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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, February 24, 1997

by Sage

Connor is on the phone at the Kasnoff home calling around trying to find Mark. She hangs up and there's a knock at the door. When she opens it, she finds Hal standing there. Hal questions Connor about Mark's whereabouts and why she didn't mention to him the night of the murder that Mark was with her. Connor tries to carefully choose her words but trips up a bit when she says she loves Mark and would do anything for him. She asks Hal who told him Mark was there. He asks her if it matters? Connor was only curious. Just as Hal is getting ready to leave, the phone rings. Connor answers it to find Mark on the other side. Mark tries to explain to her what's going on but Connor tells him "It's not a good time... he's not home and call back later" and then hangs up on him. Hal is suspicious. Mark thinks that Connor is upset with him. Hal asks Connor if she knows where the garage tape of Diego and Mark's wife's car is. Connor lies and tells him she doesn't know a thing about the tape. He starts to go look for it and Connor tells him she doesn't have the authority to give me permission to search for it. Hal leaves. Connor picks up the phone and dials "call back." A phone in the middle of nowhere rings with Mark nowhere to be found.

Bob brings Kim home from the hospital. She appears to be doing pretty good. Nancy welcomes her home and offers to help. Kim thanks her for the help she's already done. Lisa and Barbara drop in. Lisa tells them that her chef has made a wonderful lunch for Kim and Bob. Lisa and Barbara tell Kim that things at WOAK are going great. The phone rings and Bob takes the call in another room while the ladies chat. Lisa and Barbara break out a gift for Kim... a new shirt from the new line. The tells Kim about the Mayor saying this morning that he will be on "Patterns." Kim is pleased but suddenly gets confused. "If you were both at WOAK this morning... then who brought me home?" Strange looks fly around the room. Nancy tells her that Bob brought her home and chalks it up to a hectic morning. When lunch is ready, everyone leaves Bob and Kim alone. Kim gets confused again and asks when Chris will be home. Bob tells her "Right after school" Kim thinks that she may have come home too soon from the hospital. Bob tells her that she is recovering wonderfully. Kim wonders.

John sees Margo at the hospital who fills him in on the murder and other details (like Diego being Umberto). John is upset that she hadn't told him sooner then asks why she is in the hospital for. Margo, reluctantly, says she has an appointment with the "resident shrink." John asks for more information and Margo tells him about the new PTS episodes she's been having. Later, Barbara runs into John and Margo. Margo leaves her appointment. He comments to Barbara that he's afraid Margo has inherited his bad luck. Barbara tries to talk him into going to lunch with her. She finally goes ahead and leaves.

The Judge asks Lily how she pleads. She looks at the newspaper headlines and says "Guilty, your honor." Holden screams "NO!" Jessica explains to Lily that she can't make bail now that she's plead guilty. Lily didn't understand that and decides to change her plea so she can have a few weeks with Luke (to make the separation easier). The Judge agrees to the change in plea, although the Judge does worry about the public thinking favortism is being shown. Tom assures the Judge that things will come to light and the public will understand. Jessica makes a motion for bail to be set. The Judge asks Tom if the state objects. Tom says that the state will agree to bail because Lily is not a flight risk and has a young son at home. The Judge takes a recess and calls Tom and Jessica into his chambers for a short discussion.

Mike walks into the funeral home and overhears a conversation that Pilar appears to be having with Diego. Pilar is leaning over the casket and Diego's voice is saying how Mike can't be trusted and how they can get away with this if they just stick together. Mike freaks and rushes up. He sees that it's just a tape recorder and Pilar is just playing the tape back. He tells her he realizes that her brother didn't trust her and resorted to recording her. Mike heard on the tape Pilar confessing her love for Mike to Diego. Pilar tells Mike he was only using her to get info on Diego. Mike reminds her that he didn't know her connection with Diego... even after he found out that she was Domingo the driver. Mike admits he cared for her then and still cares for her now. He also reminds her that she was going to go to the police. He tries to convince her to go to the police to help Lily be with her son. Pilar gets upset and tells Mike that she'll never betray her brother again. Mike tries to get Pilar to grasp reality, to stop putting her brother on a pedestal. He tells her that she is finally free of the life she was trying to flee and now things can be better and they have a chance at happiness. Mike adds that Lily is being arraigned today and she needs Pilar's help. Mike tells Pilar he cares for her and has to go. Pilar stuggles with the decision. Later, Pilar goes to the courtroom. Lucinda sees her and wonders outloud "What's she doing here?" Holden asks who she is. "The sister" Lucinda says. The judge comes back into the courtroom. "All rise" the court clerk says. The Judge asks Tom if the prosecution has any objection to bail. Tom says "No, your honor" and Pilar flips out! "You're gonna let her go free?" Pilar screams. Pilar rants and raves and then starts waving her tape recorder around saying "In the name of justice, let the murdered man speak." Pilar edits the tape and only plays the part where Diego is professing his love of Lily to Pilar. Pilar tells the Judge that Lily is a psychopath who shot down her brother in cold blood and is afraid that if Lily is released on bail that Lily might kill again. Pilar says that she would fear for her own life should Lily be released.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997

by Tim Tkacik

Connor, at the Kasnoff house, is waiting for Mark to call back. The doorbell rings. When she opens the door, she finds Cal standing there. She starts in on Cal asking him how he could talk to the police about Mark? She thinks that Cal is just looking for a scapegoat to put in place of Lily. Cal wonders if Mark is so innocent, why did he run away? Connor doesn't answer him. The argument between them heats up. Connor tells him that leaving town doesn't mean that he's guilty. Cal points out that Lily is in court begging to be let out right now. Connor thinks Cal is doing this as punishment for the divorce. Connor knows that Cal hasn't forgiven Mark. Cal asks why he should? Cal says that he treated Mark like a son, set him up in business so he could still my wife? Connor tells him that it was the choice she made and was her responsibility, not Mark's. Connor says that Mark wouldn't let Lily take the fall for something he did. Cal wants to know how she can be so sure. Connor thinks that maybe Mark is out there right now looking for evidence that would help Lily. Cal asks if she believes that? Connor knows that he helped Lily escape from Malta. Cal knows that... that's why he helped Mark out. Cal shows her how Mark repaid her after he got what he wanted... he went and married someone he hardly knew. Connor tells him to stop and get out! Cal leaves but on the way out he tells Connor that if she tries to protect Mark, she better think twice. She says she knows Mark, he'll be back. Cal isn't so sure she does. After Cal's gone, she goes back to the phone and wishes Mark would call.

Hal goes over evidence with another officer we don't know. The officer goes through the list: three confessions, one signed; one jailed suspect; an inconclusive ballistics report; no murder weapon; no witnesses; a church full of people who didn't see anything and, Hal adds, one clear print from a wildcat work boot. The scene changes to the wildcat work boot in the foreground. In the background, someone approaches. It's Nikki. The camera turns to Ryder (who's wearing the wildcat boots), who asks why she wanted to meet him here. (They are at the old abandoned boathouse). Nikki asks him if he heard about Diego? Ryder asks what she's referring to. Nikki tells him that she found out that Diego raped someone. Ryder didn't know. Nikki tells him that hearing about it brought back everything back that happened with Richard. She just wants to be safe with him for awhile. Ryder hugs her and assures her that everything is taken care of... Richard is gone, Diego is gone and nothing will hurt us ever again. (Hm.....) Meanwhile, back at the station, the officer tells Hal that the wildcat work boot is extremely popular. Hal points out the flaw and tells the officer that this is the way to know if you found the person who was there that night. The officer asks if Lily's confession will hold up. Hal doesn't know. He asks Hal if he thinks Lily did it? Hal says he can only follow the evidence. The officer knows they have to find the murder weapon. Hal thinks that if they found it, it might prove Lily's innocence. The officer points out that she had gun powder on her hands. Hal knows there were plenty of people who wanted to see Diego dead. Going back to Nikki and Ryder, Nikki tells Ryder that she was glad to see him the day Richard was attacking her... she wonders what she would have done with him there. Ryder knows she's strong and would have done what was necessary. She knew Richard was bad news and even figured Diego out. Ryder doesn't want to talk about it anymore, only about them. He thinks they are good together and tells her she's beautiful. She changed his life and he wants to make a real committment but not here. He tells her he loves her, no matter what happens. They leave the boathouse and go back to Hal's house. On the way in, Nikki jokes that when it rains, he always knows where to find the mud, as he stepped in it on the way up to the door. She goes to make some hot chocolate. He starts to follow her but she stops him and makes him take his boots off or Hal will kill them both for tracking mud through the house. Hal enters just then. Hal trips over the boots and picks one of them up. He notices that it's a work boot and turns it over. He discovers the flaw in the boot, then looks at Ryder.

Pilar, in court, tells the judge that she fears for her life if Lily is let out. Lucinda begins to have a fit. The judge orders Lucinda to be removed from the courtroom. Jessica convinces the judge to let Lucinda stay. The judge has Pilar sit down and asks if she knows how this hearing works? Pilar tells him no. The judge says that this hearing is for deciding whether or not bail should be granted. Pilar tells the judge that she will protect her family honor. The judge says that he was ready to grant Lily bail but now isn't so sure. The camera shows a youngish man enter the courtroom. The judge critisizes Jessica and Tom for not being prepared for a simple hearing. Jessica tries to show that Lily doesn't pose a threat. Pilar asks to address the court on Diego's behalf. The just allows her to talk over Jessica's objections. Pilar says that Diego always wanted to live in America ever since he was a little boy and has abided by it's laws since he's been here. Lucinda comments to Jessica that Pilar is just as nuts as Diego was. Pilar goes on to say that Diego believed everyone is equal under the law, no matter if they are rich or poor. She wonders if money can buy freedom? She asks if Lily was poor, would she be allowed to be out on bail? Everyone just seems to be in shock. Lily wants Jessics to object but she can't. The judge asks Jessica if they need a recess? Jessica thinks so but Lily wants to go on. Pilar asks that Lily remain in jail as Pilar fears that Lily will harm her too. The judge asks Tom for a motion. Tom starts to stand behind his recommendation when the man who entered earlier and is now sitting next to Tom interrupts him. He tells Tom, "I thought you said she confessed?" Tom stops to talk to the man. Mike enters the courtroom, surprised to see Pilar there. Lucinda gets up and asks Mike what happened at the funeral home after she left? She tells him that Pilar is destroying Lily. Lily tells Jessica and Holden she is afraid that she'll never hold Luke again. The judge asks Tom if he stands by his decision? Tom wants a few moments to talk with his colleague. The judge reluctantly gives him two minutes. Hal enters in the background. Lucinda interrupts Tom and the man's conversation, asking how Pilar could do this and also wants to know who this man is. Tom introduces him as David Allen, the new Assistant District Attorney. He stands up to shake her hand but she ignores him and talks to Tom. Mike asks Pilar to come talk to him privately but she walks away from him. Holden goes up to Pilar and tells her that she can't do this to Lily because it won't bring her brother back. She only wants justice and walks away from him. The judge asks for Tom's answer. Tom tells the judge he doesn't see any reason not to grant Lily bail. Holden, Lucinda and Lily are happy but Jessica tells them to calm down. The judge points out that he makes the decision about bail, not Tom and decides to "set aside" the decision of bail. Pilar wants to know what that means? Jessica asks him how long? The judge tells her 24 hours and remands Lily back into custody. Lily doesn't think she can last another day in jail. Holden tells her to hold on one more day. Holden goes back to Pilar, tells her she won't get away with it. Pilar points out that his "precious" Lily is going back to jail and she hopes Lily rots in there and there is nothing he can do to save her and then leaves. Tom and David go to leave but Lucinda stops them. Tom apologizes and didn't know it would turn out quite like this and they leave. Hal tells Lucinda that it was a tough break and that Lily doesn't belong in jail. Lucinda asks him if there is anyway he can talk to the judge? Hal says he can only collect evidence. She asks him why he's here, anyway? Hal wants permission to search her house. Lucinda freaks. Hal only wants to cover his bases. Later, outside the courtroom, David is concerned what the press is reporting. Tom says he doesn't work for th press and doesn't care what they think. David reminds him that they work for the people and people read papers. Tom doesn't care what anyone thinks. Tom suggests that they talk to Pilar ASAP and then he will make a decision about bail. Holden and Lucinda exit the courtroom too. Holden decides to go see Lily, has something to cheer her up. Lucinda asks what it is? Holden tells her that she's allergic to it.

Holden arrives at the jail to see Lily. He tells her he brought her something. Lily isn't interested. Holden tries to cheer her up. She's afraid from being away from Luke, that if he grows up without her around that he won't forgive her. Holden asks again if she wants to know what he brought her. She reluctantly agrees. Holden pulls out the cat he carved for her. She tells him she thought she'd never see it again. Lily returned it to him when she was trying to get on with her life. She remembers him carving it for her when they were so young. Holden says he had to give her something... Lucinda was allergic to cats. Lily admits that Lucinda was only allergic to him. She remembers carrying it in her pocket all the way to Wyoming and spending that summer working at Grace's truck stop. They reminisce about their time in Wyoming... Holden being the best short-order cook Grace had, dancing all night to the jukebox the first night they closed the restaurant, skinny dipping the lake or the night in the mountains she had horse problems and got the matches wet and couldn't start a fire. Holden reminds her that they didn't need a fire to stay warm. (Oh really?). Lily remembers that everything was so simple then and begins to cry. She asks him if he thinks that life will ever be that simple again? He hopes so. Lily says she doesn't know what if feels like to hope anymore. She also asks if she will ever be able to dream like that again?

Jessica meets with Tom in his office. She thinks that the trial is becoming a circus. Jessica asks about Pilar. Just then David knocks, asks to just observe the meeting. Jessica has no objections. Tom introduces Jessica to David. She asks where he is from. David says he's from Chicago, where he used to be a defense lawyer for a big firm. She asks why he changed "sides"? David says he knows it's corny, but he believes in the law. Lucinda enters, tells Tom they have to talk. Jessica thought she was going to see Lily? Lucinda comments that Lily isn't going anywhere. David excuses himself. Tom doesn't think that'll be necessary. Lucinda points out that he's not assigned to the case. David agrees with Lucinda and leaves. Tom asks Lucinda what he can do for her. Lucinda understands that he didn't expect what happened today. Tom says he feels bad about it. Lucinda pleads Lily's case, saying that Lily only wanted a confession from Diego and knows she was putting her life on the line but nobody would help... not the police or the FBI. Tom wants Lucinda to stay out of it and let the system work. Tom still plans on recommending bail. Lucinda knows that alot of people have been touch in one way or another by Diego... Margo, Emily, etc. Jessica points out to Lucinda that public remarks like that show that Tom should remove himself from the case. Lucinda objects but not before David has heard what is going on. He comes in and asks Tom if he wants him to make arrangements to meet with Pilar? Tom suggests tomorrow morning over breakfast and asks if Jessica wants to sit in with them. Jessica accepts suggesting the Mona Lisa for the meeting place. Lucinda asks what time. Jessica wants to handle this. Jessica and Tom leave.

Pilar goes through Diego's foot locker at his apartment. She finds momentos from home. She wonders why he didn't leave when she told him to? She asks what happened to him... he used to be so sweet as a boy. She knew he was in trouble here. Mike enters, listens to her. She says she should have seen this coming. "Please forgive me, I failed" Mike tells her it wasn't her fault. Pilar tells him to get out. Mike doesn't want her to take it all out on herself. "My brothers feelings? His plans for the future?" Mike tells her no, his mistakes. Pilar says he only made one mistake... it was Lily. She goes into the closet and destroys the shrine of Lily. Mike doesn't want her to blame Lily. Pilar thinks that Mike is in love with Lily. Mike says he only cares about Lily as a friend. Pilar thinks that Lucinda put him up to his and won't go to the police to help Lily. They struggle. He asks what it will take for her to know how much he feels about her? She thinks he's using her like Lily used Diego. Mike tells her that she is lying to herself and that she perjured herself in court today. He thinks she needs to find her real feelings. He cares for her... that's why he's here now. She tells him that he doesn't love her. He grabs her and she fights to get free. He pulls her close to him... they ALMOST kiss. (Don't do it Mike!!!)

Wednesday, February 26, 1997

by Nicolas Stroman

Hal noticed that Ryder's boots and their markings matched the print found at the crime scene. Hal asked Nikki to leave the room so he could talk to Ryder alone about everything. Nikki demanded to stay in the room for Hal's questioning of Ryder. Hal asked Ryder what his shoe size was, where he had gotten the shoes, etc. He also wanted to know if Ryder would wear them anywhere, such as to a wedding. He then asked Ryder where he was on the night that Diego was killed. Hal wanted to know what Ryder's opinion of Diego was. Ryder told him that he didn't like him. Then Hal needed to know if Ryder really came straight to Nikki after he left Sparky's. When Nikki tried to jump in and tell Hal that Ryder didn't go anywhere, Ryder stopped her and told them that he had stopped off at the church. Ryder told Hal and Nikki that he had stopped by the church the night of the murder to talk to Diego about some unfinished business before the wedding. Hal told Ryder that he already knew that he was there because of the matching boot prints. Hal then asked him what his business was with Diego. Nikki tried to protect him, but Ryder insisted that both of them hear the whole story. Ryder told Hal and Nikki about Diego's stolen auto parts/blackmailing/intercepting Mike's package scheme. He apologized to Nikki, but said he just didn't want her to have to lie to her dad. Hal said he would leave Ryder's name out of the case because he cooperated. BUT, he didn't want Ryder anywhere Nikki for the time being. Nikki threw a fit, but Ryder agreed to leave. When he stepped outside, Ryder asked himself why he didn't just stay clear of Diego that fateful night.

Pilar and Mike had a passionate kiss. Pilar pulled away from her and Mike's kiss when she started to feel guilty about betraying Diego. Mike said that he wanted to help her, but Pilar swore she would never stop going after Lily. Mike pleaded with her that the truth would set Lily free. He then tried to convince her that he cared for her and that if she wanted to, they should try to pursue a relationship. Pilar wanted to "right the wrong" and clear Diego's name, something that she said Mike would not understand. Mike tried to remind her that Diego was evil and had done many things to her, such as drugging her. Pilar accused him of siding with Lily because he loved her. She ran out of Diego's apartment in an outrage. Later, Pilar went out to eat and while sitting, she had a flashback about Diego. He was telling her how much he loved Lily. Soon, a reporter, Randy Selkirk showed up. Pilar's interest was piqued and she agreed to talk to him if he printed everything she said. She started to tell him about her and Diego growing up, but he then turned the subject to Diego being a "psycho." (LOL) Pilar got defensive and they argued. He told her that he worked for the City-Times and she stormed out, claiming that Lily had bought him too. He ran after her, saying to himself that she wouldn't get away that easy.

Holden assured Lily that she would be happy again. If his life could make a turn around, so could hers. An announcement of a visitor named Grimaldi interrupted their conversation though. It was Lisa to see Lily. Lisa was sorry that she had not stopped to see Lily sooner, but she felt guilty for not being there for her. Lisa wondered why Lily had not informed her of Diego's actions before everything took a turn for the worse. When Lily questioned why Lisa felt so guilt-stricken, Lisa admitted that she had broken a promise to Eduardo that she would always watch out for Lily and Luke. Lisa explained to Lily that had she been there for her, maybe Diego wouldn't have hurt her so badly. Lisa told her that she understood how her "killing" Diego was an act of justice because she had tried to do the same thing with Eduardo's death by suing John. Lisa wanted her to know that they were family and would stick together. Lisa also wanted to get the best PI to get the goods on Diego's dealings as Umberto. Lily doesn't want her to worry. Lisa was sad because she knew that Damian and Eduardo were disappointed in her, but Lily told her that she knew that Damian would be disappointed in HER for taking matters into her own hands. Later, Lily and Lisa kept talking about what Damian would have wanted. (Yes, we know.... can we please move on now??) A little later, Holden walked in as Lisa told Lily that she ws lucky to have a love like Damian, a love that only comes around once in a lifetime. (Memo to Lisa: It would have been much easier to have just stabbed Holden with a knife!)

Emma showed up at the Oakdale PD and Holden got her up to speed on what had happened in court and how Lily was doing. Emma told Holden that Luke was crying over Lily's absence and wondered when his mommy was going to get home. When Emma urged Holden to go to Lily's side, Holden told her that he wasn't so sure that Lily really needed him anymore. Holden told Emma that Lisa was with Lily now. He hadn't thought of Damian's family. He realized that Lily must have love Damian alot. Emma explained that Damian was dead, it was over. Mike came in and he and Holden conferred on the day's events. Holden compared Pilar to Diego and Mike defended her. Holden told Mike that he was out of his head for defending her actions. Emma made Mike admit that he cared for Pilar. And if he really does care, get Pilar to face the truth about her brother.

Kim told Bob that her heart valve was driving her nuts. He explained to her that putting a pillow behind her when she slept would help, just the advice he gave her when she was in the hospital. Kim insisted that she did not remember his advice. She wanted to go work at WOAK, but Bob said he would rather she stayed home and worked out on the treadmill. Chris came into the kitchen as they were talking and told Kim he was going outside to build a snowman for her. He wanted to surprise her. Kim insisted on going with him to help, but he Chris didn't want her to. When Bob asked Chris why he didn't want Kim to go outside with him, Chris told him that he didn't want Kim to get sick again. They explained to him that the cold had nothing to do with it and after much worry, Chris went outside. When he left, Kim told Bob that she was upset by Chris fretting so much over her. Bob went into the other room to get Kim's treadmill ready. Kim was wandering the kitchen when she heard a knock at the door. It was Pilar! Pilar told Kim that she was Diego's sister. She had seen Kim's name in the credits as a producer for a news report on the murder. Pilar told her that WOAK's coverage was the most fair out of all the media. She wanted her help on clearing Diego's name. There were too many of Lily's friends handling matters, in her opinion. Kim asked Pilar if she thought that Diego was innocent of all charges, and Pilar told her that his only mistake was loving Lily. When Kim told her that she would not smear Lily's name because: 1. she was her friend and 2. she was part-owner of WOAK. Pilar went nuts when she heard this and starting yelling at Kim about supporting her. Bob walked in and asked what was going on. When Bob interrupted Pilar and Kim's confrontation, Pilar let into him too. After all, he was the one who suspended Diego from the hospital. Pilar let into both of them for passing judgment on Diego before they even knew him. She said that they were condemning the poor people. Pilar started to go on some more, but Kim screamed at her to get out. Before she left, Pilar vowed that she would find someone to help her get justice. (word of the day!). Bob wondered if Kim was alright after Pilar's visit, but Kim insisted that it invigorated her. She was now ready to go to work. Bob agreed that she did seem better so he said he would drive her to WOAK. While Bob left to turn off the treadmill, Kim went to call the station, but couldn't remember the phone number. When Bob came back, Kim covered her memory lapse by saying that she had changed her mind and just wanted to stay home now.

Thursday, February 27, 1997

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Friday, February 28, 1997

by Nicolas Stroman

Mark finds Connor at his hideout just as she is putting away his bloody shirt and gun. She rushes into his arms and he asks her how she found him. She told him that she had help from Ben and it was easy. Mark wanted to tell her everything that had happened but she didn't want him to. He started to tell her about what he was feeling at the wedding. Mark said that once Diego was at the altar of the church kissing Lily, something inside of him went crazy. He thought about Jones and how he didn't want Diego to get away with his crimes. So Mark didn't leave the church. He stayed and waited for Diego to..."Stop! Don't say another word." Connor interrupts him to tell him that all that matters is there and now and they kiss. After their kiss, Mark tells Connor that he stayed away from Oakdale and her because of his anger. He didn't want to believe that he thought about shooting another man. It was still as strong as the day of wedding. He apologizes for all the worry he caused her, but she said it doesn't matter and that she loves him. (Wake up Connor! No wonder they didn't think AR-T could do this, it's degrading.) Mark and Connor break their embrace long enough for Mark to go get some food for them. After he leaves, Connor starts to think about the night of the wedding. She has a mental picture about how Mark would have shot Diego. It showed Mark come out the side entrance of the church and shoot Diego. He then walked back inside. (Quick, but painless scenario) When she came out of her funk, Mark had returned. They started talking about all of the obstacles that they had overcome in their relationship. Connor told him that she was glad that she had found someone who could accept her. She had tried to not be herself for way too long. (And w/this recast, she's really not herself, LOL!) Mark reassured her that their love was forever and unconditional. They made love and when Mark got up to put his clothes on, Connor told him that she didn't want to go back to Oakdale - EVER! (I miss AR-T!!)

The funeral director asks a grieving Pilar to remove Diego's body from the premises. She says that she can't until the police release his body. He tells her that it isn't good for business to have the reporters hounding his establishment. Pilar tells him she doesn't know where to take Diego's body. "Do you want me take my brother to the streets?" Emily enters and comes up behind Pilar and interjects "The streets are too good for him. How about the gutter?" (LOL! - Go Em!) Pilar asks the funeral director to leave so she and this woman (considering she didn't know who Em was then) could talk. Emily introduced herself and asks Pilar if Diego had ever mentioned her. Pilar explained that all she knew of her was that she was the one that brought Diego to town and set him up with all his schemes. Emily then tried to tell her that Diego raped her, but Pilar told her that she was lying. Emily wanted to know how any sane woman could lie about such a thing, but Pilar insisted that it was Diego, not Emily, that was violated. (Puh-leeze! -slap her!) Emily strongly grabs a hold of Pilar and tells her what a sick man her precious brother really was. She wants her to see that the rape is not a lie and that Pilar needs to quit twisting the truth around to blame Diego's victims. Emily continues to grab her and tells her that as being a woman, she must understand what it would be like to be raped. Pilar just says that Diego was sick and needed help. Emily tells her that she was glad when Diego died. She still has nightmares and Diego got off too easy for his crimes. Pilar questions what more Emily could want than for him to be dead? Emily tells her that even if Diego truly wanted to change that there would be no way to ignore the body count that already existed. Pilar tries to get out of the parlor, but Emily grabs her again and says that Diego should be damned to hell. She then throws her down into the chairs. Pilar gets up and tells Emily to get out before she calls the police. After Emily leaves, the funeral director comes in to show Pilar the newspaper articles about Diego and Pilar pitches a fit. Later, the funeral director summons some men to help him move Diego's body. But they are in for a surprise when they arrive in the parlor... the body and coffin are GONE!!

Emily corners Susan at the hospital to tell her about her fight with Pilar. She felt that it was cleansing and that she is finally getting her life on track. Susan encourages her to go to therapy, but Emily insists that she is letting go. Susan doesn't buy her act. "Look at you! You're anxious, nervous, and look at what you're wearing!" Emily explains that her new wardrobe is conservative and part of her new life. (LOL!- Susan disapproves when her daughter dresses normal, but not when she dresses like a slut?) Emily thanks her for caring, but it really isn't necessary. She leaves.

Holden meets Cal for lunch at the diner. They talk about Lily's case and how to get her out of this mess. Holden tells Cal that he loves Lily, now more than ever. With all of his memories back, he is sure that they belong together. Cal encourages Holden to pursue his love, but Holden won't. He doesn't think that Lily is over Damian's death yet and he doesn't want to rush it. Cal tells him that he must do it because it is possible that Holden's love is what could get Lily through her rough period.

Holden goes to see Lily to tell her that he has been working things out with the other guy in her life. He tells her that Luke sends the message that he loves her "More than Big Bird" and he gives her a picture that he drew her. Lily is touched beyond words and thanks Holden for caring so much for Luke. She starts crying wondering if she will be granted bail to go home tonight. Holden assures her that since Lucinda is loaded and Lily has no prior record that she will be out in no time. Holden tells Lily about his playtime with Luke and that he often wrestles with him. Lily is appreciative and they start talking about what she will do when she gets out of jail. She tells Holden of their house that is being built on the hill by the Snyder's. She is having a porch built outside of her bedroom that will let her watch the sunrise over the trees. That is what she wants to be able to do: watch the sunrise. With tears in both of their eyes, they look at each other longingly. (Awwww...) Later, Pilar goes to see Lily at her holding cell. Lily wonders why she would come there and Pilar tells her that she wants Lily to call off the press. Pilar shows her all the newspapers and how they have been slandering Diego. (And how could there be anything bad to say about Diego? Wake up Pilar!) Lily tells her that she will not help her clear his name. Pilar then becomes angry, telling her that she will make sure that Lily pays for what she has done. She grabs Lily through the bars and warns her that while she may have shut up Diego, she will not hush Pilar up. Lily tells her to let go of her and as she tries to release herself, Pilar's head gets slammed against the bars. Holden and Hal come in at that exact moment (naturally), and from what they see it looks like Lily attacked Pilar. Hal gets a hold of Pilar, who has fallen, and Pilar shouts "She did it! She hit my head, she tried to kill me!! " Lily shakes her head in disbelief that Pilar has set her up.

John runs into Margo at the hospital after her appointment with Dr. Michaels. Margo tells him that she wants to remember what happened at the wedding now, and not months from now. (This is a soap you know, Margo?) John tries to get her mind off of this by telling her about Girard, the hypnotist, coming into the hospital. Girard came in for an appendectomy and said he could self-hypnotize the pain away, John says. Margo tells John she remembers Girard from a party she went to and that he was really talented. This gets Margo to thinking... Margo goes to Girard's room to meet him. He wants to know why she is there and Margo tells him that she admires his work. She wants to go under hypnosis. Girard agrees since he doesn't have anything better to do, but he wants to know why she wants it done. She tells him it's just to remember a little something. Margo undergoes the hypnosis. Girard slowly talked her into the deep sleep the day of the wedding. She told him that she was in the groom's room. Lily was getting ready to walk down the aisle. Diego was in the room with her. (But we know this was just PTS...) Soon, it was after the vows were said. Margo was walking behind Lily and Diego, but she couldn't catch up to Lily. Margo had seen Diego discover the wire and knew Lily was in trouble. She was watching them have their confrontation outside the church. She sees Lily pull her gun. Suddenly, Margo has a horrible recollection and screams out "NOOO!"

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