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Jake saw Vicky and Bobby kiss. Sophia told Matt she wanted to make love to him but then whispered Nick's name in her sleep. Gary found out that Cindy's letter had been typed after being signed. Bobby vowed to protect Vicky from Grant.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on AW
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Monday, March 3, 1997


Gary has Josie playfully type out a letter about how much he loves her and how much he wants to marry her. She was very excited, thinking that he now agrees with her that they get married soon. He asks her to sign his name and Josie realizes this also had to do with nailing Grant because Gary points out that she signed his name right under the letter where Cindy supposedly signed her name way down at the bottom of the page. They agree to send the letter to forensics for further tests but Gary assures Josie what he said in the letter was genuine. Later, at the stationhouse, Gary lies to Joe and says that he has no new info on Gabe's murder. He told Josie that he won't go to him until they have hard evidence. The officers, especially Joe, also have another confrontation with Grease Snyder.


Jake witnesses Vicky and Bobby's kiss and leaves dejectedly. Bobby breaks the kiss, surprised at himself but was pleased to see Vicky's smile. Nick & Sophia return with the boys and Nick says they'll go wherever Vicky wants. She gathers the boys around her and says they are going home and that no one is going to make them go on the run again as she smiles at Bobby.


Grant bursts into the restaurant and demands Jake be arrested for jumping bail and assault. Paulina tries to throw him out but Grant says he's there for professional reasons and Joe agrees to talk to him. Amanda and Alli arrive and Amanda told Paulina Rachel has gone off the find Carl and apologizes for the way she told Paulina about the baby. The sisters agree not to keep any more secrets. Before Grant leaves, Alli asks if he learned not to break the law in prison but he says what he learned was that children are most important. Paulina asks him to leave and asks why Joe was helping him. Joe leaves for the station house. Later, Nick walks Sophia home and tells her he wants to explain to Joe how this was all his idea. He thanks her again and says he's glad they are friends again. Sophia says that she's glad too and she'd do it all again. Grant overhears them and knows Vicky and the boys are back. Later, Grease Snyder comes in and asks if Joe has any relation to the restaurant. When Paulina says he was her husband, Snyder says he knows all he needs to.


Bobby, Vicky and the boys are greeted by Michael, Cass, Donna and Etta Mae. They fill each other in on what happened and Etta Mae notices Bobby is reluctant to take credit for what he did to save Vicky and calls him on it, while he gets embarrassed. They remark Vicky must have had a guardian angel but Bobby says it was someone else. He also told them how much Carl did to help. Vicky leaves several messages with Jake's machine. Vicky tells Michael that she's taking the offensive against Grant and was going to look for a way to run him out of town. Later, she gets a phone call and rushes out, telling Etta Mae she'll be right back. Grant arrives and says he heard they had returned and was there for Kirkland.


Matt was trying to track down Rachel and was interrupted by Sophia, who apologizes and tries to explain why she did what she did. Matt says he isn't mad and was glad she was okay. They begin to kiss and Sophia told him she may have changed her mind about keeping her virginity until she's married. They continue to kiss.


Jake went to the docks in BC and keeps thinking of what he saw between Vicky and Bobby and how Vicky had told him she only wants to be friends. He gets more and more dejected and depressed. Alli and Amanda arrive and Alli tries to cheer him up telling him he needs to take care of himself so they can get married when she grows up. Amanda tries to take his mind off what's upseting him by talking about work but he asks to be left alone. Later, Jake leans over the rail when he hears Vicky call his name.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997


Sophia asks Matt to make love to her. He was reluctant because she was moving so fast but she told him she's been dreaming about him and wants to be with him NOW. He told her he wants her first time to be special and he's distracted at the moment so he suggests she go put on her most romantic dress and come back soon. Sophia went home and told Paulina she's sorry she worried everyone but she had to do it for the boys. Paulina says she understands and gives Sophia a sexy blue dress to wear for Matt. Later, before going bowling, Joe gets into it with Sophia about Nick (again). She flies off the handle and overacts IMHO and told Joe she's moving out. He watches her rush out in disbelief. Sophia arrives back at Matt's and asks if she can spend the night.


Vicky blabbers on and on about what happened and how excited she was to be home until she finally notices how forlorn, unresponsive and sad Jake is. She asks what's wrong even though it seems she has an idea and he told her he saw her kissing Bobby. Vicky tries to deny it was a big deal but Jake sadly announces he has to let her go even though he hasn't stopped loving her a bit. (This was a very emotional and sad scene and my account does it no justice - sorry.)


Grant says he has custody of Kirkland and Donna says she'll kill him before she lets him take Kirk away from Vicky. She calls Joe while Bobby gets in Grant's face and told him they have things to settle. Grant continues to deny everything and act pompous as usual. Kirkland comes down and Grant asks if he wants to come home with him. Steven reminds him not to lie and the little boy apologizes to his dad but says he wants to stay where he is. Grant was forced reluctantly to leave. vicky arrives and was furious to know Grant tried to take Kirk. Joe asks if they have any concrete evidence about Grant being behind the bombing, saying Bobby's tesitmony of henchmen looking for bodies isn't enough. Vicky asks who else Grant has to kill before Joe will listen. Later, Kirkland was sad that he hurt Grant's feelings but vicky says she loves him very much and was very proud of him.


Amanda finds Grant brooding on the docks. He rages about how unselfish he was tonight for his son's sake but he'll never get any credit from Vicky and her family. Amanda offers to do a story on Grant to let him tell his side but Grant wonders at her motives. She says she knows a good story when she sees one and leaves a tape recorder with Grant. After looking at a pic of Kirkland, Grant picks up the recorder.


Jake arrives to return Alli's scarf and Alli coyly asks him if he thinks she might have left it on purpose. She asks him to stay for dinner and he agrees after a while. Amanda comes home and says she doesn't think its a good idea if Jake stays but Alli reminds her that they haven't had a man to dinner for a long time. When Alli went to check on dinner, Amanda reminds Jake he's Alli's friend, not hers.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997


Vicky and Bobby try to figure out what to do now that their relationship has changed. She told him that Jake saw them kiss and Bobby feels pretty bad. Its pretty cute because they act like kids with a crush. Bobby suggests he move out and Vicky agrees. He told her that he'll get someone else to finish her house and she says she'll miss him. Bobby gets ready to leave reluctantly and then he grabs her and kisses her. They break off the kiss, smiling and then kiss again before he leaves. Alone, Vicky picks up Ryan's picture and starts talking to it, then she realizes she doesn't need the picture to talk to him. Vicky thanks him for sending her back to her kids and for loving her so much. She then tenderly looks at the picture one last time and places it in her chest of treasures. Later, Bobby finds Grant looking outside Vicky's house and almost chokes him. Bobby told Grant that he won't let him get to Vicky and then sleeps out on the porch.


At bowling night, Tibbs rushes in and announces forensics think Gary was right about Cindy's letter -- that it was typed after it was signed. Joe is furious the info was kept from him and Gary angrily reminds him that he is in charge of the task force and Joe specifically told him to bring HARD evidence. Joe leaves in a huff and the other officers grumble about Joe's attitude. Chris overhears it all and asks if there was dissension at the station. Josie says no and asks Chris not to hurt the investigation by printing a story about what happened. Gary leaves angrily too and later comes back to apologize to Josie. He presents her with some fixings for a bubble bath.


Sophia told Matt about her fight with Joe and asks if she can move in and if they can make love. He told her they are moving too fast and wants to wait for the lovemaking until she was not so upset. He told her that she can spend the night. While getting ready for bed, Sophia keeps thinking about Nick and HIM making love to her. She angrily told herself to get over it and went to sleep. Matt returned and lays down next to her when Sophia mumbles Nick's name in her sleep.


Amanda and Jake continue to bicker about how she was covering the stories on Grant and Paulina comes in to bring some peace. Amanda takes a call from Rachel and while she's gone Jake told Paulina he's given up on Vicky and that he threw her engagement ring in the river. Paulina told him not to give up and later told Jake her concerns about her weight. Jake told her he thinks she's gorgeous and he'll kill Joe if he's made her feel bad. A very sweet scene betwee the two of them. Later, Jake told Alli a story while Amanda listens in the background, touched at how well Jake gets along with Alli. In the story the prince and princess fall in love and are happy. Alli asks if its a true story about him and Jake sadly told her he's not too good at happy ever after. Later, at home Paulina won't let Joe see her without any clothes on.

Thursday, March 6, 1997


Sophia wakes up and notices Matt was acting distant. He crumbles up a note he was going to leave her. She asks if she's done something wrong and he says no but that they can't live together. He told her of some apartments at Bayview Court. Later, Nick went to talk to Joe about not being too hard on Sophia. Nick reminds him that Sophia was running Joe now and not him. He runs into Sophia later at the hospital and was pleased to hear she was moving in with Emily, not Matt and accepts Emily's invitation as their first houseguest (Sophia seems a little upset by that).


Josie and Gary bring Jake in for jumping bail but he says he has proof he was set up. He shows them that someone was using his credit card while he was in jail. They are skeptical at first and it looks like Gary and Joe are going to have another confrontation about Grant when Joe changes tactic and says that they are going to make Grant believe they are still prosecuting Grant so he'll slip up. They are all glad that Joe was now cooperating. Gary orders that Jake take an allergy test when he mentions he got a rash after he was mugged. They find out Jake was allergic to latex and Gary says maybe they drugged him and made a mask of his face. He reminds them of how freaked out Grant was when Cindy mentioned a mask.


At the hospital, Sharlene told cindy she's being moved into protective custody and out of the hospital because she's stable. Cindy seems very lucid and resigned and warns Sharlene that Grant was only close to people to use them. When Grant finds out Cindy was being moved he tries to find out where she was going unsuccessfully. He tries to get some info from Tomas who tells him that while he appreciates the scholarship, he won't do Grant any favors. When Sharlene went into a storage room for some files she overhears Grant talking to someone about finding out where Cindy was going and eliminating the problem. She knocks something over and Grant finds her.

Friday, March 7, 1997

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