One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on OLTL

Maggie had a nightmare. Ian hired a private investigator to follow Maggie. Cassie admitted to having feelings for Kevin. Antonio took the stand. Andrew heard about Cassie and Kevin's frightening experience in Rio.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, February 24, 1997

Max, Maggie and Ian

Ian listens at the door as Max rants and raves about him. Maggie tells Max that he is just coming over for wine, he has lost his mother and he's lonely. Max asks her, What'd you do? Why is he after you? What'd you do, steal the body? Maggie tells him to be charitable. Max tells her that he is, why he will open the door and invite the first person he sees to dinner. He opens the door and there stands Ian. Max reluctantly invites him in. Ian hands the wine to Maggie. They discuss the quality of the wine. Maggie says she is happy with the stuff that comes in the box. Ian says he likes to drink anything that will make a stain or remove it. After some small talk, they eat dinner at the tiny table that was set for two. Ian starts talking about his mother and makes a toast to her. He tells them that it is his mother's birthday and that since he can't celebrate it with her, he will make a fuss in her honor. They toast to Eleanor. Maggie tells Ian that the woman he has described in his stories about her doesn't sound like the type of woman that would just disappear and show up on an island by herself. Was it family business? Ian asks her why the interest. Maggie tells him that he can't expect her to listen to his stories and not get caught up in the family mystery. Ian tells her that it wasn't so unusual, that if it weren't for the missing locket he wouldn't worry so much. Perhaps she was robbed or something dreadful happened. Maggie assured him that she looked like a tired woman and that she didn't think anything had happened to her. Ian reminded her that this is a cruel world. Max in his own words and way, tells them to stop wallowing in self pity. He then asks Ian when he is leaving town. Ian tells him that there are opportunities here and that he didn't know. Max told him that if he was referring to the radio station, he was a little late. Ian tells him that he sees opportunity where others don't. Ian then says he needs to be leaving and max shows him the door.

Max then turns to Maggie and tells her that that man bothers me alot. Maggie tells him that he is polite. Max says that he thinks that Ian was laying it on a little thick. The man wants something from you. I mean, he even quit smoking the same time you did. He is trying to soften you up for some reason. If he thinks he's getting the radio station... Maggie tells him to just turn him off. Max looks at her and says he can't look at her and think the words turn off. Max then tells Maggie that Ian gives him the willies. Maggie takes his hand and says she has just the thing for his willies. They head for the bedroom. Ian has gone to Maggie's room. He is at the door and the maid sees him and says Ms. Carpenter is out. Ian turns and tells her he will leave a note. After the maid leaves, he takes out a key card and goes into Maggie's room.

Kevin and Cassie

Kevin and Cassie were sharing a passionate moment. As they go into the room kissing, Kevin turns on the lights and the birdman is pointing a gun at them. Cassie starts digging in her purse to give him money. Kevin stops her. He starts trying to talk to the birdman. He reaches into his pocket and gets out his wallet. As he walks toward the birdman with the wallet in hand, he is trying to get close enough to get the gun. Kevin lunges toward birdman and in the struggle, birdman puts a handcuff on Kevin and pushes him away. He points to Cassie and without ever saying a word, gets Kevin to understand that he wants him to handcuff himself to Cassie. They then leave the room with birdman behind them holding a gun on them.

Just as they leave, Patrick shows up at the desk asking about Kevin and Cassie. When birdman gets the duo in the alley, he starts going through Kevin's pockets. Kevin tells Cassie that he is being molested by a bird. The birdman finds the papers and takes them. They try to tell him not to take the papers but he pushes them against the wall. Again without saying a word, Cassie realizes what the birdman is going to do. She says, Oh my God, he's going to kill us. Kevin tells him not to shoot Cassie because she is a wife and mother. He tells him to shoot him and let her go. Kevin stands in front of Cassie. It's at this time that Patrick runs up and grabs the gun. The birdman just turns and runs. Kevin tells him to catch him. Patrick runs off after him. Kevin and Cassie hold each other. Patrick comes back and tells him that birdman got away. Kevin tells him thank you and then asks why he's there. Patrick tells him that Bo sent him to get something on R.J. Kevin then tells him that they had the proof but that birdboy just flew off with it. Patrick tells them that they should just go home. Kevin says he needs to stay and finish the story. Patrick assures him that he will get all the information he needs and get it to him first. Kevin finally agrees to go home and let Bo know what he has found out. Kevin then tells Patrick that he better be careful what he wishes for because he might get it. Patrick looks at him questioning. Kevin holds up his and Csssie's arms and shows the handcuffs. Patrick says he will go find a locksmith. Kevin tells him to watch out for a man in a chicken outfit and if he sees him to shout for Col. Sanders.

After Patrick leaves, Kevin turns and says this is cozy, maybe we should take up where we left off. Cassie says no, they should pack. She starts to pack and Kevin (his hands everywhere her hands are) is enjoying picking up and looking at all of Cassie's unmentionables. Finally after a few remarks, Cassie tells him that he should pack first and that she would pack after Patrick got back with the locksmith. Kevin starts to pack and talk about the day. The more he talks the more upset he gets. The more upset he gets the faster he packs. He is dragging poor Cassie all over the room. He pulls out a bright lime green tourist shirt and Cassie starts laughing. He tells her that he had to have a souvenir. She continues to laugh. Kevin asked her why women always made fun of men shopping. Cassie thought the shirt was a good case in point.

The Courtroom

Andy is on the stand. Nora is debating about letting Téa cross examine Andy. She turns to Antonio and tells him, "whatever it takes, just keep you firebreathing to a minimum." Téa starts. She brings up Andy's record as a policewoman. She reads the mistakes that Andy has made and again questions Andy about being a good cop. She then implied that Bo had given her chance after chance and that Andy must owe him something. She brought up Andy's promotion. She asked if she owed him for that too. Téa then asked Andy if she would do anything to keep her job, including throw your lover to the wolves. Andy is visibly upset and says no she wouldn't. Téa told her that the gun, the shirt, her testimony, she just about singlehandedly handed them the case against Antonio. In fact, "we wouldn't be here if not for you." Is this a woman in love or the woman bent on revenge! The look on Antonio's face is frightening. Is he about to kill Téa for hurting Andy or is he about to believe this about Andy. Téa then asks Andy if she was out to crucify Antonio. Antonio then turns to Nora and all but screams, you stop her or I will. Nora tells him to shut up! She then asks for an adjournment. The judge grants it.

Téa tells Andy that it was nothing personal. Andy says, not for you. Téa tells Antonio that the jury now doubts Andy. Bo comes over to Nora and asks if she is doing Ok. She shrugs. Bo asks her if she is sure it's not Antonio. Nora asks Bo if he is sure it is. He tells her to come with him. They go to the scene of the crime. Antonio is still sitting in the same spot. Carlotta comes up to him and tells him that Andy was just doing her job. She then tells him that Téa was just doing her job too. Cristian then walked up to Antonio and asked him if he had considered the possibility that Andy had thrown him to the wolves. Antonio looked at him and said,"She only wants a life with me in it. She wasn't out for herself. She just had the soul beaten out of her. The only thing that she is guilty of is loving me." Andy walks in after everyone has left. She tells him that she thought she might find him still there. Antonio tells her to forget what happened today. He takes her in his arms. Andy tells him that it had to happen and that she would do it for him. She bear the thought of losing him. He holds her but the look on his face is questioning.

Bo and Nora are still at the scene reenacting where everyone was standing. They agree that whoever shot Carlo had to be a good shot and very cold blooded. They hear a noise. Bo pulls his gun and they go looking. It's Asa.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997

Max and Maggie

While Max and Maggie are still in bed with each other, Ian goes into Maggie's apt. He looks, but doesn't find the locket. As he is leaving, Renee walks up and asks him if he is lost. He says that he was looking for Maggie and that he was going to leave her a note, but couldn't find anything to write on. Renee implies that he should have used the phone. He says perhaps next time and leaves. Back at Max's, Maggie has a dream about a little girl that is scared and pulls a locket off the neck of the woman that has come to comfort her. The woman is lying next to the child dead, Maggie wakes up screaming. Max comforts her and when she tells him about the dream, he tells her, no wonder with Ian around celebrating his dead mother's birthday. While comforting Maggie, the phone rings and it's Renee. She tells him that the pipes have burst again at Rodi's. Max tells Maggie that he will drop her off at the hotel and that it's all Ian's fault. She says it can't be, he says he blames him for everything. It makes him feel better to blame Ian and that if a monsoon came at Rodi's, that was Ian's fault too.

Later at the hotel, Maggie sees Ian and he asks her to join him for a drink to apologize for ruining the evening. She sits with him a minute and then tells him that she is tired and leaves. Upon leaving, Renee tells Maggie about seeing Ian in front of her room. She tells him that he was looking for her. Maggie tells Renee that that is funny because he knew that she was at Max's. Max sees Asa there and reminds him that the radio station is not for sale. Drew and Kelly are having dinner together. Asa introduces Ian to them. Kelly tells Ian that Joey, her boyfriend is in Paris. He tells her that Joey is either very confident or that Drew is very trustworthy. Kelly leaves. Asa then tells Drew that he is doing a good job keeping Kelly occupied. He tells him that he wants him to hang out with Ian. They are to meet at Asa's office tomorrow to discuss it.

Kevin and Cassie

They are on the airlplane going home. Kevin tells her that things went well until the peacock with the gun showed up. Cassie reminded him that they stole papers. He told her that they were allowed to steal because they were the good guys. Cassie then told him that they needed to talk about what happened. Kevin says, we kissed, so it's not the end of the world. Cassie says, not yours maybe. She then tells him that she has feelings for him, serious feelings. She said that she thought that her feelings for her husband and job would protect her, but she was wrong. She lost control. Not wanting to talk about it anymore, she tells Kevin to call Bo. He does and tells him about the papers they had and about losing them.

After talking to Bo, he tells Cassie that they should celebrate. He wants to order champagne. She tells him to forget it and get some sleep. He then asks her to explain the statement about serious feelings for him. Was she serious? She says yes. He asks where do you go from here? She tells him that the feelings that she had for him were something that she thought was fleeting. Something like the crush a school girl gets and then moves on. She tells him that she now knows that she was lying to herself. She tells Kevin that they can't go anyplace. That she can't be his backstreet girl and that if she left Andrew he would run for the hills. He disagrees, but Cassie tells him that if she weren't married he wouldn't want her so badly. He accuses her of thinking that he is shallow. You don't know me at all if that is what you think. She tells him that she doesn't think that he is shallow, but she wants him to think about what he said when the gunman was pointing the gun at them. Think Kevin, you said don't kill her she is a mother. That's what I am, Kevin, I am a mother. She turns and tells him to go to sleep. Kevin looks at her with a very hurt look and his face and tears streaming down his face. He strokes her hair as she pretends to sleep and as he turns his head away, Cassie opens her eyes and begins to cry silently.

Bo, Nora and Asa

Bo asks Asa what he is doing there on the Orion. He tells him that it's none of his business. Bo tells him that if it has anything to do with the case, it's his business. Nora asks him what he is doing with a gun behind his back. You do have a gun behind you don't you? He admits it. Bo asks him why. He tells them that he had the gun the night of the killing. He and Renee were dancing and she felt the gun and told him to get rid of it. He came out there to hid it. It was then that he ran into R.J. He was standing next to the fusebox. He told Bo that he didn't think he needed to mention it because he had wanted Hesser dead and so it wasn't a big deal to him. He said it was while he was still on deck that the lights went out and that everyone hit the deck. Bo tells Nora that with R.J. standing where he was, he was well within reach of the light switch and that he could have done it. Nora says that's fine, but that he doesn't have any evidence. Bo tells her that he thinks that R.J. knew what Carlo was going to do to frame Antonio and that he used that information to frame Antonio.

Kevin called at this time to tell him about the papers he and Cassie stole that were stolen from them. Bo tells Nora that things might be turning around. She tells him that they don't have any evidence but that she will put Kevin and Cassie on the stand to tell what they saw. Nora is still very discouraged and Bo tries to cheer her. He then tells her that he better go tell Hank that evidence is stacking up against his brother. Bo asks Nora how she feels about R.J. possibly being the killer. She tells him that what she wants is for the jury to just come out and say not guilty.

Bo goes to Hank and tells him about the evidence against R.J. He tells him that he doesn't think that R.J. killed anyone. Bo tells him that he has the word of a witness and that things are mounting up against his brother. He was next to the fusebox, he is after the money, and he had motive. There are the documents of power of attorney. Hank told him that he didn't need more questions, he needed answers. Bo asked him if he was worried about his case or about his brother maybe being a killer. He said that he didn't think that R.J. killed Carlo, but that he was more involved than he had led him to believe. Hank told him to find the answers that he needed. He also told him that he felt bad because he had promised his mother before she died that he would look out for R.J. He was glad tht his mother wasn't here to see what R.J. was doing.

Carlotta stops Nora as she is going into the courtroom. She tells Nora that Antonio didn't kill Carlo, she did. Nora told Carlotta that she had her hands full with one Vega. She then told her that she wasn't going to put her on the stand, that no one would believe that she killed Carlo and that it was a felony to commit perjury. She told her that her own good name would not let anyone believe that she had killed Carlo. Carlotta says that no one would believe her son but they would believe Carlo and his lies. She then told Nora that she did lie. She had lied to her son when she raised him to believe that justice is for the just. Nora told her not to lose faith. AS one mother to another, I will not rest until Antonio is free. Carlotta told her that she believed in her and that she was scared for her son. Nora hugged her as she cried for her son.

Wednesday, February 26, 1997

The Party's Over - Patrick, R.J., Alex, Kevin, Cassie and Téa

Patrick is staking out the Banco di Rio. He tells the vice president of the bank, Mr. Lima that he is waiting for his lawyer. He has some complicated transactions he wants the bank to handle. He places himself in a secluded area and overhears R.J. ask Mr. Lima to speak to Mr. Fereno. Lima tells him Fereno is not available but he would be happy to help him. Patrick immediately phones Bo and advises him that he will stay with R.J. and find out what is going on. R.J. tells Lima about the power of attorney and the letter he wrote to Fereno requesting access to Carlo's money. Lima replies that he will look through the files and if everything is in order, they can proceed. As he checks them out, he notices that the documents are missing. R.J. protests that he had contact Fereno at least a half dozen times by fax and phone regarding this matter.

Alex arrives and angrily tells Lima not to believe R.J., he is a liar, thief and trying to deprive her of Carlo's life savings. She shows her marriage certificate. R.J. points out that Carlo annulled the marriage before he died. He, as Carlo's partner, is more deserving of the money. While Lima checks the computer records, Alex argues with R.J. about the wild goose chase he sent her on looking for Carlo's money everywhere but Rio. R.J. replies he was just trying to keep her busy since she was in such grief over Carlo's death. Alex accuses him of murdering Carlo for the money. She tells him she saw the look on his face when he was questioned about Carlo's money and so did Nora and Hank and when she tells Hank all she knows, his brother will go after him. Lima interrupts to inform them that Carlo's account has been closed. Patrick calls the police on his cellular phone as Lima explains that all the money was transferred by someone to a Swiss Bank Account. It is now out of his hands. R.J. denies transferring the funds. But Alex does not believe him. She screams, "You killed my husband!" Patrick pops up from his hiding place and asks, "Can't we all get alone?" Alex and R.J. stare at him in disbelief. R.J. threatens him that someday his snooping is going to get him in trouble. "Not today", Patrick replies as the police lead a vehemently protesting R.J. away. Patrick tells him he will see him back in Llanview, where Bo is awaiting him for questioning.

Lima asks Patrick if this was the complication he was speaking of. Patrick admits it was. Alex fawns over Patrick and calls him her knight in shining armor. Patrick says, she didn't need him, she saw through R.J. all by herself. She replies she was just protecting Carlo's legacy. R.J. can't be trusted. Patrick offers to escort her home. Alex confesses she has wanted to get to know him better ever since he came to Llanview. On the plane, Patrick takes the opportunity to phone Bo while Alex is in the bathroom and lets him know that he will fill him in on any information she gives him. Alex returns and shares a glass of champagne with him and tells him that she is sure that R.J. set up Antonio Vega.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Kevin arrive at Llanview Airport and the realization sets in, for Cassie at least, that they are not in Rio anymore. Cassie tries hard to focus on the task at hand. She prattles on about going home, then to the police station to inform Bo about R.J. and then to the Banner. Kevin cuts her short, saying, he can't do this anymore. He can't understand how she can pretend that nothing happened between them. She tries to deny her feelings. Kevin is not to be fooled by her stonewalling. He asks her who was that lady in Rio, who danced with him, who kissed him, who was that lady on the plane who told him how much she cared about him. She replies that the problem is hers, she is the married one and the one that needs to grow up. Kevin asks if she is implying that he is just an incurable flirt who refuses to grow up and only goes after women he cannot have. He wonders if it spices up her marriage to get him all hot and borthered and then retreat to the rectory. He accuses her of deliberately throwing herself into his path every chance she gets. She tells him she can't leave her husband. The argument becomes heated. Voices are raised as they push and shove each other. Kevin tells her that her problem is that she does not know what she wants. Their being together is all that should matter. Cassie disagrees. She says she lives in a real world of obligations - to her husband, her child, her job. Rio was a world of fantasy. Now it is time to get back to the Banner and do their story. Kevin responds what they feel is real and if she can't face that, he won't work with her anymore. Cassie tells him that is fine, she will just fax the information to the office and this way he won't have to risk her throwing herself in his path again. Furthermore, he is wrong to say she does not know what she wants. What she wants is to go home.

Téa does what she does best and shows up at exactly the wrong moment. Cassie wants to bolt and Téa is the last person she wants to see, especially when Téa kids Kevin about going a long way to avoid a dinner date with her. Kevin assures Téa he was not brushing her off. He had to go to Rio. Téa says that is exactly why Nora sent her to meet them at the airport- to see if they found anything out. Cassie tries to leave but Téa includes her in the discussion, much to her discomfort. Kevin explains to Téa that whatever information they have must be turned over to the police and Cassie adds that Téa can read about it in the Banner, like everyone else. Then she tells Kevin yet again that she will fax her copy to the City Room where he can do his usual edit. Téa notices Cassie's abrupt departure and flustered behavior and asks Kevin what his partner is upset about. He lies and says they were arguing about bylines and "newspaper stuff." She drops the subject and invites Kevin out for a cup of coffee. He tries to beg off but she reminds him that he still owes her a date. He says, "Make it lunch and we have a deal."

At Rodi's, Kevin tells Téa about the Giant Peacock who stole R.J.'s Power of Attorney and request for access to Carlo's funds. In Rio, he explains wryly, everyone was someone else. He is not sure whether he can be any help to Antonio since the evidence is lost. Téa believes he can be of even more help with his testimony. She reminds him that Nora had already questioned R.J. about the bank in Rio and he stonewalled her. His testimony will help her connect R.J. with the crime. She brags about how she was able to turn Andy's testimony against her. Kevin asks why she would do this to Andy. She's a good cop, just doing her job. She tells him that Andy was responsible for Antonio being on trial since she had provided the most damaging evidence. She showed the jury Andy was just a jealous woman who would do anything for revenge. Kevin says, "Poor Andy" and that gets Téa curious. Kevin admits that Andy used to be his girl. Téa is surprised Andy let him go. Kevin tells her that he is glad to see her again and he will call her. He is not lying. He wants to get to know her better. This is one thing which did not change in Rio.

Cassie returns home to the Rectory and hugs River as Andrew comes into the living room with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for their son. Andrew greets her with great enthusiasm. He says she must be exhausted. She assures him that she has work to do and in a few hours she will have recharged and be her old self. She sends River into the kitchen to get some cookies from Heather, her babysitter. He notices that she looks upset. She tells him something happened in Rio with Kevin. She explains about the stolen documents, how she and Kevin were held at gunpoint and how if it were not for Patrick showing up, they might have been killed who scared the man off. Andrew is appalled at the danger her job placed her in. He tells her that Kevin can put his life on the line, but not her. She is the world to him and he does not know what he would do without her.

In Search of a Cure for Starr- Viki, Todd, Blair, Starr, Dorian and Edward Dougherty

Both sides of Starr's family - The House of Lord and the House of Cramer- are concerned about her aplastic anemia, but as usual certain members are at odds. In the restaurant at the Palace Hotel, Todd joins Viki at her table as she reads the morning newspaper. He tells her he did what she says and Viki holds up the latest edition of the Sun. The healine reads - Publisher Withdraws Million Dollar Offer for a Miracle: Seeking Other Methods. She says, she knows better, it was not she who changed his mind. Todd asks her not to tell anyone but he has to concede that Marty was right. His offer brought out all the crackpots. He received over 800 faxes and calls in just one day. His daughter is sick. He needs a cure and if he doesn't find some way of helping her, what is he going to do? Viki sighs and holds his hand. She tells him he is not alone. He responds that he does not need moral support, he needs help. Viki explains that is why she is meeting with her old friend, Dr. Edward Dougherty, the President of Llanview University. She is going to ask him to use all the resources at his disposal to network with the international medical community and gather information on the latest findings and research on aplastic anemia. At first, Todd dismisses the idea as a bunch of doctors exchanging phone numbers. Viki assures him that is not the case. She says this would be scientists who may be able to offer him the breakthrough for Starr he has been looking for. Todd says he figures it's his money, so he would like to meet Dougherty himself. Viki tries to deter him, reminding him that he has planned to spend the day with Blair and Starr and he belongs with his family. Todd says he wants to put pressure on the guy. Viki tells him that this is not a man who responds to pressure. She suggests she speak to Dougherty, break the ice and then she can introduce Todd at a later date. She tells him to trust her on this. There is hope. He needs to let others help him. Todd says he knows about hope. He gives it to Blair to keep her from falling apart. But "Shorty" can look fine on the outside and get weaker and weaker on the inside. Viki tells him that Starr need his strength. Todd says he is all out of strength. Viki replies that he can get his strength from her and give it to Starr.

At Dorian's former home (which Todd bought for Starr) Dorian is preparing an indoor picnic for Starr when Blair informs her that Starr will be spending the day with her father. Dorian is shocked that her niece would willing allow the child to go with the man who tried to take Starr away from her. How could she let Todd win like this? Blair counters that Todd and she are working together because the baby loves him and needs his comfort. Dorian begs her to stay home. Blair asks her aunt to call a truce with Todd for Starr's sake. She promises Dorian will get to spend time with Starr. Dorian grudgingly says, not enough. The bell rings and Blair asks Dorian to be nice to Todd for Starr's sake. Dorian manages to say hello and then launches into a lecture about Starr's suspectibility to germs. Todd ignores Dorian and tells Blair that Starr is going to love the plans he has made for his daughter. They are taking her to Logan's Department Store. Dorian is livid. She says she will not let him take the baby there. Todd does not really care what she has to say. Dorian tells him she knows he doesn't like her and she doesn't like him, but it is Starr who is important and as a trained physician she knows his daughter is very suspectible to infection. Todd informs her that he is doing everything he can for Starr. He is gaining access to research on aplastic anemia from the president of Llanview University. If Dorian wants to be of some help, she should try to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Blair comes downstairs with Starr and they depart, leaving Dorian to ponder Todd's words.

Dorian shows up at the Palace Hotel and introduces herself to Dr. Dougherty. She explains that she called his office and learned he would be there. She asks him if he has heard about Starr's case. Her niece is Starr's mother and she is concerned. She was a physician and has done some research about bone marrow transplants. The success rate is only 80%. She wants a 100% chance for a cure. Dougherty starts to say he is sympathetic but...Dorian interrupts. She is short on cash but she could lend some of her expertise to the project. At that point, Viki arrives for her appointment with Dougherty. Dorian is annoyed to see her. Viki explains that she is the one who arranged to see Dougherty and that Dorian must put her ego aside and for Starr's sake work with her to get him to help them.

At Logan's Department Store, the manager tells Todd and Blair how happy he is to see them. The store has been thoroughly disinfected and is totally theirs. Starr will have the time of her life. He looks at Blair's protruding abdomen and comments that the little girl must be looking forward to being a big sister. After he leaves, Todd says aloud to Blair that the "guy must be the only one in town who doesn't know you're pregnant with Patrick Thornhart's baby." Blair softly asks him to let it go for Starr's sake. Todd drops the subject and lets the happiness of the occasion take over. The toy department if filled with anything and everything a toddler could dream of playing with. Todd has succeeded in turning Logan's into "Shorty's" Playhouse. Just for the moment, Todd and Blair can forget all they have been through and play out the happy childhoods they never had. Todd gives Blair a crown and shows her a Darth Vader helmet. She shakes her head no. He settles for his own crown. Starr play happily with all her toys as a song plays in the background - " First, Last and Everything."

Back at the house, Blair thanks Todd for all he has done. He hands her a bunch of baloons to bring to Starr's room. As she grabs it, their hands grasp each other's for a long moment. Blair tells him Starr thinks her father can do everthing. Todd says, sadly, " Not everything."

Thursday, February 27, 1997

DORIAN'S HOUSE-Todd and Blair

Blair comes down from the nursery, after putting Starr to sleep. Blair tells Todd that Starr was so excited about all the toys that she had a hard time calming down for her nap. Todd was afraid that she caught a cold when they were out, but Blair tells him that she is ok. She says it was a wonderful day at Logan's, and thanks him for making it happen. She reaches out and touches his shoulder; they are looking into each other's eyes when the phone rings. It is Todd's office with a question about the headline for the Sun. Todd takes care of it and apologizes to Blair for the interuption. She says it's ok, and tells him that it reminds her of the old days. She tells Todd that she wants things to be that simple again, she wants to be a normal mother with a healthy little girl again. She says she wants everything to be the way it was. Todd says "everything?" He tells Blair that he wants that, too, for Starr, but not for him. She says she understands. Todd says that he wants to be here for Starr. Blair says she is glad for that. He also tells her that he can't think of the past or the future. He moves close to Blair, and tells her that all they have is the here and now. He reminds her of how happy they were at Logan's today. He is about to say more when the doorbell rings.

It's Marty, she has come by to check on Starr. She also wants to discuss Starr's treatment and the possible bone marrow transplant. She tells them that they need to decide if they want to go ahead with it or not. Blair says that Starr is fine, they don't need to worry about it right now. Marty disagrees, saying that now is the time to act, while Starr is healthy.waiting until she is sick would not be as helpful. Blair tells Marty to shutup, and accuses her of coming over just to gloat over Starr's illness, and says Marty is glad that Starr is sick. Todd tells Blair that Marty is right about the transplant. Blair accuses him of taking Marty's side. Todd tells Marty that it might be a good time to leave, which she does. He then tells Blair that there is only one side; Starr's side. He tells her that they will find a cure, and everything will be ok. Blair agrees. She decides to go up and take a nap in Starr's room. Todd starts to leave, and Blair tells him again what a wonderful day it was, and asks if he thinks they'll have more. Todd says yes, they will. He also says that when it comes to their kid, anything is possible.


Bo comes in and tells Hank that someone picked R.J. up at the gate, and that they are bringing him over. Hank hopes that R.J. will tell the truth about what he knows about Carlo's murder, and about the account in Rio. R.J. arrives, saying that he doesn't have to take this kind of harrasment, and that if he isn't being arrested he will just leave. Hank pushes him into a chair and says it's time he started telling the truth. Bo and Hank confront him about what he knows; like the fact he knew Carlo was leaving town, andthat he was the one who turned the lights out on the Orion.Bo asks him why they shouldn't charge him with the murder. R.J. replies that all the evidence points to Vega, but Hank informs him that some of the evidence is starting to point to him, like motive and opportunity. Hank asks Bo to leave so that he can talk to R.J. alone. Hank tells R.J. that he has him all wrong, and that he wants to help him. He tells R.J. that he is playing a dangerous game. He tells him that he has always come to his defense because they are brothers, and he promises to help R.J. now if he did shoot Carlo. R.J. tells him that it doesn't matter what he tells him, because he already made up his mind. R.J. tells Hank that he is his own boss while Hank is "still running around working for the man." He walks out the door.

PALACE HOTEL-Ian, Maggie, Max

Ian is on the phone, talking to his father when he hears someone trying to get into his room. He gets off the phone and opens the door- it is Maggie.She tells him she was just returning the favor. He tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him that Renee saw him hanging around her room. He says he was just going to leave her a note. Maggie says that she thinks he was trying to break in to look for his mother's locket. Ian denies it, and says he knows that Maggie has told him everything. There's a knock on the door- it's Max. He asks Ian why he was trying to break into Maggie's room. He sees Maggie is already there and asks what she's doing there. She tells him she came for the same reason that he did, and that there has been a mistake. Ian wasn't trying to break in, she says. Max and Maggie leave and go back to Maggie's room. Max tells her that he knows something is going on between her and Ian.He says he knows it has to do with Ian's mother. Maggie finally comes clean-she says she can't lie anymore because she doesn't want to ruin what they have. She tells Max the whole story about what happened in St.Marten, and tells Max that she only lied because the bishop told her to. Max suspects the bishop of having an affair with Eleanor.Maggie says she doesn't think so, and she also tells him about the locket. She tells Max that she used to think Ian was a harmless, grieving man, but now she thinks he is up to something. She starts crying, Max tells her that he loves her and he doesn't know why she didn't tell him all of this in the first place, and he reassures her, saying that they will get through it together. He suggests they go on a vacation to the mountain inn, to get away from it all for a while. Maggie thinks it's a great idea.


Ian is talking to a private investigator. He wants them to follow Maggie 24 hours a day. He wants to know her every move...


Alex and Patrick get off the plane from Rio.Patrick wants to take Alex right down to the police station to talk to Bo about what she knows about R.J.'s involvement with Carlo's bank account. Alex says it's too dangerous, she is afraid R.J.'s men will come after her. Patrick suggests he takes her back to her hotel, but she says she'll be in danger there, too. She tells him that he can't leave her alone tonight. He decides to take her to his apartment. She thanks him for his help, and tells him that she thinks he is fascinating. They arrive at his place. Alex tells him how grateful she is, and suggestively asks him if there's anything she can do for him. He says yes, she can tell him why she thinks. Alex tells Patrick that R.J. has a lot of reasons to kill Carlo, like jealousy of his money and personal life. She says that R.J. would do anything, even murder. Alex decides she wants to take a bath.while she is doing that, Patrick calls Bo and tells him that Alex is with him. When he is off the phone, Alex comes out in just a towel to ask where the bubble bath is. Later, after her bath, she comes out in an ultra short robe and tells Patrick that her bath was "delicious." She says there's nothing she likes better than a nice hot bath. Patrick says that he prefers cold showers. She tells him that he might enjoy it more if he took a bath with someone else, and had candles...he interrupts her by offering her some wine. He asks her again to tell him everything she knows about R.J.She says,"that could take all night." She sits down on the couch and pats the seat next to her.

Friday, February 28, 1997

Patrick's Garret Apartment- Alex, Patrick, Kevin, Marty

Wrapped in a sheet and wearing only a teensy weensy slip underneath, Alex awakes on the couch. Patrick offers her some breakfast and she tells him of the terrible dream she had of being chased down a dark alley by R.J. Gannon. She was hoping for a reconciliation with Carlo and with his death, all hope of that died too. Patrick knows Alex is trying to play to his sympathy while placing the blame for Carlo's death on R.J., but she is not giving any real information, so he excuses himself to prepare the morning tea when the door bell rings. The scantily clad Alex greets an amused Kevin who wants to follow up on his Rio story. Kevin can hardly contain himself until Alex departs to get dressed. He asks Patrick if "that's what it looks like?" Patrick explains that after Kevin and Cassie left Rio, R.J. and Alex showed up in search of Carlo's bucks. Unfortunately, the money was transferred mysteriously to a Swiss bank account. But before the bank manager even got those words out, Alex accused R.J. of killing Carlo for the money. Patrick called the police and had R.J. shipped out of Brazil and back to Llanview for questioning. Bo told him to escort her back. Kevin smirks, " You kept an eye on her all night?." Patrick informs him that Alex was afraid that R.J. would be waiting for her back at her place. He locked his bedroom door and she slept on the couch. Alex finishes dressing and thanks Patrick for taking care of her. She recites a quote from Shakespeare's MacBeth that he taught her about screwing one's courage to a sticking point. Patrick offers to call her back and check up on her. Kevin chuckles and bids "Grandma" goodbye. She reminds him that he can call her Alex. After she has left, Patrick fillls in the other details of the missing $30 million dollars. Kevin asks Patrick to do him a favor and not to tell anyone that he and Cassie shared the same room in Rio. After all, Rio was overbooked due to Carnivale. Patrick agrees, saying that Rio had been a strange adventure and they had not come any closer to proving R.J.'s guilt.

After Kevin leaves, Marty visits with Patrick to find out how Rio went. She discovers a brassiere on the couch which is obviously not hers. He tells her the memento is Alex's. She replies she never would have thought he would have gone for Alex. She laughs and says he's lucky she believes him.

Country Club- Viki, Dorian, Todd, Edward Dougherty

Dorian arrives a little late for her appointment with Viki and Dr. Dougherty. She is not a morning person and the hour is early for her. She tries to be affable to Viki and says she is grateful that Viki invited her to be a part of the meeting. Viki replies that they are both family to Starr and of course she should be included. Dorian wishes that Starr's father was kept "out of the loop." Viki laughs and reminds Dorian that Todd is funding the project and if it is successful, it could save Starr's life. Todd arrives and slams his briefcase on the chair. He is clearly as unhappy about Dorian's presence as Dorian is about his. He tells Dorian it is his show, his money and his daughter. Viki intercedes. She reminds him that Dorian is related to Starr, too. Todd mutters his usual "whatever" and settles down to business. He is determined that a cure be found for aplastic anemia before Starr needs a bone marrow transplant.

Dr. Dougherty arrives and Viki introduces him to her brother. Todd is eager to discuss the research he has done and the direction he wants the project to take. Dougherty tells him there is a problem. Todd tells him that money and space is no object. He'll take care of all that. Dougherty says that is not the problem. When Viki came to him with idea, he had a conference with the Board of Directors of the University and two of its members had concerns. Viki does not understand what they are concerned about. Todd is quick on the uptake and knows immediately what the board members are concerned about. "Llanview University does not want to hop into bed with the devil, Todd Manning. Viki is sure this is not what Dougherty means. Todd replies this is exactly what Dougherty means. He asks the president of the university why he thinks it is a good thing for his daughter to die for his sins? Viki cannot believe the university would turn down her brother's offer. Dougherty admints that it is the source of the funding which has the two board members concerned. Viki replies that the money is her family's and it was honestly earned a long time ago. Dougherty explains that Todd had committed crimes while attending LU. Todd says that the money is for his daughter and other kids like her. Why would the university want to punish them? Dougherty agrees, but says that Todd is considered a disgrace to LU and funding this project would revive the scandal. Viki offers to speak to the board members and asks if Dougherty would provide her with their names, so she can work things out with them. He is willing to do so.

After he departs, Dorian, who has stayed on the sidelines during the whole conversation, issues her standard, " I told you so" to Viki about Todd. Starr is going to suffer for Todd's actions. Todd says he is beginning to wish he hadn't withdrawn his front page contest. Viki says that only attracted the crackpots. Instead, she will try to convince the board members of the worthiness of the project. She excuses herself and tells Dorian and Todd she will meet them for lunch and will tell them then if she has been successful.

Viki does not contact the board member. She has another idea of what must be done before she confronts them. She arrives at Patrick's door and tells him it is Marty she must see. She has a big favor to ask of Marty ( one guess what favor she is going to ask from Todd's rape victim).

The Courthouse- Nora, Antonio, Téa, Carlotta, Chrisitan, Bo, Clint, Kevin, Jessica, Cassie, R.J., Andy and the Angel Square Chapter of the Antonio Vega Fan Club

Antonio is nervous because this is the day that Nora opens his defense. Nora tries to reassure him. He reminds her what a great job Hank did tearing down Andy's testimony and that he could do the same to them. Antonio wants to take the stand. Carlotta, Cristian and Téa as does Bo who is due to testify. He tells Nora he does not have anything solid on R.J. Clint and Jessica compliment Cassie on her fine story and Jessica wants to know if she and Kevin were scared. Cassie dodges the question, saying her only concern is that they lost the evidence. Cassie asks Clint where "Indiana" Buchanan is. Clint says he was supposed to be there by now.

Téa questions a string of character witnesses. Linda Soto tells the court what Angel Square was like when she was growing up - the gangs and the violence. Antonio was the leader of the Prides and was know as El Lion. When he came back to East Llanview after several years, he worked undercover to stop the flow of guns into the streets. He brought the opposing gangs, the Prides and the Arrows together, and called a permanent truce. The two gangs reformed and became Esperanza (Hope) which is what Antonio gave them. Linda tells Téa and the court that she is no longer in a gang. She now works for the Llanview Police Department. Next, Mrs. Ramirez testifies how Antonio saved her from eviction by giving her as a gift, not as a loan, a sizable amount of cash. A gay friend who grew up with Antonio testifies how because of Antonio the community did not shun him and his partner, who was infected with AIDS. Antonio raised funds for Sandy's medical treatments and made his final days more comfortable.

Hank has no questions for these witness. Nora tells Téa she did a good job. The witnesses were effective in touching the jury and if he challenges them, Hank would come off as a bully.

Cristian testifies next. He tells how Antonio worked for Carlo in order to get him money for college. He had no idea he was studying Art on a "Carlo Hesser Scholarship." He was glad when Antonio decided to work against Carlo, but the thing Cristian never understood is why he wanted to help the cops and the DA after the way Antonio was treated by them. Now his brother is on trial for another crime he did not commit. Hank's assistant DA objects and the judge orders the last comment stricken from the record. The defense has no more questions and Hank doesn't either.

Nora tells Téa that the jury wants to believe in Antonio's innocence, but they will have to hand them the real shooter- someone with motive and opportunity. Antonio looks at R.J. Asa is called to the stand. Nora questions him about R.J.'s location on the boat the night Carlo was killed. Asa tells the court that R.J. was right by the power switch seconds before the lights went out. Hank asks Asa what he was doing on the deck that night. Asa says he was going to get his gun. His ex-wife Renee was jumpy about it and had him stash it away. Hank wants to know why Asa was carrying a gun. Asa tells him, sarcastically that he would not feel fully dressed without it. Nora saves on the redirect. She establishes that Asa has a license to carry the weapon. He was carrying it that night because of previous threats against his life by Carlo Hesser. Asa just wanted to be prepared in case Carlo made good on the threats. Nora asks Asa what is the caliber of the gun. He replies it is a 32. Nora tells the court this is not the caliber of the gun which killed Carlo Hesser.

R.J. Gannon is recalled to the stand by the defense. Nora asks him what part he played in Carlo's plan to disappear. R.J. denies he knew anything about it. He was just following Carlo's orders to douse the lights. He was told it was just a prank. Nora disbelieves this is all there is to it. Did R.J. know that Antonio was being set up by Carlo? He denies he did. Nora says R.J. was aware of the $30 million Carlo had hidden and that Carlo planned to go to Rio to get the money. Did he know what mode of travel Carlo was planning to take- jet skis, for instance. R.J. says he doesn't know. "Of course not", Nora replies, "Your only job was to turn out the lights to pull the trigger." Hank objects to Nora's statement. R.J. cries out that he did not kill Carlo. Nora says the witness has lied over and over again and she just wants to find out the truth. She tells the judge she has no more questions. R.J. smiles a little and nervously tugs at his tie. Téa and Antonio think Nora did a fine job with R.J., but Nora looks unsure, as Hank gets up from the prosecution's table to cross examine his brother.

Hank asks R.J. if the money was Investment Capital put in the bank for both partners. R.J. says Yes, that is why he had a power of attorney and he wanted to give Carlo's share to his estate, but the bank was dragging its feet. Turns out the funds were mysteriously transferred. He did not derive any benefit from his partner's death. All he got were the headaches when he took over Carlo's business. Hank asks if Carlo ever indicated he was setting up Antonio by disappearing. R.J. reiterates that Carlo asked me to turn out the lights as a prank. He was as much in the dark as everyone else.

Nora calls Bo Buchanan and asks he be treated as a hostile witness. Meanwhile, Alex confronts R.J. in the corridor about his testimony. She tells him neither herself or the police believe him. He will not get away with Carlo's murder. Inside, Bo is already giving his testimony. Nora can ask him leading questions due to his hostile witness status. She leads him to talk about how Antonio went undercover for the police and fingered a rogue cop as the one who was selling guns to the gangs in Angel Square. The fact that he was using him again to infiltrate Carlo's organization indicates he must trust him. Bo admits he made a mistake when he originally thought Antonio was the one who was selling the guns. Nick Manzo, the rogue cop, had planted false evidence, pointing toward Antonio. In the end, Antonio was vindicated and Nick Manzo was sent to prison. Despite this, Antonio volunteered to help again. Bo says this is so. Next, Nora asks him about the videotape in which Carlo accuses Antonio of stealing money from him. Bo said he never found any evidence that Antonio took anything from Carlo other than his pay. Further, he tells the court that Antonio gave the police information linking Hesser with the terrorist group, the Men of 21 and the very night Carlo was killed, the police were closing in on him. Nora asks if since Antonio was arrested has he investigated any other suspects. Bo replies that the police have been keeping an eye on R.J. Gannon. Nora establishes that Antonio helped catch Nick Manzo, figured Carlo as the head of a terrorist group and this is the thanks the police department gives him! No more questions.

Hank cross examines Bo and asks him to answer his questions, not with his heart, but with what he knows about the evidence. Where does the evidence point? Bo has to admit it all points to Antonio. He has Bo list that evidence and how it was linked to Antonio. Bo talks about the palm print on the gun, the bloody shirt Antonio burned, the shirt fibers under Carlo's fingernails, Antonio's anger about Carlo's assault on Andy, and his being seen on the gangplank by Max. Next, Hank asks if there is any evidence to charge R.J. or anyone else in this case? Bo says No. Is there any indication that the evidence is false which would force the court to free Antonio? Again Bo says No. The judge calls a recess.

In the corridor, Antonio, Téa and Nora discuss how Bo, although he did try to help, had damaged the case. Téa says that even the one juror who always gives her supportive smiles, couldn't look up at her after Bo's testimony. Antonio says he wants to testify. Téa is against it. Nora thinks the jury will believe Antonio.

Kevin shows up and tells Clint what happened after he left Rio. Clint asks if he and Cassie want to work together and Kevin tells Cassie to just call Patrick for details and do it on her own. Téa walks up and asks him why he didn't call. He says he thought he'd come to the "office" and see her work. Téa tells him she has questioned all her witness for the day and Nora has taken over for the defense. He missed her and he will have to catch her another time.

Antonio and Andy speak during recess and he tells her that Nora must be desperate to allow him to take the stand. Andy responds that this way he can tell history and that the jury will finally get to know the real Antonio Vega. Bo comes by and Antonio thanks him for helping out. After Antonio leaves, Bo tells Andy they are missing an important piece of evidence about how Carlo was planning to disappear. Some passengers on the yacht had heard a speed boat just after Carlo was killed. Bo wants Andy to check every possible source lead to find who owned or rented the boat, who might have seen the boat and whether it was involved some way with the murder. Andy wants to stay for Antonio's testimony, but Bo asks her what is more important - to lend moral support or save her boyfriend's life.

Antonio is called to the stand. He puts his hand on the bible and is sworn in as a witness.

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