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Taylor Dubois
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Actor History
Samantha Logan
Pepi Sonuga


Revealed to be 16 [July 23, 2013]



Resides At

Formerly 135 Hyde Street, Apartment 22, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Felix Dubois (brother)



Flings & Affairs

T.J. Ashford (one-night stand)

Rafe Kovich (kissed, while pretending to date)

Crimes Committed

Underage drinking [Jun 2013; Juy 2013]

Health and Vitals


Brief Character History

Teenager Taylor Dubois arrived in Port Charles in the summer of 2013 with leverage over her older brother Felix. She used her power to force Felix to allow her to move in with him. While Taylor resided there, she forced her brother to meet her daily demands while she bonded with another house guest, Dr. Britt Westbourne.

Taylor immediately set her sights on T.J. Ashford despite his feelings for his former girlfriend Molly. As T.J. and Molly struggled with their feelings for one another, Taylor agreed to be T.J.'s prom date. They spent prom night together and their evening included underage drinking and sex. After their night together, Taylor hoped for a relationship with T.J. but he planned to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend. Taylor worked to keep Molly and T.J. apart and told Molly how T.J. had spent his prom night. Due to Taylor's interference, T.J. and Molly remained estranged. However, T.J. did not fall into Taylor's arms as she had hoped but they spent time together as friends.

While T.J. offered Taylor friendship, she continued to pursue a relationship with him. Taylor often flirted with T.J. in Molly's presence and at the same time, insinuated to T.J. that Molly shared more than a friendship with Rafe Kovich. Taylor's attempts to break apart Molly and T.J. were unsuccessful and she joined forces with Rafe. They pretended to date in hopes of sparking jealousy in Molly and T.J. The false relationship garnered a slight amount of attention but did not have the desired effect. After Rafe admitted to T.J. and Molly that his relationship with Taylor had been a ruse for their benefit, Taylor decided to return home to live with her parents.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

GH Actor biographies
GH Cast and Credits

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