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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on GL
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Monday, March 3, 1997

Josh met up with Reva at Simon House to find out what she is doing. Reva tried to get him to leave, but he refused. She broke down and told him that she is looking for her sister. He immediately thought she meant Roxie. Reva said no, and explained that Sarah had another child out of wedlock. Reva told Josh that she doesn't want his help until he is away from Annie, but Josh insisted that he was going to help her. Beverly came in, and introduced Reva and Josh to Lena, a woman who lives at Simon House, who knew Danni. Lena told Reva and Josh that Danni had moved in with a great foster family, and told them what her address had been, but told them that the foster parents had been killed in a car accident. After that, Danni went back to living on the streets. She hooked up with a guy who got her into drugs. She was living with the guy, but he eventually kicked her out. One day, Danni was desperate for drugs, and tried to get back into the guys apartment, and the guy beat her up. Danni ended up in the emergency room. After recovering from that, she began mixing drugs and alcohal for a bigger high. Lena said that the last time she saw Danni, was in the winter when Dani showed up at her door half dressed, looking for a fix. Lena offered her food and a bed. Danni took a pocket knife out, and began cutting her wrist. As she started bleeding, Lena gave her all the money she had. Danni left, and that was the last Lena saw of her. Reva told Josh she was even more determined now to find Danni. Josh said that he intends to help her. Annie was with Alan, and they were discussing whether Reva would believe the story told to her at the Simon House. Annie then agreed to help Alan with Amanda. Alan wants Annie to find out about Amanda's marriage to Roger. He said that he knows that Roger wants half of everything Amanda has, but he doesn't know what Amanda wants from Roger. Annie is to find out. Amanda was outside Blake's house looking in the window at Roger and Holly taking care of the twins. She became very angry and left without going into the house. She went to wait for Roger at his house. Roger and Holly were feeding the twins. Roger told Holly that his grandsons will inherit great traits from Holly. Holly said that Blake is going to need help taking care of the twins, and Roger said he wanted to help. Fletcher came in, and Holly told him that Ross had moved out. Fletcher said that Ross just needs time. Roger left, and Fletcher told Holly that he was sorry she had been alone so long with Roger. They worked out a schedule for helping Blake. Roger got home, and was in the hallway daydreaming about him and Holly. When he went inside, he found Amanda there. Amanda asked Roger where he had been, and he told her he was at Blake's helping Holly with the twins. Amanda said that their business should be taking precedence over his family affairs. Roger told Amanda that her long ago belief that Blake's babies had two different fathers was correct. He explained that Ross was not the father of both twins, and that Ross had left Blake. Roger asked Amanda if she were mad at him because he was with Holly, she denied it. Roger told her that Holly can't stand him, that they are only together to help Blake. Holly called then, and asked Roger's help with the twins the next day at 2:00. Roger said he would be there. Amanda got angry that Holly called, and Roger told her that he and Amanda need to stick together.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Hart went to see Blake, and Blake told him that Ross had left her. While Hart was there, Dinah came in. Dinah began defending Ross, and Hart began defending Blake. They argued over who had done wrong to whom. Dinah didn't know that Ross had moved out. Blake asked Dinah if she had heard from Ross, and told her if she did, to please tell him that she misses him. Hart told Blake that she doesn't need to beg to get Ross, back, but Dinah said she should do alot more than that. Blake went to see to the boys, and Dinah accused Hart of being judgmental of Ross and the situation. Hart asked how a man could run out on the woman he loves, and Dinah said Hart should explain that to her. Eventually, they called a truce, and Dinah asked Hart how he's been. She told him that she misses him, and asked him if he would like to spend a little time with her. Hart said it is too soon for them to be together, since they don't know where they stand. Hart left, and Blake came down and talked to Dinah. Dinah said that Hart doesn't love her anymore. She said that she is not the type of woman that a man can love forever. Blake said that it doesn't always have to be that way for Dinah, because Blake used to be that way, too, until she met Ross. Blake told Dinah that she would talk to Hart for her, if Dinah would talk to Ross for her.

Amanda and Roger were together when Holly showed up. She had Roger's datebook, and Roger had hers. While Roger went to get Holly's datebook, Holly asked Amanda if she had set a date for the wedding. Amanda said that she wants to wait a little while, but Roger is in a hurry to marry. Amanda also told Holly that the next time she has an errand like this to run, she should have someone else do it. Holly assumed that Amanda thought that Holly was making up a reason to see Roger, and said that the only reason she was there was to get her datebook. Amanda said she wasn't thinking that, she just hates to see Holly waste her time. As Holly was leaving, she told Roger that he wasn't needed to watch the twins. Roger said he really wants to help, and asked why? Holly said because he is so angry at Ross, that if Ross knows he is there, he won't come back. Holly accussed Roger of being happy that this happened to Blake because she is free of Ross now.

Alan and Alex had a plan to show Amanda that Roger could ruin Spaulding Enterprises, and once seeing that, they hope that Amanda won't want to share her holdings with him. Alan, Alex and Phillip had Amanda and Roger come in and they said they wanted to talk to Roger about the deal he had all sewed up for Spaulding. Alex said that they deal went to someone else because Roger was not available, because he was tied up with his family. They asked Roger where he was last night, and Roger said he had to help his family. Amanda asked Roger how he could let this deal slip away. Alex told Roger that his neglect caused Roger to lose one of Spaulding's biggest clients. Amanda stuck up for Roger, saying he just made a mistake, and it was not intentional. She said she has total faith in him. Amanda and Roger left, and Alex asked Alan if he still wanted Roger and Amanda married as soon as possible. When Amanda and Roger were alone, Amanda yelled at him for blowing the deal. Amanda told Roger that if he can't stick to business, then their deal is off. Roger asked if she were really mad over Holly. Amanda told Roger she feels like she is his meal ticket. Roger said that he has deep feelings for her, he feels a deep committment to her.

Jenna and Buss took Henry out to see a ballet. Jenna mentioned Jeffrey and that she is still afraid of what he will do. As they left for the ballet, Jeffrey let himself into the house. When Buzz and Jenna and Henry returned, Buzz went back out, and Jeffrey confronted Jenna.

Dinah sat at home watching a video of Matt and Vanessa's wedding.

Alex and Phillip were discussing Roger and Amanda's marriage. Phillip says that things can only get worse when they marry, and then leaves. Alex said that Phillip has no idea, and went to the bust of Brandon, and pulled out a document, which is a birth certificate.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

Dinah was watching the video of Matt and Vanessa's wedding, when Matt came in. Dinah was afraid that Matt would be upset by the video, but he wasn't. He wanted Dinah to talk about what is bothering her, and he told her that it's okay to cry. Matt told Dinah that Henry said she was exactly like Vanessa when Vanessa was Dinah's age, then asked why Dinah was watching the video. Dinah told him that she longs for the same kind of relationship that he had with Vanessa. Matt didn't know what to say to her, and Dinah said the only one who could really help her was Vanessa, she always knew what to do.

After Buzz left, Jeffrey came down to talk to Jenna. Jenna asked him why he is there, and he said that they are a team. Jenna told Jeffrey that he went too far by lying about how many more heists they were to pull, and then he took Henry from her. Jeffrey told Jenna that he is taking her home. She said she is not going with him, and he said that he has no intenion of going without her. Buzz came in and Jeffrey hid. Buzz began joking around with Jenna, and tried to get her to go upstairs, not knowing that Jeffrey was up there. Jenna told him that she didn't want to wake Henry up. Buzz and Jenna talked a bit and Buzz told Jenna that she has really changed since the last time he saw her, that she has grown a heart, and he likes it. Buzz went out to run another errand, and Jeffrey came back down. He told Jenna that he will give her a week to take care of all her personal business in Springfield, including saying goodbye to Buzz, then she is to leave with him. He left as Buzz came back in, and Buzz and Jenna were sitting on the couch talking when we saw a bracelet laying on the floor.

Rick brought Charlotte Blume to see Abigail, and told her that Abby needs someone to talk to. Charlotte told Abby that she still loves her. She said she knows that Abby was hurt somehow, and that that is what they were trying to protect Abby from. She wants Abby to come home with her. Abby said that she likes the new person that she has become, and does not want to lose that. Rick came in and offered Mrs. Blume a ride home, and she said that she is leaving alone. Rick asked Abby if her staying meant that they have a chance to work things out. She was mad at him for bringing her mother there, she said that she wants to get through this on her own, that just because he is a doctor doesn't mean he can fix everything. Rick asked if it is so wrong to do all the wrong things for all the right reasons, and then he left.

Ross came to the house, and Kevin was fussy. Ross told Blake that she should tell Rick that his son is not feeling well. Blake accused Ross of being cruel. She said that they have both loved both of the boys since before they were born, and asked Ross to hold Kevin. Ross said he had something for Blake and handed her divorce papers. Blake was very upset. Ross went over to see Jason, and said he looks really good. Then Rick showed up. Rick and Ross argued and Blake told Ross that she is the person he should be angry with, and said that she wished he would lash out at her, not Rick. Ross left the room, and Rick told Blake about how he brought Abby's mother to see her, but he is afraid that Abby will go back to Goshen with her mom. Rick left, and said that he would make sure that Ross isn't there the next time he comes to visit. Ross came back and prepared to leave, and Blake asked him to listen to her for just two minutes. She told him that she will not divorce him. She will do everything she possibly can to get him to come back so that she and him and both boys will be where they belong, together. Ross left, and said he would call the next time he was coming by.

Thursday, March 6, 1997

Buzz finds the bracelet Jeffrey left at the firehouse when he went to see Jenna. Jenna admitted to Buzz that Jeffrey wants her to go with him at the end of the week. Buzz tells her he will help her with Jeffery. The check is returned to Buzz from the bail bondsman for the bond he posted for Jenna and the lien is taken off the diner. Buzz leaves the firehouse.

Amanda and Roger talk about their "partnership" and the missing files for which he is looking. Roger tells her he got the information from a very reliable source.

Alex takes the document hidden in the stand under Brandon's bust and is going to burn it when she is interrupted. Alex returns the document to its hiding place.

Josh and Reva talk about their trip to the Simon House to find out more information on Reva's sister. Reva nixes Josh's idea of putting her mother's picture in the paper to help find her sister. Marah and Shayne interrupt a tender moment. Marah tells them they look just like they did in her dream when they were all together as a family. Josh and Reva revisit about their life while looking at old pictures. Reva tells Josh she cannot take their being apart because she loves him. He tells her they will be together soon.

Alan and Annie talk about Annie becoming close to Amanda in order to find Roger's and Amanda's plan after they are married. Alan tells Annie she has to stay for dinner for Roger and Amanda.

Amanda and Roger go the Spaulding mansion for dinner. Annie and Amanda get a little closer. After a conversation with Amanda about having children and where she and Roger are going to live, Annie tells Alan that she thinks he's on target about Amanda's wedding plan.

Jenna takes baby Coop to Jeffrey's when Buzz leaves to return the bracelet. She tells him she is not going with him at the end of the week. She suggests they go to Zurich after her probation is up and split the money in the bank 50/50. Jeffrey refuses.

Buzz returns the check to Alexandra that she gave him for Jenna's bail. Buzz and Alan verbally spar. Alan leaves the room angry.

Annie is with Alan when he gets a call from Chicago about Reva's visit to the Simon House. Alan is told that Reva bought the story about her sister. They also tell Alan that she had a man with her - Josh Lewis. He tells Annie. Annie gets upset. Alan tells her to get a grip. Alan leaves her to go back to the dinner guests and runs into Buzz before he leaves. They argue and Alan goads Buzz about being a loser with the women in his life. In anger, Alan tells Buzz that Jenna was pregnant with his child when she left two years ago.

Annie in a fit of anger over Josh being with Reva, shoves Alan's wheelchair across the room and leaves the mansion. The wheelchair hits the stand with Brandon Spaulding's bust and topples it. The hidden door comes open and the document is visible. Who'll find it?

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