One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on OLTL

Drew intercepted a phone call from Joey to Kelly. Bo continued to follow leads in Carlo's murder and presented a search warrant to R.J. The hunt was on for a bone marrow donor for Starr. Bo ordered Nora to stall the trial.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, March 3, 1997


Nora puts Antonio on the stand. She talks to him about his upbringing. She asks him if he was the head of the house. He tells her that he always considered his mother the head of the house. She asks him about getting his GED and studying law. She then said, for someone that worked so hard to improve his life, why did you go to work for Carlo Hesser. He told her that he thought that he could stay legit. Nora asked him if he did. He said, "No, I worked for the devil. He set a trap for me and I walked right into it." Nora then asked when Carlo realized that he was undercover. Antonio told her that he found out about a kill in North Carolina and he called Bo about it. R.J. overheard him talking to Bo and he told Carlo. She asked how he got along with R.J. He said that R.J. hated him from the beginning because Carlo liked him better. Nora then asked him about finding Andy unconsious and how he felt about Carlo. He told her that he was furious. He told about going to the Orion and seeing Bo being carried off in an ambulance. She asked if he went to kill Carlo. He said that he wanted to hurt him but not kill him. Antonio then told exactly what happened the night Carlo was killed. "I saw him standing on the deck, I went to him, but he pulled a gun on me. Andy's gun. I thought that he was going to shoot me. He pointed it at me, but a boat went by and the noise distracted him. He turned and I grabbed the gun. It fell to the deck. I was turning him to face me so that I could punch him and I felt something whiz by my ear. Carlo had been shot between the eyes." Nora asked if he could see who had killed Carlo. He said no.

Nora said, "let me get this straight. Your prints are on Andy's gun. Why? Antonio, because we live together and there have been times I picked it up to move it, or put it in a drawer. She asked when did Andy realize it was missing? He said they both realized at the same time. Carlo had come to their apartment to plant the shirt and Andy came in and that is when he got the gun. Hank objected to his statement as conjecture. The judge allowed it. Regarding the shirt. Why did you burn it? Antonio told her that he knew that it couldn't be his shirt because his didn't have blood on it and he had given it to the Salvation Army. I knew that it was a set up and I didn't think anyone would believe me. Nora asked how well Carlo knew him. Antonio told her that he knew him well enough to know that he would rather die than go back to prison. Nora asked who else knew about the plan for Carlo to "die" and Antonio take the blame. He said, R.J. knew and he knew enough to kill Carlo and set me up.

Nora said, that's alot of mistakes, let's see, you fled the law, burned the shirt, anything else? Antonio said, "Yeh, I went to work for Carlo in the first place. She then asked why he turned himself in? Antonio, "Because of my parents. My mother raised us to believe in justice, truth and the law. I saw my mother losing that faith and becoming cynical like me. I had to turn myself in to stop my mother from losing faith. He then turned to the court and said, A lot of people know me, know who I am, they know that I didn't burn Mr. Hesser. The judge called a recess.

In the hallway Téa came up to Antonio and told him "good work." He told her that he knew that she didn't believe he was innocent and that she could keep her opinions to herself. Nora told Antonio to keep calm. Hank will try to rattle you and light that latin fuse, don't let him. Stay calm. R.J. came up to Antonio and told him that he knew what they were doing. Your trying to get everyone to believe that the gunshot didn't come from the book depository. You want them to believe there was another shooter on the grassy knoll. They aren't going to buy it. One way or another, you're going down. Bo then came up and asked if Antonio knew of anyone named Arturo? Antonio told him that that was an alias that Carlo used. An excited Bo left.

Hank then got his turn. "This is a first for me. This is the first time that a defendant has claimed that he was set up by the deceased. Tell me, what was he planning to present as a corpse?


Bo and Andy are looking for the boat that was heard the night Carla was killed. Andy gets a lead and they go check it out. They find that a boat was purchased, by an Arturo Irrazary(sp?) rather mysteriously. He was never seen, he made the purchase by phone and picked it up one day without anyone knowing. The boat showed up a couple of weeks later drifting. Bo and Andy took a team to go over the boat, but no prints were found. They did find what looked to me like matchbook. It had Cavendish Pub - Boston on it. Bo kept trying to think why that sounded so familar. They then set off to see if Antonio knew who Arturo was.


Dorian sees Drew and Kelly together and comments about it. Kelly says that Drew is there to give her a ride home. After she walks off, Dorian tells Drew that whatever he is doing he needs to keep it up and maybe Kelly won't go to Paris. Back at the apartment. Kelly is frustrated because either she gets the answering machine and Joey is gone or he calls and she is gone. And now he hasn't called at all. Drew tells her that he will give her a massage to make her feel better. She goes upstairs to change. The phone rings, it's Joey. Drew tells him that Kelly isn't at home. When Kelly comes back down and asks who was on the phone, Drew says it was a wrong number.


Viki goes to Marty and asks her if she will attend a meeting that she and Dorian and Todd are having with the University board. She wants Marty to help convince them to accept Todd's money and help with research on Aplastic Anemia. Viki tells her that she will understand if she feels that she can't do it. Viki arrives at the luncheon meeting. Dorian asks what the surprise is that she is planning and she tells them about Marty. Dorian tells her that these people are going to be as easy to move as your average mountain. Dorian tells her that Marty won't have anything to do with Todd and that these stone faces won't budge 'til Hell freezes over. Viki tells Dorian to strap on her ice skates. They walk over to the table with the board. Marty shows. They ask, aren't you...? Yes, I am. Marty then tells them that wounds are hard to heal and that some scars never go away but that they had to put all that aside like she had and concentrate on Starr. She told them that she was there as one of Starr's doctors and that that was what was important. If Todd is willing to fund this research, we shouldn't stand in the way. A child's life is at issue. The sins of the father shouldn't be visited upon the child. She then said, ask yourself, is there any fault with Todd's offer? They then told the group that they would be in touch but that they didn't see any problem with doing the research. Todd said, then let's move forward quickly.

Marty then turned to Todd and told him to try to convince Blair to go on with the bone marrow test. "Don't let her fear stop her. This may be the best bet for Starr." Todd then told Marty that there was something that he needed to tell her. He then told her how much he appreciated what she had done. She said it was for Starr not him. Viki asked Dorian if she could get tested at the hospital there or had to go somewhere. Dorian told her it was just a blood test and could be done here. Viki then told Dorian that they had actually spent the day together and not fought. This looks like we will be in for a long haul. You think that we can put everything behind us and continue to work for Starr together. Dorian told her, anything for Starr.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Drew and Kelly

Drew is giving Kelly her massage. She tells him that it feels perfect. He tells her that she is perfect. This makes Kelly visibly uncomfortable. She gets up and because of the look on her face, Drew tells her that he doesn't think that he has helped her. She says it's just that she misses Joey and she can't wait to get to Paris. Asa calls then and tells Drew that he needs to get over to the hotel where Ian is and get close to him. "His money is useful to me and I don't want it to leave this town." Drew tells Kelly what Asa wants and that he doesn't know how to get close to Ian. Kelly tells him that it is easy and that she will show him. When they arrive she tells Drew to relax and follow her lead. She walks up to Ian and asks him if he will settle an argument for them. They are arguing which is more sophisticated, Paris or New York. He tells them that New York is his choice because it has power. From there, Drew takes it and tells Ian that he could rule the world from Llanview. He talks Buchanan Enterprises up and gets Ian interested. He tells Ian that Asa likes him because they are both rebels and that Asa and Max dislike each other. Kelly tells Ian that Max is restless. He tells her that she reads people well and asks what she thinks about him. She says that he is on a quest. "your after something that you haven't found yet" Ian asks her what makes her say that? She tells him that she didn't mean to offend him. He says she didn't and that she reads people very well. He then says that he must leave. Drew pushes Llanview again and tells Ian that for a small place there is a lot of fun things to do. Ian says he wishes that he could find a squash partner. Drew tells him that he is just a beginner but would love to play with him. Ian takes him up on it. As Kelly and Drew are leaving, Drew says to Kelly, there is just one more thing, can you teach me how to play squash? A PI comes up to Ian and tells him that he has found Maggie and that she is at a ski resort. Ian decides that skiing is just the thing that he would like to do.

Patrick and Alex

Alex tells Patrick that she has lost everything and she doesn't know if she can trust him. She wants to go up to her room and ask him something privately. As they are going up Asa walks up and accuses Alex and R.J. of stealing Carlo's money. "Just you remember, $30 million of that is mine and I want it back!" Upstairs in Alex's room- Alex turns on the tears and says she can't trust anyone. "That man downstairs that I was married to, he just called me a lying little thief, and I fell in love with Carlo and thought that he loved me and he betrayed me. Can I trust you?" She tells Patrick that she is afraid for her life. She thinks that R.J. killed Carlo. The day after Carlo was killed, she went to his apartment to feel close to him and R.J. was there. He was wanting to take over Carlo's business and steal his money. He wanted to get it all before the estate went to probate or a will was found. She then asks Patrick to help her, R.J. killed Carlo and I can prove it. She tells him that the proof is in a safe at Club Indigo and that she knows the combination. She asks him if he likes jazz? They are off to get into the safe. Bo calls while Alex is changing and Patrick tells him what is going on. Bo tells him to get the proof.

Bo at the station

Bo has everyone going over every bit of evidence. He has a chalkboard with the Orion drawn on it with everyone's whereabouts on it. He keeps thinking about the passports. He decides to question VanHinkle again. He thinks that whoever offed Carlo has the passports. In questioning VanHinkle, he finds out that he made 3 passports for Carlo. One in the name of Arturo, one in the name of Anthony Wilkenson and one Edwin Klein. VanHinkle tells Bo that he will make one for him if it will get him out sooner. Bo declines. "OK, there was never a real Arturo, Carlo bought the boat. Whoever killed Carlo has the passports. "We are so close, but are running out of time. Who was driving the boat? If R.J. killed Carlo it couldn't have been him. Who has the passports?"

The Courtroom

Hank is asking Antonio where Carlo was planning on getting a corpse if he was going to frame Vega for his murder. Antonio tells Hank that he doesn't know. Maybe Carlo didn't think that far ahead. Hank asks, How could he overlook the body? Antonio says, Carlo would have cut off his right arm and mailed it to you if he thought it would send me to jail. Hank then asks about the second shirt. Antonio says it was planted because he had given his shirt without any blood stains on it to the Good Will. Hank then asks about the gun with only Antonio's prints on it. Antonio tells him that he can't remember the exact instance that he handled the gun. Hank says that he burned the shirt out of guilt and that he was in bed with the police officer that he had taken the gun from. He asked if he thought that would get him special privileges. Antonio stands up, very upset, and yells, You can't prove you case, so you go after the woman I love! Nora jumps up and objects. He's baiting the witness! The judge told the jury to disregard the statements and called a recess for everyone to regain their composure.

During the recess... Bo comes in and tells Nora that he has something but nothing solid YET. Hang in there. Carlotta goes to Hank and chews him out royally. She accuses him of going after her son because he doesn't want to expose his own brother's sins. "You know that my son is innocent but you are going to ignore that and protect you own brother." She then lashes out at him for trying to make Antonio and Andy's love for each other something sordid. She then tells him that if he sends her innocent son to prison for life, it will be on his soul forever. Hank tells her that he has a job to do and walks off. Kevin walks up to Téa and tells her that if she needs to talk, he will listen. She asks him if he is asking her out on a date. He says yes.

Court reconvenes. Hank asks Antonio if he was angry when he left the hospital? He said yes. He asked if he wanted to punish Carlo? He said he wanted to teach him a lesson, not kill him. Hank said, anger has a way of escalating. Antonio said yes, because Carlo pulled a gun on him. Hank asked him if he could identify the person that he says fired the gun, if indeed they exist? Antonio said no, they were behind him. Hank then told him and the court that the Llanview police were spending hundreds of man hours searching for one crack in this case and they haven't found it. He then told the court he had no more questions. Nora said she had one more witness. Hank objected because he didn't know of another one. Nora was just trying to buy time. The judge told her that she had until tomorrow to produce her witness and if she didn't, the case was going to jury. As everyone is leaving. Antonio tells all that they have 15 hours to find something or he was going to prison for life.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

The office of Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan- Bo, Andy, Kevin

Andy and Bo are still checking all the airlines to see if anyone is traveling under any of Carlo's aliases, especially the one on the forged passport under the name of Mr. Irizarry. They speculate that who ever drove the speedboat on the night of Hesser's murder might have been part of the crime boss's scheme to disappear. The lights going out might have been a signal by Carlo that it was time to leave. Who ever was on the boat may have witnessed the murder and when Carlo died, that person could have taken the missing passport to escape the country himself. Andy says she can't wait until the guy is caught and Bo says unless they find that person and he actually saw R.J. kill Hesser, they can't help Antonio. The real kicker is that if R.J. knows they are on to him, he will make a run for it. They discuss detaining R.J., but Bo says that would be illegal. Maybe Patrick can get Alex to give up something on R.J. Kevin interrupts their conversation and starts fishing for whatever information Nora may have. He figures Uncle Bo would know anything his wife, the defense attorney, had up her sleeve and vice versa. Kevin tells Bo he KNOWS it was R.J. who sent the gunman to Rio to get the evidence from Cassie and him. Bo corrects him and tells Kevin he just THINKS he knows. The gun toting peacock never spoke so he doesn't know who sent him. Besides R.J. had no reason to steal back evidence showing he wanted Carlo's money since he already admitted this fact on the stand. Kevin is disappointed and accuses Bo of just walking away from the situation. If it wasn't for Patrick, Kevin and Cassie could have been shot. Kevin threatens to print a story about R.J. being suspect. Bo is firm. He tells Kevin in no uncertain terms, he is looking at another suspect. He doesn't need Kevin to ruin his opportunity of nabbing the this suspect. He warns his nephew not to provoke R.J. Gannon. Kevin leaves and Bo tells Andy to go home. There is no news from the airlines. He knows this must be tough on her. He wishes her and Antonio all the happiness in the world, the whole nine yards. He admits he believes Antonio is innocent but he hasn't found the evidence to clear him. His main worry is that R.J. will find out about their search for the driver of the speed boat. Andy heads for Angel Square to see Antonio.

Office of District Attorney Hank Gannon- Hank and Rachel

Like Bo, Hank is immersed in work and feeling a little alienated. Rachel arrives and sugguest that he call it a day. He says he wants to make sure his case is rock solid. He knows he made a lot of people angry today. Rachel says he did what he was supposed to. Hank replies he knows that the evidence is there, no matter what Bo and Nora think. Rachel agrees that some people may be angry but Hank would not go after Antonio without reason. She packs up his briefcase and suggests that she and her father make a stop at Club Indigo. Uncle R.J. invited her to see a show performed by the Twilight Trio. Hank confesses that R.J. invited him also, but he did not plan to go because he is angry that her uncle withheld evidence. Rachel feels that now that the trial is almost over, the family needs to mend fences. After all, R.J. and Hank did get closer when Rachel was in trouble. It is time they try to be brothers again. If not now, then when will they have another opportunity. Uncle R.J. is part of the family. If the Vegas can stick togeter, why not the Gannons?

Angel Square - On the street Where Antonio Lives-Abulita, Téa, Carlotta, Antonio, Cristian, Jessica, Eddie, Linda, Cassie, Andrew, Kevin and Andy

Antonio, Abuelita, Téa and Carlotta are discussing what will happen when his case goes to the jury. Everyone is worried because of Hank's powerful cross examination of Antonio. Antonio says there is a lot of legal holes in the case and Nora can file an appeal the same day the jury comes back with a guilty verdict. Carlotta reminds him that there is always hope that the verdict will be not guilty. She is still angry at Hank for the unfair way he treated her son on the stand. Téa takes a practical approach and says that Hank's job is to influence the jury. She did the same thing when she cross examined Andy and tore her testimony apart. In the courtroom, it is kill or be killed. Of course, it is possible that a number of factors could influence the jury in Antonio's favor, including Nora's forthcoming summation. Cristian arrives and tells everyone to look out the window. The residents of Angel Square have gathered together in support of Antonio. They carry candles and raise banners calling for him to be freed. Antonio is very moved. He says no matter what verdict the jury comes in with, the real verdict comes from the people down on the streets of Angel Square. They are the reason he took the stand. Those people believe in his innocence. Téa replies that it is too bad they are not on the jury. Cristian says everyone is waiting and they better start going. Antonio has no idea what he will say to all his supporters when he gets downstairs. Before he leaves, he thanks all the people in the room for sticking by him. Carlotta and Antonio exchange "I love you's" and hug. They leave with Cristian. Téa stays behind with Abuelita and says they will be along in a few minutes.

Abuelita tells Téa she is worried about the look she sees in her eyes and the things she hears her say. Abulita decides it is time to tell Téa a cautionary tale. She knew a very smart woman from her pueblo in Puerto Rico who drowned. Téa asked if this happened recently in a flood. The old woman answers no. If Téa listens, she will understand. One day, this woman saw a green jar in the marketplace. It was perfect for her needs. She took it home and put in on the shelf. Whenever she felt anything- happiness, sadness, love- she wrapped her feelings in water and stuck it into the jar. One day there was a terrible storm. The jar crashed to the ground and all her feelings were swept away, causing the very smart woman to be drowned. It is apparent that Abuelita's tale has struck a nerve. Téa is silent for a moment and then tells Abuelita not to worry, she knows how to swim.

The crowd is milling around the statue of Luna (personifying the angel of the square). Cassie tells Eddie, Linda and Andrew that she has finished her man in the street interviews and the popular consensus is that R.J. set up Antonio. Edie says that R.J. better stay away from Angel Square tonight. Andrew reminds him that R.J. is innocent until proven guilty just as much as Antonio is. Linda blurts out tht Bo is going to find evidence that R.J. killed Carlo and instantly regrets her off the cuff remark when Cassie wants to know what Bo has on R.J. Linda says she can't say and leaves flustered. Cassie tells Andrew she is going to the Club Indigo to check up on R.J. Andrew offers to accompany her. Kevin appears out of the crowd and almost bumps into Andrew. Cassie says they agreed she was to cover the trial. He tells her he isn't here for that. He's here to see Téa. Antonio comes downstairs and thanks all his friends for their support. The local priest tells him that God will always be with him and Antonio kneels to receive his blessing. The crowd begins to sing "Amazing Grace."

Jessica is there with Cristian and they hold each other. Everything seems alright until Chris walks swiftly away. She follows him to a less congested spot where he confesses that he has a premonition that this is the last time he will see his brother. If he goes back to Statesville, Antonio will die. And Carlotta, as strong as everyone thinks she is, he doesn't believe she could bear Antonio to go to prison again. Jessica tries to reassure him and tells him that the Vega family is a lot stronger than he knows. And so is he. She has been scared about her family too, scared they would fall apart. But they didn't. Chris can trust her when she tells him his family won't fall apart either. She will always be there for him. They profess their love for each other as the crowd continues to hum Amazing Grace.

Meanwhile, Téa introduces Abuelita to Kevin. He asks them both to join him. He's going to Club Indigo to see the Twilight Jazz Trio. Abulita begs off, but Téa accepts and calls it a date. Cassie overhears.

Eddie makes a speech to Antonio. He tells him how they all look up to him and are behind him forever because he is their pride and no matter what it takes, the people of Angel Square will see he is freed. The Crowd chant El Lion as Andy watches from the window of Antonio's apartment.

When Antonio gets home, he is surprised to see Andy and wonders why she did not meet him in the Square. She says she is the one who turned him in. One day they will be able to walk hand in hand in Angel Square and everyone will be happy for the. She tells him he does not have to pretend with her. She is the optimistic one. But she is just too scared to be optimistic. He tells her they still have tonight. She says it is tommorrow she is worried about.

Club Indigo- R.J., Alex, Patrick, Hank, Rachel, Kevin, Téa, Cassie, Andrew, Bo

R.J. is on the phone with Ron. He says, if Bo gets too close, he has a contingency plan, just like Carlo. Except he won't wind up floating dead in the river. He tells Ron to get well and don't worry about it, he has coverage for the bar. Alex and Patrick arrive on the pretext of enjoying the jazz renderings of the Twilight Trio. R.J. tells them to forget about the money for one night and enjoy themselves. As they go off to find their seats, R.J. leans against the bar and a suspicious look crosses his face.

Alex gives Patrick the location and combination of R.J.'s safe. R.J. comes over and asks them if they are passing love notes. Alex says don't be suspicious and asks him to order some champagne for Patrick and her. He wonders whether he can read Alex's music critiques. Alex distracts him by pointing out that Hank and Rachel have arrived. Patrick slips away and R.J. goes over to greet his family. He says he is glad they made it. Rachel replies they know it is a big night for him and they are there for him. Hank mentions he last saw the Twilight Trio in Chicago last November. R.J. replies he was there that night, too. How did they miss each other? Hank says that the smoke was so thick in the jazz club that night that you couldn't see ten feet. R.J. laughs and says he feels sorry for the singers, but smoke and Jazz seem to go together. Hank admits to having lit an old stoogie himself.

R.J. brings over sparkling cider for his brother and niece. He notices the empty table and asks the waiter where Thornhart and Alex are. Meanwhile, in R.J.'s office, Patrick has opened the safe as Alex sneaks up behind him. He accuses her of trying to give him a heart attack. After running his fingers through cash and the club's books, Patrick stumbles across a ring. Alex identifies it as Carlo's signet ring. She says he would not have left it in the safe and that R.J. must have killed Carlo and lifted it off his hand. Patrick calls Bo who gives him orders to stay at the club until he arrives.

R.J. introduces himself to Téa and Kevin compliments him on his taste in suits and asks if his bird costume is in the cleaners. R.J. says he read what happened to Kevin and Cassie in Rio. He laughs about what a great outdoorsman Kevin must be to let a bird get the drop on him. HA HA. He shows them to a table. Téa asks if that that's the end of his work for the day. She says that doesn't bother her as long as he shares all he knows with her. She confides she knows he is using her to take his mind off a certain minister's wife and he can relax. She has a green jar. What, he asks. Something Abuelita told me, she replies. Kevin denies he is using her to get over anyone. From the first time he saw her, he has wanted to...Wanted to what, Téa asks. Wanted to get to know her better. Kevin suggests they forget about work and concentrate on a good time. That is just fine with Téa.

R.J. has conducted a search of the entire club and has not found Alex and Patrick when he remembers that none of his staff have searched the office. He is making a move in that direction when Bo waylays him. He tells him it is not a social call. He wants to know if R.J. has any of Carlo's personal possessions, like Carlo's signet ring. Hank comes over to find out what is going on. Bo shows R.J. a search warrant.

Not everyone knows what is happening yet. Cassie and Andrew pop over to Kevin and Téa's table. Kevin is plainly engrossed in Téa and does not want to discuss Cassie's story on Angel Square. He cuts the conversation short and leaves Cassie standing there with Andrew.

Once everyone realizes why Bo is in the club, each has a reaction. Téa wants to know what the police have because then she could go out a winner on Antonio's trial. Kevin and Cassie want the story for the Banner. Hank swears that he will look into the situation and make sure it is on the level. R.J. says that the sooner he is in lock up, the sooner Hank and Bo can call a press conference. He thinks that Hank is behind his arrest for possession of stolen property.

Bo tells Alex he will need a corraborating statement from her identifying the ring as her ex husband's. She says she will feel better with R.J. behind bars. Bo says he is not sure for how long, and Alex and Bo go to the police station to make their statements. Patrick stays behind in the office to call Marty. As he reaches for the phone, he plucks a peacock feather from the pencil holder and thinks of what happened in Rio.

Thursday, March 6, 1997

THE HOSPITAL –Todd, Marty, Viki, Kelly, Dorian


Todd and Marty are in the waiting room, waiting to hear the results of his bone marrow test. Todd is very impatient. He really wants to be the one to help Starr. He tells Marty that Blair doesn't know that he is being tested. Once she found out that people have been cured without the transplant, that's all she is focusing on. When the results come in, they find out that Todd isn't a match. Marty tells him that the chances of another family member being a match are slim, Starr's best chance for a match would be a sibling, which she doesn't have. Todd says that there is one on the way. He apologizes for bringing the baby up, and then tells Marty that he will find a donor even if he has to test everyone in the country.


Kelly and Dorian arrive. They are talking about Joey, Kelly tells Dorian how much she misses him. She tells her that Drew is really helping her cope with Joey's absence, just by being there for her. Dorian says she is glad to see that Drew can do what Joey can't-keep her company. Viki walks in; she is looking for Todd to find out about the results of his test. She tells Kelly that she heard from Joey last night. He was worried about Kelly because he hadn't been able to get in touch with her. Kelly says that is strange, because she and Drew had been around. She says that she has been waiting for his call, and was wondering why she hadn't heard from him. Viki asks her if something could be wrong with her phone. Dorian says that Paris is full of beautiful women, maybe he is too distracted to call. Viki asks Dorian if she is suggesting that Joey called all the way from Paris just to lie about trying to get in touch with Kelly. Dorian says that it would explain the "downed phone lines." Viki suggests that they keep out of this issue, since they don't agree, and also because it is Joey and Kelly's relationship. She wants the two of them to stay on good terms, for Starr's sake. Dorian agrees.

Viki then tells Kelly that she might as well hop on a plane to Paris tonight and be with Joey by morning, since there is no reason for her to stay once she has her marrow tested. Dorian thinks that Viki isn't really staying out of their relationship, and tells her that Kelly is staying for the whole family, not just Starr. She says that she and Blair need her support, too. Marty comes over to tell them it is time to be tested. She asks who is Starr's next closest relative. Dorian and Viki answer "I am" at the same time. Marty decides they might as well just all get tested at the same time. Viki says that's a good idea, Dorian asks why, just because she thinks so? Viki tells her she's being ridiculous. They all leave to get tested; Dorian makes a stink about the fact that the lab they're going to is in the Buchanan wing.


Andi tells Antonio about R.J. being arrested. Antonio says they only have one hour before the trial to get solid evidence. Andi tells him that everything will be ok. He tells her that he wants to be able to hold her all the time, and Andi assures him that they will always be together. They hug each other; Téa walks into the room, and says it's time for her to take her client to the trial. Andi leaves to go to the police department. Téa mentions to Antonio that she didn't see Andi at the Rally at Angel square last night. Antonio tells her that Andi was waiting for him in the apartment. He tells her that Andi didn't want to be where she wasn't appreciated. Téa says that everyone seemed really open at the rally, and maybe they wouldn't have minded if Andi had been there. She says that she has never seen such an outpouring of love for someone she knows before. Antonio asks her if all of her friends are the cynical lawyer type, like her. She says fortunately they are. They leave for the trial.


Hank and R.J.

R.J. comes into Hanks office and yells at him about being arrested.Hank tells him that he had nothing to do with it, but R.J. doesn't believe him. Hank leaves to go talk to Bo.

Nora and Bo

Nora comes into Bo's office, she has brought him coffee, and she wants to know if he has anymore leads on the case. They have both been up all night working. Bo tells her that he has a lot of evidence, but nothing that is solid enough for an arrest or conviction on the case. Nora needs a surprise witness, or anything that will cast reasonable doubt on the case against Antonio. She told the judge yesterday that she would have another witness today. Bo does have the feather that Patrick found in R.J.'s office, But nothing else that ties him to the murder. He tells Nora about arresting R.J. last night for having stolen property- Carlo's ring. It doesn't prove anything, but at least it keeps R.J. where they can find him. Bo tells her that all he needs is more time. Nora tells him that she just doesn't have any, she is supposed to be in court in an hour with a new witness, and if she doesn't have that she needs to rest her case and the summations will begin. There is nothing more to do, so Nora leaves, but first asks to see R.J., which Bo arranges. Bo tells her that he'll tell her if he finds anything more solid.

Nora and R.J.

Nora tells R.J. that he should get a lawyer and tell them all he knows about Carlo's murder. She tells him that he should do it for Rachel's sake, and that he should be graceful about it. R.J. tells her that he won't, not after what she did to him on the stand. He says it was humiliating, and that she accused him of the murder in front of Rachel and everyone else. And asks what was graceful about her behavior. He tells Nora that there was a time when he would have done anything for her, but not anymore. He asks her if he should get the guard to help her out, or if she'd like to escort herself. She leaves and heads to the trial.

Hank and Bo

Hank storms into Bo's office and confronts him about arresting R.J. on a "trumped up" charge. Hank asks Bo why he is doing this after all the hard work he has been doing to win the case. He asks him whose side he is on, Hank's or Nora's. Bo tells him that they are all on the same side. He asks Hank if he will listen to Bo's rock solid evidence, and if he can look at it clearly even if he is R.J.'s brother. He tells Hank that he definitely thinks that Antonio is innocent. He tells him that he suspects R.J. was going to use Carlo's plan to kill Carlo himself and frame Antonio for it. He tells Hank about the evidence he has found, Hank says it is not enough for a conviction. He tells Bo that he is going to ask the jury to convict Antonio today. He brings up the point about the missing body. He asks Bo what Carlo was going to do about that part of his plan. He tells Bo to let him know if he figures it out, and then he leaves for the trial.

Bo and Andi

Andi comes into the office after Hank leaves. Bo asks her if she has anything for him and she tells him that she does. They have located Carlo's alias, the one who rented the boat the day of the murder. They have tracked him down in Boston. This is interesting, considering the matchbook they found in the boat was from Boston. Andi found out that this very man took a flight to Boston the night of the murder. Soon after that he took a flight to Rio, then back to Boston. Recently he went to Switzerland, and back to Boston once again. As far as Andi knows, that's where he is right now. Andi wants to act on this lead, but what can they do? She asks if they could put out an APB on all of Carlo's alias's, but Bo tells her there is no time. Bo tells her that she should go to the trial, because it is starting soon. After Andi leaves, Bo sits and thinks about all the new evidence, especially the connection to Boston. All of a sudden, something clicks. He gets this "EUREKA, I'VE GOT IT!!!" look on his face and rushes over to the trial. He gets there as the recess is ending and talks to Nora. He tells her that he is on to something, and he can't explain now, but she has to stall during her summation. She has to keep stalling until he gets back. He rushes off, and Nora heads back into the court room, wondering how she will stall.


Kevin wakes up to Asa banging on the front door. Asa tells him "Get in gear, you don't get rich sucking on a pillow." Kevin tells him that he was up late writing a story about R.J. being arrested at the club last night. Asa asks him if he found out about Carlo's money while he was in Rio, he wants to find his $30 million. Kevin tells him that the money is in Switzerland. Kevin mentions that Asa's money has been gone a long time, and he seems to be getting very worked up about it. Asa doesn't reply to that, but says they have to get to court if they want to see what happens to Antonio. When they arrive, Asa asks Kevin if he thinks Nora will win Antonio's case. Kevin says he wouldn't bet on it, because the case is built on circumstantial evidence which all points to Antonio. Asa says that he hates to see an innocent man " sent up river for the rest of his life" for a crime he didn't commit. Kevin asks him if he thinks R.J. did it. Asa says that if he thinks R.J. is the shooter, he's missing the real story.


The judge asks Nora if she has anymore witnesses, and she tells him that she doesn't. The defense rests. The judge calls on Hank to present his summation, which went like this: "Well, Antonio Vega. Antonio Vega. Ladies and gentlemen, Antonio Vega has been charged with the murder of Carlo Hesser. Now, all of you know who Carlo Hesser was, but who is Antonio Vega? Well, the defense would have us all believe that he's El' Lion, the noble, brave champion of an entire neighborhood. But he is, in fact, a cold-blooded killer. And all the evidence presented in this trial overwhelmingly proves that. Let's take the murder weapon, for instance. This .38 police service revolver recovered with a palm print on it. Whose palm print? The defendant, The accused. Antonio Vega. And you've heard testimony describing the defendant's uncontrollable rages. I mean, you've seen them for yourselves. I mean, how many times has Mr. Vega erupted in this courtroom in the last few weeks? 3, 5, 10, 15? I don't know about you, but I've lost count. And if this man cannot control his temper in a courtroom, a place of reason, a place of respect, then imagine how volcanic his fury must have been when he thought Carlo Hesser attacked his girlfriend. And when Mr. Vega realized he might be caught, and made to pay for taking the life of another human being, what did he do? He ran. He hid. Now, I ask you, is that the action of El' Lion? No, that is the desperation of a coward. A coward who's whole defense was based on cowardice, a defense insisting that he was set up by the man who's very body was found floating in Llantano river with a bullet in his brain. And shamelessly tried to blame it on someone, anyone else. But you, ladies and gentlemen, you are not cowards. You have courage, and you have power to use that courage. To see to it that this man, this cold blooded killer pays for this horrible crime. Please, not for me, for you, but in the name of justice, use your courage, use your power. Convict Antonio Vega."

After Hank's summation, there is a recess. The people of Angel square are at the courtroom, with banners, and chanting " El' Lion." Cristian is furious about Hank's summation, and yells at him, but Carlotta and Antonio stop him before he can say much. During the recess, Andi and Antonio have time to say hello, and she tells him he's doing great. As Court is being called back into session, Bo rushes in to talk to Nora. He tells her to stall for time, because he's on to something. He doesn't have time to explain, and rushes off again. Nora goes back inside, wondering how she will stall the proceedings...

Friday, March 7, 1997


Due to the Presidential news conference, no episode of One Life to Live was aired today. Although we have no official confirmation from ABC, we believe that Friday's show will be shown in its entirety on Monday, March 10th.

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