Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on GL
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Monday, March 10, 1997

Monday's Recap is not available yet, please check back.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997

Michelle was still having her keg party, and took a guy, Brad up to her room. She was drunk. J was downstairs looking for Michelle. Brad was trying to push Michelle into sleeping with him. He asked Michelle if she was a tease, she said she was just nervous. She told him that she had never been with a man before. He decided that he should not be with Michelle, that she needs to be with the right guy the first time. He left. Marcus and J were talking about Michelle, and J told Marcus that he and Michelle have no ties to each other. J and Marcus each said that they do not want to end up like their fathers. J said he hated what his dad did to his mom. J then asked Marcus about his mom, and Marcus said he doesn't see her often, but she used to come at odd hours to see him play. She used to always come to see him play, and sit front and center, and when he was finished, she would blow him a kiss. J said maybe Marcus' mom won't come to Springfield because she doesn't want to see Griffin, and Marcus said maybe, but he hoped to get her to come eventually. Michelle was up in her room crying, and Dahlia came in. She asked Michelle if anything had happened with the guy who was with her, and Michelle said no, but that she had wanted it to. She called herself a loser because she is still a virgin. Dahlia said Brad has a girlfriend, and that is why he left. Michelle said she is tired of feeling that no one cares. Dahlia said she felt that way when she first found out that her mother was a prostitute, and Michelle had helped her then. She told Michelle that a lot of people care about her, but she said she wants someone to really love her. Dahlia said it will eventually happen. Then they went back to the party. Everyone was gone already, J included. Marcus and Dahlia started to clean up and Michelle said they should just go.

Jenna just told Buzz that Henry is his son, and that that is why she came back to Springfield. Buzz hugged her, and she told him that he is most wonderful little boy in the world. Buzz got angry, that she has to tell him what his son is like, that he doesn't know. He asked her why she didn't tell him when she was pregnant. He said he should have known because it is his baby. Buzz asked if Jenna would have left with Jeffrey and Henry if he had not shown up in time, if she would have left without telling him about his son. Jenna said that everything was too complicated back then, that he was too committed to Nadine. Buzz said he needed the truth. Jenna said at the time she didn't know what to do. Jenna said it was the hardest thing she ever did. She just wanted to run back to Buzz and yell that they were going to have a baby. She said she knew he was a wonderful father. She told Buzz that he was committed to his other family. He said she knew he would have done anything to be with her. She said she came back because she knew she was not being fair to Buzz or the baby. Jenna said she was so sorry for what she did, and asked if Buzz would ever forgive her. Buzz said that Jenna has no idea how cheated he feels, and she said she plans to make it up to him. He told Jenna she has everything she wants in life, but she said not by a longshot. Henry came downstairs. Buzz went and picked him up. Buzz put the baby on his lap and read him a story. Jenna came in and saw them.

Alex found the broken bust, and asked the help who had done it. Amanda was looking at her birth certificate, and tried to call her mother, Jennifer Richards, but was unable to reach her. She was talking to a portrait of Brandon, asking him if the family all thought this would be some kind of joke. The maid told Alex that Amanda had called her in to clean up the broken bust while Roger was on the telephone, and Alex then went to find Roger. A security guard came in and talked to Amanda about Brandon. He was working when Brandon was alive. The guard said that Brandon was a great guy, but he had a really tough side, did a lot of yelling, but if you really knew him, he was good to you. Amanda asked about Brandon's private life, and the guard said Brandon had an eye for the ladies. The guard knew Jennifer, and said everyone liked her, then the guard left. Amanda was still looking at the portrait when Alex came in. Amanda asked Alex why she was there. They made small talk, and Alex said she was surprised to see Amanda there so late. Amanda said she still has some work to do. Alex said Amanda and Alan seemed to be getting together well, and Amanda called Alex her sister. Amanda said a storm(meaning within the family) is coming, and Alex should leave town, because Alex will be ruined if she stays. If she leaves she will be able to salvage a life.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997

At Spaulding, Amanda was working when Roger came in. Amanda told him the worst day of her life was when she let him into it. Roger said that it was unforgivable of Alex to keep the secret from her, and she told Roger that she told Alex she knew. Roger tried to comfort her, saying that all the men in her life have treated her badly, and she said no man will ever have authority over her again. Roger said that Amanda could trust him, because he can help her. Amanda said she doesn't want anyone taking care of her. She asked if Roger still wants to be her partner. He said he will help her get back at her family. He said that Alex will not tell Alan, and as long as Alan doesn't know, they still have the element of surprise. Amanda said she would listen to Roger, but that if he ever crossed her, he woudl live to regret it.

Jenna and Buzz couldn't sleep. Buzz said he can't stop thinking about all he has lost and all Jenna's lies. Buzz said he began as a miserable father. He left his family by going to Vietnam- he was glad to be rid of his responsibilities. He said he abandoned his kids, but he would give anything to get that time back. Buzz said what happened to him with Frank and Harley was just what he deserved, but what Jenna did to him was not. Jenna said she was wrong to do what she did, but that she wants to tell him all about his son now. Henry got up, and Buzz took him to give him breakfast. Afterwards, Buzz said he just doesn't know where to go from here. He said he loved Henry from the minute he saw him. He said that he wants to tell Henry that he is his dad. Jenna asked Buzz how he feels about her now. Buzz said he has been trying to hate her, but he can't. He asked Jenna if she cares about him, and she said more than she can say. He said it is hard to believe that she could, considering what she did. Jenna said that was the hardest thing she ever did.

Josh and Annie were practicing breathing for childbirth, when the phone rang. It was Reva. She told Josh that Beverly from the Simon house called and had more information for her. Josh said he would meet her there. Reva said he should not go, but Josh insisted. He said Annie would not mind. So they agreed to meet at Simon House. Annie told Josh that she is glad he is going to help, then she began to realize that her plan was driving Josh and Reva closer together. Annie tried to call Alan, but he was away on business. She went and got out the cameo she made, and put it on. Marah came down on her way to school, and saw Annie's cameo, and asked to borrow it. Annie said no, it was irreplaceable. After Marah left, Annie called Simon House, and said she was Alans assistant, and asked if everything was set to go as planned. Beverly said it was, and then Reva came into Beverly's office. She asked if they could wait for Josh. Two women came in who were supposed to know Dani. They said Dani had been beat up alot. She became a loner, and they never saw her again. Reva summed up that Dani was busted, then had a fight with her boyfriend, and got kicked out of her home, and was bailed out by someone named Charity. They want to find Charity now. Beverly came in and said they tracked Charity down, and she was about to leave town, but they caught her in time. Annie was at home when the phone rang, it was Billy looking for Josh. Annie called Josh at Simon House and asked him to come home, so Josh left. Charity came in to see Reva, and Reva asked her to tell everything she knows about Dani. Charity said Dani was never the same after the foster parents died. She said she was on a death trip, a long slow suicide. She thought maybe she made it out alive, because she always came back after having problems. Charity said she asked Dani why she never took off, and she said she couldn't leave because there is a place she could never leave, and Charity told Reva she would take her there. They went to a cemetary, and Charity said that was where Dani went. She pointed out a gravestone, and said that Dani used to like to put her head there. The name on the gravestone was Dutton.

Josh came in and Annie told him that Billy had called and H.B. is very sick.

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