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Patricia Spencer
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Actor History
Dee Wallace

Died on April 2, 2015, after her heart stopped




Oak Hill Convalescent Home, Pennsylvania, Room 106

Formerly 603 Elm Street, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Tim Spencer (father; deceased)

Lena Eckert (mother; deceased)

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Sr. (brother)

Barbara Jean Spencer (sister)

Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks (niece; via Bobbie)

Barbara Jean Jones (adoptive niece; via Bobbie; deceased)

Lucas Jones (adoptive nephew; via Bobbie)

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (nephew; via Luke)

Ethan Lovett (nephew; via Luke)

Lesley Lu Spencer (niece; via Luke)

Ruby Anderson (aunt; deceased)

Bill Eckert (cousin; deceased)

Jenny Eckert (cousin)

Sly Eckert (first cousin once removed)

Fred Eckert (uncle; deceased)

Michael Corinthos III (grand-nephew via Carly)

Morgan Corinthos (grand-nephew via Carly)

Josslyn Jacks (grand-niece via Carly)

Rocco Falconeri (grand-nephew via Lulu)


Valerie Spencer (daughter with unknown father)

Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Did not reveal that Luke Spencer had accidentally killed their mother, Lena (allowed everyone to believe that their father Tim Spencer was responsible for Lena's death) [Apr 1, 1963; revealed Apr 1, 2015]

Conspired with Bill Eckert to hide Tim Spencer's body in a wall in the basement of the Spencer childhood home after Luke Spencer had murdered Tim [Apr 1, 1963; revealed Apr 1, 2015]

Health and Vitals

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis [revealed Mar 30, 2015]

Passed away after her heart stopped [Apr 2, 2015]

Brief Character History

Notorious Port Charles siblings Luke and Bobbie Spencer rarely mentioned their older sister, Patricia, until their childhood home was chosen to be the site of the A.J. Quartermaine Clinic. Whenever Bobbie mentioned Pat to Luke, he became extremely agitated. Luke's wife, Tracy, also noted Luke's extreme reaction to Pat's name and wondered if Luke's unstable mental health was somehow related to his older sister. Bobbie admitted that she had lost touch with Pat after Bobbie and Luke had left Port Charles to live in Florida because Pat had not joined them. Tracy hired a private investigator to track down Pat in hopes of helping Luke.

Eventually, the investigator uncovered a lead to Pat through her daughter, Valerie. From Valerie's clues, Tracy and Bobbie learned that Pat had multiple sclerosis and resided at a convalescence home. When the women reached Pat, they discovered that Luke was already there, and he threatened Pat, Bobbie, and Tracy at gunpoint. Luke's daughter, Lulu, also arrived, but only Tracy was able to break through to Luke. He was horrified by how he had treated the women and escaped while Pat revealed the traumatic event that had occurred in the house on Elm Street.

Pat told Bobbie, Tracy, and Lulu that several years before, her father Tim had been drunk once again and had turned his fists on the family. Luke had sent Bobbie up to her room for safety while he'd stood up to his father with a baseball bat. Their mother, Lena, had tried to intervene, but Luke had accidentally struck her in the head, and she'd died later that evening in the hospital. Pat had met her cousin Bill Eckert for the first time that night, and they'd arrived at the Elm Street home together and discovered that Luke had killed Tim with the baseball bat, as well, but had been unable to recall what had happened.

Together, Bill and Pat had hidden Tim's body in the wall of the basement and concocted a story in which Tim had deserted the family after he had killed his wife. Pat had sent Bobbie and Luke to live in Florida with their Aunt Ruby while she had gone to Philadelphia. She had feared that if she'd stayed with Luke and Bobbie, Luke would remember what he had done.

When Luke, Bobbie, and Pat reconnected in the present day at their former childhood home, Luke remembered what had transpired years earlier, and Pat apologized for her decision to cover up the truth. Luke was horrified by the realization that he had killed both his parents, but his sisters reminded him that he was not to blame. After the heartfelt family reunion, Luke left to receive medical care, and Valerie arrived to take Pat back to Oak Hill. However, Pat's heart gave out, and she passed away.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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