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Scott told Laura that he loved her. Tanner and Hayley made a crash landing en route to Texas to see Mateo. Trevor offered to help Janet get back into Amanda's life. Erica got Edmund out of town so that she could confront Maria about Maria's affair with Dimitri.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, February 24, 1997

Hayley and Tanner returned to the apartment (Hayley and Mateo's apartment, that is) and chatted about Adam's wacky dinner party. Tanner assured Hayley that the evening was not as bad as what she thought and said that he enjoyed his evening. Hayley adjourned for the evening, but Tanner was not quite ready to call it a night. He picked up the phone and placed a call to Earl, the man posing as his father. Tanner ordered Earl to get in costume and prepare for the next step in his plan to win Hayley's affection.

Earl showed up as planned and did a wonderful job of making a scene in the apartment building's common hallway. He moaned and growled for his "no good son" to let him in. The ruckus roused Hayley from her bed and she ordered Tanner to let his father in the apartment before he wakes the entire building. With a wry smile on his face, Tanner granted Earl admission to the apartment. Earl was obviously drunk (pretending to be drunk might be a better description) and said that he was turned away from The Brooke English House because they do not permit intoxicated persons into the shelter. Hayley allowed Earl to spend the night and returned to bed. A little while later, Earl slipped out of character and told Tanner that it seems like his plan is working. Tanner made a comment that would later come back to haunt him when he praised Earl's performance as "Oscar worthy." Tanner became furious when Earl made mention that Hayley would hate Tanner if she learned that he was lying to her. He erupted and warned Earl that if Hayley find out about his lies, he and Earl will both end up back in jail. Later Earl said that if his performance is Oscar worthy, he wants to be paid better.

Tad and Gloria watched B-movies on the tube, but could not agree which channel to actually let the dial rest upon. So Tad improvised and performed a little re-enactment of "Sir Thaddeus and Lady Gloria." He was in rare form as he talked of how wonderful a man "Sir Thaddeus" is to "Lady Gloria." In the midst of the first act of the play, Tad recalled that he needed to phone Liza about plans to the next day's taping of The Cutting Edge.

Adam and Liza kissed. Adam commented that night was very "memorable." Liza leaned over and told Adam that she wants to make sure that neither one of them forgets the evening. The two really lost themselves in each other and began kissing very passionately.

Downstairs, Stuart scampered into the mansion and asked Marian if he could speak to Adam. Marian, not wanting her daughter to be interrupted from consummating her marriage, did everything she could to get Stuart out of the house. Stuart told Marian that he is being audited by the IRS and needs to speak to Adam immediately. When Marian suggested that Stuart join her for a night-cap, a look of horror crept of Stu's face and he ran away!! Tad's call then came through and Marian again was forced to do everything in her power to make sure that Liza was not bothered. Marian informed Tad that Liza and Adam were both occupied and that his call would have to wait until the morning.

Back upstairs, Adam and Liza continued their waves of passion. In spite of Adam's comment that everything felt right, he broke of their lip-lock. He apologized to Liza for his inexcusable behavior. Liza continued her seduction plan, but Adam was no longer interested. Liza excused herself from the room, saying that she needs a cold shower. When she opened the bedroom door, Marian tumbled into the room. Liza and Marian dashed off together. Adam laid down in bed, but his mind was cluttered with images of kissing Liza.

Marian did her best to dig up details on what happened between her daughter and Adam, but Liza said that she was not about to kiss and tell. Marian mentioned that Liza received a call about WRCW business. Liza erroneously jumped to the conclusion that Jake had called her. Marian was surprised that Liza was thinking of the younger Martin brother and told her that it was Tad who had phoned. Liza left her mother drooling by saying that she had gotten to "second base" with Adam and that their "game was postponed" until a later time. Marian grinned ecstatically as she told Liza that her time is only a short time away.

Erica picked up a wedding photo of her and Dimitri when her cell phone rang. She picked up the phone, but said nothing. When Dimitri's voice sounded over the phone, she dropped the picture. The glass from the picture frame shattered. Erica finally spoke. She told Dimitri that she had dropped a glass of water. He told her that he has good news on their adoption front: He filled out papers and they have been approved for the adoption process. Erica's face remained void of expression. He voice had a cold chill to it as she told Dimitri that the thought of him holding his baby in his arms will be "quite a sight." Of course she was not referring to the baby they were going to adopt---she meant Maria's baby. Dimitri asked Erica to remember that he loves her and bid her goodnight. Erica hung up the phone. Her emotions swept over her and she began trashing the room.

Maria told Edmund that there was still no sign of Erica. Edmund headed to the study to retrieve a fax on Erica's forthcoming book. While he was gone, the front door rattled. Maria assumed that Erica was coming home, but was surprised when Skye entered. Maria thanked Skye for handling Erica's questions and said that she was sorry that Skye had to be hurt by Edmund's rejections of her. She said that she hopes they can all move on like nothing ever happened. Edmund returned from the study and asked Skye if everything was okay. Before she could answer, Erica arrived. She was acting very peculiarly. She said that she just learned that Dimitri is going to be a father again. Skye and Erica's face dropped. Erica let them worry for a few minutes about what she was going to say before telling them that Dimitri received the news that they can adopt a child. Maria was relieved, but Skye sensed that something was not quite right. Edmund and Maria headed to bed and Skye left for home. Erica, now standing alone in the family room, cursed them for trying to keep a secret from her. She said that she'll see them "all rot in hell."

In the morning, Adam and Stuart had an interesting discussion. Stuart walked in on Liza trying to put the moves on Adam. Adam, of course, refused any of her advances. He said that now that he is sober---with an incredible headache---he can act more professionally. Liza left on business and Stuart told Adam that he has some business of his own to discuss. He told his twin that the IRS is planning on auditing him, but the accountant thinks that all of the problems were caused by a typographical error. Stuart then told Adam that he needs to get rid of Liza before he falls in love with her. He told Adam that his "goo goo" eyes gave away his feelings for his new bride.

Erica phoned the New York publishing firm that is working on her book. She asked someone if they could arrange to get Edmund out of town on book business. Her request was granted and Edmund was summoned to New York to review a few paragraphs that had the legal department concerned. Erica said that she wishes she could go with Edmund, a lie, of course. Edmund told Erica not to worry about it. Maria spent some time with Edmund before he left. Erica smiled fiendishly as she reveled in the thought of having some one-on-one time with Maria.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997

At Holidays, Scott told Laura that he is determined to find out who planted the Faberge egg in her purse. Laura didn't want to make a big deal out it, saying that her "big mouth" has already caused enough trouble. Scott praised Laura for speaking her mind. He said that too many people are "phonies" and only say what people want them to say.

Mateo phoned Hayley to find out how things were going at the bar. He told her that she should not be afraid to call the police if the troublesome drunk comes back. He said he definitely does not want Holidays to get a bad reputation. Hayley desperately wanted to tell Mateo that the drunk was, in reality, Tanner's father, but she remembered her promise not to tell Mateo and held back. The two told each other that they missed each other terribly.

Brooke stopped by the bar to ask Hayley how her "Tanner troubles" were going. Hayley informed Brooke that Tanner told her that he has a crush on her and had been trying to make her feel as if she had been leading him on. Now, Hayley said, they had ironed out their problems and everything looks much better. When Brooke asked Hayley if she had told Mateo about the problems, a worried look crept over Hayley's face. She told Brooke that she did not tell Mateo because she does not want to cause any friction between Matt and his best friend.

Scott left his luncheon date to go to Chandler Mansion and confront his Uncle Adam. Brooke sat down with Laura and, for the first time, learned of the fiasco that had occurred at Chandler Mansion the night before. Brooke was upset that Laura kept the information from her. She then said that she, as a mother, has to ask Laura if she did take the egg. Laura shook her head. She said that she has absolutely nothing to gain by stealing the trinket.

Amanda returned home from the hospital and was less than thrilled by a surprise "Welcome Home" party being thrown for her by Tim and Mike. Amanda asked Trevor if she could go upstairs and go to bed. Tim managed to coax Amanda to join him in a new CD-ROM game. Tim and Amanda went upstairs and Mike and Trevor talked about Liza's special bulletin that caused all the grief. Mike told Trevor that Liza has caused nothing but heart-break for his family. Trevor warned his brother-in-law that a trip down that road will not do him any good. Jackson called Trevor to ask him if he had seen Janet. Trevor told Jack that he found Janet at the well and escorted her back to Linden House and that she should still be at Linden. Mike was surprised that Trevor had a sudden showing of compassion for Janet. Trevor disavowed any compassion for Janet and chalked his concern up to forcing Janet to take responsibility as a parent. Mike asked Trevor to check in on Janet to make sure that she was okay. He said that Janet has "unraveled" under less pressure. Trevor assured Mike that Janet would be okay and that he needs to stand behind Amanda: If that means that Janet is a dirty word, then he cannot go against his daughter's wishes.

At Linden, Janet sat alone in the dark with Amanda's cries echoing in her mind. Jackson let himself into the house and pulled up a chair next to Janet. Janet asked him to leave, but he said that he was not going anywhere. Jack told Janet that they can fix things and even take legal action against Liza. Janet said that legal action will not change the fact that Amanda hates her. She looked Jack in the eyes and told him that all she wants is to have her little girl back.

Belinda and Liza chatted about Liza's marriage predicament. Liza told Belinda that nothing has changed---just the balance on Adam's credit cards! Jake wandered into the Valley Inn and asked Liza why she was not at work. Liza said that she had worked up three months of over-time and was taking the day off. Belinda, obviously enamored by Jake, introduced herself to Jake. When Jake left the room, Belinda leaned in close to Liza and asked if Jake was a single man. Liza said that she doesn't know anything about Jake's dating situation. Belinda wasn't so sure. She told Liza that she detected a distinct edge between Liza and Jake. Liza explained the chill in the air as a result of their differences over the moral obligations in the Amanda special report. Belinda was about to leave, but she stomped back to Liza with a difficult question. She asked Liza if she thought that Jake would be offended if she asked him out for a drink. Liza did her best to dissuade Belinda for pursuing Jake. She said that Jake displays properties of male chauvinism. Belinda was surprised. After all, Jake's mother is a woman with power. Using her best lawyer stance, Belinda asked Liza if she is "hung up" on Jake.

Stuart warned Adam that he needs to get out of his marriage while he still can. He told Adam that he's seen movies where a woman has divorced her husband and gotten nearly all of his money. Adam insisted that he has "will of steel" and that he and Liza have a business agreement that bars lust and love from the marriage. Adam said that he will remain married to Liza until she becomes bored and moves on to another man. The talk then turned to Laura Kirk. Adam told Stuart that he needs to get Scott out of his relationship with Laura before it's too late. Stuart was furious with his brother for picking on Laura.

After Stuart left, Scott entered. Uncle Adam assumed that Scott had "come to his senses" and dumped Laura. He said that a young man like Scott needs "assets not liabilities." Scott flat out asked Adam if he was the one who planted the egg in Laura's purse. Adam said that he has better things to do than playing juvenile pranks. Scott did not believe Adam and demanded that Adam apologize to Laura. Adam said that he loves Scott, not Laura and will not make any apologies. Scott said that he was no longer a part of Adam's family and will not be until Adam apologizes to Laura.

Next in the cavalcade was Brooke. Brooke was red with anger. She blasted Adam, calling him a liar and asked how he could embarrass her daughter in front of a room full of people.

Earl ordered Tanner to pay him more money or said that he would tell Hayley about Tanner's games. Tanner told Earl that he is very close to getting Hayley because she feels sorry that he has a drunk for a father. He refused, however, to swipe money from Holidays to cover his expenses. Mateo called to check in on Tanner. Mateo said that everything is going fairly well in Texas and might get to come home sooner than expected. After the phone call, Tanner told Earl that he has known Mateo for years. Earl detected a bit of jealousy in Tanner's voice. Tanner denied that he was jealous of Mateo and said that Matt will be able to get any girl he wants after his relationship with Hayley "hits rock bottom." Earl and Tanner began laughing and they had no idea that Hayley had returned home. Earl said that he and his son were just sharing some old memories. Tanner announced that he needed to get to work. Earl left and Tanner explained his giggle session with his dad. No one, I noticed, explained why Tanner and Earl were both drinking beer. Tanner told Hayley that Mateo called and said that he missed Hayley terribly. Hayley smiled sheepishly. She admitted that she was tempted to book a flight to San Antonio to be with Matt. Tanner stepped in as Hayley's friendly pilot and said that he can fly her to Texas. Hayley happily agreed (Who is going to watch the bar?) and went off to pack her bags. Tanner, just above a whisper, said "Sorry Sweetheart. We're not gonna get" to Texas!

Wednesday, February 26, 1997

Erica fell asleep in the study. Myrtle popped in for a visit and found Erica on the couch having a nightmare. Erica's dreams were filled with more visions of Dimitri's infidelity. Myrtle shook Erica to wake her up from her sleep. Myrt asked Erica if her nightmares were about "the baby." Still slightly asleep, Erica confused the meaning of "the baby": She thought Myrtle was referring to Maria's baby rather than the baby she had miscarried. Myrtle, still talking about Erica's baby, begged Erica to get out and about adding that it is not healthy for Erica to mope about worrying about things that she cannot change. Erica assured Myrtle that she was not going to mope around.

Amanda had a scheduled play-date with Jamie, but she told her Uncle Mike that she did not want to go because she did not "feel well." Mike sat Amanda down and told her that she need not worry about Jamie making fun of the ordeal she went through. He told her that Jamie was scared that he'd lose his friend and just wants to see her to be sure that she's okay. The pep talk persuaded Amanda to follow through with her plans. Mike went into the kitchen to make Amanda a sandwich. While he was gone, Amanda turned on the television and began channel surfing. Her flipper stopped on, of all things, yet another WRCW special report. In the report, which was on child safety, Liza reported on the irony of Amanda being imprisoned in the same well that had served as a prison for Janet's sister. Amanda broke into tears when she heard Liza refer to Janet as Amanda's mother. Mike cam running to comfort his niece.

At Holiday's, Scott told Laura that he loves her. The news came as quite a shock to Laura. She feared that his sudden display of affection might be due to Adam's accusations of her thievery. Scott insisted that he meant it, but Laura was still nervous. She noticed that Phoebe had entered and quickly flagged her down. Rather than share his girlfriend with Phoebe, Scott said that he had some business to tend to.

Phoebe noticed some uneasiness in both Scott and Laura and was soon asking Laura what had happened. Phoebe told Laura that the Pine Valley grapevine had broadcast the news of Laura's confrontation at College Day. Laura smiled nervously and told her aunt about her dinner party fiasco at Chandler Mansion. Phoebe told Laura that she is always comes prepared to offer assistance. She handed Laura a handful of marbles and ordered her to put them in her mouth and try to repeat tongue twisters Laura did fairly well---I mean how well can you say "She sells seashells..." with a mouthful of seashells?. Myrtle wandered to the table and discouraged Phoebe's efforts. Myrt said that Laura is fine in her book and does not want to see her change her ways.

Jake thanked Liza for introducing him to her friend, Belinda. Liza informed Jake that Belinda is her lawyer, not her friend. She seemed very uneasy with the thought of Jake having an interest in another woman and tried everything in her power to make Belinda seem like a cold workaholic. She ordered him to get her a cup of coffee. Jake refused to do menial labor, saying that it was not in his contract. Liza begged to differ. She said that she determines what work will be done and again ordered him to get her coffee.

Jake went to Holidays and had a brief chat with Ruth. His mother told him that he should consider a career that would let him use his medical expertise. She said that a position had opened at the hospital and that it pays quite well. Jake turned down the job.

Liza gabbed on the phone with a business associated. She raved about her ratings coup with the Amanda Dillon story. As she talked, Michael entered her office and she quickly hung up the phone. Mike blasted Liza for her continual attacks on his family. Liza praised her work and reminded Mike that if it was not for her, no one would have ever found Amanda. Michael wasn't content with her answer. He accused her of being a "media whore" who is only interested in ratings. To back up his claim, he pointed out that Liza did not call the paramedics when she found Amanda, she just rolled film. Mike warned Liza to back off of his family. He stormed from the office leaving Liza with tears in her eyes. Jake entered with the cup of coffee that had been ordered. He said it was a "peace offering," but Liza didn't accept the olive branch. She told Jake to get back to work.

Adam insisted that he has no reason to target Laura. Brooke disagreed. She said that Adam is not pleased that his nephew, Scott, is dating her and wants to try to break them apart. Adam tried to build himself up as a respectable man who would never stoop to such levels, but Brooke was quick to remind Adam of his staged kidnapping and frequent Stuart impersonations. Brooke demanded that Adam show respect for Laura. A smirk found its way to Adam's face as he accused Brooke of confusing Laura Kirk with her deceased daughter. The comment was very uncalled for. Brooke hauled off and slapped---really slapped---Adam. She warned him that he will not hurt her daughter ever again and said that he has no idea what it's like to really love someone.

Brooke returned home and began crying. Pierce stopped by for a social visit, but soon found himself offering comfort and support to Brooke. He was furious with Adam's actions and vowed to prevent Adam for hurting Brooke again.

Pierce went to Chandler Mansion where he told Adam that he will not tolerate his continual harassment of Brooke. If he does, Pierce said that he'll be back and make sure that Adam feels the pain, too.

Back at Brooke's house, Laura returned home speaking as though she were English---English like the country not like a Brooke English! Brooke thought that Laura had gotten a part in the school play. She had absolutely no idea that Laura had been getting manners lessons. When Brooke was told that Scott had confessed his love for Laura, Brooke was overjoyed. Laura, however, said she was scared.

Scott went to Liza's office to ask for her advice. He asked why a man can try to get closer to a woman only to be pushed further away by the object of their affection. Liza couldn't offer an answer. Perhaps she realized that she was doing the same thing that Scott spoke of.

Edmund worked on constructing a new crib for his new son. Maria told him that they still need a name for the baby. Eventually the name Matthew came into play. They both liked the name, but wondered if it was too close to the name Mateo. Maria asked her husband if they will act the same way on "Matthew's" paternity as they planned to with Sam. Meaning, will they tell Matthew that his father is actually Dimitri? They already agreed that Sam would learn that Bobby and Kelsey are his biological parents. Edmund nodded. They then made plans to make Mateo and Hayley the godparents of the new baby. Maria said that they cannot ask Dimitri and Erica. Erica entered the room and asked why that was so. Maria quickly came up with the explanation that they have a family tradition of asking the Santos siblings to take on the duties.

Later, alone in the nursery, Erica looked at the crib with tears in her eyes. She phoned the publisher of her book and thanked him for getting Edmund out of town. Maria had entered the room and overheard the conversation. She asked Erica why she arranged for Edmund to leave town. Erica smiled evily. She commented that Maria had found out the truth---and said that it's always good to come clean with the truth.

Thursday, February 27, 1997

Janet remained boxed up in her bedroom at Linden House. She stared longingly at the music box given to her by Amanda. Laura and Pierce showed up to try to coax Janet from her seclusion. Janet explained the story behind the music box and how Amanda gave it to Janet's "little girl." Pierce and Janet spoke privately. During the conversation, Pierce compared Janet's situation to his days as a hermit. He reminded Janet that he had become a total recluse after Christina's murder. Janet didn't see any similarities between the two scenarios. Pierce told Janet that she has the opportunity to see Amanda again. He, however, will never be able to see Christina again. Laura re-entered the room and offered to make Janet one of her "famous cheese omelets." Pierce's face frowned as he teased Laura over her lacking cooking skills. Janet's face formed a smile. After some initial hesitation, Janet agreed to go to Holidays for a bite to eat.

Erica smiled nervously as she debated whether or not to clue Maria into Edmund's surprise. Erica finally let the cat out of the bag and told Maria that Edmund was at Willow Lake planning a romantic get-away for Maria. Maria looked befuddled. Erica told Maria that the evening was a surprise and that she needs to stop worrying about schedules and meetings and "let her hair down." Erica offered her babysitting services and hurried Maria to get her suitcases and meet with Edmund before he thinks he's been stood up! Skye asked Hayley if she could be part of the big elopement party. Hayley informed her half-sister that she was not eloping, she was merely flying to Texas to be with Mateo. Skye begged to fly with them, but Hayley quickly dashed Skye's hopes. So Skye was left groveling at Tanner's feet. She told him that Erica is about to erupt and that she does not want to be anywhere near her when she blows. The topic of the conversation soon turned to Tanner and Hayley's budding relationship. Tanner inferred that Hayley is hung up on him. Skye didn't buy it initially, but as Tanner carefully crafted his concocted story, he actually was able to convince Skye that Hayley was getting tired of Mateo.
Trevor and Amanda waltzed into Holidays for a snack. Amanda was allowed into the kitchen to help the chef create a dessert. Trevor joined Belinda and Jack, who was out for a bite to eat, and the trio soon got to talking about the Amanda-Janet ordeal. Belinda told Trevor that she can relate to the way Amanda is feeling. Trevor didn't how Belinda's runaway mother could compare to Amanda's crowbar killing mom. Belinda encouraged Trevor to help bridge the chasm that had developed between mother and daughter before it's too late. She said that it's better to have a mother with faults than to have a "question mark" where a mother should be.
Janet, Pierce, and Laura arrived at the restaurant/club. Pierce praised Janet for getting out of the house, but Laura was wishing that they had opted for a different location. She tried to get Janet to go to McKay's instead, but Janet insisted on staying at Holidays. Janet turned around and saw the reason why Laura was trying to get her to leave: Trevor.

Mateo phoned the bar/club/restaurant to say that he would be home in a few hours. Tanner took the call, but pretended that he could not hear whoever was on the other end. This way, he can have an excuse for not delivering the message to Hayley that her fiancÚ was en route to Pine Valley. Now knowing that Mateo was due home shortly, Tanner told Hayley that they would have to be leaving for Texas immediately to avoid getting caught in an ice storm.

Janet disregarded Laura and Pierce's advice to steer clear of Trevor and went over to Trevor's table to ask how Amanda was doing. Trevor told her that their daughter was doing well, but ordered her to leave before Amanda sees her. Janet nodded and prepared to leave, but not before Amanda came out of the kitchen. Janet told Amanda that she looked beautiful, but Amanda wasn't receptive to the compliment. She told Janet that she was not her mother. The restaurant stood in silence. Skye, Pierce, and Laura rose to their feet and watched in awed silence as Janet's eyes filled with tears. Janet ran back to Linden House rather than display her emotions in public.

Mateo returned to the club and asked Skye for the whereabouts of his fiancée. Skye told him that Hayley had just dashed off with Tanner to surprise Matt with a visit.

Trevor paid Janet a visit at Linden House. When asked why he was there, Trevor could offer no answer.

Tanner told Hayley that he had stocked some chocolates in the back of the plane. While she was diverting her attention to rounding up some goodies, Tanner yanked out some electrical equipment from the plane's "dashboard." He took a quick peek at a map he had brought along, a map that had a remote area circled in red. Hayley returned to her spot as co-pilot, but the plane encountered some problems. Tanner looked at the console and said that the meter showed they had no fuel. He insisted that he had filled the tank up before leaving. Hayley begged him to get to an airport, but Tanner said there was no time---they have to make an emergency landing.

Maria arrived at the cabin at Willow Lake. As promised, the sounds of romantic music filled the air. Maria looked around for Edmund, but couldn't locate him. Finally, a rustle at the door would reveal her husband---or would it? Erica burst into the room to tell Maria that Edmund had encountered a delay and that he would not be at the cabin for a few more minutes. Maria was concerned for her husband's safety and asked Erica if she knew where her husband was. Erica nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders. She said that she did not know where Edmund was and really wasn't too concerned. Erica did, however, say that she was glad that Edmund had been detained because it meant that they could have some time alone together to chat. Erica asked Maria how she felt about secrets. Maria said that secrets are usually good---it just depends on what the secret is and why it's being kept hush-hush. Erica sensed a "road block" between them and said that she wants Maria to feel as though she can speak freely. Maria saw no wall between them. She excused herself to go to her car phone and call Edmund to see how he was doing. When Maria got to the front door, it was locked and she couldn't get out. With a look of horror on her face, she turned to look to Erica for some help. Erica stood there smiling.

Friday, February 28, 1997

At Holidays, Kevin thanked Scott for putting in a good word for him with the Pine Valley University recruiters. Scott told Kevin that Laura had more to do with the input than him. Kevin smiled and said he was thankful that Laura was on his side. Scott lowered his head and said that he doesn't know if Laura is on his side. He told Kevin that he had confessed his love for Laura, but that Laura did not exactly return the sentiment.

Laura and Brooke stopped by the multi-purpose restaurant. The two talked about the same thing that Kevin and Scott had been talking about. Laura told Brooke that she does love Scott, but that she just did not know how to respond to Scott's statement. Brooke suggested that Laura clear things up with Scott. She pointed Laura in Scott's direction---and gave her a little boot to make sure that she got moving.

Scott and Laura managed to clear the air. Scott told Laura that he meant what he said: He does love her. Laura apologized for making him feel awkward and told him that she loves him too.

Mateo and Isabella returned from their whirlwind tour of San Antonio. Skye told them that Hayley and Tanner had gone to the airport to fly to Texas and surprise them. Isabella bad-mouthed Hayley's impetuous decision, but Skye defended her sister's spontaneous actions by saying that when Hayley wants something, she does whatever she has to do to get it.

The FAA called the bar and told Mateo that radio contact with Tanner and Hayley's plane had been lost and that their plane has disappeared from the radar. A stunned Mateo told Skye that the plane had crashed.

Trevor asked Janet if she is going to make a career of staying at home in the dark. He encouraged her to take legal action against Liza and WRCW, but Janet said that no jury will award her damages in a court of law. She assured him that she was no talking to mirrors so if that was why he dropped by, he can be on his way. Trevor asked Janet to disregard Amanda's comments at Holidays. He said that Amanda does not know "what's up and what's down" and that she is hurting. Janet said that her daughter's reaction is "just desserts" for her years of bad deeds. Trevor shook his head. He said that he is not going to "wipe the slate clean," but said that Wilma (Janet's mother) is responsible for slighting Janet during her childhood. Janet refused to use Wilma as her scapegoat. She told Trevor that she'll avoid future contact with Amanda. Trevor didn't buy it and told Janet that she cannot "bow out" of her parental responsibilities. He said that he'll help Amanda get past her problems with Janet. Janet was stunned. Trevor said that he'd go to the ends of the earth to give Amanda what she needs. And right now Amanda needs a mother. Janet thanked Trevor, but Trevor, as you know, is not one to take praise easily.

Tanner landed the plane in a cornfield. The only ill effect of the landing was a slight scrape on Hayley's forehead. Tanner surmised that they had landed in West Virginia. Hayley urged him to radio for help, but Tanner reminded her that the radio had died. So he suggested that they wait for help. Hayley had other ideas. Since no one was looking for them, she knew that a search party was not en route. She said that they might be able to find Pigeon Hollow. Tanner went along with her idea, but said that the approaching storm will curtail their search for help. As the two walked along, they stumbled across a cave. The went inside and Tanner started a campfire. He bundled Hayley up with a blanket he had packed in his bags. As the two chatted, Tanner suggested that Hayley have something to drink. She agreed. Tanner went over to his bag and removed a sports drink. He unscrewed the cap and added a little something for flavor---some sort of alcohol and a white powder. He shook up the drink to dissolve the powder and returned with his offering.

Maria tried both the front and rear exits of the cabin, but both doors were locked. She asked Erica was what going on. Erica said that she was about to ask the same thing. Maria said that she is willing to talk to Erica, but suggested that they go back to Wildwind so that she can check in on Edmund. Erica wasn't moving. She asked Maria to explain the guilty whispers that had floated around Wildwind for months. Maria assumed Erica was talking about the wedding surprise. Erica nodded, but she said that she was not talking about Nick, she was talking about Skye's interruption. Maria said that Skye was upset with Edmund and was trying to make a scene. Erica said that the interruption was not about Edmund. She pulled out the charred remains of Skye's note. She asked Maria to take a guess as to why Skye linked the names "Dimitri, Erica, and Maria" in her letter. Maria said that she could not remember the contents of the letter and that Erica should talk to Skye. Erica informed Maria that Skye told her told her to talk to Dimitri. Erica moved on to another subject: the Thalissemia test. She asked Maria why she had gotten a test for the disease when she already knew that her baby was not at risk for the disease. She commented that Skye must have known for months what was going on. Maria sat down on the sofa. She told Erica that she does not understand how "it" happened. She explained that she slept with Dimitri---just once on the night that Sam was taken from her, the same night that Dimitri found Erica in bed with Dr. Kinder. Erica was furious. She mused at the pain Maria must be feeling as a "Good little Catholic girl." She asked Maria how many Hail Mary's she had to recite in order to work off her penance. Or, Erica said, was Maria trying to keep the affair a secret from God, too. But Erica didn't stop there. She blasted Maria for slipping into bed with Dimitri to get pregnant after failing time and time again at conception with Edmund. The tragedy in all of this, Erica said, was that she lost her baby. As she stated her wishes for Maria's baby to have been taken away, Maria began cramping. She doubled over in pain and begged Erica for help, but Erica turned and began to walk away.



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