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Daniel Edward Morgan
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Actor History
Jaxon and Jakob Kring
2012 to 2014
Caden and Corben Rothweiler


Born June 1, 2012

Other Names

Victor Lord III (name while he was believed to be the son of Téa Delgado and Victor Lord, Jr.)


Playing with toys and taking naps

Resides At

122 Harbor View Drive, Port Charles, New York (Harbor View Towers: Penthouse #2)

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Jason Morgan (father; presumed deceased)

Samantha McCall (mother)

Julian Jerome (maternal grandfather)

Alexis Davis (maternal grandmother)

Cody McCall (maternal grandfather; via adoption; deceased)

Evelyn Bass (maternal grandmother; via adoption; deceased)

Alan Quartermaine Sr. (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Susan Moore (paternal biological grandmother; deceased)

Monica Quartermaine (paternal grandmother; via adoption)

Jacob Martin Spencer (paternal half-brother)

Baby Girl McCall (maternal half-sister; deceased)

Daniel McCall (maternal uncle; via adoption; deceased)

Lucas Jones (maternal uncle)

Kristina Davis (maternal aunt)

Molly Lansing (maternal aunt)

Alan Quartermaine Jr. (paternal uncle; deceased)

Emily Bowen Quartermaine (paternal aunt; via adoption; deceased)

Skye Chandler Quartermaine (paternal aunt; via adoption)

Dawn Winthrop (paternal aunt; via adoption)

Edward Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Lila Morgan (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Mikk1os Cassadine (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Kristin Nilsson (maternal great- grandmother; deceased)

Victor Jerome (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Tracy Quartermaine (paternal great-aunt)

Bradley Ward Sr. (paternal great-uncle)

Jimmy Lee Holt (paternal great-uncle)

Olivia St. John (maternal great-aunt; deceased)

Evan Jerome (maternal great- uncle; deceased)

Stavros Cassadine (maternal great- uncle)

Stefan Cassadine (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Ava Jerome (maternal great- aunt)

Dino (maternal great-uncle)

Kristina Cassadine (maternal great- aunt; deceased)

Edward "Ned" Ashton (paternal cousin, once removed)

Robert "Franco" Frank (paternal cousin, once removed)

Dillon Quartermaine (paternal cousin, once removed)

Michael Corinthos III (paternal cousin)

Lila Rae Quartermaine (paternal cousin; via adoption)

Nikolas Cassadine (maternal cousin; once removed)

Lauren Katherine "Kiki" Jerome (maternal cousin; once removed)

Spencer Cassadine (maternal cousin; once removed)

Petros Cassadine (maternal cousin; once removed)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed


Health and Vitals

Diagnosed with the genetic disorder beta thalassemia

Diagnosed with leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant [2013]

Brief Character History

Daniel "Danny" Morgan, son of Sam and Jason Morgan, was originally believed to have been conceived when his mother was allegedly raped by Franco. The paternity results, which had been falsified by Heather Webber, caused his parents to separate. When Danny entered the world in a dramatic fashion during a storm, his mother was forced to give birth in a hotel room. As she attempted to make her way to the hospital on foot, she lost consciousness and Heather Webber switched her healthy son with Téa Delgado's stillborn child. Téa did not know that her child had died and she named Danny after her husband Victor.

While Danny/Victor resided with Téa, he was kidnapped by Heather while Jason realized what had happened to Sam's child. Danny was returned to his mother and Jason agreed to raise him as his son. Immediately after their reunion as a family, Jason was shot and presumed dead. As Sam mourned the loss of her husband, she received proof that Jason, not Franco, was Danny's father. Danny's early life continued in a dramatic fashion. He was kidnapped again by Heather and then taken by Stephen Clay, a man that had developed an obsession with his mother. After Danny and Sam were reunited, he was diagnosed with leukemia and required a bone marrow transplant. He received the transplant and was given a clean bill of health.

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