All My Children Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on AMC

After sharing a kiss with Liza, Jake started dating Belinda. Brooke learned that Pierce was suffering from flashbacks. Maria went into premature labor during an argument with Erica, and Erica helped Maria deliver the baby. Before Erica could get the newborn to the hospital, her car spun out of control.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, March 3, 1997

Swamped with work, Liza begged Adam to find her someone to work over-time and lend a hand. Adam smiled broadly as he announced that he had already taken care of that. Liza's helper for the evening, Jake, entered the office, and expressed his desire to get right to work. Liza didn't like the idea of Jake helping her. She insisted that he was not experienced enough to help, but Adam insisted that Liza deal with the help that she has. After Adam left, Liza placed numerous phone calls to try to find another assistant, but no one was available. Jake suggested some "wholesome" ideas for future shows, but Liza said that Jake's ideas are too sappy and that she is looking for some "devil"-type ideas for future shows. Jake confessed that he overheard Michael's tongue lashing of Liza and asked why she feels the need to put up a strong facade. Liza denied that she was pretending to be something that she's not. She said that the last time she showed her "human" side, it ended up causing a marriage to crumble. She was, of course, referring to Jake's older brother, Tad. Jake insisted that that personality has emerged more recently when Liza helped Jake trim a tree in the middle of the wilderness. Liza said that "Ace," the name Jake had given Liza before he knew who she was, did not exist. Jake didn't belief her and begged her to open up to him. He leaned over and kissed Liza. At first the display of affection was not reciprocated, but eventually Liza surrendered to the passion.

Edmund phone Wildwind to speak to Maria. Peggy laughed as she accused Edmund of being a smooth operator. She said that she knows all about the romantic get-away he had planned. Peggy knew more about the get-away than Edmund as he said that he had not made any plans for him and Maria.

Edmund returned to Wildwind and asked Peggy for any new developments in Maria's "disappearance." Peggy had scoped out the house and found a picture of Erica and Dimitri tossed in the garbage can. Peggy found it odd that the photo had found its way into the trash can, but Edmund saw this as a sign that Erica had found out about Dimitri's affair.

Mateo called the FAA for more information on Hayley's disappearance. He got little help. Skye tried to boost Mateo's confidence by reminding Matt that Tanner is a flying ace. Suddenly Mateo doubted his friend for the first time. He labeled Tanner as a stunt pilot and downed his experience. Skye suggested that they contact Adam, but Mateo refused to get Father Chandler involved.

Adam, looking for Hayley, showed up at Holidays. Skye tried to avoid the topic of Hayley, but when Adam demanded to know where Hayley was, Skye told her father the truth. Skye implied that Hayley might have wanted to "disappear" with Tanner. Adam saw Skye's comments as "tasteless" and blasted her for being jealous of Hayley's successful relationship with Mateo.

Edmund was next to arrive. He asked Skye if she had gone back on her promise to not tell Erica about Dimitri and Maria's affair. Skye swore that she kept mum on the topic, but said that Erica was very close to figuring everything out on her own. With that in mind, Edmund told Skye that Erica must have found out on her own and gone after Maria.

At the police station, Jack told Mateo that the West Virginia rescue squad had called off the search party due to an ice storm. Mateo was determined to find Hayley and when Adam arrived, he volunteered his private jet for the rescue.

Hayley declined Tanner's drink offering. Tanner assured Hayley that they'd be found. He said that the plane had an emergency transmitter that will radio their location to search parties. Tanner again offered his concoction to Hayley. This time, however, she accepted the drink. She guzzled down the beverage and within minutes she felt strangely. She said that she could not feel her lips or hands. With a look of panic on her face, Hayley asked Tanner if he spiked the drink.

Maria announced that she was going into labor. Erica, however, did not believe Maria. She said that since Maria's due date was a month away, it was impossible for her to go into labor now. Maria swore that she was being honest and begged Erica to unlock the front door. Erica refused. She commented that Dimitri would not forgive her if she let Maria go out into an ice storm by herself, referring to Maria as Dimitri's "mistress" and the baby as his "love child." Erica asked Maria how Edmund took the news of the affair. Maria explained that Edmund was furious, but that he eventually got past the anger and agreed to raise the child as his own. Erica was enraged that Edmund had let the affair slide and said that she will not be as forgiving. The two women fought over the key to the front door. Eventually, Erica gave up the key, but when Maria went out to her car, the car would not start. They both tried to phone for help, but both cell phones were out of their calling range. Erica walked to the front door and told Maria that she'd call from help once she got back to Wildwind. Maria doubled over in pain, her contractions getting very close together. She told Erica that it was too late to call for help and said that she'd have to help deliver the baby.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Edmund was about to call Dimitri and fill him in on Erica and Maria's disappearance when Dimitri miraculously returned from his trip to Russia. Convinced that Erica had not found out about Maria's baby's paternity, Dimitri implied that Maria was not missing: Edmund and her had just gotten some "wires crossed." Edmund elaborated on his story. He told his half-brother that someone had arrange a bogus romantic getaway for Maria and that Erica had trumped up a need for Edmund to go to New York and meet with her book publishers. Dimitri, the stubborn mule that the Marick men tend to be, still did not believe that Erica could be responsible for Maria's disappearance. Edmund showed Dimitri the banged up photo that Peggy had earlier found in the garbage and suddenly Dimitri's mind changed. Dimitri now insisted that this would not have happened if he had been allowed to tell Erica about his affair sooner. Edmund was furious that his brother was going to quibble over semantics. He said that he is concerned that Erica will harm Maria or the baby in some way. When Dimitri disagreed, Edmund reminded Dimitri of how he had been stabbed by Erica a few years back when Kendall said that she had been raped by Dimitri.

Mateo and Adam arrived in West Virginia to check on the status of the search party. There was, however, no status to check on. The rescue attempt had been scrapped due to the inclement weather. Even the mighty Adam Chandler could not strong-arm the chief of police to resume the operation. The crash site had been narrowed down to a five square mile area. Adam grabbed the command post's rescue map and took off. He said that his pilot flies where he orders him to fly and that an ice storm will not keep him from finding his daughter.

When Matt and Adam arrived at the crash scene, they were relieved to see that no one was in the plane. That, of course, meant that they had survived the crash and went off to...somewhere. Adam blasted Mateo for leaving town in the first place to handle Hector's "bad business deals." Adam quickly apologized for his crass comment. Things became tense when Mateo found a smudge of blood on the airplane's windshield. Mateo and Adam went off in separate directions, with Mateo vowing to Adam to find his daughter alive.

Jake broke off the kiss with an apology. Liza asked that Jake not apologize for the kiss because there was nothing objectionable about it. She actually joked that it was part of the new employee initiation. Liza related a story to Jake about her childhood and how her mother never really loved her father. She said that she one day after hearing her mother and father argue, she went to her father and talked of how badly her mother behaves. Liza's father was very upset with Liza and demanded that she never speak badly of her mother again. This made Liza feel as though she was not loved by her father and that she was just part of a package that came along with the marriage. While Jake and Liza were still hugging, Marian barged onto the scene and asked Liza if it is appropriate to "play nuzzle the work boy" while Adam is in West Virginia. Liza had no idea that Hayley had been in a plane crash until Marian clued her in. After Liza dashed off to locate Adam, Marian had a few words for Jake. She told him that it's "a shame" that Joe and Ruth's high ideals did not rub off on the Martin children. Jake reminded Marian that she is not one to talk of morality and made a snide comment that he saw her phone number on a wall in the men's room, but decided to pass on calling. Marian issued Jake a warning: Stay away from Liza or he'll be sorry.

Tanner denied lacing the drink, but after being ordered to take a taste, he agreed that someone had spiked the drink with Vodka. Hayley broke down in tears as she said that her four years of sobriety had fall apart, leaving her back at "square one." Tanner insisted that Hayley was not at fault for drinking because she did not know the drink was spiked. Tanner said that he'd go back to the plane to look for more food and drink. Hayley was left alone with the half-empty bottle of spiked sports drink. She replayed encounters with her mother over and over in her mind. Tanner returned a short while later and announced that the weather was too severe to make it to the plane. Dripping wet, he removed his clothing and asked if he could share the blanket with Hayley. As Hayley began to drift off, he nuzzled up to her and began kissing her neck. Hayley, under the effects of the alcohol, thought it was Mateo who was kissing her and she even called out his name. This didn't stop Tanner from unbuttoning Hayley's blouse.

Erica seemed pleased by Maria's pain. Maria begged Erica not to leave her. Erica's attitude left a lot to be desired as she told Maria that she was not a doctor and could not help deliver the baby. She said that she would, however, phone for help from the road. Maria asked Erica if she wanted the baby to die. That proved to be the wrong thing to say as Erica again accused Maria of letting her baby die and quoted her statement that the miscarriage was "nature's way of correcting mistakes." Maria played to Erica's love of her daughter and asked Erica to recall Bianca's birth. Erica came around and agreed to assist in the labor. Maria's contractions were very close together and she said that she could no longer fight the urge to push. Erica said that she could see the baby coming, but Maria no longer had the strength to continue pushing. Erica, with tears in her eyes, coached Maria through the breathing process and helped her summon the strength to deliver the baby. Maria gave birth to what seemed to be a healthy baby boy. Maria made Erica promise that she'd take the baby to the hospital immediately--even if it meant having to leave Maria behind. Erica bundled the baby in a blanket and placed him in a wicker basket. She then careful made her way to the front door and headed for her car.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

With the kids away, Brooke and Pierce found themselves in bed together. Pierce described his concern that Brooke does not have enough "space." Brooke agreed, but defended her love for her children and said that giving up her personal space is one of the sacrifices of parenthood. As the two began to get a little more romantic, Brooke heard the sounds of a burglar outside the house. Before Pierce could spring to action, Laura burst into the bedroom. She immediately apologized for putting the brakes on the romance. She later explained that the couple for whom she had been babysitting had returned home early. Pierce returned home even thought Laura begged him not to alter his plans on her account. Once Pierce was gone, Laura urged Brooke to spend the night at Pierce's if she feel s uncomfortable bringing a man into the house for an overnight stay. Brooke was relieved that Laura approved of her relationship with Pierce, but she was caught off guard when Laura asked her if she was in love with Pierce. Laura backed away from her question before Brooke was forced to answer. Shortly after she headed to bed, Pierce returned. Brooke told Pierce that she is glad that he came back because she had some unfinished business with him. She told him that in spire of her inability to adequately express her feelings, she is definitely in love with him. Pierce echoed Brooke's sentiments. He told her that she changed his life and that she is "the most important thing" in his life.

The caretaker of the cabin heard a car screech off and he feared that something might be wrong. He raced to the cabin and banged on the door to check on the welfare of anyone still inside. Maria, exhausted by her laborious delivery, managed to pick up a book and toss it at the door to give a signal to the caretaker that she needed help. He used his key to enter the building. Maria told him that she had just given birth and that another woman had taken the baby to the hospital. He returned to his house to phone for an ambulance even though he felt bad about leaving Maria alone in the cabin.

Edmund was frustrated that there were no new leads on Erica and Maria's whereabouts. He suggested calling the police, but Dimitri was not too keen on the idea. First, Dimitri commented that they have no idea that Erica and Maria are actually missing. Perhaps, he said, they are stuck somewhere due to the ice storm. Secondly, he added that the police will not begin a search for Maria until she is missing for forty-eight hours. On top of that, he said that the tabloids would pick up on the news and emblazon news on their frontpages about the paternity of Maria's baby. Edmund settled for a phone call to Jack. Jack ran a trace on Erica's credit cards and learned that Erica had purchased flowers at a remote flower shop about thirty miles outside of town. Edmund followed the paper trail and soon learned that Maria and Erica must be at Willow Lake. He said that he had planned a get-away to the area with Maria a week or so back, but that they had to postpone it. So if Erica arranged the get-away as a trap for Maria, it would not seem like anything out of the ordinary. Joe placed a call to Edmund to tell him that Maria had given birth prematurely and that she was being raced via ambulance to the hospital.

Tanner put the moves on Hayley, but Hayley began to fall asleep. He wanted Hayley to remain fully alert as he attempt to make her "feel better." Tanner unbuttoned Hayley's blouse and began to rub his hand up and down her chest.
A short time later, Hayley awoke from what she dubbed "a nightmare." As she woke, Tanner was buttoning her blouse. She asked Tanner to verify that she only had a dream and that what she thinks happened never really took place. Tanner winked at the object of his desire and said that it will remain their "little secret." He then clarified that he was referring to Hayley's dose of alcohol.
Voices from outside the cave began their approach. Mateo and a member of the police entered the cave. Mateo was relieved that Hayley was safe, but he blamed Tanner for unnecessarily risking Hayley's life. He asked Tanner why he did not abort the impromptu visit when he learned that the weather would be dangerous. Hayley came to Tanner's defense by saying that it was her idea to visit Mateo in Texas. A helicopter was dispatched the location to take everyone back to town. Hayley looked down at herself and noticed that her blouse was partially undone. She glanced at Tanner, half in shock and half in disgust.

At the hospital, Ruth tried to assuage Edmund's fears that Erica might have run off with the baby. She reminded him that the roads are extremely treacherous and that they do not know to which hospital Erica was headed. Maria was wheeled in on a stretcher. After she had been examined, Edmund was allowed to visit with her. She told him that Erica took their son and that she worries that Erica will harm the child. Edmund tried to hide his concern, but Maria could detect the worry on his face. She said that the baby will need emergency care immediately---or it risks permanent damage or even death!

Erica kicked herself for agreeing to help Maria and Dimitri's child, but she stuck to her solemn vow to take care of the baby and get it to the hospital. She missed a turn-off on the highway and commented that her mind must be elsewhere because she even forgot to tell Maria that she had a baby girl. Erica began singing "Hush Little Baby" and tears formed in her eyes. The car suddenly hit a patch of ice and spun out of control. In its skid, the car swerved off of the road and into an icy river.

Dan's 22nd Birthday Thursday, March 6, 1997

Liza placed an urgent call to West Virginia to check on Hayley and Adam. The helpful West Virginia police offered Liza no information to ease her fears and made her even more frantic than she had been before. Fortunately, Adam had already returned home and, unbeknownst to Liza, was standing right behind her. Liza rushed to Adam and gave him a big hug. HE filled her in on the plane crash and Hayley's condition. Needless to say, Liza was relieved that everyone was okay. Adam smiled at his wife and told her that it's nice to know that "when things get tough" she's on his side.

Jake entered Liza's office with a stock-pile of show pilots to review. Adam quickly scampered from the room so that the two would have some time together. Liza told Jake a story of her early days in broadcast journalism. She had been assigned to cover a story where a bride-to-be and her bridal party won a trip to New York for an all expense paid shopping spree. On the way to New York, the plane on which they were flying hit turbulence and crashed. There were no survivors. Liza was assigned to cover "the family angle" and she said that she would never forget the look on the groom-to-be's face.

The somber moment was broken when a chipper Belinda burst into the room with some licensing agreements. Jake was about to leave, but Belinda asked that he not leave on her account. The two looked nervously at each other for a few minutes before Belinda finally broke the silence by asking Jake out for a cup of coffee. Liza watched the conversation with an annoyed look on her face.

At another location in the studio, Marian said she needed to have an urgent discussion with Tad before it was "too late." Marian informed Tad that Liza "is near marital infidelity" and that it's all Jake's fault. Marian explained that she caught Jake and Liza "burning more than the midnight oil" the previous night. Tad mused that Marian had better call the National Intruder and report that Liza and Jake were, of all things, working! He assured Marian that Jake would not break up a marriage to get a woman and that Liza would not give up "a good thing" and dump Adam. Adam overheard Jake's name mentioned and moved over so that he could join in on the conversation. Marian covered for her realconversation by saying that she was just commenting to Tad on how brave Jake had been in his rescue of Amanda Dillon. Adam warned Marian that she was too late if she had her sights set on Jake because another member of the Chandler clan already had him in their sites. Tad and Marian waited with bated breath as Adam held off exactly who had eyes of Jake. He eventually said that Skye was dating Jake and that he thinks they make an attractive couple. After Adam left, Marian feared that Adam might already know of Liza's attraction to Jake and warned Tad that he had better tell Jake to keep away from Liza before it's too late!
There was not a quick acceptance to Belinda's date proposal. In fact, Jake stammered in his reply. Belinda apologized for putting Jake on the spot and told him that he need not feel pressured to give her a response. He apologized for his hesitance and said that he would love to go out with Belinda---just not today. Jake went on his way to do business. Liza ended her phone call and became very bitter toward Belinda. Belinda said that she was sorry if she had stepped on Liza's toes or invaded her space by asking Jake out on a date. Liza commented that she has little concern for Jake's social life---she just doesn't want him to play The Dating Game on company time.

Jake and Belinda met up on the production floor and again they shared an awkward moment. Jake changed his mind about the date and asked if Belinda was free later in the day. She told him that she had skating lessons. Jake chuckled and compared his skating abilities to Wayne Gretsky and hinted that he might be able to give Belinda some pointers. Belinda left with a big smile on her face... and Tad entered the scene with a big smile on his face. He teased Jake about his "Wayne Gretsky" comment and applauded Jake for noticing that Belinda is a beautiful, intelligent, and available lady. Tad then heeded Marian' advice and asked Jake if he was thinking of going after Liza. Jake reminded Tad that Liza was a married woman and assured him that any feelings he had for Liza are long gone. This was all said as Liza listened from around the corner.

Hayley groused about needing rest, but Mateo warned her that if he does not listen to his expert medical advice, he'll take her to the hospital. Hayley asked Tanner if she could have some time alone with Mateo. In the comfort of their bed, Hayley confessed that she feared she would never see Mateo again. She told him that she saw his face during the ordeal and kept thinking about the things they'd yet to do together. She then told him that she had unknowingly broken her vow of sobriety by drinking a spiked sports drink. Mateo said that he'd help Hayley get through her difficult time and told her not to think about never seeing him again because she was now safely back in his arms. Tanner listened to the conversation from the other side of the closed bedroom door.

Adam showed up a little later to check on his daughter's condition. He also wanted to offer Tanner a job at Chandler Enterprises. Nothing's too good for the man that saved his daughter's life! Hayley tried to get Tanner to accept the job---and possibly leave town---but Tanner insisted that he was happy being a bartender at Holidays. Adam left, but not before he told Tanner to reconsider his offer.

Tanner apologized to both Hayley and Mateo for agreeing to fly in an ice storm. He also took full responsibility for not testing the sports drink before offering it to Hayley. Hayley rose to her feet and said that she needed some sleep. She raced to the bedroom and closed the door. There, she looked at her unbuttoned blouse and began to cry as she knew that Tanner had done more to her than just keep an eye on her.

Maria feared that Erica had run off with her baby. Edmund suggested that Erica might have gone to another hospital or clinic. Maria seemed to believe the story. Dimitri received a phone call stating that a car matching Erica's rental car's description had been seen on a back road near Willow Lake. Privately, Edmund told Dimitri that Erica had confronted Maria about her affair with Dimitri. He added that Erica believes that the affair was on-going and not just a one-night stand. This lead both men to fear that Erica might do something irrational to the infant. Dimitri and Edmund returned to Maria's room and continued their positive talk with Maria. They said that Erica's car had been spotted and that she is en route to the hospital. Maria was very relieved that things were working out. Then, Jack entered the room. He said that the police had found Erica's car---but that it was submerged in Willow Lake.

Friday, March 7, 1997

Hayley tried desperately to recall what happened during her "lost time" in the cave with Tanner. Mateo entered the room and told Hayley that he was running water in the tub for her. Hayley got a few minutes alone with Tanner and asked him to tell her what happened in the cave after she drank the spiked drink. He told her that he's the "expert of spin, "meaning that he can twist the facts well if necessary. Even though Hayley asked him to tell her what happened, he did not offer any help. All he could say was "You really don't remember?" And before Hayley could get any answers, Mateo told Hayley that her bath water had been drawn. Matt again apologized to Tanner for yelling at him in the cave. He explained that his short temper had a lot to do with losing his father in a car accident.. Tanner excused himself, saying he needed to go for a walk.

Brooke looked around her house for Laura, but could find no sign of her. She feared that she might have overslept and missed an appointment at school. Pierce watched Brooke run around before presenting her with a note that Laura had written. In the note, Laura explained that she and Scott got an early start and that she might sleep over at Myrtle's if she gets too busy with her studies. Brooke worried that Laura might feel bad about walking in on her and Pierce. Pierce told Brooke that he is glad they have some time alone. Suddenly, Jamie burst into the house toting a cap-gun and began "shooting" Pierce and Brooke. A strange look crept across Pierce's face and he knocked Brooke down and covered her body. A few minutes later, Pierce came around and apologized for overreacting.. Brooke lectured Jamie on playing with toy guns. She told him that one can never be certain that a gun is a toy and reminded him that all guns are banned in her house. Pierce suggested that Jamie channel his energies into another format... perhaps painting. Brooke asked Pierce if he was okay. He replied that he just had a headache and that he'd be fine after his scheduled appointment with the chiropractor. Brooke asked for the name of Pierce's doctor, but Pierce, of course, could not supply one. Brooke placed an urgent call to Trevor top talk about Pierce's condition.

When Trevor arrived,, Brooke wasted no time in asking if Pierce was okay. She told him that she knows all about his days in El Salvador and his loss of his love, Christina. Finally, she came right out and asked what she wanted to know: Are Pierce's "headaches" coming from flashbacks. Trevor did not deny that his long-time friend was suffering. Trevor informed Brooke that Pierce cannot "just get over" the flashbacks. He said that many soldiers and ex-military persons suffer flashbacks for the rest of their lives. Brooke looked helpless, but she promised to do whatever it takes to help Pierce get better.

At McKay's, Pierce met with Marian. He told her that he is interested in a house. Marian later learned that Pierce is not looking for himself, but rather for Brooke. Marian and Pierce both agreed on a single property and Marian asked Pierce to stay put while she runs to her office to see if the property is still available.

Shortly after Marian left, Trevor showed up at the restaurant. He told Pierce that Brooke is aware of his turmoil in Central America and that she deserves an explanation. Trevor then asked Pierce if he was still seeing the psychiatrist. Pierce, of course, said that he had stopped seeing the doctor. Trevor warned Pierce that he needs to get help so that he can move on from his loss of Christina.

At another table, Tanner bragged to Earl about how he "worked magic" on Hayley. Earl asked Tanner if e had gotten Mateo out of the way. Unfortunately for Tanner, he said that Hayley cannot remember what happened in the cave because she was drunk. Soon, Tanner smiled. Soon Mateo would be out of the way and he could boast that he ruined his "best mate's" life.

Phoebe paid Brooke a visit to tease her about knowing that Pierce spent the night at the house. Brooke sheepishly smiled and told her aunt that Pierce had, in fact, spent the night. Brooke was amazed that Phoebe knew that Pierce had stayed over. Phoebe was, however, elated that Brooke was finally happy and told her niece that Pierce is her destiny.

Pierce returned to the house and told Brooke that he has not been honest with her. Brooke nodded and told Pierce that she wants to help him.

Mateo asked Hayley if he'd marry her. Hayley assumed he meant immediately. She told him that she needed to get dressed and that afterwards they could run off and elope. Mateo laughed and told Hayley not to move so quickly. He said that he could never get married without telling his family...and Tanner. Hayley tried to convince Mateo to skip on telling Tanner, but Mateo insisted that he needed a Best Man. Matt raced to the livingroom and asked Tanner, who was now back from his walk, if he'd stand up for him. Tanner accepted the offer. Mateo was called away on business which left Hayley and Tanner alone again. Hayley, this time with a much more definitive voice, demanded to know what she had done in the cave.

At the hospital, Jack said that Erica's car had apparently hit a patch of black ice and spun out of control. There were no signs of life. Dimitri demanded that Erica and the baby be found immediately. Jack assured Dimitri that the police were searching for both Erica and the baby. Edmund and Gloria tried to offer various positive spins on the situation---since there were no bodies, both Erica and the baby must have gotten out safely. Jack, never the optimist, said that all signs signal that both Erica and the baby are dead. The party was set to go to Willow Lake to check on the latest developments. Maria insisted that she go along. At first Edmund voted against the idea, but he finally decided that his wife had the right to go along.

At the lake, Jack ordered that all nearby hospitals be placed on the look-out for Erica and the baby. Dimitri suggested that someone might have seen the accident and picked up Erica and taken her to the hospital. The divers radioed that they had found something, but interference prevented Jack from hearing exactly what had been found. One of the officers entered the command post and showed them a woman's jacket. Maria identified the jacket as Erica's and she immediately began to sob. Jack said they had run out of options and that they had to face the fact that Erica and the baby were probably both killed in the crash and their bodies were somewhere under water. Maria began to faint and Edmund suggested that they return to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Maria and Edmund filled Gloria in on the details. Suddenly, an unidentified man entered the emergency room carrying a soaked and unconscious Erica.



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