One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on OLTL

Kevin and Cassie shared a romantic moment and continued their search for evidence against R.J. Starr was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Max was perturbed that Ian had given Maggie some orchids. Bo and Nora discussed Antonio's case.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, February 17, 1997


They are at the bank and discussing who will interview the banker. Kevin finally gives in (since he can hardly stand) and Cassie goes in to see him. She introduces herself as a reporter from the Banner. The banker denies knowing Carlo or anything about an account in the bank. He sends Cassie out and calls R.J. Rachel is in his office and takes the call. R.J. comes in and she tells him who it is. R.J. brushes him off and calls him after Rachel has left. He tells him that he doesn't want Cassie to find out anything and for him to take care of it. Cassie comes back in the office and asks to speak to his supervisor. He tells her that he isn't in. She says she will come back tomorrow. He tells her that he won't be in then, he'll probably be celebrating (marti gras type parades). She tells him that she will be back until she speaks with someone. She then walks out and gathers up Kevin and leaves. They go to the motel and find that there is only one room booked and there are none available. Cassie winds up going in search of some medicine for Kevin. She gets lost and can't find the hotel. While standing in the street and looking for the right direction she is surrounded by people all dressed up for the parade. With a very frighened look on her face, she just watches and waits as they circle her.


They select the jury. There is one woman from Angel Square and Hank tries to expel her, but Nora tells the judge that the only reason to expel her would be that she is latino and from Angel Square. The judge questions her and she told him that she would have no problem convicting Antonio if the evidence points to that. She is allowed to be a juror. As soon as the jury is selected, the judge calls for a recess for lunch and then opening statements. Nora tries to postpone it, but the judge told her that he knew of her reputation for stalling and it wouldn't work with him. The trial begins. Alex came in after lunch, just as the statements were about to begin. She brought her press agents with her and made the statement to Antonio that she would stand behind him and hoped that the people of Angel Square would remember that when she ran for mayor again. Nora just looked at her and told her that this wasn't the time to be making political speeches.

Hank then made his opening statement. He told the jurors that even though Carlo was a crook, a gangster and no one liked him, he still was a human being and that his killer needed to be punished. Nora then got up and told them that Antonio was a good kid and that everyone liked him. Antonio had gone undercover and helped the police to get info on Carlo. He had helped the children of Angel Square. She told them that Carlo had made a video stating that if he was killed, Antonio had done it. He had done this because he was going to fake his murder and blame it on Antonio. She told the jury that the real killer knew about this video and he used it to blame the murder on Antonio. Rachel is in the courtroom and after listening to everyone talk about the real killer wanting Carlo's money, she gets up to leave. Bo notices that she looks uncomfortable and goes out to see if she is OK. He asked her if she needed to talk to someone or if anything was bothering her, she didn't say to him, she just left.

From here she went to R.J.'s office and told him that he should talk to a lawyer about what he knew. He told her that he didn't know anything that he hadn't already told them. She reminded him that he knew about the bank account in Reo. She told him that she was tired of covering up for him. He told her that there wasn't anything to cover up.


Maggie and Max enjoyed a romantic evening. After leaving to go to the trial, Ian showed up with a bunch of orchids that he grew at his estate. He apologized for being such a pest, but that he was going to stay awhile to see if he couldn't find out what happened to his mother's locket. He also told her that he thought she knew more than she was saying. He then left. She immediately called the Bishop. She told him that she didn't think she could deny telling him everything anymore. She also asked him about the locket. He told her to just forget it, everything was taken care of, and to forget it. While telling her this, he is holding the locket in his hand.

Tuesday, February 18, 1997


Rachel and Bo are still talking outside the courtroom. Bo tells her that if she needs help, or if she's in trouble, she could come to him. Rachel tells him that watching Antonio and the Vega family, she is scared. Partly for them and partly for R.J. She then tells Bo about R.J.'s call from the banker in Rio. He asked her if R.J. took the call. She told him that the banker sounded very upset about something, yet R.J. told him that he would call him back. It was obvious that he didn't want to talk to him in front of me. "I know that R.J. didn't kill Carlo, but I also know that R.J. knows more than he is saying." Bo tells her that he will check it out. R.J. walks up to Rachel and tells her that he saw her with Bo, but didn't want to interrupt their conversation. She told him that she had told Bo about the banker calling. R.J.- "too bad you couldn't take my word" Rachel tells him that she doesn't think he had anything to do with Carlo's death, but that the bank account could be relevant to the case and that he should have told about it so that the real murderer could be caught. R.J. told her that the real murderer was on trial and that he hoped they put him away forever. Later Bo came up to Rachel and told her that he had talked to the banker in Rio and that he had denied knowing Carlo or R.J. or about any account.

Andy and Max talk before the trial begins. Andy tells Max to answer the questions only and not to add his opinions. "Stick to the facts and nothing more." Hank calls Dorian to the stand. He asked her what she saw when she arrived at the boat. She said she and Blair arrived and saw Carlo's body in the water lying face up with a bullet hole in his forehead. She then called the police. He asked her how well she knows the Vega family. She said that she knew Carlotta and Cristian very well, but didn't know Antonio very well. Nora objected (inadmissible) and called for a talk at the bench. Hank came up and Nora objected to Hank bringing up the fact that Antonio had been in prison. Hank said he couldn't do it, but that if Dorian mentioned it... well.. The judge told Hank he better stop before he had to call a mistrial and that he better watch stuff like that because Nora didn't miss a trick.

Nora then questioned Dorian. She started with the, where were you on the morning of.. and Dorian said home. She asked her why she returned to the boat. She said to get Blair's belongings. Blair and Todd had had a tremendous fight the night before that was instigated by Carlo. The last time she saw Todd he was looking for Carlo and was very angry. When asked if she saw Antonio that night, she said no. She was dismissed and Hank called Dr. Lo. Nora asked him if Carlo had any powder burns. He said no. Then you are saying that Carlo was not shot from close range. That's right. Téa leaned over to Cristian and told him that they didn't object to the testimony that Carlo was not shot from close range, so how could Vega have shot him if he was so close.

Max was called next. He testified about seeing Andy at the hospital and about the mood Antonio was in. He told the courtroom that Andy wanted to go with him when he left, but that they wouldn't let her because they didn't know how long she had been unconscious. Max told Andy that he would follow him. When asked if he was right behind him, he said that Antonio had a little of a headstart because you don't have a short argument with his sister. He told them that he did see Antonio on the dock leaving. He had told the police that he saw Bo leaving in an ambulance and that he thought that was a lie. Nora objected. Nora then questioned Max. She asked him if he liked Antonio and whether he liked the idea of his sister with Antonio. Max admitted he didn't like Antonio and that he thought he was dangerous. Nora used this time to tell the court in a statement to Max; you don't like Antonio and thought he was dangerous, yet this same man saved your life and the life of Maggie Carpenter in N.C.

There was a break in testimony. Bo told Rachel that he had talked to the banker and that he denied knowing Carlo, R.J. or anything about an account. Bo then talked to Hank. Hank told him that things were going pretty good but that the big bombshell was coming. He couldn't believe that he and his brother were on the same side for a change. He told Bo that everything that R.J. had told him had checked out. Bo then told him to be advised that his bombshell (meaning R.J.) might just blow up in his face. R.J. took the stand. Hank showed him a shirt and asked if he had ever seen one like it. He said that Carlo had given one to Vega. When asked if he had seen him wear it. He said yes, the night that Carlo was murdered.


Todd and Blair are at Starr's bedside. Blair tells him that she thinks that she is cooler. Her temp has broken and she feels better. Blair tells Todd, Maybe we can take her home today, Todd looks at her and says, you mean you can take her home. As Blair and Todd discuss the fact that Starr is better, Marty and the pediatric spec. comes in to tell them that they need to talk to them. Out in the hall, Marty tells them that she has indeed beat the pneumonia but that she has aplastic anemia. Todd tells them to fix it. Blair asks if she did something wrong during her pregnancy to cause this. Marty tells her no, it was nothing that she did. Blair asks how do they make her better. They tell her that she might need a transfusion or a bone marrow transplant, but that now it was a wait and see situation. Marty tells them that she is sorry. "I know how you feel." Blair jumps on her and tells her that she doesn't know how she feels. Blair leaves and goes back into the room with Starr. The pediatrician turns to Marty and tells her that this is the worst part of being a doctor. Dorian walks up and hears that and asks what is wrong with Starr. They tell her. She asks if they are sure and is told that the tests have been confirmed by a ped. hematologist.

In the room, Todd tells Blair that Starr is tough. "She'll hang in there till we find a donor match. We're tough, we'll do this together. We'll do whatever it takes." He starts to put his hand on Blair but stops. Blair is stroking Starr's head and Todd is standing next to her with a hurt but frustrated look on his face. He wants so much to reach out to Blair but is afraid of rejection.


Carnival madness continues. Kevin goes down to the desk to find Cassie. No one has seen her so he goes out looking. Cassie is surrounded by dancers that won't let her move. She is very frightened. "Please let me go!" Kevin rounds the corner at this time and she is so surrounded he doesn't even see her. She sees him and calls his name. He gets her out of the center. A man in a feather mask watches as Kevin takes her away. Cassie is very upset. "Who ARE those people?" Kevin brushes it off and tells her that they are just dancers. She tells him that they were after her. Kevin asks her, "do I hear fear in your voice?" Csssie tells him that they are in over their head and they should call Bo. Kevin asks her what they should tell him, "you were menaced by a troup of party goers." Cassie again tells him that they were after her. He just smiles. She asks him why he is smiling. He said, "because, if they are after you, then we are on the right track." He then looks at her and says, don't take this wrong, but you don't look so good yourself." She says its because she hasn't slept well. He asks her if she misses Andrew. She tells him she misses River and worries about him. He asks her if she wants to go out and get something to eat. She says, "no, out is scary." She tells him that she is going to go downstairs and see if she can get another room and find out if they have room service.

She goes down and asks the desk clerk about another room and is told there are no more rooms available, because of the carnival. She asks about room service, none right now, everyone gone to carnival. Asks to use the phone to call Andrew, no one on the other end, all gone to carnival. The man in the bird mask is watching her. When she hangs up the phone he walks over and starts dancing in front of her and won't let her move. His hands are going up and down her body but not actually touching her. Cassie is frightened and starts hollering. Kevin comes to the rescue. He knocks the man on to the floor. "Do I have to keep saving you. I am the one that's sick you know. And what's with the dancing pidgeon?" One of the dancing women comes up and tells them that they are a dance troup here for the carnival. She then says they were there to practice and they begin to dance. Cassie and Kevin go upstairs. Cassie tells Kevin he can have the bed because he is sick. He says she can have the bed because he has already had a nap. She tells him that he is still a slug but he is a gentlemen. She lays on the bed and closes her eyes. Kevin sits in the chair with his head back and closes his eyes. He starts daydreaming about he and Cassie dancing in the costumes the dancers had on.They do an exotic and very sexual dance ending with Cassie and he kissing on the bed. He opens his eyes and looks at Cassie. She tells him goodnight. He says goodnight.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

The Palace Hotel- Maggie, Max, Ian, Rene, Clint, Viki, Asa

Ian is downstairs at the Palace restaurant seated at a table when he phones up to Maggie's room and tells her that the orchid plant he sent her requires special care. He suggests she take it into the shower with her to prevent the hotel's heat from drying it out. Renee overhears Ian's part of the conversation and is curious. She asks if everything is satisfactory and how long is he planning on staying in Llanview? He replies that for a small town, Llanview holds much interest and many notable people. At a nearby table, Viki and Clint discuss their children. Viki says Jessica is away in Washington, studing government, Joey is in Paris, and she hasn't kept track of Kevin. Clint informs her that their son is in Brazil and she is surprised since she thought that Cassie had that assignment. Clint tells her, if she is there, then they are both there. Ian asks Renee to introduce him to Viki Lord Carpenter and Clint Buchanan. Although he never met either of them, he is familar with both of them. He was present when Clint accepted a prestigious media award a few years ago in London and he also recalls seeing "the lady" at several symposias he had attended. Viki and Clint ask him to sit down. Clint mentions Ian's "charming" father Guy Armitage whom he has met and Viki asks how many newspapers the media mogul owns. Ian says he doubts his father knows how many he has, but he would be interested in acquiring the Banner which is a well run newspaper. Viki tells him it is not for sale. Asa drops by looking for Max. Ian engages him in conversation about his latest acquisition and tells him he, too, was interested in WVL, but Asa made a good deal scooping it up first. It's a good investment. Asa invites him to come by his office for a chat.

Meanwhile, up in Maggie's room, Max arrives and talks about Antonio's trial and is concerned about his sister, Andy, and the affect it is having on her. He notices the orchid and is visibly annoyed to find out it comes from Ian Armitage. Maggie tells him he sent them as a thank you for her listening to his troubles. Max is not happy about this. Maggie tries to change the subject several times, but Max is obsessed on the subject. He senses the man has a motive. Maggie gets a reprieve of sorts when the phone rings and it is the Bishop, who is visiting Andrew. He wants to see her before he returns to Baltimore. Max is busy also. He has to meet Asa downstairs to discuss plans for WVL. Maggie says she would like to spend some quality time with him. Max replies that after his meeting with Asa, he will probably not be in a good mood. Maybe tomorrow.

Max arrives at the Palace restaurant and Asa asks him if he is interested in making a big profit. Max is horrified that Asa would consider putting the radio station on the market so soon. He has long range plans for WVL and they will see much more profit in the future than if they sold it now. He also does not want to give Ian Armitage a reason to stay in Llanview. Max glares as Ian reappears with a special packet of tea for Renee and charms her into buying him a brandy in return.

St. James Rectory- Andrew, the Bishop, and Maggie

The Bishop has come by for a visit with his nephew and to see River. Andrew remarks how much he enjoyed flipping through the pictures in the family album the Bishop gave to Maggie. However, Maggie seemed troubled by the past the photos represented. She had a lot of questions about "family stuff." The Bishop wants to see Maggie and Andrew suggests he asks her about this. Maggie arrives while her father is visiting with River. She tries to take advantage of the few moments she has alone with her cousin. Andrew asks her who the man is he saw her having dinner with at the Palace. She explains that Ian Armitage recently lost his mother and was seeking information about her death in St. Martin's. She and Max were there when Eleanor passed away. Andrew routinely asks if she was able to help Ian. A little girl lost expression crosses her face and she replies that she does not know what to do. Before she can seek advice from the Reverend Carpenter, Bishop Carpenter interrupts the conversation, saying he is sure Maggie will do the right thing. Andrew gives them privacy and Maggie tells her father, as she has many times before, that she does not like lying to Max, Ian and now Andrew. Her father says it will get less intense. He inquires why she was upset about the family album. She is upset because he is not telling her the truth and he is acting very guilty. She is beginning to suspect that the Bishop and Eleanor were involved in something illegal on St. Martin's. Her father denies doing anything illegal. Andrew interrupts to ask his uncle to move the car and Maggie is left alone in Andrew's office with her father's brief case open on the desk. She sees clippings about Eleanor Armitage's death and a little brown envelope with a rubber band wrapped around it. The Bishop catches her looking through his things. He tells her not to be concerned, that Ian will go back home and it will be over. Maggie mentions the locket and how Ian said it has disappeared. She remembers it was on the floor of the hotel room when Eleanor died. The Bishop tells her he put it back around Mrs. Armitage's neck and does not know what happed to it after that. Maggie tells him she wants the whole truth from him and saying he is sorry isn't enough. She leaves. The Bishop takes the brown envelope out of the briefcase, unwraps the rubber band and lets the locket drop into his hands.

The Courthouse- Alex, Brian, R.J., Hank, Nora, Téa, Antonio, Andy, Rachel, Bo and Carlotta

Alex and her flunky, Brian, arrive late at the courthouse. Alex is clearly interested in finding out if R.J. Gannon knows where Carlo Hesser's money is. R.J. is already testifying as they enter the courtroom. Hank is questioning his brother about the shirt soaked in blood found in Antono's room. Hank asks why Carlo would give such a present to Antonio if he suspected he was stealing from him. R.J. answers that Carlo wanted to throw Antonio off track because he was "scared to death of Vega." Nora objects. Hank rephrases. Did Carlo tell R.J. he was afraid? R.J. replies that Carlo told him that Antonio was going to kill him. Nora objects strenuously and goes into a tirade about prejudcial testimony. The judge calls order in the court and tells the jury to disregard the question, the answer and Nora's outburst. Hank tries a different tact. He asks R.J. what was the relationship between Carlo and Antonio. Carlo treated Antonio as a son, R.J. says, and Antonio played him "like a violin." Nora objects, but the judge overrules. R.J. tells the court that Antonio played both Carlo and the police for fools. The only one he looked out for was himself. R.J. told Carlo that Antonio was having meetings. Carlo checked the information out and found it was true. He was going to remove Antonio from the will. Antonio must have found out about it because he told R.J. that Carlo wasn't going to be around much longer. Antonio whispers to Nora, "That's a lie. That's what he (R.J.) told me." Nora says "OK" as she tells R.J. to admit to the court that he killed Carlo for the money. Hank objects and the judge sustains. Nora says she is through with the witness, but reserves the right to recall him at a later date. Court is adjourned until 10am the next morning.

Antonio compliments Nora on the job she did on R.J., she really rattled him. Bo also compliments her and kisses her and says he'll see her later at home. Alex is angry with R.J. because he knew all along that Carlo's money was in Brazil. R.J. tells her he was just blowing smoke. She turns on her heel and asks Brian to bring her car around. R.J. confronts Rachel on the information she gave her mother. Rachel tells him all he has to do is tell the truth and no one will have a problem. Hank collars his brother and tells him if he finds out he lied, he is going to bring him down. R.J. replies he was just trying to help his brother and get a little justice at the same time. Hank asks Andy if she is ready to give her testimony the next day. She says she'll be fine. She has no choice. Téa assures Carlotta that their side will have their turn soon and Carlotta urges Antonio to stay strong. Antonio asks Andy to come over to his house later. Téa overhears and a look of disapproval passes over her face.

Carlotta's Kitchen - Carlotta, Antonio, Cristian, Téa and Andy

Carlotta remarks on how difficult it is to listen to her son be called a murderer. Cristian replies that R.J. came across as a sleazeball. Andy arrives and Téa says how inappropriate it is for her to visit. Carlotta asks Cristian to tell Antonio Andy is there. She tells Andy she is welcome anytime. Téa reminds Antonio that Andy is going to testify against him. Antonio says he accepts that this is something she has to do. Téa remarks that love is blind. Antonio replies, "Something like that" and looks at Andy lovingly. When they are alone, Andy volunteers to run away rather than testify. Antonio speaks of being alone as the worst part of his experience when he ran away and if doesn't testify they will have no chance of being together. He assures her that they will get through this and they will be together.

Bo and Nora's Bedroom

Nora is working on the case. She is still dressed up and she has her papers spread all over the bed. Bo tells Nora that he spoke to Mr. Fereno at Banco de Rio and that he is stonewalling him. Nora urges him to keep trying. She says she feels bad for Rachel having to tell on R.J., but the information could help Antonio. Bo doesn't feel they should talk about work at home and in bed. Nora says technically they are not in bed (since she is working and he is just standing there) and they are just speaking personally. She asks Bo if he believed R.J. He tells he that Hank was forced to use R.J. because no one else knows as much about Carlo's business. All the evidence points in one direction only and that is toward Antonio. Nora tells him that instead of the evidence, she wants to know what is in his heart. She knows that in Bo's heart he believes Antonio is innocent. Later on, when Nora has apparently fallen asleep over her work, Bo calls Alex Masters and asks him for a favor. Would he take a trip to Rio and check out something for him, he asks. Alex agrees. Bo's back is turned and he does not see as Nora opens her eyes and smiles from ear to ear.

Thursday, February 20, 1997

PALACE HOTEL-Bo, Patrick, Marty

Bo is on the phone with Alex Masters in New York. Alex won't be able to go to Rio after all. Bo is disappointed but he understands. He is thinking over his options when Patrick comes over and sits down. Bo tells him about his predicament. Patrick offers to go to Rio. Anything he can do to put Carlo's killer behind bars will help him end that chapter in his life. Bo thanks him and leaves. Later, while Patrick is looking over his plane tickets to Rio, Marty comes in. She sits down and tells him about Starr being released from the hospital.Patrick then tells Marty about his trip.

THE RECTORY-Andrew, Viki, Marty

Andrew and Viki are talking about Starr's illness, and how it makes them want to find their own kids and hug them. Viki tells Andrew that Jessica is in Washington with her class and Joey is in Paris. She is about to tell him where Kevin is when the phone rings. It is Cassie calling from Rio. After a little chitchat about River, Cassie tells Andrew that Kevin is in Rio, also. She explains that it was mistake and she is sorry. Andrew is very understanding. He asks if she will be able to come home now, since Kevin is there to cover the story. Cassie tells him that she would like to stay and finish what she started, but that she will be home as soon as they have the information they need from the bank.they say goodbye. Viki tells Andrew that she was about to tell him about the mix up in before the phone rang. She tells him she is sure it was an innocent mistake. Andrew tells Viki that he and Cassie have a new understanding about each other's careers. There is a knock on the door, it is Marty.She tells them that Starr has been released from the hospital, and shows them the headline of The Sun- it offers a million dollar reward for information about Starr's illness, or for a cure for it. Viki heads out to find Todd. Marty stays and talks to Andrew. They talk about how difficult it is that they can't always do something to help.

RIO DE JANEIRO-Cassie and Kevin

Cassie wakes up and immediately calls Andrew. While she is on the phone, Kevin wakes up.When she hangs up, and Kevin tells her that she forgot to tell Andrew that they are sharing a room. Cassie tells him that she didn't forget anything, she'll tell Andrew when she gets home.Kevin tells Cassie that he has a plan to get them into Banco de Rio. He leaves the room without telling her what the plan is. When he comes back he has 2 big boxes. There are carnival costumes inside, complete with masks- a perfect disguise for getting into the bank. They go to the bank, but it is closed. The manager is inside. Cassie and Kevin pretend to be tourists who have lost their money. They are banging on the door, and Kevin somehow manages to get his leg stuck in it. Naturally the manager needs to open the door to help Kevin get his leg out. During the commotion, Cassie sneaks into the bank and starts looking through the papers on a desk. She comes across a file marked:"Gannon, R.J." She grabs all the papers inside it and hides them in her skirt. They head back to the hotel and investigate what Cassie found. It is a whole pile of papers about R.J.'s dealings with the bank, including a signed letter he wrote to the bank asking for access to Carlo's account.They have all they need to tie R.J. to Banco De Rio.They try to call Bo, but they can't get through.They decide to go out and celebrate.They leave for dinner. Unbeknownst to them, they are being followed....

LLANVIEW HOSPITAL-Todd and Blair, Marty

Todd and Blair are watching Starr sleep. Her fever is gone, she is doing much better. Marty comes in to the room and asks Todd to step into the hall with her. She has a copy of The Sun with her. She tells Todd that offering money to get a cure will not necessarily help Starr. She tells him that medical advice they get from "quacks" off the street might be legitimate. Blair steps into the hall, too. Todd tells Marty that he will do anything he can to help Starr and Blair agrees. Blair says she is grateful for what he is doing, because she has felt useless while Starr has been sick. Todd and Blair want to bring in more people to answer phone calls coming in about the headline, and they want to set up their own research team. Todd says this might be Starr's only chance. Starr's pediatrician walks over to tell them that Starr's condition has stabalized enough for her to go home. She tells them that all that will really help Starr is a marrow transplant. Blair and Todd take her home to Dorian's. Todd wants to find Dorian so Blair doesn't have to stay there alone, but Blair says she'll be ok. Todd tells Blair that he thinks it's his fault that Starr is sick. He starts to leave, but Blair asks him to stay. She tells him that it isn't his fault at all, and that Starr has been carrying this with her since she was born. Todd says that Starr is the best thing that ever happened to him. Blair understands, and says that's why it hurts so much. Todd wants Starr to grow up and have a happy life, and he will do all he can to make sure she does. Blair tells Todd that she would like to ask their lawyers to file a joint motion to suspend custody for now. She also tells him that she wants him to be with Starr as much as possible. Todd thanks her. The doorbell rings, it is Viki.She has come to offer any help that she can, and to tell them that she has an idea to help Starr. She is going to use her contacts at the university to set up a research team to find a cure.

Friday, February 21, 1997


Maggie's in her hotel room getting ready to go and meet Max. There's a knock at the door and she opens it, thinking it's Max. Instead, it's Ian with a bottle of wine he'd like to share with her. Max, meanwhile, is at his house vacuuming. The place looks like a disaster area, with clothes and toys everywhere. Al is helping Max clean up and is happy to hear that Maggie is coming over for dinner. He's not so happy to hear that Max is cooking, "Tuna Noodle Surprise" he assumes. Max informs him that it's steak, and it's a dinner for two. Al is getting a frozen dinner and Renee is taking care of the twins. Max and Maggie need some time alone.

Maggie lets Ian in, but explains she can't share the wine with him, she's got a date with Max. Ian tries to offer the bottle to the two of them, but Maggie refuses. She asks Ian what's wrong, he seems a little down. Today would have been his mother's birthday, Ian explains, and this was her favorite wine. Maggie invites Ian to come to dinner with her and Max and convinces him to come. Max, at home, assures Al that he's not going to blow it with Maggie, they're not having dinner for two to make up for a fight or anything like that. Al says that whenever everything is going good, that's when it blows up in your face. He mentions Luna dying and Andy, she loves Antonio and he could end up in jail forever.

Ian's poking into boxes and things that Maggie has lying around her room, presumably looking for his mother's locket. Maggie calls out from the bathroom that she's almost ready and Ian stops looking around. Maggie comes out looking "smashing." Maggie asks Ian not to mention anything to Max about her being the one who made the call about his mother. Max doesn't know she was wandering around the hotel,(she tells Ian she had insomnia), and she doesn't want him to worry. Ian promises not to say anything and suggests Maggie go on ahead and warn Max that Ian will be joining them.

Maggie arrives at Max's, which is now all clean and has a nice table set for two. Al runs in, hugs Maggie, and informs Max he will be staying at his friend's house overnight. Maggie then informs Max that she invited Ian Armitage over to have a drink before dinner. Max hopes that she's joking, but she isn't. Max is not very happy, even after Maggie explains this would have been his mother's birthday. Al, who hasn't left yet, supports Maggie, saying that Max knows how it feels to lose someone you love. Max leaves to get him a glass and Maggie hopes that she hasn't ruined everything. Al says that Max will get over it and leaves.

Maggie apologizes again to Max for inviting Ian, but he was lonely. He's so rich he could buy a friend, Max insists. Maybe that's the problem, Maggie says, he's so rich that he doesn't know who his real friends are. Ian walks up outside and is listening at the door. "Since when do you owe Ian Armitage anything?", Max asks Maggie.


Down in Rio, Cassie is worried that Kevin will lose the papers before they can get back to Llanview. Kevin tells her to relax and enjoy Carnival. Kevin and Cassie are sitting at a table enjoying some drinks. Cassie notices the man in the bird costume that was snooping outside their room, but only because the costume is so huge, not because she recognizes it. Kevin goes and gets another drink, then comes back and asks Cassie if she would like to dance. Kevin tucks the papers into his pants pocket (he took his jacket off) and convinces her to dance just as a slow song starts playing. Kevin twirls her a couple of times, then takes one of her arms and puts it behind his neck and entwines the fingers of his other hand with hers.

Kevin and Cassie are dancing thisclose, and doing a very good job of it, too. (They needed better sound on this scene, too much heavy breathing I guess, but I couldn't make out everything they said) Cassie said that they should stop, but she showed no signs of pulling away. Kevin said he felt this was like a dream, like he'd just turned a corner and there she was. Kevin pulls Cassie into a big dip and ends up with his face just about in her chest

Kevin and Cassie are walking back to their room. Cassie comments on how hot it is. She feels strange, like their plane went through the looking glass on the way to Rio and they're in a shadow city that looks like Rio, but it's not real. Kevin gently brushes her hair back off her shoulders. "Maybe this is reality, and the world we left behind, maybe that's the mirage", Kevin says before kissing Cassie. Kevin puts his arm around her waist and they back slowly towards the door, still kissing. Kevin fumbles for the doorknob, then finally find it and opens the door. Still kissing, they go inside and Kevin shuts the door. They kiss for several more seconds until Kevin turns on the light. We see the mysterious person in the big bird costume and he's pointing a gun at them. Kevin notices him and pushes Cassie behind him to protect her.


At the courthouse, Andy is nervously waiting outside the courtroom for her turn to testify. Bo, who comes out to join her, tells her all she can do is the right thing, tell the truth. Inside, Téa wonders why Hank is smiling. Nora says he's probably enjoying himself thinking of all the things he's going to make Andy testify to. Téa wants to do the cross-examination of Andy. Andy won't be prepared for it, and if they can rattle Andy enough, maybe they can get the jury to doubt her. The recess ends as Nora tells Téa she'll think about it. Hank calls his next witness and Antonio tells Téa that he wants Nora to do the cross-examination of Andy.

Hank is questioning the Chief of Forensics for the Llanview PD, who testifies that DNA testing proved the blood on the tuxedo shirt was Carlo Hesser's. He also testifies that the fibers found under Carlo's fingernails match those from Antonio's tuxedo jacket and that the bullet from the Smith and Wesson .38 that Hank is holding is the gun that killed Carlo Hesser. The gun was registered to Andrea Harrison and was found to have Antonio's right palm print on it (Note: Antonio has been shown numerous times taking notes left-handed during the trial. Is this supposed to be a clue?) The forensics experts also testifies that the shot that killed Carlo came from about 10 feet away.

Nora gets up to cross-examine with a smile on her face. If Carlo was the one who gave Antonio the tuxedo earier that evening, would he be surprised to find fibers under Carlo's fingernail, Nora asks. No, I wouldn't, replies the forensics expert. He also isn't able to say for sure when the palm print was left on the gun, it could have been days or weeks before the murder. Antonio did live with Andy, Nora points out, and could have handled the gun at any time. Wouldn't it be difficult for someone struggling with his attacker to break free, get 10 feet away and then turn and hit the victim dead center in the middle of his forhead? "He'd have to be very, very lucky", the expert replies. The wound seemed much to clean to occur when two men were fighting each other. Nora reserves the right to question this witness at a later time. Bo goes out into the hall and runs into Clint. He explains that Nora is trying to introduce the theory of another shooter into the case right now, Bo's money is on R.J. Gannon. Clint informs Bo that Kevin and Cassie are down in Rio right now working on a lead that might help. Clint assures Bo that he'll be the first one to know if they turn up any evidence.

The court takes a recess and Carlotta is worried about how things are going. Cristian tries to reassure her and tells her he's sure Nora's got a few tricks up her sleeve. Téa goes and sits by Andy and tells her she doesn't envy her, having to testify against the man she loves. Andy is going to tell the truth, she's positive Antonio's innocent and he'll be acquitted. Téa comments that it's nice to be so sure, but the trial isn't about truth, it's a contest. If she wins, her client gets off. Andy is called to testify.

Andy testifies that she was attacked by Carlo Hesser on the night of his murder at Antonio's apartment. Andy admits it's possible Antonio took her gun while she was unconscious, but she's sure he didn't. Hank gets her to admit that Antonio was angry that night and that she was afraid of his anger. Because she knew of his temper and that he was capable of committing murder, Hank adds over Nora's objections. The jury is instructed to disregard Hank's last statement. The judge calls a five minute recess. Bo comes over and asks Nora how it's going. Bo may have some good news, Kevin, Cassie and Patrick are all down in Rio trying to get some dirt on R.J. "I need it now", Nora tells him. Court reconvenes and Andy testifies that Antonio left her at the hospital saying that he was going to go find Carlo. She also says Antonio was wearing a tuxedo that night and the shirt looked like the same one she saw him burn.

Hank reviews Andy's testimony, including the fact that Andy found Antonio's shirt with blood on it. Andy objects, telling Hank that's not what she said. There's no way to prove that the shirt with blood on it was Antonio's shirt. Carlo Hesser gave it to Antonio and he could have purchased more than one, she insists. Antonio found the bloody shirt in his closet and panicked, he had no idea how it got there. Hank suggests he panicked because he was guilty. Hank finishes and the judge wants to end for the day. Nora asks to be allowed to cross-examine Andy now and the judge agrees. Nora agrees to let Téa cross-examine and what Téa plans to do is make Andy look like a liar. Antonio objects, but Nora convinces him to go along with it, Andy would want them to do anything they can to save Antonio.

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