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Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Llanview.

Before I delve into my picks for this year's "Best and Worst" of 2007, I wish to thank all of you for the overwhelming kindness, support and feedback you've provided since I first joined the SOC family as a "Two Scoops" columnist. I am amazed at the passage of time and remain incredulous that a year has lapsed since I first began co-writing with Ryan. I have also been bestowed the incredible opportunity to forge wonderful relationships with many of you upon first joining the SOC board back in December of 2005, and these ties have only strengthened as I made my foray into the "Two Scoops" arena. This particular column truly represents the "Best and Worst" on many levels, because it shall be my last as a weekly columnist. Unfortunately, life has interrupted (which happens sometimes), and other obligations now require my attention and must take precedence. It is a very bittersweet and melancholy way to end the year, both for me on a personal level and because of what OLTL has achieved these past few months. I want to extend a very heartfelt thanks to Dan for granting me the opportunity to write for him, and for his kindness and support throughout the year. I also cannot express enough gratitude to Ryan, because co-writing with him has proven to be an incredible learning experience...and one that was effortless and joyous. Rest assured that you will continue to see me on the boards, popping in from time to time to make my voice heard and sharing some laughs with you about current Llanview happenings. I deeply believe that OLTL is on a road to wellness and will enjoy a prosperous New Year filled with hope and promise. Again, I wish to thank each of you for your support during my tenure with "Two Scoops", and I will forever remain grateful for your generosity. So on that note, here are my picks for the "Best and Worst" of 2007 for OLTL.