One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 24, 2007 on OLTL

Blair was happy to see Addie as a new person, but Dorian was suspicious. Jessica wanted to pose as Tess. Gigi sold Marcie's engagement ring to Rex who, in turn, gave it to Adriana. Michael recognized the ring. Cristian said goodbye to an unconscious Evangeline. Talia accepted a new job. Viki and Charlie made love. Jared confronted John about sleeping with Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 24, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Nash is worried because Jessica is acting very peculiar; she is behaving like Tess. At one point, she begins to proposition her husband just as Tess would. Fearful that his wife has transformed into Tess, Nash prepares to call a doctor. A satisfied Jessica informs Nash that she was pretending to be Tess. Jessica tells Nash she was trying to see if she could be convincing at being Tess; she has plans to fool Jared into believing Tess has resurfaced. Instantly, Nash believes this will involve sleeping with Jared. Jessica says she only has plans to make Jared believe that is a possibility. Nash is convinced that dredging up Tess is a dangerous move and begs Jessica not to jeopardize their family's happiness in an effort to scam Jared. Jessica tells Nash she is now integrated; she believes pretending to be Tess will be able to protect her family from Jared. Unconvinced, Nash tells Jessica to give up on her plan; he tells her they will come up with another way of exposing Jared Banks.

Jared is upset after Natalie tells him she had sex with an ex lover; he angrily demands to know who. Natalie reveals she had sex with John after a night of drinking. Jared questions why Natalie would do such a thing. Jared believes she slept with John because she realized she could not be with him. Jared tells Natalie he refuses to let her go because the feelings they share for each other are real. Disgusted by his attitude, Natalie reminds him that they can never act upon those feelings because they are related. Jared claims to understand but tells Natalie he has a gift for her; he offers her a locket. Natalie informs Jared that she cannot accept such a gift. She feels it is not an appropriate gift for an uncle to give his niece; it should be given to a fiancé instead. Jared says it once belonged to his mother and since he does not have a fiancé it would mean a lot to him if she were to accept it. Finally, Jared convinces Natalie to accept the locket. Natalie explains that he must realize that the Buchanans always place family first. Upon accepting the locket, Natalie tells Jared they must put all their issues behind them. Jared agrees and places the locket on Natalie. They wish each other a Merry Christmas. Jared sadly watches as Natalie leaves the mansion.

Addie interrupts Blair and Adriana's catfight with news that she has recovered. Dorian, Blair and the girls are shocked and amazed by Addie's condition. Addie appears to be in perfect mental health and comforts Blair who is emotional about her mother's apparent recovery. As Addie reacquaints herself with the family and compliments Dorian on the wonderful job she has done with the girls, Dorian is skeptical. Dorian is upset that the hospital never informed the family of the change in Addie's condition. To Dorian's surprise, Dr. Bonner enters the room and tells everyone that Addie wanted to surprise them; he informs Dorian that Addie's progress is the result of the experimental medication that she (Dorian) gave him permission to administer to Addie. While Blair embraces the idea of finally having her mother, Dorian attempts to convince her that the recovery is only temporary. Dorian tells Blair this is not the real Addie and is fearful of what will happen once she has a relapse; she reminds Blair that she is the only one who has ever witnessed Addie disintegrate – she does not want to ever experience that again. Ignoring Dorian's pleas, Blair says she is happy to have her mother and plans to enjoy the time with her. As the girls catch Addie up on the happenings in their lives, Blair tells her mother this is the best Christmas gift ever. Addie is elated by everyone's reaction and says she cannot wait to spend more time with them. When Dorian implies that Addie will soon go back to St. Ann's, Addie corrects her by informing Dorian she has no plans on ever going back to St. Ann's because she has been cured. As Dorian looks on in worry, Addie makes a toast thanking Dorian for all she has done for her and to the great times she plans to have with her family.

Before leaving, Rex tells Gigi that it is terrible thing for a father to not have the opportunity to watch his son grow up. Rex's statement obviously bothers Gigi; she calls for him to return and says she has something to tell him. As Gigi prepares to tell Rex what is on her mind, he notices Marcie's wedding ring on her finger and asks her if she is married. Gigi is caught by surprise and tells Rex that she is pawning the ring for a friend. An excited Rex tells Gigi that they need to talk; he tells her he is interested in purchasing the ring for a reasonable price. Gigi questions why he would want to buy a wedding ring. Rex explains that he has plans to propose to his girlfriend when he returns home. Gigi is shocked to learn that Rex has plans to marry and appears bothered by the news. Rex goes on to tell Gigi how much he loves Adriana and reveals he could never imagine living without her. After expressing his love for Adriana, Rex asks Gigi is there someone special in her life. In an uncomfortable voice, Gigi tells him she does have a special someone, and his name is Shane. When Rex begins questioning her about Shane, Gigi quickly diverts the questioning and asks him if he still wants to buy the ring. Rex purchases the ring and Gigi asks him if he plans to continue his search for Marcie. Smiling as he caresses the ring, Rex tells Gigi he must hurry home because he has something very important to do before Christmas. Remembering she called him back into the diner for a reason, Rex asks Gigi what did she want to tell him. Gigi sadly looks away and tells him it was nothing. Rex gives her a kiss on the cheek and wishes her well. As Rex opens the diner door to leave, an excited Shane runs through the door with news for Moe and Noelle. Rex tells her goodbye and leaves. Gigi is noticeably shaken by Shane's encounter with Rex. Shane observes his mother's mood and asks her who was that guy. Gigi replies, "no one".

At the drive-in, Viki and Charlie are enjoying spending time together. As they share an intimate moment, Charlie tells Viki she is a beautiful woman and he fells privileged to know her. In a seductive voice, Viki tells Charlie she would like for the two of them to return home. As Charlie prepares to leave, he realizes that the truck will not start. While they wait for the tow truck, the two enjoy watching the stars. When it begins to snow, Charlie reminds Viki that it only snows in Paris, Texas every twenty years or so; he tells her this is very surprising. Smiling, Viki says that everything about Paris, Texas has been surprising to her. As she embraces Charlie, Viki refers to it as a Christmas miracle. Charlie tells Viki he agrees and states there is no place he would rather be right now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rex slides into bed next to Adriana and wishes her happy Boxing Day. She hits him with a pillow. She's annoyed because he missed Christmas. Rex notices a bruise on her arm and she tells him about her fight with Blair. He apologizes for missing the day. She asks if he got any leads and he tells her that he found a lead, but he didn't go to South America because he's broke and he wanted to give her a present. Rex opens his present, the watch Adriana bought him. He of course loves it. Then he gets her present, which is a Black and Decker Dustbuster, and she is not happy. Adriana gets dressed and gets ready to leave in a huff. Rex goads her into getting the engagement ring out of the Dustbuster, and she's shocked. Rex gets down on one knee and proposes to Adriana.

Vincent and Layla are having coffee with her mother, Lisa Williamson. Lisa grills Vincent about his work. The doorbell rings and it's Cristian at the door. Layla is furious that he didn't listen to her about waiting to come visit, and Cristian says he's not leaving until he sees Evangeline. He suggests sneaking in and Layla shouts at him that it's not possible. Lisa comes to the door and tells him that when she cleaned Evangeline's apartment after her accident, she threw away all the photos of Cris. Layla defends him. Lisa tells him he broke her daughter's heart and tells Cris he's the reason Evangeline is in a coma. Layla lets her mother have it, saying it's not Cristian's fault. Lisa angrily wants to know why, if Cristian loved Evangeline, he could not forgive her. Layla has had enough, and tells her mother to take back what she said to Cristian, or Layla will stop speaking to her. She tells Lisa she doesn't have all the facts, and she was raised to fight for what's right. That means that Cristian might be the one who can get through to her. Cristian says he's been praying for Evangeline, and he wants to tell her he's sorry. Lisa relents and lets Cristian talk to Evangeline. She makes him promise her that she won't regret it.

Dorian and Blair talk about Addie's antics since moving in to La Boulaie. Dorian is unable to relax and enjoy Addie's personality change and Blair wants Dorian to lighten up. They walk in on Addie in a bathrobe paying a young, hunky masseur she calls "cupcake". Dorian and Blair quiz Addie how she found the money to pay for the masseur. Addie's shocked they thought the young man was a, uh, professional. Addie tells them "world, here I come". Blair and Addie have cupcakes for breakfast. Dorian realizes that Jared's father is Charlie. Blair laughs with Addie over her list of things she wants to do, and quizzes Addie as to how ready she is to face the world. Addie tells her not to worry and thanks Blair for taking such good care of her. Addie says now it's her turn to take care of Blair and they both cry.

Viki and Charlie wake up next to each other and decide they don't want to get out of bed, ever. Viki says she's way out of practice for the morning after. Charlie says all the right things, and Viki seems to relax. They talk about Charlie's son, and compare notes. They've both hit a wall recently, says Viki, but that doesn't mean he should stop trying. Charlie recounts how important it was to him to find his son and make it right. Instead of wanting something from his son, he wants to apologize to him. He thanks Viki for being able to talk about it. Charlie wants to go back and try again with his son and wants Viki to go with him, but she politely declines. Viki says he needs to do that by himself, and besides, her daughter is going through a rough time of her own. They thank each other for being there. Viki gives Charlie a photo of the two of them. Charlie asks if she's going to be in Paris when he gets back. They say a sweet goodbye.

Natalie shows up at John's door with leftovers from the Buchanans Christmas dinner. It's a peace offering, she says, because she did something stupid and she wants him to forgive her. She says she should have come to him for help with Jared. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Jared. He spots Natalie inside the door, and tells John he's got one hell of a nerve for working the situation. Jared comes right in and Natalie tells him this is none of his business. John reminds him that uncles that get too familiar with their nieces end up in jail, or worse. Jared threatens John, telling him not to take advantage of Natalie again, and John gets right back in his face. Natalie steps in and tries to make Jared back off.

John can't stay out of it for long. Jared mouths off about Marty dying and John jumping into bed with Natalie right away and John hauls off and slugs him. Natalie tells Jared to leave it alone, and Jared slams out in a huff. Natalie apologizes to John. He wants to know why she told Jared they slept together. He asks if she's trying to convince, Jared or herself. Natalie is almost offended and says the idea of Jared is just gross. Natalie and John wish each other Merry Christmas and she leaves.

Nigel serves coffee to Clint and Nora, mentioning that there was a small accident with the newspaper. Clint tells him just to hand over the paper, and it's Jared on the front page of The Sun. Clint is furious and Nora tries to do damage control. They both miss Asa and hug each other and are caught when Nigel walks back into the room with Dorian. Nigel scurries out while Dorian gloats at what she saw. She changes her mind about telling Clint about Jared's father, and yells at Nora for taking advantage of Clint's grief. Clint tells Dorian she's out of line. Dorian says that Lindsay was right about Nora all these years. Nora has had enough and kicks Dorian off the premises just as Jared walks back in the door. Dorian asks to talk to Jared, and then her phone rings. It's Blair, and she wants to know if Dorian knows where Addie went.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cris finally gets to see Evangeline. He pours his heart out to her about how much he misses and needs her. He wonders if it's time to let her go and mentions a girl that he's met. He wants to know if he should wait and is hopeful for some kind of sign from her. When she appears to pull her hand away from him, he sadly tells her he'll always love her.

Blair and Dorian reach the police station in their frantic search for a missing Addie. They speak to Talia who is spending her last day on the Llanview police force. She is able to verify that Addie called a cab. Dorian admits to leaving her alone while she went to see Clint and Blair is concerned that she is getting into trouble by doing something on her "list." When Talia is able to reach the cabbie, she learns that the trip was to Capricorn. The women head to the club.

Sarah learns that Cris is out of town and figures he went to see Evangeline. Antonio is forced to work on New Year's Eve. The indie band that Sarah booked shows up for a sound check and practice and one of the guys flirts with Sarah, remembering her from when she performed as Flash. Addie arrives, ready to visit a nightclub, drink champagne and dance the mambo, all items on her "to do list." She's disappointed that the club is not open yet but engages Sarah in conversation and she's on her way. Starting with the champagne, she even manages to get a guitar lesson from the band members. Blair, Dorian and Talia arrive and the Cramers are hard on Addie, who informs them that she's free to do what she wants. They attempt to convince her to go home with them and after they agree to lots of champagne and fun, she consents. Antonio tries to talk to Talia and asks if there's anything that would change her mind about leaving. She's looking forward to a new job and a new partner and she has nothing to say, she retorts.

Michael has good news for John; he had his hearing, unbeknownst to his brother and the judge took pity on him. He received a sentence of one year's probation for the perjury and bail jumping charges. He's ready to resume his search for Marcie and Tommy and he's headed to Argentina since that was the latest news out of Paris, Texas. He needs to get there before Todd and Lee. John informs him that Lee is no longer on the case and is no longer an agent. He's also pretty sure that Marcie didn't really go to Argentina because it's too expensive and too high profile and believes that someone was covering for her. He offers to help in the search and has a plan. First, he wants to open a gift that just arrived. It's from Marty and it's a dartboard, with a picture of Todd for the bull's eye. The guys have a quick game and prepare to leave.

Marcie has mixed emotions when Gigi turns over the money from selling her engagement ring. She considers it a symbol of love buying her freedom. She wonders if the buyer noted the inscription, the same one she has on another piece of jewelry. Gigi discloses that she actually sold the ring to a former high school boyfriend and Marcie is quite inquisitive about the guy, even wondering if it happens to be Shane's father. Gigi is elusive and denies having any feelings for him but Marcie thinks otherwise. She offers to work for Gigi who has the sniffles and seems down but when Gigi mentions that the guy was a private eye who was in town looking for Marcie, that it wasn't fate that he ran into Gigi, Marcie becomes agitated and realizes that she will have to leave town in a hurry. Noelle stops at the cafe to get her last pay, having quit over the pie scenario, but Moe talks her into staying, offering her a quadruple pay rate plus a promise to never talk to her. That ends abruptly when he shares the news that he was able to enter her pie back into the contest and she's on her way to Dallas. Todd and Lee show up for information on Marcie. Lee has investigated and learned that she really didn't head to South America and that Gigi was lying. He'll "squeeze" her if he has to, he assures Todd. Lee gets Noelle to talk about Gigi and her son and lies that his own son goes to school with Shane and is sick. Noelle tries to reach Gigi on the telephone but is unsuccessful. She mentions the friend at the hotel where Lee can try to find Gigi. The men head over there just as Gigi rushes out of Marcie's room, having shared a teary-eyed good-bye. She has nothing to say to them, until Lee shows her that he has a gun. And wonders if she wants to see her son again.

Rex proposes to Adriana who is shocked after thinking her gift was the vacuum cleaner. She loves her ring and glows over the inscription that Rex, unaware that it was there, tries to prevent her from seeing. " We are one." The ring is a tad too big and Rex promises to have it sized with a new inscription, claiming not to like his original thought. He tells her she's too independent for such a saying, though she thinks it's sweet and it's them against the world. Or more like against her mother, he grumbles. He shares that he discussed the marriage and engagement with Dorian. He tries to change the subject but Adriana keeps reverting back to discussion of the ring.

Friday, December 28, 2007

At La Boulaie, Markko arrives to celebrate New Year's Eve with Starr and Langston. Starr begins to worry that Cole may not show up for the celebration. Meanwhile, Cole is at the Buchanan Mansion playing video games with Jared. Starr phones and asks Cole to join their friends for the celebration. Cole informs Starr that he is not in the mood for celebrating and would rather stay home alone. After Cole hangs up, Jared questions why he gave Starr the cold shoulder. Cole opens up to Jared and explains he truly loves Starr but is not in a festive mood. Jared understands and the two have a heart to heart talk. Afterwards, Cole still insists on staying home. Starr is upset that Cole wants to be alone on New Year's Eve. As Langston and Markko begin to celebrate, Starr decides to go after him and bring him back to La Boulaie. Starr arrives at the mansion and asks Cole to join her at La Boulaie. After much coaxing from Jared and Nigel, Cole agrees to join Starr and their friends.

With hopes of spending some alone time with Miles, Roxy visits him in his hospital room. As Roxy begins to express her feelings for Miles, Natalie arrives with flowers. Roxy is upset by Natalie's arrival and ushers her into the hall for a talk; she explains that Miles is her guy and suggests that Natalie backs off. A surprised Natalie questions if Miles is aware of Roxy's feelings and attempts to explain that she is only interested in him as a friend. Roxy urges Natalie to leave so she can tell Miles that she fallen for him. Aware of Roxy's need to be alone with Miles, Natalie agrees to leave and tells Roxy she hopes she gets everything she wishes for this New Year.

As Cristian arrives at the bus station, he is surprised to find Talia there. She tells him she is leaving town to start her new job at the Cherryville Police Department. Cristian questions if she is leaving because of Antonio. Although Talia continues to deny her feelings for Antonio, Cris knows the truth. Cris suggests Talia fight for Antonio; Talia feels he should fight for her. Cristian understands her feelings and wishes her a Happy New Year before leaving the bus station. As Talia waits for her bus to depart, she thinks of the good times she has shared with Antonio and Jamie.

At Capricorn, Sarah and the guy from the Indi band continue to flirt. He tells Sarah he is very much interested in her and offers her a job as the band's booking manager. Enjoying the attention, Sarah tells him she needs time to consider his offer and will give him a decision at midnight. Layla and Vincent are having drinks and discussing the trip to Maryland. Layla is surprised her mother allowed Cris to see Evangeline and hopes he has made peace with the situation. Layla observes Sarah's playful interaction with the Indi band member and wonders what Cris would think. As Antonio pours drinks at the bar, Shawn is telling him that he has made a big mistake by letting Talia go. Antonio sulks as Shawn tells him he would do anything to have a girl as beautiful as Talia in his life. When Shawn joins Layla and Vincent at their table, Vincent quickly points out the female trainer from the gym. Vincent reminds him of the misunderstanding that occurred when Shawn pretended to be Talia's boyfriend in an attempt to make Antonio jealous. Vincent suggests that Shawn use this opportunity to explain to the trainer that he was only helping a friend and is currently unattached. Shawn approaches the trainer and explains; she is impressed and shows interest in him. Meanwhile Antonio begins to reminisce about past times he has shared with Talia. As Sarah gives the Indi band member a hug, Cristian walks in and appears bothered. Sarah is excited to see Cris and quickly approaches him. Cris tells Sarah he went to visit Evangeline. Sarah's happy mood turns sour; she tells Cris she does not want to hear about Evangeline now and probably never will. When Cristian questions her about the guy she was hugging, Sarah angrily tells him the guy barely knows her but is willing to take a chance on her. In disgust, Sarah walks away. Antonio is surprised when Cris tells him, he just ran into Talia at the bus station. Antonio thought Talia had already left town. Cris tells Antonio she will probably be leaving very soon; Cris then runs off to speak with Sarah again. Antonio looks down at this watch.

At the loft, Adriana is expressing her happiness to Rex about his proposal and her new engagement ring. The two have plans to go out for New Years Eve. As they prepare to leave, they are surprised by John and Michael at the door. Both John and Michael want to discuss the lead Rex received on Marcie, while in Paris, Texas. As Rex begins to explain, Michael notices Adriana's engagement ring and says it looks exactly like the one he gave Marcie; he asks Adriana if he can take a look at the ring. Adriana tells Michael her ring could have never belonged to Marcie, but quickly reconsiders once Michael tells her the inscription on the ring. Upon inspecting the ring, Michael reveals that it definitely belongs to Marcie. After further questioning of Rex, John and Michael soon realize that Gigi knew more than she revealed and is possibly helping Marcie evade the law. Adriana is hurt that Rex did not tell her the truth about obtaining her engagement ring. She tells Michael to take the ring because it really belongs to him. John and Michael leave the loft and head off to Paris, Texas in search of Gigi and Marcie. Rex apologizes for not being truthful and promises Adriana another ring. She explains that she is not angry with him, just hurt that he did not feel he could be honest with her.

As the clock winds down, everyone prepares to ring in the New Year. Roxy enters Miles' hospital room and leaps on his bed. A stunned Miles lies there as Roxy plants a kiss on him. As Natalie leaves the hospital, she looks sad as she notices two employees kiss each other as they bring in the New Year. Jared is home alone starring at a blank television screen. At the loft, Rex and Adriana celebrate the New Year with a kiss. At La Boulaie, Markko and Langston kiss. Starr kisses Cole, who is trying his best to enjoy himself. Starr does not notice his somber mood, but Langston does. At Capricorn, Layla and Vincent share a kiss. Shawn receives a New Years kiss from his new lady friend. As Sarah's new friend turns to give her a kiss, Cristian grabs her and gives her a long passionate kiss. At the bus station, as Talia is preparing to board her bus, Antonio appears and calls her name. Talia is stunned; she looks at him and sadly turns away. Instantly, Antonio pulls Talia towards him and begins kissing her.

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