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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, none of CBS's four daytime drama series aired new episodes. The holiday has been accounted for in the schedule and there will be no lost or "missed" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.

Tuesday, January 1, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of The Gator Bowl, the entire CBS Daytime lineup of daytime dramas – The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light – was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd and pick up where the action ended onFriday, December 28th.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2007

Paul and Will are at the house getting ready to leave for Hallie's christening and Will tells Paul about not allowing Barbara to be a part of Hallie's life. He claims he is doing it to protect his daughter from Barbara and Paul concedes to Will's judgment. Rosanna and Paul go into the house and give Gwen a gift from Carly for Hallie. When Gwen opens the gift she is happily surprised that Carly gave them Sage and Parker's christening gown to let Hallie wear. Rosanna is happy for Will and Gwen, but continues to struggle with the secret she is keeping from Paul.

At Memorial, Barbara waits for the results of her physical and when her doctor enters the room he obviously has bad news for her. Barbara questions if the diagnosis could be a mistake and tells the doctor she knows what the next step is in dealing with her illness. Once the doctor leaves, she immediately picks up her phone and calls Paul. Paul, seeing the call comes from Barbara, answers his phone and tries to put her off. At first Barbara insists on seeing Paul, but when she hears the baby crying in the background she tells Paul not to worry and that he should stay with Will and the baby. Barbara leaves the exam room and tells the doctor she wants no one to know about her illness and he encourages her to talk to her family about what is happening immediately.

In Old Town, Alison and Aaron run into each other on their way to Hallie's christening. Aaron offers to give Alison a ride, but she questions if he is taking Sofie as well. Aaron explains that Sofie isn't going to the ceremony, but Alison passes on Aaron's offer of a ride insisting she needs to do things on her own.

At church, Will and Gwen take pictures of Hallie before the ceremony and are happy when Aaron and Alison arrive together. They pull the two aside and ask them if they would be willing to be Hallie's godparents. Aaron and Alison are both shocked by their request and question why they would choose them. After explaining their decision, the two happily accept and they all take a picture with the Munson clan's newest addition. Hallie's ceremony begins and everyone listens as the baby is welcomed into their family and church. As the baptism finishes up Sofie arrives and is introduced to the family. She asks to meet Hallie's godparents and is taken aback to hear it is Aaron and Alison. Everyone gets ready to head back to Will and Gwen's house and when they invite Sofie she declines. Aaron sees Sofie lingering at the church and is torn between whether he should go back to the house or stay with Sofie. Aaron decides to stay and he questions if Sofie is alright with Alison and him being the godparents. Sofie says Will and Gwen made a great decision in asking him to be the godfather since he has always been a part of Hallie's life. Sofie confides in Aaron that she knows in her head that she made the right decision in giving the baby up, but her heart keeps telling her she needs to hold her baby. Sofie explains that she has decided that she can't keep showing up and being part of Hallie's life, for her own sanity. She sends Aaron on his way by telling him she is grateful that Hallie will always have him to watch over her. Sofie stays at the church and confides in the reverend about her choice. He counsels her that she made a good decision for her baby and herself. As Sofie prepares to leave she sees Barbara sitting alone in the church and listens in as Barbara prays for more time so she can see her children happy and able to forgive her.

Earlier, Chris calls Emily from Memorial and apologizes for not making it home last night. While he takes a break he runs into Sofie, who has returned for pain medication. When Chris tells her he knows the signs of a c-section and comments that she has the look of a new mom, Sofie gets depressed. Chris introduces himself to Sofie and they talk briefly about the baby, but when Chris is momentarily distracted Sofie's sneaks out; not wanting to talk about the baby she gave up any longer.

Craig arrives at the farm in search of Meg and hears a baby crying and confronts Paul holding a baby. He asks Paul what he is doing with "his son", but Paul and Meg explain the baby is Paul's. They show Craig the baby and as he looks, he wakes with a start back at the Lakeview with Meg by his side. When Meg wakes up she finds Craig fumbling with the bandage on his hand and she realizes that his hand is infected and she questions, "What was in that glass." Craig thinks back on how he tried to poison Meg so she would lose the baby and how pushing that glass away caused his cut and infection. Meg insists they go to the hospital immediately to have Craig's hand looked at. At first, Craig puts up a fight, but Meg's persistence pays off and the two head to Memorial.

Craig meets with Chris who confirms Meg's diagnosis and tells Craig that he put a rush on his labs to find out what caused the infection. As Chris continues looking at Craig's hand, Craig begins to comment on how wonderful Memorial is with Chris in charge. Chris, obviously upset about his dad, puts a stop to Craig's comments by painfully bandaging his injured hand. Meg runs into an old friend who is delivering the test results and when Chris sees the tests he sends Meg out to say hi to her friends while he tells Craig the infection came from a drug that causes miscarriages. When he questions how Craig came into contact with such a drug, Craig plays dumb, but when Chris suggests he will have to warn Meg about possible exposure, Craig tries to convince Chris that he must have been contaminated while touring a competitor's lab. Craig thanks Chris for his discretion and asks if he can continue to count on it. Chris questions why Craig would need any discretion since his exposure was accidentally. Obviously Chris doubts Craig's excuse. When Chris and Craig emerge from the office they find Meg who asks if Craig is going to be alright. Chris tells Meg that Craig will be fine and leaves the two alone. Meg informs Craig that some of her former co-workers want to take the two to lunch, but Craig is preoccupied and takes a pass on the lunch. Meg is frustrated by Craig's recent change in attitude towards her and the baby and looks puzzled.

Out at lunch Meg's friends question her about married life with Craig and Meg explains that they shouldn't believe all the gossip and that they should get to know Craig. They push Meg to invite Craig again and when she calls him he finally relents after much flattery and agrees to join the party. When Meg's friend gift her a training baby doll, she makes a crack about Craig being the baby's dad and he reacts angrily by snatching the baby. Craig tries to explain away his reaction and turn on the charm, but Meg is aware that something is seriously wrong. An obviously intoxicated Craig starts to tell the ladies about Johnny and remarks how he looked just like him. Meg's friends become uncomfortable and excuse themselves. Meg immediately chastises Craig for his behavior and he lashes back by accusing Meg of wanting to take the baby away from him. Meg tells Craig he needs to stop, but he continues to rant while holding the baby doll. When Paul and Rosanna arrive, Craig shoves the doll in Paul's face and asks if the baby looks like him. Everyone is shocked by Craig's behavior.

Thursday, January 3, 2007

Craig continues to make a spectacle of himself with the baby doll in the lobby of the Lakeview in front of Paul and Rosanna. Paul wants to know why Craig has turned into a lunatic, and finds the situation humorous. Craig yells that love has made him crazy. Meg drags him upstairs to their suite where she realizes he is drunk.

Dusty leaves messages for Emily referencing their New Year's night of love. She walks into the coffee shop where Dusty is and not only refuses to go back to his room for an encore but says she is with Chris and wants nothing to do with Dusty.

Lily arrives at the farm to pick up Ethan and makes small talk with Holden. Lily tells him that Dusty stood her up on New Year's but that she knows he was with Bonnie. Dusty calls and asks Lily to meet him at Old Town immediately, so she leaves Ethan with Holden and takes off.

At Memorial, Susan confronts Chris about Bob's relapse which he blames on Dusty's questioning of his father. Susan tells him he needs help with Bob's care.

Meg tries to sober up Craig, and when she sees the medication that Chris prescribed for Craig's infection, she berates Craig for drinking despite a warning on the bottle. She asks if Craig is still worried that the baby might have Gaucher's disease. No, says Craig, he is still fuming about her sleeping with Paul after the two of them were married. Craig hates Paul and he and Meg continue to argue. He tells Meg to leave him alone, and she flees the suite.

In the dining room at the Lakeview, Paul and Rosanna discuss Craig's odd behavior, but Rosanna is uncomfortable and cannot eat. She excuses herself and goes into the lobby where she sees Meg leaving the building. She makes an excuse to Paul and goes up to Craig's suite and confronts him. She accuses him of almost "spilling the beans" about the true parentage of Meg's baby. Craig lets it slip that he almost caused Meg to abort the baby by giving her a drug. Rosanna is horrified.

Lily and Dusty meet in Old Town, and Dusty tells her that he slept with Emily on New Year's Eve and that is why he stood Lily up. He tells her that he loves Emily and that Lily needs to go back to Holden. Lily is devastated and returns to the farm.

Emily finds Susan and Chris discussing Bob. Emily and Chris apologize to one another for not being together on New Year's but Emily avoids answering where she actually was.

Meg arrives at the farm looking for Emma but finds Holden instead. She tells him how bizarre Craig is acting and Holden suggests she cut Craig some slack. Meg hurries back to the Lakeview in time to see Rosanna leaving their suite. Meg wants to know what Rosanna's business with Craig is, but Rosanna lies and Meg knows it. Meg returns to their suite and pitches the baby doll into the trash. Craig lets it slip that Rosanna is very good at keeping secret, and Meg tells him she is not giving up on their marriage.

Dusty finds Emily at the hospital and tells her that he confessed to Lily that he and Emily had slept together. Emily is worried that Lily may tell Chris.

Lily tells Holden that she and Dusty are over, but Holden cannot assure her that he will ever forgive her.

Friday, January 4, 2007

In their suite at the Lakeview, Craig snuggles up to Meg in his sleep; however, when he awakens, his anger returns, and he immediately distances himself from her. Meg wakes up, and the baby moves, so she takes Craig's hand and places it on her belly; he jerks it away, claiming it's his sore hand, but when she tries the other hand, he jerks that one away, too. He tells Meg he's still tired and feeling sick "about recent events." He asks her to just give him some space, so she leaves and goes to the hospital, where she finds her friend, nurse Jan. She asks Jan to do her a huge favor and look at Craig's medical records, because she's concerned there's something he's not telling her about his infection and wants to reassure herself there's nothing seriously wrong with him. Seeing how upset Meg is, Jan ultimately agrees to see what she can do, and she returns with Craig's file, saying it's just an infection after all. Meg looks in the file and asks what "Xyphorex" is. Jan says it's a new drug that has come out since Meg's nursing days ended and that doctors discourage its use around women of child-bearing age because it can cause miscarriage. Meg sees that the medical notes say the Xyphorex caused the infection in Craig's hand, and she wonders how he came into contact with it. Meg remembers the night that Craig knocked the glass out of her hand. She returns to their suite at the Lakeview, where she tells Craig she's been to see the doctor and had another sonogram. Craig doesn't seem interested, but Meg says she saw their son and could tell that he looks just like Craig. Craig tells her that's ridiculous, and she then says she's come up with the perfect name for their son: Craig Montgomery, Jr. Craig angrily says Craig Montgomery, Jr, is "not on the table" as a name for "this baby." He then says he has to get to the office; she goes to kiss him goodbye, but he moves away before she can. Alone, Meg wonders why he suddenly seems like he doesn't want the baby anymore, and then, apparently thinking of an explanation, she calls Jan and asks where Eli is. Jan tells her that Eli quit not long ago, apparently having suddenly come into some money and left for Europe to have some fun. Meg wonders where he got the money, and Jan suggests an inheritance, but Meg wonders if it could have been a payoff. She then calls Eli on his cell phone and tries to leave a message, asking him to call her about the DNA test and whether someone could have switched the results, but her message is cut off because his mailbox is full. Meg then calls Paul and leaves a message on his cell phone, telling him to call her as soon as possible because she has news about the baby.

Dusty goes to the Oakdale Police Department to talk to Margo about getting in to see Bob at the hospital. Tom walks in and accuses Dusty of being the reason Bob had to be sedated, but Dusty says Chris is responsible for Bob's condition. Tom is angry that Dusty is slandering his brother, saying Chris idolizes Bob and would never do anything to hurt him. Dusty thinks it's more than a coincidence that Chris's first act as chief of staff after Bob's stroke was to authorize the very lab that Bob was so opposed to, and he thinks Chris's ambition is getting the better of him. Tom tells him he'd better be able to back that up before making accusations like that, and Dusty says he overheard Bob and Chris fighting shortly before Bob's stroke. Tom says that doesn't mean anything and that he stands behind Chris 100%. He tells Dusty to stay away from Bob, or he'll be the one who ends up being sorry. Dusty leaves, and Margo asks Tom what if there's a reason for Dusty to be doing what he's doing. She points out that Chris didn't object to Emily's story in the "Intruder" that bad-mouthed Bob, but Tom says there's a big difference between that and what Dusty's accusing Chris of doing.

Emily runs into Lily at the Lakeview. Lily tells her she knows she slept with Dusty and says she ruined her relationship with Dusty. Emily says Lily didn't have a "relationship" with Dusty, she was having an affair with him. Lily asks what Emily would call her one-night stand with Dusty, and Emily says, "A mistake." Lily thinks Emily did it to prove she could get Dusty back, and she says, "You're not a home wrecker, you're a whore!" Emily says Lily committed adultery, but Lily says Holden was aware of her relationship with Dusty; she wonders if Chris is aware of how Emily chose to bring in the new year. Emily tells her to leave Chris out of it. Chris walks up, and Emily quickly reminds him he's late and needs to get to the hospital; he leaves, and Lily accuses Emily of flaunting Chris in front of Dusty for months so that she'd be more of a challenge for Dusty. Emily tells her she's making a scene, and after glancing around the lobby, Lily leaves. She goes to Yo's, where she orders a vodka. A stranger walks up and sits next to her, saying he can see she's having a bad day and knows how she feels. She says she doubts it, but he says it's like the one person you thought had your back suddenly stabs you in it. Lily agrees and asks what you do for that; the man says he has something for it, but he's not sure a classy lady like herself would go for it. She says you never know, so he shows her a bottle of pills. She says she had big trouble with pills recently, so she'll have to decline, but he assures her these aren't addictive and says they really help you feel better. He asks, "What have you got to lose?" Apparently thinking the answer is "nothing," Lily says she'll try just one. Later, Lily appears to be feeling no pain and agrees to dance with Jay. After the music stops, he suggests they go elsewhere to cheer each other up, and she agrees but feels dizzy on her way out the door. She tells him they'd better do this another time. He tells her he'll call a cab for her, and she ends up back at her suite at the Lakeview, passed out on her bed.

Holden calls Bonnie and asks her if she'd like to go to a movie. After some good-natured joking with him, Bonnie agrees. However, as Holden is getting ready to go, Faith calls him and asks why Lily hasn't come to pick her up from dance class yet. Faith says Lily isn't answering her phone, so Holden says he'll come pick her up. He meets her at Al's Diner, and Bonnie walks in; Holden apologizes, saying when Faith called, he totally forgot about his other plans and didn't call Bonnie to cancel. He asks if they can do it another night, and Bonnie agrees. After taking Faith back to the farm, Holden goes to the Lakeview, where a staff member tells him Lily came back alone; he convinces the employee to let him into Lily's suite so he can make sure she's okay. The employee unlocks the door, and Holden finds Lily passed out. He eventually gets her to wake up and tells her he was worried and that it reminded him of when she was in the coma; she apologizes and says she took an antihistamine and must have had a bad reaction to it. He reminds her it was her day to pick up Faith, and Lily feels terrible that she forgot about her. She says she's been stressed, and Holden agrees that things have been rough for her lately; he suggests she come out to the farm with him so he can take care of her. Lily is happy to hear that, saying it would be wonderful to spend some time at the farm with him and the kids, but Holden clarifies that he only meant until she was able to take care of herself. Chagrined, Lily says she'll get better "service" if she stays at the hotel, and Holden leaves. Later, Lily calls the farm to talk to Faith; Faith only reluctantly comes to the phone, and Lily apologizes, saying she must have drifted off and would like to do something with Faith tomorrow to make up for it. Faith says okay and hangs up, telling Holden that Lily basically said she "took a nap and forgot all about me."

Emily runs into Dusty in Old Town and tells him, "Call off your girlfriend." He says Lily's not his girlfriend. She asks him why he told Lily about their one-night stand, and he says because he wanted to be honest with her. Emily asks if he told Lily what she used to do (prostitution), and Dusty says no. He tells her he loves her, and she says she's with Chris now, and Chris is a decent guy. Dusty says that's all an act, but Emily says she'll never forgive Dusty if Lily tells Chris about what happened on New Year's Eve. She leaves and goes to the hospital, where she plants a huge kiss on Chris when she finds him. He asks what she and Lily were talking about at the Lakeview, asking if it was about Dusty. She says Lily told her she and Dusty broke up, and Lily is being irrational about it and blaming everyone. Meanwhile, Dusty goes to the office where Bob had collapsed during his stroke; bending down to pick up some papers that have fallen out of a folder, he sees the "Dr. Bob" coffee mug under the desk. Picking it up, he sniffs it, then makes a phone call to someone and says he needs something analyzed.


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