Another World Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on AW

Rachel told a shocked but happy Carl that Rachel was pregnant. Matt was angry Rachel had kept her pregnancy a secret. Nick and Sophia took Kirkland and Steven on the run. Gary told Josie the timing wasn't right for a wedding. Vicky was reunited with her sons.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on AW
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Monday, February 24, 1997

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Tuesday, February 25, 1997


Jake rages at Gary and Josie for being held for a murder that he didn't commit. They remind him that the charges of attempted murder still haven't been dropped. He insists that Grant was responsible for the bombing but Josie says that an eyewitness placed him at the scene and that Jake cannot leave town. Just then Tomas arrives to turn in his statement. Although, Josie tries to shush him, Tomas apologizes to Jake for turning him in. Realizing Tomas was the eyewitness, Jake yells at him that he was mistaken. Tomas bitterly remarks to Josie that telling the truth has got him in trouble. Later, Jake tries to convince Carl to tell him where Vicky was but Carl assures him that bobby was taking care of Vicky and that Jake must look out for Kirkland.


Paulina uneasily watches Joe sleep and slips out of bed. He awakens and wants her to come back to bed but she was skittish. When he demands to know what's wrong she says she was nervous about his taking the captain's position b/c BC has lost 2 captains in 2 years. Joe reminds her of his duty to the department and she reminds him of his duty to his family. Joe assures her that he will be extra careful to which she was relieved.


Donna and Michael arrive home from jail to receive a call from vicky. They are overjoyed to hear from their daughter and she assures them she is recovering quickly from her surgery and wants to know where the boys are. They tell her Nick and Sophia have the boys to keep Kirkland safe from Grant but they haven't heard from them since they left. Vicky told them she will call them soon and when she hangs up, she told Bobby she needs to get out of the hospital, pronto. He told her to cool it until she was well.


Josie tries to convince Gary to tell Joe about "Cindy's letter" which exonerates Grant and reminds him that he once got kicked off the force for withholding evidence. Gary says that he knows Grant was dirty and he's not going to turn the letter over until he proves its a forgery. When Gary tries to convince Joe again to arrest Grant, he informs Joe that Grant wants to have Sophia arrested for helping Nick. Joe races over to the restaurant in a rage where he confronts Paulina who was enjoying a reunion with Jake. Paulina says she was wrong to keep it from him but that Sophia was just trying to protect Kirkland. Carl and Rachel are also at the restaurant b/c Rachel has finally consented to let Carl know about the baby. But she leaves before telling him anything when she watches Carl confront Joe about his lenience with Grant. Joe and Carl leave and Amanda arrives looking for rachel. Thinking that Rachel has already told Carl and Paulina about the baby, Amanda lets it slip. Paulina gets very upset that she didn't hear about it until now and Amanda apologizes for telling her in the way she did. Back at the stationhouse, Joe puts Gary in charge of Gabe's investigation and told him he better bring back hard evidence against Grant. Josie is skeptical at Gary's decision to continue to keep the letter a secret.


At the Herald, Chris tries to find out where Vicky and Bobby are and Jake and Amanda get into an argument and he tries to fire her. She laughs in his face but later, she and the girl working for Grant eavesdrop on a phone call from Vicky. Vicky told Jake that he needs to help her find her kids and he wants to know where she is. Vicky says she can't says right now but that she was depending on him and that she loves him. Chris figures out where Vicky was at which Jake gives him a big kiss. In the hospital, Vicky realizes the boys are in Lassiter and sneaks out after sending Bobby on an errand.


Carl arrives and apologizes for before. He asks again what Rachel wanted to tell him. After sitting with him on the couch, Rachel told a shocked Carl that she was pregnant.

Wednesday, February 26, 1997


Carl was overjoyed at Rachel's news. They both get very emotional and talk about how much they love each other and love the baby. Carl told Rachel about his dream with Ryan and how wonderful it felt to hold his son again. He said he feels as wonderful now hearing of the new baby. Rachel told him she hasn't seen him so happy in a long time. Carl asks if she just found out and he was shocked to find out Rachel has known for 6 weeks and didn't tell him. She tries to explain why she kept it from him but Carl says he can't understand it. He gets very upset, even though Rachel says she believes him now about how evil Grant is. Carl told her that Grant hasn't changed and neither has he but something between the two of them has changed. Rachel watches unhappily as he walks out.


Grant arrives and tries to force a reluctant Sharlene to help him get info on Kirk. He tries to guilt her by saying she was his only friend and how would she feel if John kept Greg from her. Sharlene says she doesn't like the tactics he uses and has to think of someone else's feelings but her own. Grant tries to convince her to ask Michael where the boy was when Michael walks in and they have an argument. sharlene was shocked when Grant says Nick will wish he was dead if something happens to Kirk and Michael warns Grant to watch himself. Grant accuses Sharlene of being in on it all and leaves angrily. MIchael blasts sharlene when she half-heartedly continues to defend Grant and told her Grant will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even use her to do it.


After locating Vicky, Chris and Amanda try to convince Jake not to go after her but he was as stubborn as ever. They flood Grant's hotline with false tips about sightings of Kirkland, being watched the whole time by Grant's informant (the girl who works at the Herald). Amanda and Jake continue to trade popshots. After receiving a call from Nick and finding out the kids are in Lassiter, Jake runs out without knowing Grant has been tipped off and is following him.


Desparate to find Vicky, Bobby finds out she called BC and confronts Jake. Jake was stubborn until he finds out vicky had major surgery. bobby realizes Vicky took a bus out of town and took all his cash. He punches out the town's lone cab driver and steals his cab to go after Vicky.


Sophia and the boys try doing jumping jacks to get warm while waiting for Nick to bring back food. Nick arrives with food and disguises for all of them. The boys do not like the idea of dressing up like little girls but Nick and Sophia convince them its part of the adventure and just like Halloween. They accidentally set off the sprinkler system and Nick does some fast talking to get away from the security guard by calling Jake and pretending Jake was a senator. Sophia and the boys come out in their disguise and the quartet make a run for it when they hear sirens.

Thursday, February 27, 1997


Rachel was confronted by an angry Matt who demands to know why she kept the fact that she was pregnant from the family. She tries to explain that she needed time to deal with it herself but then Matt blames Carl for it all saying that if Carl thinks this baby was a ticket back into the family he is wrong. Rachel was very concerned about the rage Matt was displaying towards Carl and the situation. She tries unsuccessfully to keep him from going to confront Carl but he storms out anyway.


At Carlino's Joe and Paulina talk about Dante and Paulina again apologizes for keeping Sophia's actions a secret. When Joe was called away to the station, Carl arrives and Paulina told him how happy she was about the baby. After asking to hold Dante, Carl thanks Paulina for being the only one who has supported him. He told her that Ryan predicted all of this because Ryan told his dad he would have much to do and must take care of Rachel. Paulina reminds him that he and Rachel love each other and that love created this baby. When he was about to leave he was confronted by Matt who angrily tells Carl to do his mother a favor and stay away from her. Matt makes some cooment about Carl's fitness as a father and Carl warns him that Matt does not know who Carl was and then leaves. Paulina stops Matt from going after Carl saying they will have a family meeting to discuss the situation.


Gary told Josie he wants her on his task force to solve Gabe's murder. Josie told him that although she loves him, she will only help if Gary plays by the rules. He agrees and they go over cindy's letter to Grant. Gary was convinced its a forgery and decides not to show it to Joe just yet. Joe arrives and the three make a comment about what night it was but things don't seem the same. Josie leaves and Joe told Gary he wants a preliminary report in the morning. In the captain's office, Joe was unable to clear off Gabe's desk and leaves most of the stuff on it. Gary arrives at the bowling alley to find Josie there. They are both upset that its only the two of them and soon leave to spend some quality time together. Joe arrives at the bowling alley soon after and starts to bowl alone. After making love, Josie and Gary discuss where they will be in 10 years.


Jake was aware Grant was following him and takes him on a wild goose chase through the back roads. Jake arrives at a small diner and calls Chris with a plan. When Grant comes in looking for Jake, he was harrassed by a waitress on Jake's request. Chris arrives with a camera men and taunts Grant about his involvement in several crimes. Jake comes around the corner and punches Grant as the camera keeps rolling.


Paulina arrives at Rachel's house and told Rachel about Matt's confrontation with Carl. Rachel was concerned at Matt's anger but was happy at Paulina's support. She hugs Paulina and says that she was the only one who has had a happy reaction to the baby. Paulina says she hopes the baby is a little boy so he and Dante can grow up together and Rachel says she hopes the baby was girl who will be just like Paulina.


Outside the Lasssiter bus station, Vicky hails a cab to find Bobby waiting for her. She says that she needs to find her kids because she knows what its like to grow up without a mother and he warns her that she won't do the boys any good if she doesn't take care of herself. Vicky told him that he doesn't need to feel obligated to help her. Bobby responds that he wants to help her and reminds her that she looked into HIS eyes in the lookout tower and trusted him then. they agree to search for the boys together. After looking most of the day, they end up at the same hotel room Sophia and Nick stayed with the kids but they don't notice Kirk's teddy bear in the trash. After talking about how worried she was about the boys and how glad she is that Bobby was with her, Vicky wraps his arm around her and they lay down the rest.

Friday, February 28, 1997


Matt walks in while Rachel was leaving a message for Carl. Matt informs his mother that he told Carl to leave his mother alone. Rachel says its was none of his business and that Carl was her husband and the father of her baby. Matt caustically asks what kind of example Carl would be for a baby and Rachel replies that all that matters was that this baby will know that his father loves him and would do anything for him.


Carl visits cindy in the hospital and told her that she can trust him. She is nervous and edgy but he warns her that Grant will do anything to keep himself looking innocent. Carl also says that he knows Cindy didn't intentionally do those things to hurt Vicky, Bobby and jake. Meanwhile, Sharlene begins her first day at work and she and Tomas arrive to an office filled with flowers. Sharlene pauses at a bouquet send by John and throws away phone messages from Grant. Carl comes in to see how she was doing, saying he's been to see a "sick friend" and mentions he was going away to an island in the Florida keys to relax and think. Gary and Josie arrive and are thrilled to see Sharlene standing and walking with canes. They say they are also here to see a "sick friend" . When Gary leaves, Sharlene asks when they are going to get married because they shouldn't waste time, Lorna could tell them that. While questioning cindy, Gary plays bad cop and Josie plays good cop and tries to gain cindy's confidence. Cindy was disoriented but denies writing the letter and says that Grant has people everywhere – two of them being William at the Harbour Club and Randy at Sassy's. Josie leaves her phone number and outside says she believes Cindy. Gary notices she has a bridal magazine but told her the timing might not be right for a wedding. Josie gets upset but tries to not let Gary see. Gary noticesd though and told her he has a special assignment for her at the apartment. Tibbs arrives and told them the paper Cindy's letter was written on was from the same art supply store that Bobby found written in Grant's apartment. Rachel arrives in Sharlene's office looking for Carl and Sharlene says Carl has gone to the keys.


At the playground, Jake tries to figure out where Vicky is. Meanwhile Bobby and vicky have stayed up all night playing cards and are excited to find Kirk's teddy bear in the maids trash. They question her and realize Nick and Sophia spent the night with the boys just recently. They go out to find them in town. Jake figures out Vicky may have gone to the motel but misses them when he arrives. At the playground, Vicky was dismayed they still haven't found the boys when a couple with two little girls walk by. She does a doubletake and calls "Steven! Kirkland!" The boys run to her and they have a joyous reunion. Vicky thanks Nick and Sophia for taking care of them and they both give the other credit. Nick notices Sophia watching him and asks what he did now. She says that whenever he did something nice before he always had an angle but not this time. Nick says he's changed. Bobby figures out Vicky was planning on going on the run again. Sophia and Nick take the kids to get ice cream and Bobby tries to convince her she can't leave BC. When words fail him, he gives her a passionate kiss just as Jake arrives.

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