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Lucas Jones
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Actor History
Kevin and Chuckie Gravino
1989 to 1994
Kevin and Christopher Graves
Jay Sacane
1994 to 1996
Justin Cooper
1996 to 1998
Logan O'Brien
1998 to 2002
J. Evan Bonifant
C.J. Thomason
2002 to 2003
Ryan Carnes
Ben Hogestyn
Ryan Carnes
January 17, 2014 to Present

Born August 18, 1989

Birth year later revised to 1987

Other Names

Lucas Stansbury Jones


Physician at General Hospital

Former part-time waiter at Kelly's

Attended medical school

Former student


Condominium in Port Charles, New York

Formerly 657 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York

Formerly Seattle, Washington

Formerly Spencer-Jones Brownstone, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Married to Brad Cooper [engaged: May 4, 2015 (Apr 29, 2015, on the show); married: Jun 13, 2016]

Past Marriages



Julian Jerome (biological father)

Cheryl Stansbury (biological mother; deceased)

Anthony Jones (adoptive father; deceased)

Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (adoptive mother)

Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones (adoptive sister; deceased)

Samantha Morgan (biological half-sister)

Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks (adoptive sister)

Unnamed child (biological half-brother; presumed deceased)

Victor Jerome (biological grandfather; deceased)

Tim Spencer (adoptive grandfather; deceased)

Lena Spencer (adoptive grandmother; deceased)

Olivia St. John (biological aunt)

Evan Jerome (biological uncle; deceased)

Ava Jerome (biological aunt)

Evan Jerome Jr. (biological cousin)

Lauren "Kiki" Jerome (biological cousin; deceased)

Dino (biological uncle)

Tiffany Hill (biological aunt)

Andrew "Frisco" Jones (adoptive uncle)

Patricia Spencer (adoptive aunt; deceased)

Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer Sr. (adoptive uncle)

Mariah "Maxie" Jones (adoptive cousin)

Georgianna Jones (adoptive cousin)

Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer Jr. (adoptive cousin)

Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer (adoptive cousin)

Valerie Spencer (adoptive cousin)

Michael Corinthos III (adoptive nephew)

Morgan Corinthos (adoptive nephew)

Josslyn Jacks (adoptive niece)

Daniel Edward Morgan (biological nephew)

Rocco Falconeri (adoptive cousin, once removed)

Charlotte Cassadine (adoptive cousin, once removed)


Wiley Cooper-Jones (deceased and switched with Nelle Hayes's baby; Jul 31, 2017]

Flings & Affairs

Mariah "Maxie" Jones (kissed)

Georgianna "Georgie" Jones (kissed)

Brook Lynn Ashton (kissed)

Guy Tucker (dated)

Brad Cooper (lovers)

Felix Dubois (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Assaulted Frank, a man that had previously assaulted Lucas for being gay [Jan 20, 2006]

Health and Vitals

Diagnosed with juvenile diabetes [1990]

Drugged by Helena Cassadine to blackmail Tony Jones into helping her; he later recovered [2001]

Beaten for being gay by a man named Frank [Jan 17, 2006]

Shot in the chest by Luke Spencer's hired assassin and underwent surgery [May 21, 2014]

Shot in the chest by an assassin [May 21, 2014]

Held hostage in a church full of people by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016]

Injected with Derisifol by Heather Webber [May 25, 2016]


Phone number is 716.555.0194

Brief Character History

Lucas was born to Cheryl Stansbury and presumed deceased mobster Julian Jerome, but Cheryl had been told that her baby had died. In truth, Lucas was sold to Bobbie Spencer-Jones, who had been desperate to adopt a child after a planned legal adoption fell through at the last minute. Bobbie named the baby Lucas after her brother, Luke Spencer. She was unaware that Lucas was Cheryl's child.

In 1990, baby Lucas fell ill and was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Bobbie decided to investigate Lucas' biological family and turned up proof that Lucas was Cheryl's son. Bobbie kept the information to herself, but Robert Scorpio learned the truth and planned to reunite Cheryl with her child. Bobbie tried to flee with Lucas, but Robert stopped her. Tony was distraught over Bobbie's lies and took his daughter B.J. and left Bobbie. They later reconciled.

Lucas lived with his biological mother until she was killed in a car accident. Cheryl's will stated that he should be raised by Tony and Bobbie, but Cheryl's sister Tiffany Hill sought custody, as well, and a legal battle ensued. In the end, Bobbie and Tony were granted custody, and Lucas referred to them as his parents.

As part of the Jones family, Lucas was devastated when his cousin Maxie was diagnosed with heart disease and required a heart transplant. Shortly after the diagnosis, Lucas' sister B.J. was rendered brain dead in a school bus accident. Tony made the difficult decision to donate B.J.'s heart to Maxie, and Tony and Bobbie explained to Lucas that B.J. was going to live in Heaven. After B.J.'s death, his parents struggled to make their marriage work, and Lucas eventually accepted their decision to divorce.

A few years later, Lucas became deathly ill after Helena Cassadine poisoned him with a deadly biotoxin. Helena offered the cure to Tony in exchange for Tony's assistance reviving her son Stavros Cassadine from his frozen state. Tony acquired the cure for Lucas, and Lucas made a full recovery while Luke shut down Helena's operations.

In 2002, Lucas was doing poorly in school. He confessed to Maxie and Georgie Jones that he had trouble concentrating when he tried to study. Georgie determined that Lucas had a learning disability. While working overtime to help Lucas with his studies, Georgie developed a crush on him. Unfortunately for Georgie, Lucas had developed a crush on Maxie. Even though Maxie did not return his feelings, Lucas stood by her and helped restore her damaged reputation. Eventually, Lucas decided to give his attention to Georgie, but he became concerned over her growing friendship with Dillon Quartermaine.

Lucas left town to attend boarding school, and when he returned, he learned that Dillon and Georgie were a couple. Lucas met Brook Lynn Ashton; he appreciated her uniqueness, and they grew closer as they helped Georgie and Dillon navigate their relationship. Brook Lynn and Lucas shared a kiss, but their relationship never moved beyond friendship.

Later, Lucas revealed to his family and friends that he was gay. Bobbie struggled with the news, whereas Tony gave his full support to his son. A few months later, Tony died unexpectedly from an epidemic outbreak, and Lucas mourned the loss of his father. After his father's death, Lucas moved to Seattle, and Bobbie joined him a few years later.

In January 2014, Lucas returned to Port Charles to be with his mother when his sister Carly went missing. He also met his biological sister, Sam Morgan, and his biological father, Julian Jerome. Lucas was shocked to discover that Julian was alive and wondered why Bobbie had not told him. As Lucas digested the news, he met General Hospital lab technician Brad Cooper. Brad had also been raised by adoptive parents, and Brad's biological father was former organized crime figure Kim Wu. Lucas was surprised by how much he and Brad had in common, and they spent the night together.

Unfortunately for Lucas, Brad had been dating Felix DuBois. However, Brad's relationship with Felix had failed to progress, so Brad started dating Lucas. The relationship abruptly ended when Lucas learned that his new beau had helped Britt Westbourne and her mother keep Lucas' cousin, Lulu Falconeri, away from her biological son. Brad begged Lucas for another chance, but Lucas refused to associate with someone that had caused his cousin so much pain. Felix was also disappointed in Brad's actions, and Lucas and Felix bonded over their common experiences with Brad.

In May, Lucas took Felix as his date to a family dinner hosted by his father, Julian. At the gathering, Julian announced that he had left the mob, and he vowed to only participate in legitimate business. Shortly after the declaration, a man shot Lucas in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. Lucas survived, and when he was released from the hospital, both Felix and Brad made their romantic intentions toward Lucas known. Lucas eventually chose Brad.

While Lucas explored a relationship with Brad, he put his medical degree to use and accepted a position as a doctor at General Hospital. Meanwhile, his connection to Brad deepened, and both men were caught off guard by the depth of their feelings for one another. When Brad spontaneously proposed marriage at the Nurses Ball, Lucas accepted.

Lucas wanted to set a wedding date and start planning a big wedding, but Brad wanted a quiet affair at City Hall because his adoptive parents didn't approve of Brad's lifestyle.

Brad continued to drag his feet about getting married, which concerned Lucas. Eventually, Brad made the shocking confession that he was married. Lucas felt betrayed because he and Brad had been together over a year, and Brad had never mentioned a previous marriage. Morgan advised his uncle to hear Brad out before jumping to conclusions.

According to Brad, he hadn't married for love. Before Brad could reveal his spouse's name, Rosalie Martinez spotted Brad. She was startled to see him in Port Charles. Lucas was curious how Brad and Rosalie knew each other, so Brad admitted that Rosalie was his wife. Brad explained that he had remained married to Rosalie to ensure that neither of them could ever be compelled to testify against the other because marriage was the only thing keeping both Brad and Rosalie out of Pentonville. Lucas wanted answers, but Brad refused to make Lucas an accessory -- or to risk Lucas' physical safety.

Rosalie stated that she didn't want to be married to Brad any more than Brad wanted to be married to her. Lucas accepted the situation and said he would keep Brad's secret as long as they worked together to get out from underneath it. Lucas and Brad called off their wedding.

Meanwhile, Lucas' relationship with his father remained rocky. After Lucas' brother-in-law Sonny Corinthos was shot, Lucas paid Julian a visit in jail to ask if Julian had been responsible for the shooting. Julian denied any involvement and claimed that he'd been arrested because Olivia Falconeri had seen Julian on the piers just before the shooting. Lucas was disgusted because he felt that his father had lied about leaving the mob.

Around the same time, Brad took steps to end his marriage to Rosalie by hiring Alexis Davis. Brad promised to do whatever was necessary so that he could spend eternity with Lucas. At the hospital, Sonny and his neurosurgeon, Dr. Mayes, locked horns. Lucas reached out to his good friend Dr. Griffin Munro to take over as Sonny's doctor. Lucas also gave his father a second chance, and he agreed to attend Julian and Alexis' wedding.

On February 19, 2016, Brad surprised Lucas with documents showing that Brad's divorce from Rosalie had been finalized. Moments later, Lucas served as best man for Julian. As soon as Julian and Alexis had been pronounced husband and wife, the wedding was shattered when Landon Dixon burst into the church and fired a warning shot. He informed the guests that they were his hostages. Sonny saved the day by disarming Dixon and holding him at gunpoint until the police arrested the gunman.

Afterwards, Lucas paid his father a visit, but Alexis' daughter Kristina Corinthos-Davis was home alone. She seized the opportunity to tell him that she was sexually confused and explained the details of her relationship with a professor at school. Lucas offered her understanding and some advice. When Julian arrived home, Lucas happily announced that he and Brad had set a wedding date in May.

Lucas suggested that he and Brad get married during the Nurses Ball. Brad appeared skeptical, but Lucas reminded him that they would have come full circle because they had become engaged at the Nurses Ball the previous year. Lucas said it was the perfect solution, since money was tight because of Brad's divorce from Rosalie. Lucas pointed out that family and friends would be present, and the food and decorations would already be in place. Lucas was overjoyed when Brad agreed.

Lucy Coe loved the idea of Lucas and Brad getting married at the Nurses Ball, and she readily agreed when they asked her to officiate the wedding. Lucas and Brad decided to keep the wedding a secret, and they made Lucy promise not to tell anyone. Julian was flattered when Lucas asked him to be the best man. However, Julian suggested that Lucas get someone else because Julian's name had been linked to Carlos Rivera's murder, and Julian didn't want to steal the spotlight on Lucas and Brad's special day. Lucas decided to ask his sister Sam to be his "best person." She happily agreed.

At the Nurses Ball, Bobbie thanked Lucas for spending time with her before his wedding. Lucas confessed that he had a case of nerves about the wedding. Bobbie, Lucas, and Brad toasted with Champagne, and Bobbie wished them a lifetime of joy. Bobbie suddenly fainted, and Lucas took her to the hospital. Once Bobbie was settled in, Lucas left to return to the Nurses Ball to get married, but he realized that he'd forgotten his keys and popped back into his mother's hospital room just as someone slipped up behind him then injected him with a dose of Derisifol. At first, a serial killer who had been murdering patients was suspected, but it was later revealed to be Heather Webber who had hoped to draw attention away from her son as the possible prime suspect.

Lucas slipped into a coma and was put on life support. Brad wouldn't leave Lucas' side. He pleaded with Lucas to wake up or squeeze his hand if Lucas could hear him. To Brad's astonishment, he felt a slight movement in Lucas' hand. A short time later, Lucas opened his eyes.

On June 13, 2016, Lucas and Brad were married. The wedding took place at Alexis' lake house while the police searched the premises and Alexis and Julian bickered. Carly and Bobbie were also present, and Carly invited the newlyweds to honeymoon at her luxury hotel. Despite the circumstances of the wedding, Lucas and Brad exchanged touching vows. Lucas and Brad settled into married life, and they focused on their careers.

On October 7, 2016, Lucas' nephew, Morgan Corinthos, was killed in a car explosion. Julian had also returned to his criminal roots. Lucas was unable to accept his father's choices, and he severed all contact with his father. Lucas refused to take any chances because he and Brad had decided to adopt a child. Lucas worried that Julian's world would not only jeopardize an adoption but also the child that he and Brad adopted. The wait for a child was long, but on July 31, 2018, Brad received word that the young mother who had selected them to adopt her baby had given birth. Lucas was stuck at work, so Brad decided to take the baby home and surprise Lucas when Lucas arrived home.

Brad put his newborn son in the crib then went to the kitchen to fetch a bottle. When he returned, he was stunned to realize that the infant had stopped breathing. Brad was distraught when his son could not be saved. On the way to the hospital, Brad pulled over, and he wept. In a shocking twist, Nelle Hayes stumbled out of the woods, holding her newborn son. She had given birth following a car accident. She pleaded with Brad to take her son, and she would take his. Nelle was a wanted criminal, and she was determined that her son's father would not get his hands on the baby. Desperate, Brad agreed. He returned home with Nelle's son and passed it off as the baby he and Lucas had adopted. Nelle claimed the dead baby was her stillborn son.

Lucas was overjoyed to be a father, and together, he and Brad named the baby Wiley Cooper-Jones. Lucas asked his nephew to be the baby's godfather -- unaware that Michael was the baby's father. Brad knew, and the guilt plagued him. During the same time, Julian had also made steps to reconnect with his son. Lucas kept his father at a distance -- and he didn't like for Julian to interact with Wiley -- but Lucas was less hostile toward his father because Julian had turned his life around.

Lucas grew concerned when he noticed that Brad seemed on edge all the time. Brad blamed it on being a first-time parent, but it was the knowledge that his life with Lucas was built on a lie. However, by April 2019, Brad had found peace with help from Dawn of Day and its charismatic spiritual leader, Shiloh Archer. Lucas admitted that he hadn't felt the same connection with the organization, which some residents suggested might be a cult.

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