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Monday, March 3, 1997

by Christine Tolentino

Olivia shoves Cole into the bathroom and turns on the shower as Caitlin comes into the bedroom. Although Olivia claims to have come up for a "nap", Caitlin finds a pair of men's shoes and is disgusted by her mother's indiscretion in "daddy's bed" and stalks out of the room. When Cole emerges, Olivia told him he must leave now. When Cole makes light of meeting Olivia's husband, Olivia impatiently told him that the visitor wasn't Gregory, it was her daughter. Unaware that Olivia is referring to Caitlin, Cole jokes about Olivia having a toddler; Olivia states that her daughter is a sophomore in college. Meanwhile, downstairs, Gregory orders Tim to discover the true nature of Ben and Meg's relationship. When Tim expresses surprise that Gregory is aware of his broken engagement to Meg, Gregory informs Tim that he was the subject of a thorough background check. Caitlin returns downstairs, visibly upset, prompting Gregory to blame Olivia for their daughter's mood. As Gregory heads upstairs to confront his wife, Tim comforts Caitlin, and defines love as never giving up - even if you're not wanted. Upstairs, Olivia puts on a brave front which quickly collapses, when, aware of Olivia's extra-marital activities, Gregory makes a call to a Dr. Hammond, inquiring on procedures for involuntary committment of a patient to his institution. As Gregory coldly packs a bag for her, Olivia is terrified when he vows to destroy her. At the Java Web, Cole is on the phone, informing his contact that "everything is taken care of...", "the distraction is over...", and that he's back on the trail with a new lead on the Deschanel jewels.

Annie begins to reconstruct the events that led up to her being arrested for her father's murder. Recalling her hatred when Del cut her off financially, Annie admits to Ben and Meg that she imagined killing him. Annie shares her nightmares of having blood on her hands, and seeing Del's dead body on the floor. Annie begins to believe she killed her father, especially now that there is a time-stamped hotel receipt with her name on it to place her at the murder scene. Ben refuses to believe that Annie is a killer; he plans to have the blood on the coat analyzed by a friend in forensics. Annie accuses Meg of playing at being noble to score points with Ben; Meg derisively told Annie, "That's your M.O." The trio are interrupted when a distraught Bette comes banging on Ben's balcony door. As Annie hides, Bette breaks down in front of Ben and Meg. Bette's sincere pain in missing her niece prompt Annie to reveal herself. Annie stuns them all when she volunteers to turn herself in to the police; Bette sees through the act. Ben and Meg step out onto the balcony, and Bette told her niece that she's aware that Annie is just playing at being the martyr to impress Ben; dropping the pretense, Annie told her aunt that refuses to let go of her hopes for a romantic relationship with Ben. Meanwhile, Tim is observing Meg and Ben on the balcony, but is unable to hear the conversation. Ben tries to explain to Meg that the deception has gotten out of hand and that he wants her to stay away from now on, but Meg stubbornly refuses. A jealous Tim watches as Ben draws Meg into an embrace.

Bursting into Paula's "cell", both Ricardo and Eddie are frustrated to discover that she's no longer there. As Eddie becomes increasingly paranoid about Ralph's abduction of Paula, Ricardo notes the video camera trained on the bed. When Eddie tries to recover the handcuffs on the metal frame of the bed, Ricardo pulls him back, admonishing him to watch out for fingerprints. Ricardo is intrigued to note that the cuffs are police-issue. Meanwhile, a drugged Paula is positioned by Ralph in an embrace. When she wakes, Paula bites Ralph's hand when he tries to stroke her face. Screaming in pain, Ralph reaches for the syringe and wrestles Paula to the ground. He sticks in the needle, and Paula is rendered unconscious again. Back at the police station, Eddie is alarmed to hear that Ricardo has an FBI contact, Alan Morton, who is looking into the camera, the cuffs, and the profile on Ralph Meyers. Ricardo notes the strange coincidence - all of Ralph's victims were found with a lily laid across their bodies; lilies were the flowers that Paula had wanted for the traditional wedding they were planning to have before they decided to elope. As Ricardo ponders a possible connection, Ralph has dressed Paula in a wedding gown, and laid her out with a lily in her folded hands...

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

by Christine Tolentino

Annoyed at having to take recertification training for CPR, Casey brags to Rae that all he has to do is charm the instructor; Rae smugly informs Casey that his "charm" won't work this time - SHE's the instructor. Casey looks forward to sampling Rae's "technique", but she's interrupted to administer to a patient. Rae is surprised that her patient recognizes Casey, and is even more confused to learn that Casey went to Everbrook prep school, where he lettered in three sports and consistently made the Dean's list. Later at the Java Web, Rae substitutes questions about Casey's academic career in place of the recertification questions. Implying that she has a source into his past, Casey abruptly cuts Rae off, informing her coolly that if she refuses to make their relationship personal, she has no right digging into his past personal life. Hurt, Rae backs off.

Tiffany blows into the Java Web in a panic and told Mark that the abandoned day care center is about to be torn down - she'll have no place to live. Mark refuses to help her out this time and turns away. Overhearing the conversation, Sean asks Tiffany to move in with him. Thrilled, Tiffany gloats to Mark while Sean checks in with Caitlin to make sure the coast is clear at home. At the Richards' home, Gregory furthers his plan to have Olivia committed by insinuating to Caitlin that Olivia's too far gone for him to handle. Caitlin puts a temporary halt on Gregory's plan when she begs him to keep the family together. Sean arrives home and rushes Caitlin out before Tiffany arrives. Later, Tiffany is thrilled to be in the Richards' mansion again, but when Gregory comes bellowing into the room, Sean and Tiffany duck under the buffet table. Gregory answers the door to Mark, who's there to pick up his paycheck for bartending the cocktail party the night before. As Gregory writes out the check, Mark notices Tiffany and Sean under the table. Taking the check, Mark announces for Tiffany's benefit that someday he'll "live in a place just like this", and leaves. After Gregory leaves, Sean and Tiffany come out of hiding. Tiffany's plan to live "the lifestyle of the rich and famous" is trashed when Sean proudly shows her to the maid's quarters. After Sean leaves, Mark turns up and snidely notes Tiffany's rise into society. Getting serious, Mark told Tiffany that she made a mistake by going after Sean and turning away from him, the only real friend she has, and then walks out. Sean returns and tries to comfort Tiffany, but she runs off.

Eddie protests the involvement of the FBI as Agents Alan Morton and James Wright arrive, while Paula wakes to a grinning Ralph, who announces that today is "the big day." At the Java Web to drop off posters of Paula to help in the search, Elaine meets a sympathetic Gabi. Gabi asks for a poster, after seeing that the contact noted is Det. Ricardo Torres, SBPD. Eddie freaks out on the feds and then steps out to take a phone call - from Ralph. Eddie demands to know if Ralph spilled all to Paula; Ralph just laughs and says he's GOING to blow the lid on Eddie and hangs up. Ricardo notes Eddie's tense reaction to the call and begins to question him, but the FBI have questions for Ricardo - it appears that the "domestic partner" of a victim is always the first considered as a suspect. Barely managing to control himself, Ricardo enlists Eddie to support him in proving that he and Paula were the perfect couple. Meanwhile, Paula pushes Ralph too far when she starts to discuss his mother again. Ralph becomes verbally combative - Paula drops the act and retaliates in kind. Calming down, Ralph leaves for a moment, warning Paula not to exhaust herself - the doors are bolted. Paula says a prayer, and on the second try manages to pitch her ring out the broken window. Ralph returns and chloroforms and gags her, positions her against a chain link fence and ties her to it, setting lit candles around her seated form. Elaine arrives at Ricardo's apartment as the FBI agents and Eddie leave; Ricardo vows that he'll find her daughter. Later, Eddie returns bearing lunch and a "best buddies" attitude. Eddie makes a random comment about Paula and Ricardo eloping to Vegas, which puts Ricardo on guard - no one knew about Vegas. Meanwhile, out dumpster diving with her dog Spike, Tiffany congratulates the groom as he tacks a "Just Married" sign on his van. Ralph accepts the good wishes and drives off as Tiffany tries to restrain an agitated Spike. Sitting down for a moment, Tiffany watches Spike sniff around the area - Spike finds Paula's ring and starts to bark. Inside the building, Paula is jarred awake by the barking, and tries to cry out for help...

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

by Christine Tolentino

At the SBPD, Michael explains to Vanessa that he can't take care of her anymore - he's no hero. Vanessa recalls JoJo's taunting words about Michael and an incident from their past on Grant Avenue. Vanessa tries to get Michael to commit to the idea of a personal relationship between them, but Michael leaves. Later, on the beach, Casey has to pull an overly aggressive Michael off a surfer. Disturbed by his pal's uncharacteristic behavior, Casey is even more confused when Michael becomes defensive about his early days as an "angry punk in South Central." Meanwhile, at the Java Web, Vanessa confides in Rae that the more she digs into Michael's past, the more it seems to push him away. Rae confesses that she's in the same situation with Casey. The ladies decide to back off their respective potential boy-friends and lighten things up between them. Going to meet the guys at the beach, Vanessa and Rae happily share plans for a beach barbeque the following week to celebrate the renovation of the beach house and the publication of Vanessa's article. Casey is gung-ho for a party, but Michael informs them all not to count on him being there. Vanessa chases him down to the shoreline and pleads with Michael for a chance with him, but Michael simply states again that "I'm not one of the good guys" and walks away.

Tiffany arrives at the Java Web with her booty and assures Mark that she can afford to pay for a muffin. Mark tries again to make Tiffany see that she's a long way from being accepted into the Richards' world, but Tiffany scoffs that what Sean has given her is more than what Mark could even offer. Tim approaches Meg and tries to get more information as to the seriousness of her relationship with Ben; annoyed, Meg informs Tim that she's not the naive Kansas girl that he once knew. Tiffany offers to barter a ring for a cup of coffee; Mark consults with Meg, who notes that it's a police academy ring, and the two agree that it's a fair trade. Taking the ring back to the counter with her, Meg prepares more orders as Tim inspects the ring and discovers the initials "P.S." inscribed inside it. Meg realizes in shock that it must be Officer Paula Steven's academy ring. Meg, Tim and Mark urge a reluctant Tiffany to contact the police.

Ricardo reacts with suspicion when Eddie mentions eloping to Las Vegas; only Paula knew the details of the elopement. Eddie quickly covers by pointing out that Vegas is the capital city for eloping couples. Ricardo gets a call from the station - they have a witness who has seen Ralph Meyers; she's at the station to make a photo ID. Rushing to the SBPD, Ricardo asks the witness, the owner of the flower shop, to ID the man in her shop. She positively identifies Ralph Meyers as the customer who came in and bought lilies. Eddie comments that according to the profile, Ralph likes to kill his victims slowly - carbon monoxide poisoning. Meanwhile, Ralph equips his "honeymoon van" with a rubber garden hose. Ricardo orders his men to canvas the area around the florist's shop, but orders Eddie to stay put at the station and put the heat on the FBI to further their investigation. Left alone, a paranoid Eddie panics that Paula's already dead and Ralph is ready to spill his guts about Eddie's involvement. Left alone for the moment, Paula struggles but is unable to free herself. Ralph returns and sets the atmosphere by playing a distorted tape of the wedding march. Ralph conducts the ceremony, playing both parts of groom and priest. Paula dully responds to the wedding vows, using memories of Ricardo to strengthen her resolve. When Paula briefly shows some spirit, Ralph beats her back in submission and continues with the vows. When Ralph bends down to seal the vows with a kiss, Paula plays seductress and requests a dance with her groom. Agreeing, Ralph unties her legs and slips her tied wrists over his head and around his neck. Back at the police station, Mark and Tiffany turn the ring over to Officer Eddie - who, luckily for Paula, then turns it over to a just returned Ricardo. Tiffany told Ricardo that the ring was in an alley behind Breaker Street, and Ricardo rushes out with Eddie on his heels. Back at the "reception", Paula quickly head-butts Ralph and then belts him with her tied fists, knocking him to the ground. Paula quickly reaches for the keys beside the tape player and frantically begins to work on the door lock...

Thursday, March 6, 1997

by Christine Tolentino

Tiffany is disappointed in the lukewarm reception that she gets from Sean when she turns up on his front door with her bags and dog, Spike, in tow. When Tiffany explains she couldn't go through the maid's entrance because the maids were vacuuming the room, Sean has her hide in the hall closet as Caitlin comes running down the stairs. With Tiffany tucked out of sight, Sean and Caitlin try to head off a disaster involving Sean's leaking waterbed and the newly painted mural Gregory had ordered painted in the room directly below Sean's room.

Having knocked Ralph away for the moment, Paula yanks off the wedding ring and throws it at him, then tries desperately to work the key into the door lock but her bound hands make it impossible. Ralph recovers and lunges at Paula and a full-out brawl ensues. Later, Ricardo and Eddie arrive at Ralph's hideout on Breaker Street and break through the door with guns drawn. Trigger-happy Eddie fires on Ralph as Ricardo yells in protest. Ralph went down and Ricardo turns on Eddie with a vengeance. Thinking quickly, Eddie claims to have seen a gun in Ralph's hands, but a disgusted Ricardo picks up Ralph's lollipop and shoves it at Eddie. Eddie hovers anxiously nearby as Ricardo tries to shake information out of Ralph, but it's too late - Eddie's shots were fatal. Having gotten rid of one loose end, Eddie tries to go one step further and told Ricardo to give it up - Paula's obviously dead, too. Ricardo receives a call from Ruiz with more information about Ralph's MO - his victims were all poisoned by CO2 - AT SUNSET. Ricardo's fired up by the reprieve - Paula's still alive. Thinking quickly, Ricardo corners Mark at the Java Web, looking for Tiffany. Mark informs the two cops that Tiffany is living at the Richards'. Caitlin answers the door and is confused when Ricardo demands to see Tiffany; realizing the seriousness of the visit, Sean calls for Tiffany to come out of the closet. A paranoid Eddie grabs roughly at Tiffany, but is held off by Ricardo. Explaining Paula's position, Ricardo escorts Tiffany to the police station. Mark arrives at the Richards' just a few minutes later, and Caitlin updates him on Tiffany's whereabouts. Sean decides to follow Tiffany to SBPD, too, but not before Caitlin promises to keep their secret and warns Sean that it won't be long before Gregory figures out what's going on. At the station, Tiffany describes Ralph and his "hippie van" to Ricardo, who then gets a call about a similar vehicle. Ricardo and Eddie rush out...

Ben asks Annie to go into detail about her nightmares. Meg arrives, unaware that Tim has been following her. Tim positions himself outside Ben's balcony doors; Bette arrives a few minutes later. Annie is embarrassed to recount the events leading up to her memories of seeing blood on her hands in front of so many people; Meg's prompting doesn't help to lighten Annie's mood. Asking both Meg and Bette to leave the questioning to him, Ben urges Annie to search her memories of the night her father was killed. Annie went over the known facts - that Del's body was on the floor, and that there was blood on her hands. Going back a bit further, Annie remembers that she had drunkenly walked through Del's UNLOCKED and OPEN hotel room door, and that she had tripped over something - her father's body. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief that Annie's memory has proved her innocence. Through the windows, Tim reacts with shock - Annie Douglas is alive! As Meg leaves for work and Ben went upstairs to take a phone call, Bette confronts Annie - did she leave anything out? When a confused Annie doesn't recall anything else, Bette reveals that Olivia Richards had told her that Del had a valise/briefcase full of jewels - jewels that are now missing. Annie realizes in shock that if Olivia is questioning the whereabouts of the jewels, then she couldn't have been the one to murder Del. Now without a suspect, Annie insists that Ben be told about the strange twist in the murder case. When Ben returns with forensic's confirmation that the blood on Annie's coat was indeed her father's, Annie begins to tell him about the missing jewels - until Bette pulls a faint to keep her niece quiet.

On the beach, a conflicted Tim tries to decide what to do, aware that if he reveals Annie's secret to Gregory, Meg will never forgive him. Later, at the Java Web, Tiffany confides to Mark that she never thought that she could be of help to anyone, and takes pride that she may have a hand in rescuing Paula. Meg arrives to find a depressed Tim waiting for her and is shocked when Tim asks her to go back to Kansas with him. Meanwhile, locked in Ralph's van, Paula struggles to stay awake as the CO2 starts to filter in. After failing to kick the door open, Paula uses happy memories of Ricardo to try and stay awake, but the gas begins to overpower her and she nods off...

Friday, March 7, 1997

by Christine Tolentino

Aware that sunset is rapidly approaching, Eddie and Ricardo find Ralph's van, with Paula unconscious inside. As Ricardo works the van door, Eddie yanks the garden hose that is filtering the carbon monoxide from the exhaust into the van. Freeing Paula at last, Ricardo orders Eddie to call for the paramedics as he frantically administers mouth-to-mouth resusitation. Eddie runs back, yelling that help is on the way. Eddie recalls kidnapping Paula as Ricardo continues to administer aid.

Gregory reminds Olivia that he's ready to pack her off to an institution if he catches her in another tryst. Sulking, Olivia heads off to check in with Elaine at the Waffle Shop, where Cole is busy contemplating Olivia's stolen pendant. Entering the shop, Cole takes a table near the bar, where Gabi comforts Elaine about Paula's abduction. When Elaine mentions "losing another child", Cole snaps to attention. Listening now, Cole eavesdrops as Elaine told Gabi a story of how Paula had once been missing as a child. After Gabi leaves, Cole asks Elaine if she had lost ANOTHER child; Elaine assures him that Paula's her only child. When Elaine asks Cole if he's lost anyone close to him, Cole replies sadly that he's lost everyone. Olivia freezes for a moment when she enters the Waffle shop and sees Cole with Elaine. Elaine introduces the two, unaware that Cole and Olivia already know each other. Elaine gets a call that Paula's been found and rushes to the medical center as Olivia questions Cole's interest in the Deschanel Jewels. Cole and Olivia skirt around the possibility of another intimate encounter. Later, Gregory arrives at the Waffle Shop to check up on Olivia. Ordering his wife to be home in one hour, Gregory leaves as Olivia contemplates a motel room key. Later, Cole arrives at his room to find Olivia in his bed, wearing nothing but the sheet - and a fortune in jewels.

At first outraged by Tim's suggestion that they return home to Kansas together, Meg eventually calms down and makes it clear that she is not ever going back home. Meanwhile, at Ben's place, both Ben and Annie are aware that Bette has pulled a fake faint. Ben leaves the room to get a glass of water; Bette takes the opportunity to warn Annie NOT to tell Ben about the missing briefcase containing the Deschanel jewels. As Ben returns and makes moves to call a doctor, Bette quickly "revives". Ben warns Annie that he's aware that the two are keeping something from him and he intends to find out what it is. Ben leaves for work; Bette told Annie that if she told her everything about the jewels, a lot of innocent people will be hurt. Annie speculates again about Olivia, then realizes that perhaps Gregory is the killer. Bette again begs her niece not to say anything to Ben about the jewels. At the Java Web, Tim jealously watches as Meg rushes to Ben's side; Gregory arrives and Meg quickly kisses Ben to maintain their cover. Gregory smirks at the obvious behavior and notes to Tim that the two are hiding "something". Bitter, Tim mutters, "Or SOMEONE." Gregory leans in with interest - what did Tim find out?

Casey notes to Rae that sunsets are a bit sad; it's like losing time. Aware that Casey is refering to Paula and Ricardo, Rae moves to comfort him. The two nearly kiss but are interrupted by the doorbell; a package from Rae's grandmother in China is on the doorstep. Conflicted, Rae explains to Casey that the gift of the family heirloom tea set is just another way their lie [of being married] has gotten out of hand. Casey gives her two options: either they make it real, or they tell the Changs that they lied. Rae is adamant that neither option is possible. Discovering a box of LIN TSE tea [candied lotus seed fertility tea] in the box, Casey can't resist teasing Rae by offering her a cup. Later, Rae gets a call from the medical center - Paula is being brought in. Rae and Casey head out for the clinic.

There is a brief scare as Paula begins to code, but Rae manages to revive her. Later, Rae told Ricardo that Paula is being moved to ICU, and that she is in a coma. The next few hours are critical, given that the severe carbon monoxide poisoning may have caused brain damage. Upon hearing this, Eddie recalls Ralph's comment about how Paula's a smart lady and may have figured out Eddie's involvement in her abduction. Claiming eternal gratitude to Ricardo for rescuing Paula, Elaine urges Ricardo speak words of love and encouragement to her comatose daughter. As Ricardo pleads passionately to Paula's inert form, feelings of guilt come to the surface as Ricardo notices Gabi at the nurses' station and memories of the near seduction at Gabi's hands the night Paula was kidnapped fill his mind.

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