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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, March 3, 1997

by Sage

Connor and Mark are in bed up at his hideaway cabin. He tells her that he's ready to go back to Oakdale. Conner doesn't want them to go back. Mark tells her that he has to face it and can't keep running from it. They argue over going back to Oakdale. Mark says that they both have responsibilities. Connor thinks that maybe they should never go back to Oakdale. She just wants them to give into impulse and stay at the cabin from now on. Mark doesn't think that this is the right time. She urges him back into bed to help him decide. They enjoy each other's company... once again. She begs him to stay here and not go back to Oakdale. He tells her that it can't work. Connor says they'll make it work... whatever it takes.

Margo freaks out in "Gerard the Psychic's" hospital room. She is reliving the crash once again. Gerard tries to pull Margo out of it. John rushes in and holds Margo while Gerard pulls her out of the trance. She seems to be back with it again. John jumps Gerard's case. John takes Margo to an empty hospital room. He comforts her and scolds her. He tells her that she has to take her time. Margo tells him that her gun is missing, that's why she wanted to know what happened at the wedding. John wants her to rest while he looks for Dr. Michaels. He tells her not to say anything to Lucinda about this right now and then he leaves. Margo starts acting strange. She looks at the clock and comments on how she's going to be late and then she leaves.

Kim is reading the paper with Diego on the front page when Ryder comes in early from work. He makes up some lame excuse of why he's home and Kim sees through it. She tells him she knows that he and Bob have worked out their schedules so Kim will never be home for long. Kim informs Ryder that she is going out for the day and her cab will be here any minute. The phone rings. It's Nikki looking for Ryder. Ryder waves off the call to Kim and Kim tells Nikki that Ryder isn't home yet. After the call, Kim and Ryder discuss his lack of involvement with Nikki lately. Ryder glances at the paper. Ryder tries to change the subject, but Kim won't let him. Just in the nick of time, the cab honks and Ryder is out of the conversation... for the moment at least Kim tells him and she leaves. The door opens again and it's Nikki. They begin to argue. He thinks they shouldn't see each other right now and that he's trying to protect her. Nikki wants to know what he's protecting her from. Ryder tells Nikki that he loves her but that they need to stay apart for awhile so he can think. Nikki tells him that he needs to think more about them and kisses him, then leaves, hurt. Later, Barbara and Lisa are in Fashions glancing at the paper, worrying about Lily. Kim strolls in. She comments on the new look of the store. Barbara and Lisa baby her. Kim tells them that she wants some dressy clothes that are not "cushy." She tells them that they are smothering her. She asks them to lead her to the clothes that she'd like to go out to dinner in. Kim loves the new clothes. She picks out several and goes to try them on. Lisa and Barbara worry about their actions then decide that Kim will be fine. In the dressing room, Kim has a dizzy spell and has to sit down.

Emily is driving a hearse down the road, conversing with her silent rider, Diego/Umberto. She tells him that he's not going back to Spain to have a Martyr's funeral like Pilar wants and that Oakdale has a better use of his rotting corpse here. She tells him that his resting place won't be a peaceful one like a cemetary. No... she has a better plan. He'll love it. He's going to be with his own kind. Then Emily smiles wickedly and then giggles. (Uh-oh). Meanwhile, in the cellblock, Pilar starts screaming and grabs Lily through the cell bars. In the process of Lily trying to pull free from her, Pilar bumps her head. Holden and Hal rush in, just in time to see Pilar bump her head and cower back away from the bars crying out how Lily just tried to kill her. Hal checks out Pilar. Tom rushes in and demands to know what's going on. Pilar tells him that Lily just tried to kill her and she should be put away for life. Lily is stunned! Lily tells her side. She tells Tom that Pilar set her up and that Pilar bumped her head by accident when Lily tried to pull free of her. Pilar screams that if it was an accident, why does she have these? Pilar shows them the scratches that Emily put on her arms at the funeral home. David tells Tom that he'll take Pilar and have her looked at. Tom thinks that's a good idea. Tom asks Hal what he saw. He says that the story Pilar gave sounds nothing like something Lily would ever do but reminds Tom that all he can do is state what he saw and all he saw was Pilar hit her head while pulling away from Lily. Outside, in the hallway, David tells Pilar that not everyone is against her and that she does have friends here. Meanwhile, Lucinda meets with the judge, who is an old friend, before he goes to get ready for the bail hearing. She makes a plea to her friend, which doesn't totally fall on deaf ears. He tells her that he understands. Later, in the courtroom, Tom, Hal and Jessica discuss what happened in the jail cell and how they should handle it. Lucinda and Cal talk about plans for when Lily comes home after this hearing. Holden shows up and sits with Lucinda and Cal. He tells them to be prepared and that it could get a little bumpy. Lucinda tells Holden she thinks she's smoothed the way. Lily is escorted in, handcuffed. Pilar stares at her. The judge comes in and is seated. Jessica makes her statement. Tom has no problem with letting her out on bail but says that he feels it necessary to tell about the incident that happened in the jail between Lily and Pilar. He thinks that a restraining order between them would be fine and sees no reason not to grant bail. Margo bursts in screaming "Don't listen to him. He's a liar!" Tom hangs his head. Margo rushes to Lily. The judge orders that someone take control of this woman. Tom whispers something to David. Tom gently assures Margo of who he is and takes her out. The judge demands to know who that woman was. David asks to approach the bench. David tells the judge that the woman was Margo Hughes, the D.A.'s wife. "Beautiful, she's involved in this?" the judge asks. "Yes, very." David tells him. David tells the judge that Tom has given him permission to go on with the case. The judge is glad and wants to get it over with. David says that he wants to call Pilar Domingo to the stand. Holden tells Jessica that he thought this thing was over. Pilar stares at Lily. Lily looks scared. Pilar spins her tale on the witness stand while David eggs it all on. He introuduces the fact that she's been in the hospital for a near fatal crash and that Lily knew of her condition. Lucinda demands that Jessica stop this. Jessica tries. Pilar shows her clawed arms to the judge. David calls Hal to the stand. Hal tells what he saw. Lily tries to defend her actions, but does so miserably. David then tells the judge that after further review, the state decides not to recommend bail to the defendant. The on-lookers gasp. Lucinda and Cal plot revenge on David. Emily walks in and sits down behind Pilar. Pilar looks nervous. Meanwhile, Tom gets Margo back to the hospital to see John. Tom tells John how Margo thought he was Diego for a few moments back at the courthouse. Margo gets mad and asks them to quit treating her as if she wasn't in the room. Tom lets Margo know that the only thing that matters is for her to get better. They decide she's staying at the hospital. Margo doesn't understand. Back in the courtroom, the judge reviews his notes. The funeral director "slinks" into the courtroom and slides next to Pilar. emily watches and listens intently as the funeral director explains to Pilar that her brother's body is gone, missing. Emily grins in delight, then composes herself. Emily gets up and leaves. Pilar is shaken but catches a glimpse of Emily leaving just as the judge starts to make his decision. He says he has to look at the merit of the State's evidence. Bail is denied. Lily is crushed. Pilar doesn't even react, she is too stunned by her missing corpse of a brother.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

by Sage

Margo is in the hospital. Tom and John are there with her. She wants to come home but John and Tom try to convince her she needs to stay here. John leaves to get Dr. Michaels. Margo asks Tom if she's crazy. He tries to comfort her but she just wants to go home. Margo then starts asking about Diego. She says she saw him in the courtroom. Tom assures her that Diego is indeed dead. John comes in with Dr. Michaels. John and Tom leave so margo and Dr. Michaels can talk. Margo makes Tom promise to come back before he leaves. Outside, John jumps Tom for letting this happen to Margo. Tom tries to defend himself. John apologizes to Tom and tells him that he knows that Margo hides things and tries to handle things on her own. Lucinda walks up to them in the hall. John leaves to check on Margo. Tom asks Lucinda what happened back in court. Lucinda tells him that he must fire David Allen. Tom is puzzled. Lucinda fills Tom in on what David did. Tom tells her he's sorry. Lucinda starts to harp on Tom about not doing his job. Tom tells her to stop being so self-serving. Lucinda tells him that Lily takes percedence over his wife. Tom tells Lucinda, not with me she doesn't. Meanwhile, Margo and Dr. Michaels talk things over. Later, Dr. Michaels comes out to talk to Tom. She tells him the situation is serious and if she breaks down like this again she may not come out of it. Dr. Michaels adds that Margo will have to stay in the hospital for a while. Tom goes in and sits with Margo. Later, John goes and visits Kim. They have a wonderful chat. Kim tells him that he's the only one who doesn't treat her like she's a cripple. John tells her about Margo and Kim comforts him. John tells her that he came to check on her and see if she needed anything and she ended up helping him instead.

The courtroom is in disorder. The judge tells them again that bail has been denied. Lily is upset. Holden, Cal and Lucinda are upset as well. Jessica says she's sorry. David is pleased with himself. The funeral director has Pilar all distracted from what should be her shining moment by tellin gher that her brother's body is missing from the funeral home. He wants to know if she knows where the body is? Pilar doesn't and is clearly distraught. The funeral director tells Pilar that a hearse is missing too and asks her if she is sure she doesn't know something about it since he just asked her to remove her brother earlier in the day because of the bad publicity. Pilar calls Hal over to tell him about the situation. Hal asks Pilar to explain what happened. She tells that the funeral director, which she notices has disappeared, just told her that her brother's body is missing. Hal asks her who would steal her brother's body? Pilar tells him that is must be Lucinda Walsh. Hal says it isn't something that Lucinda would do and will get a search going. David comes over and tells Pilar that he will help her prosecute the person who took Diego's body to the full extent of the law. Later, David talks to the press outside the courtroom. He makes sure that the press knows that the crazy lady who disrupted the hearing was the D.A.'s wife, Margo. He tells them that in his opinion, Lily is a possible danger.... but Holden interrupts and defends Lily's honor. Mike busts in and pulls Holden away before he makes things worse for Lily. Holden explains to Mike what happened. Mike finds Pilar on a cell phone in the courtroom. The police have found the hearse, but no body. Pilar sees Mike standing there after she hangs up. Pilar asks Mike what his friends have done with her brother. Mike is baffled. Mike asks Pilar about what the assistant D.A. meant when he was talking about her new testimony. Pilar tells him all about Lily attacking her. Mike questions her on it. Meanwhile, Hal and David talk while waiting for the elevator. David asks about the wire Lily was wearing. David continues to quiz Hal. Hal accidentally lets David know that Margo was suspended and tells him to keep that information confidential. Hal tells David that Margo is the best dectective he's ever known. Back with Mike and Pilar, Mike tries to talk sense into Pilar but she doesn't care. She says she won't help, not even for Luke, even though she feels sorry for him. Pilar tells Mike that he's just the rich folks puppet. Mike gets mad. She tells him to leave. Mike is hurt and turns to leave. Mike gets on the elevator to leave. Pilar starts to run after him then stops herself. Mike doesn't look back so he doesn't know.

Also in the courtroom, Lucinda, Cal and Jessica discuss the situation. Lucinda tells Lily that Tom hadn't planned for this to happen. Lucinda immediately blames the new assistant D.A. David Allen and gets up to find Tom. Holden asks Jessica if the bail decision is final. Jessica says it's probable. Holden says that Pilar is just like her brother... crazy! Lily says that yes, Pilar lied on the stand, but Pilar isn't at all like Diego. She is just lashing out because of grief. Holden wonders. They talk about when she'll be going to the county jail. Luke is brought in to Lily. The babysitter thinks that Lily is coming home. Lily reaches for Luke, the bailiff comes to take her away. Cal takes Luke and tries to smooth the situation. Lily is taken away. Later, Lily is seen getting her mug shots. The jail guard isn't very fond of people born with silver spoons in their mouths. Lily completes her processing and is lead to her cell by the guard. The guard tells her that she knows who she is and not to expect any special treatment. The other prisoners start to hoop and holler at Lily. She gets locked in. She asks the guard when will she be able to get visitors, as she has a small soon she wants to see. The guard asks her if she really wants her soon to see her in here and then leaves. The lights go out in the jail and a frightened Lily climbs into bed and listens to the sounds of a woman screaming somewhere off in the distance. Later, Holden is on the phone at Lucinda's house. She enters and he hangs up. Lucinda tells him that Lily won't be in jail but a couple of more days and that she has things handled.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

by Nicolas Stroman

David is assuring Pilar that they will find Diego's body. When Pilar mentions Emily, David immediately becomes intrigued. He wants to know what time she was at the funeral parlor and said he would question her. Tom walks in on David talking to Pilar and shouts "What the hell do you think you're doing?" (Go Tom!) when he hears him talking on the phone to Pilar. Tom reprimands David for his handling of the bail hearing. He wants to know why and how Lily was denied bail when Tom specifically asked that she be released. David told Tom about Pilar's run-in with Lily and that he felt that by Pilar's testimony, Lily should be sent back to jail. Tom tells David to get "his butt" on the phone to the judge and explain that they want an early trial date. David has already done that. When Tom wanted to know why he had been so efficient, David told him it was because of Margo. He said that Tom needed to take a break and spend time with her. Tom suggested HE take a break. Meanwhile, Margo wakes up in the hospital and is very disoriented (surprise!) and when she found John standing over her, she wanted to know what she had done to end up there. John explained that she was very sick and needed some time to rest. When Margo saw Tom's stuff on the floor, she wanted to know where he was. John tells her that Tom was staying here. Then she got worried about the boys and John calmed her down. Margo wanted to know what she had done wrong and then she thought of Lily. Maybe she had done something to jeopardize her case. She tried to get her clothes on and call Lily at the farm, but John told her that Lily was in the county jail and couldn't get phone calls. Back at the D.A.'s office, Tom tells David that he is going to start playing by his rules from then on. David must consider the defendant in the case and should take into account the judge's feelings also. David apologizes. Tom tells him that he has to run, but David can handle the press that is waiting outside. As soon as Tom leaves, David rolls his eyes and lets the reporters in. Their main focus in their questions is how Margo is related to the case. As he answers their questions (telling them things that he knows he shouldn't), Margo is shown going nuts trying to find clothes to wear and attempting to leave the hospital. Tom finds Margo getting her stuff together trying to leave her room. She tells him that she must see Lily and make sure that she is OK. Tom tells her he doesn't want her doing that, considering it could bring about more PTS episodes. Margo doesn't care about that though. Tom forbids her to go saying that there is nothing she should be doing except getting better for him and the boys. She apologizes for constantly bringing him into messes like this. He tells her it's fine and that she just needs to be completely well. The press bust into her room and ruin that touching moment. The reporters barge into Margo's room and start asking about Margo's involvement in the murder. Before they can get much out, John and some other doctors come in and order them out. After they are gone, Tom announces that he has made a decision. Tom calls David and assigns him Lily 's case, because he feels like it is becoming a conflict of interest. David assures him that he will do a good job, but smirks on the other end of the line.

Susan reads about Diego's missing body on the front page of the City-Times and found it revolting that someone could do that. In walks Emily, who wrestles the paper out of her hands. When she reads the headline, she bursts out laughing and tells Susan that this is what she needed. Susan tries to talk to her, but Emily cuts off her words of wisdom insisting that the past has been buried and that she is fine. Susan encourages Emily to see Dr. Michaels about the rape, but Emily doesn't want to. Susan tells her that it can take a person their whole life to get over something like this. Emily insists that she will not be a victim and wallow in pain, much like Susan did. Then Emily realizes what Susan is really concerned about. She thinks that Susan is afraid that she will try to commit suicide like she tried to do back in LA. Susan says this isn't her concern, but Emily knows different. Emily tells her that she is a survivor and will get through this crisis. Emily tells her that she thinks that Susan will feel like she is a failure as a mother if she Emily does screw up. Susan breaks down crying and wants to know why her daughter hates her so much. Emily explains that is not about her at all, and that's the problem. If things aren't done Susan's way, then they are not the right way. Emily starts to storm out, but Susan wants her to know that no matter what, she will always be there for her. Emily understands and smirks again when she sees the front of the newspaper again. Later, Emily is at EAS when she sees a vase of flowers. This takes her back to the rape when she tried to club Diego with them while he was attacking her. She starts to yell for the secretary to take them out, but David comes to the door. He starts to introduce himself, but Emily cuts him off telling him that she knows just who he is and what he's doing to Lily stinks. David tells her that he is there because he knows that Emily went to see Diego at the funeral home. He wants to know if she knows anything about the missing body. "All I know about Diego's body is that no one gives a damn what happens to it," Emily responds. (I'd kinda like to know) David wants to know then why she went to the funeral home. Emily tells him that she just wanted to make sure he was really dead; making peace with the dead. She tells him that Diego killed a friend of hers (Damian) and that everyone knew that except for the police. He asks her if she has a clear conscience and she says yes. And if she saw anything suspicous and she says no. He tells her he will be back and leaves his business card. Emily looks at David's card and the newspaper article again and thinks about her joyride with the dead Diego. When she comes out of it, she says "You ended up exactly where you belong." She then throws the paper into the trash. (I think I've got it!)

Lily was sleeping in the day room of the jail when Holden came to wake her up. He picked her up and told her that he was getting her out of there. (Hel-lo?) Holden and Lily tried to make their escape, but found guards at every turn. They were trapped. Just as it looked as there were no hope...Lily gets woken up from her dream by a guard! (like anyone thought that was real). Later, Lily is in the day room again and this time watching a TV tabloid show, which is focusing on Lily and the murder. The show accuses Lily of stalking Diego and plotting his murder from the start. Lily can't take it anymore and turns the TV off, but soon she is not alone. Two fellow prisoners approach and tell her to turn their favorite program back on. Lily tries to get away, but they trap her. They insist she turn the TV all the way up. The women make fun of every word that is said against Lily. They repeatedly call her "Princess" (very fitting, indeed) and tell her that she won't be so tough at this place. "No one can hear you scream!" (shades of a Wes Craven movie?)

Ryder is at the mall looking through videos at the rental place. He flashes back to the time when he first met Nikki at the mall at the same video store. When he comes out of it, he remembers what he came there for. Ryder asks the lady at the video shop why they had called and told him that he had a late movie when he didn't. The lady insists that they didn't call Ryder. Ryder and the lady are puzzled at why someone would call when it wasn't true. We see Nikki come up behind Ryder smiling. Ryder's name is cleared with the video clerk because she has no idea what he is talking about. He goes to leave and runs into Nikki. He accuses her of calling and setting up a wild goose chase, but she denies it. It's just a coincidence. Nikki says that she is going to watch a "chick flick" and Ryder says that he was going to get West Side Story. Nikki tells him that the two characters in that movie could have been together if they would have just ignored their families. Ryder tells her that this is right, but many people ended up dying anyhow. (hmmm...) Nikki then reminded him of the time when they first met and he ruined the endings of movies for her. She had thought he was weird for pursuing her so intently, but she ended up giving him a chance anyway. Ryder asked her if she was sorry that she had done that, and she replied never. When she asked him though, he didn't answer. Nikki wants to know why Ryder has given up just because of her dad. Ryder agrees with Hal that he has been nothing but trouble for Nikki. Nikki doesn't like that excuse at all and wants Ryder back. He agrees that he misses her too, but he doesn't want her dad to get angry. Nikki tells him that she can handle her dad and she doesn't want anything to come between them. They kiss.

Lucinda has Jessica summoned to the mansion to tell her that Lily would not be spending any more time in jail. When Jessica questioned why, Lucinda explained that the police would be learning soon that Lily did not kill Diego after all. Lucinda tried to tell Jessica, that hypothetically, someone could come forward to confess to the murder. Jessica told her that it wasn't possible unless they had the murder weapon, motive, and opportunity. Lucinda told her that everyone at the wedding had those things. (LOL) Jessica immediately wanted to know what she was planning. Lucinda said she had nothing, but Lily's best interests in mind. When Jessica took off to see Lily in jail, Lucinda made a phone call to Jane. She wanted her to take care of something because Lily's life depended on it. Lily is brought out to see Jessica. She tells her of the trouble that she had in the day room. Jessica wants to get her solitary or call the warden, but Lily tells her that will make things worse for her. She recommends that Lily must keep to herself and not let anyone else know who she is. Lucinda tells the City-Times to publish a front page article about the crimes of Diego. It must take precidence over everything else. Jane comes in with a briefcase and Lucinda immediately gets off the phone. Jane explains that no one kicked up a fuss, but she still didn't understand what was going on. Lucinda told her she didn't have to know, but she would in due time. Later, Lily talks to Luke on the phone from jail. They blow each other kisses. Lucinda gets on the line and tells Lily she will be seeing her later today and that she will be out before she knows it. Lucinda is then shown opening up the briefcase, which is full of money. "It's time for the real killer to come forward!" she says.

Thursday, March 6, 1997

by Tim Tkacik

Connor and Mark are in bed up at his hideaway cabin. She gets up and opens the toolbox that conceals the gun and bloody shirt Mark placed in there. She picks up the gun and looks it over. Mark wakes up and asks what she is doing. She puts the gun back down and claims she was looking for her watch which is strapped to her wrist. He tells her to forget what time it is and come back to bed. She comments about how cold it is in the cabin. He thought they were making pretty good heat in bed together. She asks if he is getting tired of the scenery? No, he's not, referring to her. She meant outside. She wants them to make the most out of their time together and suggests going to British Columbia. It was a place her father took her and Evan when they were younger. It has mountains, lakes and rivers they can take months to explore. She suggests flying out from Milwaukee later in the evening. Mark realizes that she is serious. Meanwhile, Cal goes to see Ben at the hospital. He asks Ben if he has seen Mark? Ben asks why? Cal lies telling Ben that he needs to find Mark so he can submit a re-bid on a project of Cal's. Ben asks Cal if Mike can help him? Cal tells him no. The bid must be adjusted by the next morning and Mike would need three days just to background himself. Ben appears torn on what to do. He finally tells Cal that he doesn't know and can't help him. As Cal is leaving, Ben changes his mind. Ben says that he isn't sure but thinks that Mark may be at a cabin a few hours out of town. Cal doesn't mind checking. Ben gives him direction. Back at the cabin, Mark and Connor debate about returning to Oakdale. She wants to make a fresh start. Mark points out that they have responsibilities in Oakdale and making a fresh start requires finishing up their business there. Mark thinks that she's being a quitter. Connor tells him she's not a quitter but that she's afraid to lose him. He tires to assure her that he's not going anywhere and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Later, Cal shows up at the cabin. In the background, you can hear Mark and Connor playing around somewhere. Cal goes inside the cabin and begins to search it, probably looking for the gun. He opens up the toolbox and find the gun and bloody shirt there. Cal picks up the gun (he has gloves on) and looks it over.

At County jail, Holden asks Jessica where Lily is? Jessica tells him that she is headed back to her cell. Holden has a fit becuase he was supposed to see her. David enters, telling Holden that she isn't allowed visitors today. Holden wants to know "who said"? David says he did. Holden wants to know since when? David tells him "since I took over the case." Holden looks surprised and still wants to see Lily. David tells him that this the a county facility and the rules are different from the police station. Holden wants to know what his problem is? David tells him that he is, right now. They both argue over the facts of the case. As David calls for a guard to let him in to see Lily, Holden asks Jessica to do something and to call Tom. Jessica tells Holden that Tom has removed himself completely. Holden tells David that he better make a name for himself with a different case because he won't let David railroad Lily. Later, Holden makes a stop to see Hal at the station. He asks where Tom is. Hal tells Holden that Tom has taken a "personal day" off from work today. Holden asks Hal about David taking over the case? Holden feels that the police and D.A.'s office are screwing up everything left and right and even asks if they have found the gun? Hal tells him that it's hard to find a gun especially if someone is purposely hiding it. Holden demands that Hal find it! Hal explodes, puts Holden in his place by telling him that he has been working double shifts, sleeping on a cot upstairs, has hardly seen his own kids and has every available man on the case. Hal suggests to Holden that he take care of Lily... that's his job. Hal says he will do his job and please let the D.A.'s office do theirs. Holden says he will back off only if David Allen is taken off the case and walks out.

Tom is sitting with Margo in her hospital room. She doesn't like the food. Tom offers to call Lisa and have something brought in from the Mona Lisa and asks what she wants. Margo would like to erase the past few days and comments that Lily spent her first night in the county jail. She tries to convince Tom to take over the case again. Tom says he can't pointing out that he has a clear conflict of interest but he says he will oversee what David does with it. Margo tells Tom she doesn't trust David and that Tom is the best one to try the case. Tom is flattered but says that she and the kids need him more right now than Lily does. Later, Margo is sleeping. She dreams about being outside the church. Her gun is in it's holster. As the camera zooms in on the gun, a hand is seen grabbing it. It is unknown whether it was Margo's hand or not. She wakes up and looks toward the door. Holden is seen entering. He says he was looking for Tom and asks if she is ok? Margo begins babbling about having a dream... but it didn't feel like a dream, it felt real. She says she was at Lily's wedding and someone took the gun from her holster. Holden asks her when this happened. She says just before Diego was shot. He asks her if she's the one who removed the gun from the holster. Margo says she doesn't remember but someone took it, that much she does remember. She can't remember if it was used to shoot Diego. Holden suggests that she have Ballistics test her gun. She says she can't do that and admits to Holden that her gun has been missing since that night. Meanwhile, Tom goes home. He appears stressed about Margo. He looks at her photo on a nearby table and flashes back to the day Casey was born and the joy they felt back then. The scene changes to the day she rescued Casey after he had been kidnapped, how happy she was when she found him. The scene changes again to the day when they told Adam who his real father was and how Adam wasn't angry and how they laughed. The next scene that is shown is of Margo giving him a new sweater for Christmas. The final scene shown is of the two of them dancing on the roof of the new City/Police offices. When he comes back to reality, he tells himself that she'll be alright... she has to be. Back at the hospital, Holden continues to grill Margo about that night. He asks her if she ever planned to tell anyone about her gun being missing? Margo tells him she did tell them. Holden asks if she was going to tell Jessica since she deserved to know? Margo says that she was ashamed of violating "rule #1: never get separated from your weapon." Holden tells her that what's important now is that she remember. Margo cries out that she's trying. She says she remembers feeling her gun in her holster but she doesn't remember taking it out or having it in her hand. "I had to have, right? If I didn't, who did?" Holden comments "That's what we have to find out."

Kim goes back to work at WOAK. Sally is glad to see her and complements Kim on her outfit. Kim tells her that it's new. Sally asks if Kim is back for good? Kim tells her not yet, only a couple of hours a week only until she's strong enough. Sally offers to help her wherever she can. Kim asks see the tape of Patterns that Barbara did and for a copy of the budget Parker submitted but before she does any of that, she wants Sally to make reservations at Oakdale Cafe, a new restaurant Bob has been dying to go to. Sally brings her the tape and then leaves. Kim opens the tape case but forgot why she wanted to see the tape or even what is on it. Later, she argues budget figures with Parker on the phone. After they finish the budget she tells him she has something else she wants to talk to him about but suddenly can't remember what it was. There is a knock at her office door and Bob walks in. She tells Parker that the other issue can wait for later and hangs up. Bob comes up to her and asks if she is wearing a new outfit. He doesn't remember ever seeing it before. She tells him that he hasn't been paying close attention. She asks him what's up? Bob tells her that he's ready whenever she is. Kim asks what he's ready for? Bob tells her that he's ready for lunch. Kim goes to her purse and tells him that she's starved and hopes that they are going somewhere lavish and expensive. "You tell me... you made the reservations" Bob tells her. "I did?" Kim replies. She suddenly puts a smile on her face and says that she did and was only teasing him. Bob asks her if she's ok? She says she is, why? Bob thinks that she seems perplexed. Kim admits that she is. She says that something seems wrong. Bob asks if she is in pain? Kim says no and that it's nothing like that. Just as Bob is going to ask her something else, she points to Tom on TV. Bob wants her to ignore it and talk to him but she's adamant about watching it. The reporter on TV talks about Tom's withdrawl from the Santana murder case because it would be a conflict of interest but the reporter seems to think that it's because of Margo's mental instability with her outburst in court. Kim and Bob are shocked. Kim turns the TV off and asks Bob if he knew? Bob says he did and realizes that Tom is obviously worried about Margo more than he is letting them believe and hates the fact that their personal life is having to be displayed this way. Bob comes back to the subject about her and asks what she was going to tell him. Kim admits that she has overdone it and is tired, just as he and John told her. She asks for a raincheck on lunch so she can go home and rest... "besides, you would rather check on Tom?" Bob comments how she can read his mind and asks if she is sure. Kim says she is positive. As Bob goes to leave, he tells her that he'll have Sally cancel their lunch reservation. Kim says not to bother. Bob leaves. Kim, commenting to herself: "Cancel the reservation... only if I can remember what it was. What's wrong with me?"

Kirk and Lucinda have lunch at Emilio's. Kirk asks what's up. Lucinda tells him that she doesn't have a hidden agenda and is going to tell him flat out... she knows who killed Diego. Kirk looks intrigued and asks who it is. She apologizes for being so harsh when they last spoke. Kirk sees through her. Lucinda offers him the Presidency of WorldWide. Kirk asks what he has to do. Lucinda says he has to "look guilty." They order lunch when the waiter returns then get back to business. Lucinda wants to keep the focus on Umberto. She tells him he was working with Umberto before he came to town. Kirk says that it's pure speculation. She tells him that he helped Umberto embezzle funds from WorldWide. Kirk says that it was never proven. She tells him that he was at the crash that killed Sangermano. Kirk says that it was an unfortunate circumstance. Lucinda says that his criminal acts and Damian's desire to expose them prompted Umberto to sabotage the plane that killed Damian, the pilot and that blinded Samantha. "Have I left anything out?" Lucinda asks? Kirk says it's her "fantasy" and tells her to tell him. She asks him to follow the logic. Kirk thinks a moment then says that the logic points that Diego wasn't Umberto but that Kirk was. Lucinda asks him to answer this: "Didn't you kill Diego?" Kirk says that he absolutely did not. Lucinda tells him that his answer is wrong. Kirk wants her to get to the poin. Lucinda wants him to confess to the murder of Diego. Kirk can't believe what he's hearing. Lucinda tells him that he will be hansomely rewarded if he does so. Kirk thinks she's way out of bounds and starts to walk away. Lucinda tells him that he hasn't heard the whole deal yet... "Haven't I taught you anything?" She wonders. Kirk gives her 60 seconds. She explains that when Kirk found out that Diego was Umberto and responsible for Samantha being blind, he flipped out. It was a crime of passion and that no jury would convict him. She has talked with counsel and if Tom pleads him down, the most he can do is 3 years. Kirk doesn't like the deal. Lucinda points out that Lily is a very young girl. Kirk asks what he is? Lily has a very young son. Kirk points out that he has two kids of his own. Lucinda says that they don't count. Lucinda says that she has "connections" and will arrange for him to do time in a "country club" type facility that has a VCR, meals brought in and he can even play the stock market. Kirk tells her that her time is up. Lucinda puts a briefcase on the table and opens it up. Inside is $2 million. Kirk asks what happens if she decides to renig on the deal or she dies after he's locked up... what then? What am I supposed to do for work with a criminal record? He wants a little insurance. Kirk suggests $5 million in a Swiss account prior to incarceration and if he has to serve one day longer than the sentence then the deal is off, he'll recant everything and if she tries to stop him he'll turn on her and she'll be the one doing time. Lucinda says that $2 million is her final offer. Kirk gets up to walk away. Lucinda adds 2,000 shares of WorldWide stock for every year served with 1,000 shares for the next three years thereafter. Kirk waits. Lucinda bumps it up to 5,000 shares. Kirk waits again. Lucinda laughs, and makes it 10,000 shares. Kirk sits back down. He adds a mansion in Ruxton Hills. Lucinda says that the morgage would be paid for and completely funished with a staff. Kirk thinks a pool and tennis court would be appropriate as well since he probably won't be allowed back into the Oakdale Yacht Club afterwards. Kirk also tells her that he has one more condition. Lucinda asks what it is. Kirk wants Samantha back. "No Samantha, no deal." Lucinda doesn't think she can persuade Samantha... "she has a mind of her own." Kirk tells Lucinda she can be persuasive when she wants to be. Kirk suggests Lucinda make him out to be Lily's "Knight in shining armor." Lucinda refuses. Kirk tells her they have no deal then. He says he'll only be able to get through those lonely days and night knowing that he'd be able to see Samantha's gorgeous face on visiting days and that they can start clean when he gets out. He adds that he'd do ten prison terms for Samantha and that she is all that matters to him. Lucinda still says no. Kirk wonders if Luke will recognize Lily when she gets out since he heard that prison really ages a person. Kirk says he will do Lucinda bidding when she is ready to do his. Kirk gets up and leaves.

Friday, March 7, 1997

RECAP ADVISORY: Episode was pre-empted by a news conference by President Clinton. This episode was rebroadcasted!! Please see the recap under Monday, March 10, 1997.

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Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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