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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on GL
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February 24, 1997 When Ross found Blake at the doorstep, he let her in. They started talking, and Blake tried to explain her night with Rick. She said that she had come from seeing Ross with Amanda, and she thought he was never coming back to her. Ross said that when Blake saw Amanda kissing him, she should have just barged into the room. He said that nothing happened with Amanda. Blake told Ross how Amanda was really after Ross at that time, that she made Blake feel ugly, and told Blake that her days as Mrs. Ross Marler were numbered. Blake said she felt very insecure, and she thought that Amanda and Ross were going to end up in bed together that night. She said that when Amanda was kissing Ross, he should have pushed her away. Ross said she couldn't make the whole thing his fault. Blake picked Jason up, and held him. Then Ross took Jason up for a nap, and Blake took the tap out of their phone. When Ross came back, he wanted to call a cab to take Blake back to the hospital. They talked about that night again, and Ross said that Blake always solved her problems by going to bed with some man. Blake said she changed when she met Ross, but Ross said she just reverted back to her old ways that night.

Rick went to see Abby. He said he knows how she feels, but she said he couldn't know. She talked about how she told everyone what a great person he was, and now all those people probably now think she's stupid. Rick asked for a chance to explain. He said he didn't know Abby then like he knows her now. She said she knows that she had no ties on him then, but since they have grown so close he should have told her. She asked Rick if he intended to marry her without telling her the truth- that he has a son with another woman. Abby said that she had trusted Rick, and she had been so naive. Rick tried to tell her that Blake was in trouble that night, and he was just trying to help her. Rick told Abby that Phillip also knows about Kevin. Abby said that must be why he has been so sweet to her, and asked who else knows. She is very upset that she gave her family up for a lie. Rick told her that his love for her is not a lie. He asked her not to leave. She said she has to leave, she doesn't know if she can be with him. He said they should always be together. Rick tried to get Abby to take her ring back. She said she can't, because the ring came with a promise that she doesn't know if she can keep anymore. While they're talking, Lillian called from the hospital to say that Blake is missing. Abby left while he was on the phone with Lillian.

Reva went to Josh and Annie's house to see the kids. Annie had been looking at the cameo that she found that looks just like Sarah's cameo. She even has put Sarah's picture in it. Annie went on to Reva about how she and Josh are building a nursery, and that she and Josh have never been closer. Josh came in and Reva left, saying she would pick the kids up the next day. Annie said to Josh that maybe Shayne was upset with Reva, since she was late picking them up. After Reva left, Josh told Annie about running into Dr. Sedgewick at Cedars, and said it was strange that the doctor didn't know that Annie was pregnant. Annie told Josh that she had switched doctors, to one that Fran recommended. Josh told her that he wants to be included in everything with the pregnancy, because he cares about the child.

Rick went to pick up Blake, and Ross said he was surprised to see Rick since he and Blake supposedly didn't care about each other any more. Rick told him he is concerned as a doctor and a friend. Ross asked them both to leave.

Reva was at home, looking at her picture of Sarah, and she said she feels like she is getting close to finding her sister. Abby came to Reva's house, and said that her life is falling apart. She told Reva about what Rick had done. Reva said that time could help Abby forgive Rick, but Abby said she doesn't know if she will ever be able to forgive him. Reva told her that Rick is a good man who made a terrible mistake. Abby told Reva that she just needs to think.

Rick took Blake back to the hospital. She told Rick that she had been on the way to tell Ross about her night with Rick. Rick was relieved- he felt guilty for telling Ross. Rick said that he is Kevin's father, and Kevin needs to know his father. He told Blake that the problem is not just about she and Ross, that it affected him and Abby too. Blake said she's sorry. Rick told Blake to pull herself together for the babies sake. He told her that Kevin needs both of them. Blake vowed to put her family back together again.

Annie was looking at the cameo again, and said to herself that Reva's sister will turn out to be the last person she expects.

February 25, 1997

Buzz went to the police station to see Jenna, and Jenna told him that Jeffrey had called and offered her an ultimatum. He would pay her bail, get her a top lawyer, and pay all her legal expenses, if Jenna would take Henry and go to him. Buzz said he wants to be the one to get Jenna out. Jenna said that Jeffrey's offer has a hitch, that she would never be able to set foot in Springfield again. Jenna said she was thinking of accepting Jeffrey's offer. She accused Buzz of still having feelings for Reva. Jenna said she doesn't want Buzz putting himself on the line for her anymore. Buzz left, and asked Jenna to give him just 2 hours. Buzz got Vivian to come see him, and he talked to her about Jenna and the jewels. He told Vivian that Jenna had been trying to put the jewels back, and that she had tried to talk her partner out of stealing anything at all. Vivian asked Buzz if he was in love with Jenna, but Buzz said his life is too complicated to love anyone now. But he told her he does know when Jenna is telling the truth. Buzz asked Vivian to get the charges against Jenna dropped. He reminded her that everyone has done things in their past that they are not proud of, as she did with Griffin. Vivian asked Buzz what if he was wrong about Jenna. Buzz convinced Vivian to get the charges dropped, and Vivian went to the police station. She told Jenna that she is still furious with her, but that she is dropping the charges. Jenna thanked Vivian, and apologized to her. Buzz told Jenna that Vivian knows that not everyone is perfect. Abby talked to Reva a bit more, and told her that she had always thought that if she were a good person, that everything would be okay. But it's not. Reva called Buzz and asked when she could expect his friend from VietNam, Luke Taylor, to come and talk to her. He is to help her find her sister. Reva was looking at her picture of Sarah, remembering that Sarah had said Reva and Josh should be together. Luke Taylor came to her door. Reva showed him her picture of Sarah, and told him what she knows of her sister. She said her sister's name is Danny Fontayne, and was known to be in the Big Sur area, and then Chicago. She asked Luke to help her. He started to make some phone calls, he checked driver's licenses, and no one by the name of Danny Fontayne came up. He checked prison records, and found a rap sheet for her. Reva began dreaming of meeting her sister. Luke did some more checking, and found out that Danny has been in a place called Simon House, a haven for wayward kids. Annie went to Alan's house, and showed him the cameo she had made up. Alan thought it would fool Reva. Alan asked Annie why finding out who her sister is would make Reva forget about Josh, and Annie said it depends on who the sister turns out to be. Alan said Reva would be devastated if Annie's plan works out, and Annie said she would be devastated if it didn't. Annie went to the phone to call Blake and listen in on the tap to find out how Reva's trip to California was. She realized that Blake removed the tap on the phone, and went into a panic. She is afraid that Blake told Ross what Annie is up to. Annie said she needs Blake on her side. Then she told Alan that Rick had fathered one of Annie's twins. Alan chuckled that two of Springfield's most respected men would be in this situation. Alan calmed Annie down, and told her not to make the same mistakes with Josh that he had made with his sons- pushing them away trying to get close. He told her to separate her fear of what Blake may do from her fear of Reva. As Annie was leaving, Alan got a call saying that Reva had hired Luke Taylor. Josh found Annie's pre-natal vitamins, and called the doctor whose name was on the label. He asked to talk to the doctor about Annie, but the doctor said he would not discuss a patient on the phone. He told Josh that Annie had an ultrasound appointment that afternoon, and Josh could come to that. While Annie was waiting at the doctor's office for her appointment, Josh came in. The doctor said that they were about to find out exactly how old their baby is, and get a precise delivery date.

February 26, 1997

Griffin came to the jail to represent Jenna. Buzz had called for Ross, but Ross was too distraught over Blake and the boy's accident. The DA said that Jenna is a flight risk, and they do not want to release her. She has no ties to the community, or family in town. Frank took Buzz out of the room to talk, and the attorney that Jeffrey hired came in to represent Jenna. Buzz asked him to leave. Frank said that Jenna should decide who will represent her. Buzz again asked the attorney to leave. Buzz asked Frank to help him with a plan to get Jenna released. Frank and Buzz discussed Buzz's plan, and Griffin arranged the release with the DA. The condition of Jenna's release is that she has to perform 90 days of community service, and will be in an accelerated rehab. program. Also, she is to be released into Buzz's custody. He will be fully responsible for her, and she has to live with him. Jenna balked at the idea. Frank explained that it was Buzz's idea, and furthur provisions are that Jenna is to be escorted everywhere she goes by Buzz, and there are to be periodic checks to see if she is residing with Buzz. If they find she violates the conditions, she will go to jail. Jenna accepted the offer, but told Buzz that Jeffrey will not put up with it, he will come back. Jenna said she does not want anyone to be responsible for her actions. Buzz wanted to know if Jenna is planning something, and told Jenna that he wants Henry to live with them. Jenna said to herself that she still loves Buzz. Dinah went to visit Henry and Vanessa's graves. She was talking about how much she misses Vanessa, and how she could really use her help with her problems with Hart. As Dinah was talking, Matt came by. Matt and Dinah talked about Vanessa. Matt told Dinah that as Vanessa's daughter, he would do anything for her. Then Matt took Dinah to his and Vanessa's special place because he thought it would help him to know what to say to Dinah. Dinah told Matt about how she ruins every relationship she is in. She mentioned Hart, and how good they had once been together. Matt told Dinah that some day she would find a man who would accept her for who she is, so she will not have to question herself. Dinah said that she is not the type of woman that men want to marry. Vanessa called for a doctor, and said she had some feeling in her legs. The doctor splashed water on her leg, and Vanessa felt it. Vanessa said she did not plan to contact her family until she was sure her treatment was a success. The doctor said that her blood tests had shown improvement, but that Vanessa should not get her hopes up. Josh and Annie were at the doctor's for the ultrasound, which was to determine the exact due date, as well as the date of conception. The doctor said they do not usually do the ultrasound this early in the pregnancy, and Josh became concerned as to why it was being done to Annie. The doctor explained that Annie had been experiencing cramping, and they were going to find out why. Annie needed to drink more water for the test, and when Josh went to get water, Annie tried to talk the doctor out of doing the test. They proceeded anyway. The doctor showed Josh some of the development of the baby- the head and spinal cord. As the doctor began to measure to determine the baby's age, he detected a small mass, an ovarian cyst, and said to Annie that that would be the cause of her cramping. He began to measure again, and Annie hyperventilated. The doctor said that Annie is to be under no more stress, and stopped the ultrasound. Josh and the doctor tried to convince Annie to quit her job with Alan. Annie said she really needs to work. Annie and Josh left the doctor's agreeing to have the ultrasound done later. When they got home, Josh again tried to talk Annie out of working for Alan. He said that he would take care of her and the baby. When Josh left the room, Annie called Alan to tell him that Josh is really watching her, but she can't let up on her plan with Reva.

February 27, 1997

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February 28, 1997

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