracy figured out that he was Luke's son with Holly but she tried to keep their connection a secret. In time Tracy reunited Luke and Ethan as father and son and accepted Ethan as a part of Luke's life.

Tracy also reached out to help Luke's son Lucky after he and his half-brother Nikolas were simultaneously involved with Elizabeth Webber and uncertain as to which of them had fathered her unborn child. Tracy believed that Helena had manipulated the paternity test results and investigated Helena's actions. When Helena realized that Tracy was on to her, she kidnapped Tracy and held her captive in Greece. While she was there, she became very ill and was near death when Luke came to her rescue. He begged her to survive and promised to make their marriage legal.

Tracy did recover but she was furious to learn that her marriage to Luke was never legal and she shut him out. She kicked Luke out of the mansion but she continued to care about his children. Luke faked a heart attack to get Tracy's attention and it worked. The couple reunited and planned to repeat their Vegas wedding. Ethan and his girlfriend Maya went along as witnesses but after a night of drinking, Maya and Ethan were married instead of Tracy and Luke.

When they returned to Port Charles, still unmarried, Luke proposed to Tracy and she accepted with two stipulations. She required Luke to pay for the wedding and she set the wedding date to be Laura's birthday. Luke agreed to both conditions and he signed the prenuptial agreement, which Tracy burned immediately after he signed. They married in front of their family and friends at the Quartermaine mansion.

As they settled in to married life, Tracy worried about her husband after she learned that he had been the one to run down and kill Lucky's son Jake. After the accident, Luke fell into a downward spiral and began drinking non-stop. Tracy and his family staged an intervention. She told Luke in no uncertain terms that alcohol was stealing his soul, and she expected him to get treatment.

Luke refused to admit he had a problem with alcohol but Tracy held firm to the words she spoke at the intervention. She locked Luke out of the Haunted Star and told him they did not have a marriage until he got help. Eventually Luke acquiesced and allowed Tracy to take him to Shadybrook for rehab. She was disappointed to learn that Luke skipped out his treatment shortly after he arrived. With Luke gone, Tracy focused on ELQ and disagreed with her father's decision to hire Michael and his girlfriend Abby. Around the office, Tracy tried to intimidate Abby and Michael and frequently warned Edward that having Michael around would send a message that ELQ was open for business with the mob. Coincidentally, at the same time, Anthony Zacchara approached Tracy with his interest about becoming involved with ELQ. He flirted with Tracy and told her his interest was both personal and professional, although she rebuffed his advances.

Anthony remained adamant that he and Tracy would be a powerful couple together and he resorted to blackmail to prove his point. He threatened to inform the authorities and the Soleito family that Tracy had secretly funneled her ex-husband Gino Soleito's money into ELQ years ago. Anthony asked for Tracy's hand in marriage in exchange for his silence, but Tracy refused. She tried to stall Anthony as long as possible and used Luke's return as an excuse, although she pushed Luke away despite his claim he was sober.

Despite the return of her husband, Anthony continued his pursuit of Tracy and Luke gave his blessing to the couple by serving Tracy with divorce papers. Tracy was surprised Luke had not asked for a divorce settlement and she tried to figure out the game he was playing. Luke insisted there was no hidden agenda and Tracy asked if Luke had made any progress in reconnecting with his family. She shared the news that Luke had another grandson, as a new paternity test had revealed that Lucky, not Nikolas, was Aiden's father.

Tracy and Luke started to find their way back to one another and Tracy assumed the diamond she received for Christmas was from him. She was disappointed to learn it was actually from Anthony when he arranged for them to be trapped in an elevator together. Anthony presented Tracy with the setting for the diamond and proposed. She refused his proposal but Anthony knew she would be forced to marry him and he publically announced their engagement. Tracy repeatedly told Anthony she despised him and did not want anything to do with him. He laughed at Tracy's protests and he arranged for Maxie Jones to plan their nuptials.

Anthony kidnapped Tracy and held her hostage on a chartered boat, which was also the location of their wedding. Tracy remained disgusted with the thought of marriage to Anthony but he nicknamed her his "Venus" and said he would appreciate her spunk on the wedding night. Tracy held out hope that she could avoid the marriage when Luke crashed the wedding. She wanted Luke to stop the wedding but instead he stood in as Anthony's best man during the ceremony.

In the weeks that followed the wedding, Tracy refused to consummate the marriage and repeatedly asked Luke to help her find a way out to the marriage. Meanwhile, Anthony moved in to the Quartermaine Mansion and made himself at home with his "Venus." Tracy despised Anthony but she chose to save his life when she walked in on Sonny Corinthos threatening Anthony at the mansion after Sonny received word that Anthony had been responsible for the bullet his son Dante had taken. Sonny offered to take Anthony permanently off of Tracy's hands but she ordered Sonny to leave and threatened to call the police.

Sonny left and Anthony thanked Tracy for intervening on his behalf. She told him she would take repayment in the form of a divorce but he did not comply. Anthony took off temporarily to hide from Sonny but on his way out of town he was involved in a car accident after someone shot out the tires on his car. Anthony sustained superficial injuries but two passengers in the vehicle his car struck were killed. Sonny was accused of the crime and Tracy testified in court that she had witnessed Sonny threatening her husband's life prior to the accident.

Although Tracy remained married to Anthony, she was unsettled by the friendship Luke had rekindled with Anna Devane and she was displeased when Luke and Anna became roommates. Tracy was reassured of her place in Luke's life when he remembered her birthday and presented her with a pony that was a descendant of her beloved childhood horse.

Tracy was determined to end her marriage to Anthony and she turned to Luke for help. He initially refused until he caught Tracy trying to poison Anthony over breakfast. Tracy admonished Luke for foiling her plan but appreciated that he had changed his mind about assisting her. Tracy fantasized about killing Anthony but before she had the chance to carry out the act she discovered his dead body under a tarp in the Quartermaine boathouse.

Luke walked in on Tracy hovering over Anthony's body and they each assumed the other had ended Anthony's life. At the same time, the police had arrived to investigate an anonymous tip they had received about gunshots being fired on the premises. Luke and Tracy stalled the cops and moved Anthony's body. They placed him in a lawn chair on the terrace and pretended that he was asleep after consuming too much alcohol.

The police believed that Anthony had passed out and moved on to other parts of the property. Luke and Tracy briefly left Anthony's body alone while they talked to Monica and Heather Webber. When they returned, Anthony's body was gone. Tracy and Luke returned to the boat house and decided to dispose of the gun they had discovered near the body by throwing into the lake. The police arrived as they were about to toss the gun and Luke and Tracy were taken into police custody for questioning regarding the disappearance of Anthony.

Tracy and Luke were released for lack of evidence since Anthony's body had not turned up. Tracy was relieved to be free from Anthony and told Luke that she wanted him back. Luke made plans to meet with Tracy and she arranged a romantic dinner with Luke's favorite dishes. When Luke did not show up Tracy went to the suite he shared with Anna at the Metro Court and discovered that Anna had a romantic dinner of her own planned for Luke as well. Anna admitted that she and Luke had slept together and decided to pursue a relationship. Luke had planned to meet with Tracy to let her that they would not be reconciling but Anna did not know why he had never showed.

In the aftermath of Luke's rejection Tracy made a statement to the police and she claimed that Luke was behind Anthony's death and a warrant was issued for Luke's arrest. Anna admitted to Tracy that she was concerned that Luke had not shown up for the dinner but Tracy explained that Luke left town without notice whenever he felt like it and told Anna not to worry. Tracy was shocked when weeks later Luke turned up at the hospital after being shot by Heather Webber.

Tracy paid Luke a visit and heard about how Heather held him captive and she forced him to admit his feelings for Anna. Tracy was hurt by Luke's admission of his feelings but he also admitted that he needed Tracy in his life. She agreed that she needed him as well and she would be waiting for him to return to her after his new relationship failed.

After Luke was released from the hospital Tracy planned to bring him a meal at the Metro Court but she spilled it on a man named Joe Scully, Jr. instead. Joe Jr. flirted with Tracy and she stopped by Joe Jr.'s hotel room with a new shirt to replace the one that had been ruined. Joe Jr. modeled the shirt for Tracy and they fell into bed together.

What Tracy intended as a one-time fling quickly became more when Jerry Jacks poisoned the town's water supply with a deadly toxin. Joseph reassured Tracy that she would be fine and provided her with emotional support and in return she brought him to her family home. Although Tracy remained immune to the toxin, she worried for Joseph and her father and gave millions to dollars to Jerry Jacks in hopes of securing the cure for the town's residents. Tracy also allowed her blood to be used to create one does of a counteragent which she gave to her father. Edward refused the cure and gave it to Robin Scorpio's young daughter instead. Eventually the counteragent was distributed to all and the crisis passed.

Afterwards, Tracy asked Joseph to move in to the Quartermaine mansion but she rescinded the offer after she learned that her Joseph, the antiques dealer, was actually a man with mob connections and a dark past with Sonny Corinthos and Kate Howard. Joseph continually reached out to Tracy and insisted he was not the man Sonny claimed him to be and she softened toward him. Tracy was saddened and betrayed after Joseph showed up two separate times on her doorstep with gunshot wounds. He died in Tracy's presence at her home. Just prior to his passing, Joseph confessed that he had saved Tracy's life during the toxic water scare because he had given Tracy a dose of the counteragent. Tracy was again disappointed with Joseph when she realized he must have been an associate of Jerry Jacks.

Once Tracy moved past her mistakes with Joseph, she focused on protecting ELQ from her nephew A.J. who was revealed to be alive and back in town. Monica swore that her son had changed but Tracy refused to believe it. Shortly after A.J. returned, Edward passed away. Tracy was devastated by the loss and used her grief as motivation to prevent A.J. from damaging the company her father had left as a legacy. Her task became more difficult after Edward's will distributed the company shares between his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Monica and the Quartermaines' housekeeper Alice also received shares but Tracy did not. Instead she was bequeathed a jar of her mother's famous Pickle-Lila relish.

After Edward's death, Tracy and A.J. battled for control of ELQ while the company took a devastating financial hit. Both Tracy and A.J. separately decided to save the company by reviving Pickle-Lila and they raced against one another to recreate the relish. While A.J. took over as the head of ELQ, Tracy started her own company, TAQ, with the help of Nikolas Cassadine. They used Tracy's inheritance to derive the formula for the relish and marketed the product as Pickle-Eddie.

As the relish battle ensued, Tracy and A.J. also raced one another to locate a recently revealed Quartermaine heir and shareholder whose vote would reign over ELQ. The shareholder was Edward's great-granddaughter Lauren Frank. Luke was successful and helped Tracy connect with Lauren's mother, Ava Jerome. Meanwhile, Tracy and A.J. each unveiled their relishes on a cooking show and Tracy believed the hosts of the show would prefer her relish over A.J.'s. Instead, someone had tainted both relishes. Tracy blackmailed A.J. into taking full responsibility for the outbreak of food poisoning using a recording of A.J. confessing that he had cheated on Elizabeth Webber.

As Tracy continued to battle A.J. for control of ELQ, Franco was revealed to be alive. Although Tracy realized she needed both the support of Franco and his daughter to overtake A.J., her plans for ELQ were set aside after Luke's health began to fail. At Tracy's insistence after he collapsed in front of her, Luke agreed to visit the hospital. Tracy was by Luke's side when he learned that he had been poisoned with a radioactive substance by Helena Cassadine before her death. When Luke set out to search for cure, Tracy planned to go with him. However, Luke sneaked out of town without her but asked Tracy to keep his health a secret during his absence.

Tracy regained control of ELQ after Lauren Frank's real paternity was revealed but Tracy continued to worry about Luke. After Olivia Falconeri experienced a vision in which Luke asked for her, Tracy located Luke on Cassadine Island and planned to rescue him. Luke was being held captive by Jerry and he planned to test a small dose of the treatment on Luke. As they waited to ambush Jerry and steal the cure, Luke grew weaker and confessed his love to Tracy. She was reluctant to believe him and instead focused on administering the cure to Luke.

The treatment appeared to work and Luke and Tracy left Cassadine Island together. Afterwards, Tracy hoped that Luke would show her the love he spoke of on his deathbed. Tracy continued to worry about Luke after he disappeared unexpectedly. He was discovered weeks later in a heavily medicated state at the Miscavige psychiatric care facility where he had been held and drugged by Heather Webber's coconspirators. Tracy feared that the medication Luke had been subjected to had altered his personality but she set her concerns aside after Luke proposed marriage.

In the weeks that followed the engagement, Luke doted on Tracy and was extremely supportive after her nephew A.J. was murdered. Ned returned to town for the funeral and warned his mother that Luke was marrying her solely for her money. She ignored Ned's cautions and allowed Luke to work at ELQ. When Luke surprised her with an impromptu wedding ceremony at the Nurses Ball, she became his wife.

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