One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on OLTL

Lindsay was found competent to stand trial and was released. Both Bo and R.J. offered to be Lindsay's legal guardian. Clint and Nora shared a New Year's Eve kiss. Cristian was ready to move forward with Sarah. Todd and Ramsey caught up to Marcie. Jessica pretended to be Tess in order to deceive Jared.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Adriana is excited and wants to set a wedding date. Rex is discouraged because he has very little money after buying Adriana's engagement ring from Gigi. This leads to a confession from Rex; he admits he dated Gigi in high school. Adriana becomes infuriated and wonders what other secrets from the past Rex is keeping from her. Adriana is hurt because she realizes there have been many women in Rex's life and calls off the wedding. He tells her the love he feels for her is different than what he had for the others. After Rex pours out his heart to her, Adriana is convinced and agrees to marry Rex.

At La Boulaie, everyone but Cole is enjoying the New Year celebration. Starr realizes he is upset and questions whether or not he really wants to be there. Cole wants to leave but decides to stay at Starr's request. Once Starr leaves the room for a brief moment, Cole and Langston have a heart to heart chat. Cole admits he is in a sour mood and only came because he did not want to hurt Starr's feelings. He says he loves her but is having a hard time explaining that he needs her to give him some space. Langston is understanding and tells Cole he has to do what is best for him. Cole appreciates Langston's advice and leaves. Starr is upset when she finds out Cole has left; she asks Langston what she is doing wrong. Langston feels Starr is crowding Cole at a time he needs to be alone in order to sort things out. Langston explains that Cole loves her but he is missing his mother and that is what is important to him right now. Starr is pleased when Langston tells her that Cole needs her and so does she (Langston). As Langston receives a call from Markko, Starr quietly sends Cole a text message.

At Capricorn, The Indy band member is upset after Cristian kisses Sarah. Kalen wants to know what is going on and so does Sarah. Cris realizes that Sarah may join Kalen's band and attempts to convince her not to go. Cris explains that seeing Evangeline has made him realize he needs to move on. A stunned Sarah listens as Cris informs her he would like to start the New Year with her. Sarah questions whether or not Cris still loves Evangeline; she wonders if Cris would still choose her if Evangeline were to come out of the coma. Cris says he realizes Evangeline is the past and Sarah is the present. Cris tells Sarah he cannot make her any promises about the relationship; he can only tell her what he is feeling at this time. Cris asks Sarah not to leave and tells her she must make a decision. Kalen appears and tells Sarah the band is leaving; he needs her decision. Looking back at Cris, Sarah tells Kalen she cannot go. Afterwards, she and Cris embrace and share a kiss.

After Roxy's surprise kiss, Miles is overwhelmed. She begins expressing how much she cares for him. Miles attempts to gently let Roxy down by telling her he cares very much for her but only as a friend. Infuriated by Miles' reaction to her heartfelt confession, Roxy demands that Miles returns the boxers she gave him. Although he is wearing them, Miles complies. Upset with Miles, Roxy leaves. Later, Roxy returns and throws the boxers at Miles. She says she just remembered you cannot return used boxers. She tells him Happy New Years and hopes he realizes that he has ruined hers.

Clint and Nora discuss how the New Year will be much better than the last. The discussion leads to the kiss they both shared; Nora tells Clint her New Year's resolution involves him – no more platonic kisses between friends. Clint does not appear convinced. While appearing very comfortable, the two playfully tease one another about how many kisses would cross the line. As Clint and Nora are enjoying each other's company, a sullen Cole appears. Nora and Clint wish him a Happy New Year; he wishes them the same and leaves. Nora is sad as she thinks about the long road ahead for Cole. Clint tells Nora that she is doing everything she can for him; Nora just wishes she could do more. Realizing they have missed the stroke of midnight, Clint and Nora decide to have their own count down. Afterwards, they share a hug that turns into a passionate kiss. Cole receives Starr's text wishing him a Happy New Year. He smiles for a moment and then appears deep in thought.

After surprising Talia with a kiss, Antonio begs her not to leave town. Talia is hesitant; she does not believe he has suddenly developed feelings for her. She tells him she will get over him and plans to find someone who wants a future with her. Antonio explains that he was not sure about his feelings at the time she confessed hers, but now he realizes how much he cares for her. Antonio tells Talia she could always catch another bus tomorrow. As it appears Talia is considering Antonio's request, she surprises him by stating she plans to catch her bus tonight. Moments later, an announcement is made that the bus to Cherryville is cancelled due to mechanical failure. While Talia cannot believe her luck, Antonio bears a slight grin and responds, "I guess that means you're stuck with me". Talia agrees to put her heart on the line one more time and asks Antonio what comes next. He responds by giving her a passionate kiss.

Tuesday, January 1, 2007

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Wednesday, January 2, 2007

Addie and Blair show off their new tattoos to a stunned Dorian. Dorian yells at Blair for being irresponsible. Blair laughs her off and shows a pile of temporary tattoos left behind by Langston. Both Blair and Addie criticize Dorian, saying she used to be fun. Dorian shows them why she's in a bad mood: Todd has put a mocking headline about Lindsay on the front page of The Sun. Addie reveals that it was Lindsay who's responsible for her dramatic makeover. Addie convinces them that they need all to go to court to support Lindsay.

Marcie, about to enter the Bon-Jour Café, gets a call from Gigi, who wants to see her right away. Marcie tells her she needs to get out of town. Gigi tells her she has something for Marcie, and she won't want to leave without it. The camera pulls back to show that Todd and Lee are in the room with Gigi, and Lee is holding a gun. Gigi tries very hard to get Marcie to come over. Todd flashes a wad of money, and Gigi tells Marcie that she has money for her, but ultimately, Marcie tells her she's got to get on the road. She says she'll call when she gets someplace safe, and hangs up. Gigi demands that Lee and Todd give her son back to her. She cries, telling them about Shane's asthma and that she needs to give him medicine. She calls them evil. Todd, playing the "good cop", sympathizes with her. He asks if she can imagine not seeing Shane for two years. He just wants his little boy back, same as her, he says. He asks her to call Marcie back. Gigi begs to see her son and Lee threatens her some more. Todd intervenes and tells him to go get Shane. Todd asks her how Tommy is. She tells him Marcie takes good care of him. Shane arrives with Lee; he's fine and playing a new video game. Gigi tries to leave with Shane, and Lee won't let her. Marcie arrives at Gigi's apartment with Tommy.

Viki arrives at work at the Bon-Jour Café. Moe asks her where the "sunny side up" Viki went. She tells him that that Viki went on a road trip with Charlie and this is what's left. Moe is shocked that Charlie had any priority other than Viki. She tells him he's a busybody and he denies it, so Viki laughingly mentions that he sent Noelle off on the bakeoff, which must not count. Moe turns the conversation back to Charlie, and Viki tells him Charlie's off to make things up with his son. He asked her to go with him, and Viki said no. Moe calls her a jackass. Viki is stunned. Moe breaks it down for her. Viki gives him some excuses, and Moe clucks at her, calling her a chicken. He tells her she's got a shot at something good and she should go for it. She stomps off to do the dinner prep as "Sally-Ann" comes through the door carrying Tommy. I mean, Billy. Sally-Ann drops her bag and gives Moe the money she owes him for broken dishes. She tells him she's leaving town. He asks her to work Gigi's shift, because she's AWOL. Marcie is obviously worried that Gigi hasn't been showing up for work. Marcie mentions that Gigi didn't seem right when they spoke on the phone, and decides to call Gigi. Lee teases Gigi with Shane's asthma inhaler, and Gigi agrees to call Marcie again when the phone rings. It's Marcie, who wants to know what's going on. Gigi lies and tells her something's wrong with Shane and her car broke down. Marcie agrees to come over right away. Marcie asks Moe to give some photos to Noelle. Then she says goodbye. Viki returns from the kitchen. Moe tells her Sally-Ann quit and Viki notices the tote bag she left behind. Moe says she'll come back for it. He tells Viki she should go after Charlie. He's not firing her, just trying to put her on the path for happiness. Noelle appears, back from the bake-off. Moe can't contain himself, and it turns out Noelle won first prize. They're all thrilled. Moe and Noelle hug and have a moment of attraction, then Noelle has to run home to be interviewed by a reporter. Viki goes with her to help her pick out something to wear. Noelle lays a big kiss on Moe, and Viki does, too.

Jared answers the door at the Buchanan mansion. It's Charlie at the door. Jared tries to slam the door, but Charlie pushes his way in. Jared tells him to go. They fight over how absent Charlie was during Jared's childhood. Jared tells him he's too late. Charlie says he's not going anywhere. He wants to fix things between that. Jared doesn't buy it, because he's been disappointed many times before. Charlie apologizes for being a screwup. Jared says he doesn't need Charlie any more. He tells Charlie that his real father is Asa Buchanan. Jared says he doesn't need Charlie messing up his con. Charlie yells that this is fraud and it will land him right back in jail. Jared tells him to keep his mouth shut. He says a new family that hates him is better than the old one. Charlie says he loves Jared. Jared says he loved the bottle more. Charlie just wants a chance. Jared laughs to hear that Charlie's been sober for a whole five days. Jared offers him a drink. Charlie puts the bottle down and says he's done with booze. Jared tells him to leave. Charlie says he's never going to give up on Jared. He agrees to keep Jared's secret, on one condition. He just wants to get to know Jared again. Jared accepts that Charlie isn't going away. Charlie asks if he likes to ski, and Jared doesn't know. He says his father the drunk always promised to teach him, but never once showed. They make a date to go skiing on Llantano Mountain next week.

Michael and John show up at "Sally-Ann's" hotel room in Paris. She doesn't answer the door. John breaks the lock in front of a surprised Michael, telling him "it's only a B&E if you get caught". They go inside the room, but the person has obviously checked out. John checks out the entire room. The towels are still damp. He turns on the TV and it's cartoons. He sends Michael to the desk to ask questions while he looks around some more. John calls Cole and asks him to call back when he has a chance. Michael returns and tries to talk to John about how he's worrying about Cole and missing Marty. John looks upset, but changes the subject. Michael found out that Sally-Ann checked out in a hurry that morning. Michael worries for Marcie and John tells him not to worry, yet. They decide to check out the café when John finds a plastic bag from "Faces", the bar in Georgia where she was a drag queen. John tells Michael that Marcie was in this room. John and Michael think that maybe Sally-Ann is Marcie. Michael says it can't be. They go across the street to the café. Moe recognizes Michael from his last visit, and tells them that Gigi isn't coming in, and Sally-Ann just left. They see Marcie's bag and look through it, finding "Penny's" passport. Moe gets in John's face about going through the bag, and he tells Moe that Sally-Ann is wanted for kidnapping in Pennsylvania. Michael finds a photo, showing John Marcie next to "Sally-Ann", but Moe points out he's got it all wrong. It's "Sally-Ann" next to Gigi.

Thursday, January 3, 2007

At the gym, Antonio swings at the punching bag as Cris tries to find out what happened between him and Talia. "You took her bowling?" he asks in disbelief. On the other hand, things went well between himself and Sarah, he informs his brother. Stating confidently that he needs to school Antonio in his knowledge of women, Cris tells him he has to go slow and learn about the woman he's with. As a matter of fact, Talia argued with him all night, Antonio discloses, and he finally had to kiss her to shut her up. He doesn't think Talia trusts him and she's complicated his life. The brothers continue to teach each other. Cris advises Antonio to go after Talia and takes the lead. He insists they shower and head out.

At the same time, Talia and Sarah run into each other at the diner and compare notes. Sarah is getting the jump on Valentine's Day plans while Talia admits that she and Antonio are going nowhere and they even argued all night, though she felt comfortable with him. Sarah wants to take things slow with Cris. They both begin to salivate over the Vega boys and their bodies and in fact, are overheard by Carlotta, who offers them some ice water. Women are always throwing themselves at my boys, she announces, and Talia quickly admits that she was one of them. The guys were miserable over Christmas though, Carlotta continues, and she wants the latest scoop on what's been happening. She and Cris worked things out, Sarah divulges, and no, they did not sleep together, she responds to Carlotta's question. Talia and Carlotta talk about Antonio's recent past and Carlotta apologizes for the fact that even Jamie knew how Antonio felt about Talia before he did. She believes he wants to pursue something with her and gives her blessing. Suddenly, the guys appear; Sarah assures Cris that his mom likes her. Antonio and Talia attempt to make plans.

A smug looking Nora is happy to hear that Lindsay is found sane and able to stand trial. She promises to go for the highest possible penalty as the law will allow. She's getting what she wanted, Dorian whispers to Blair and Addie. However, there's a glitch as the judge announces that it's been determined by experts that while Lindsay has recovered, she was insane during her crime and is thereby ruling that she's not guilty by reason of insanity. Nora quickly jumps up to argue, her smile gone. When the judge decides that Lindsay should return to St. Ann's, it's Addie's turn to jump up and argue. No, she yells, that will take her life away from her. Lindsay's attorney is also not happy with the ruling but the judge states that it's not clear that Lindsay is ready to return to society. Addie offers to be her guardian and when that is turned down, she volunteers both Dorian and Blair. The women have their own affairs to look after and while they love Lindsay, politely decline. Both Bo and R.J. jump into the mix and offer to look after Ms. Rappaport, much to Nora's dismay. Dorian is eagerly looking on in anticipation of Bo's irritating Nora while the judge asks Lindsay for her opinion. Nora is fit to be tied that Lindsay is even allowed to express a desire for where to live, motioning for a Time Out. She mutters under her breath about the judge's upcoming re-election campaign. Lindsay thanks everyone for looking out for her and is grateful for a second chance. She has a very bad headache and the judge kindly orders her back to St. Ann's for the time being. Bo and R.J. continue to disagree over who would be better at looking after Lindsay as Dorian can only notice how men love a broken woman. Nora flips out on the guys and suggests they don't come crying to her when she stabs one of them in the back with a scissors.

Michael and John learn about Marcie and Gigi's relationship after they all figure out who's who in the picture. Moe refuses to give any information out without a warrant and is skeptical of John when he identifies himself as a cop and Michael's brother and then an ex-cop when he doesn't have ID. Michael figures that Marcie will return for her bag and they might as well wait it out but John follows Moe into the back and threatens him. I'm not surprised that Marcie is running away from you, he blurts out. John changes his attitude and explains the full story to Moe. He has nothing to lose and doesn't really care if Moe calls the cops on him. Moe suddenly believes him and gives them Gigi's address. "Marcie was on her way over there," he says. "Don't make me sorry I trusted you."

As Lee trains a gun on Shane, Marcie and Tommy arrive at Gigi's apartment. Gigi tells her son to remember what she told him during the tornado and when Marcie knocks she screams for her to run, that there's a trap. Shane takes off for the other room (he remembered that he was to lock himself in the bathroom during the tornado) and Gigi is able to temporarily stall Lee when she gets him between his legs. Marcie starts knocking things over behind her, as she runs. Lee and Todd manage to get out and stumble across all of the obstacles Marcie has left in the hallways. She runs into a fenced off area where the trash is collected and seems trapped. She's able to temporarily bar the door with a piece of wood as she tries to figure out how to get out. When the men finally break through the door, she's gone. Suddenly Lee spots her hiding but when they get to "her" it turns out to be only her wig. Click! She has managed to get out and left them the trapped ones now. Meanwhile, upstairs, John and Michael arrive as Gigi and Shane are leaving. They hear that Marcie has run off, hopefully gotten away, and that Todd and Lee are in pursuit of her, with a gun. John orders the pair back into the apartment and he and Michael take off. They get there as Marcie is putting Tommy into the car; Michael yells for her to stop. She smiles as she sees her husband but Lee has his gun pointed at the McBains. Todd, trying to climb the fence, reacts instantly when Lee is about to shoot. He jumps down and tries to stop him!

Friday, January 4, 2007

At the vineyard, Nash becomes upset when he finds Jessica wearing heavy makeup and dressed provocatively. It is apparent to Nash that Jessica plans to fool Jared into believing Tess has resurfaced. While the couple argues about Jessica's intentions, Jared appears at the door. After Jared announces that he would like to sell the vineyard to Buchanan Enterprises, an angry Nash orders him to leave. When Nash refers to Jared by the last name of Banks, Jared quickly corrects him by announcing his last name is Buchanan. Jared questions whether or not Nash and Jessica were being truthful when they suggested that all parties should try to bury the hatchet. Jared tells Nash that selling the vineyard to BE and expanding the business would make them both rich. Nash angrily tells Jared he will never allow him to sell the vineyard to anyone. Jared informs Nash that selling the vineyard is not his decision to make. Nash tells Jared the board of Buchanan Enterprises will never go along with this decision; he tells him that the only person on the board who will vote for Jared is Rene. Nash informs Jared all the other Buchanans hate him. Jared reminds Nash that Asa's will states the stock prices at BE must go up within the year, or no one will be allowed to claim their inheritances; Jared feels the board will accept any offer that will cause BE's stock to climb. Once Nash announces his plans to take the matter up with up with Clint and Natalie, Jared leaves. Before leaving, Nash reminds Jessica that Jared's only intention is to get revenge on Tess and wonders if she now realizes how ridiculous her plan is. Jessica does not seem convinced. After Nash leaves, Jessica begins to remember his warnings about fooling Jared. Her thoughts are interrupted when Jared appears at the door. Jared wants to convince Jessica that his plans for the vineyard will result in success. Jessica questions why she should ever go against her husband's wishes. Jared tells her that she should stop fighting him and realize his idea is a profitable one; he tells her she will not be able to stop the board from buying the vineyard. While moving closer to Jared and in a seductive voice, Jessica says "what makes you think I want to stop them?"

Charlie arrives at La Boulaie to visit Dorian; he is interested in how her recovery is coming along. When Charlie informs Dorian he is in town visiting a friend, Dorian quickly questions whether his friend is Jared Banks. As Dorian questions whether or not Charlie made contact with Jared, she remembers the conversation she overheard between the two men in which Charlie admits to being Jared's father. Dorian is interested in learning the relationship Charlie and Jared share. An uncomfortable Charlie informs her that he and Jared are friends. As Dorian continues to ask questions about Jared, Charlie attempts to divert her attention. Charlie is surprised when Dorian shows him a picture of Jared in the paper announcing he is a long lost Buchanan. While in a rush to leave, Charlie admits to Dorian he has heard the news of Jared's parentage. Dorian has no intention of letting Charlie leave. When Charlie tells Dorian he has plans of staying at the Angel Square Hotel, she tells him that is not the appropriate place for the man who saved her life to stay and suggests he allows her to help. She tells him she will call some contacts and find him the perfect place to stay while in town. As Dorian leaves Charlie alone, he appears uneasy. While left alone, Charlie smiles as he holds a photograph of him and Viki. When Dorian returns and interrupts his thoughts of Viki, Charlie quickly places the picture in his portfolio on Dorian's table. Charlie excuses himself and Dorian closes the door to give him some privacy. Dorian smiles to herself and says there are many things that Charlie is not telling her. She wonders what Charlie is keeping from her.

When Viki and Noelle arrive at the Bonjour Café, Moe informs them that some men came into the diner looking for Gigi and Sally Ann. Moe expresses his concern that Sally Ann may have gotten Gigi involved in some serious trouble. Viki feels Gigi is capable of taking care of herself. Viki tells Moe that Gigi never mentioned that Sally Ann was in any trouble, only that she was leaving her husband. As Viki heads off to start her shift, she unknowingly walks past the photo that John and Michael left on the counter - a photo of Gigi, Marcie and Tommy. Moe invites Noelle to dinner to celebrate her winning the bakeoff, leaving Viki alone in the diner.

As Marcie is attempting to escape with Tommy, Ramsey is holding his gun and calmly tells her to step away from the vehicle. While Todd is attempting to climb the gate, John and Michael rush towards Marcie. As Michael begs Marcie to get out of the vehicle, Ramsey points his gun at Marcie and fires. While Marcie, John and Todd watch in horror, Michael is struck in the shoulder. In a fit of rage, Todd pushes Ramsey. Unknowingly to both men, Ramsey's gun falls from his hand and through the gate. Todd is angry and tells Ramsey he could have killed Michael. While John renders aid to Michael, Marcie notices Ramsey's weapon is within her grasp. Michael tells Marcie he is okay and to get Tommy out of danger. Unnoticed, Marcie retrieves the weapon and drives off with Tommy. Everyone watches as Marcie drives away. As John continues to aid his brother, Ramsey attempts to walk away but is stopped by Todd who points a gun at him. While holding Ramsey at gunpoint, Todd tells him that he fired a shot at his son. Ramsey informs Todd that if he had intended to shot Tommy he would have. Michael tells John he will be alright and asks John to go after Marcie; he fears Todd and Ramsey may locate her first. As John prepares to leave, Todd informs him that he is the only one with a gun and therefore will decide who goes after his son. John reminds Ramsey that he shot at a woman and child; Ramsey tells John that Marcie is a crazy criminal who belongs in jail. Todd shoots the lock off the gate and demands John gives him the keys to his car. When John refuses, Todd points the gun at him. John relinquishes the keys and tells Todd he has no idea where Marcie is headed but he (John) does. Ramsey attempts to persuade Todd to take him along; Todd refuses and demands that John accompanies him. Before leaving with Todd, John promises Michael he will call for an ambulance. As Michael and Ramsey are left behind, Ramsey begins to look for his gun. As Michael lies on the ground, he has visions of Marcie returning for him. Meanwhile, Todd is doubtful that John actually knows where Marcie is headed. John shows him Marcie's passport and tells Todd she plans to go back to the café to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, Marcie is driving and appears out of control. She is reminding herself to remain calm because she does not want to do anything that may hurt Tommy. Marcie begins telling Tommy that she had to protect him and someday he and everyone else will understand her actions; she tells him that his daddy was alright. She then mutters to herself, "What have I done, what have I done?" Marcie promises Tommy she will never place him in danger again. As Marcie drives towards the border with the gun on the front seat, she panics once she realizes she has left her passport and money at the diner. She apologizes to Tommy and heads back to the café. Meanwhile, Viki is cleaning up at the diner and is horrified when she finds the picture of Marcie, Tommy and Gigi. She quickly realizes that Sally Ann is really Marcie and has been living at the hotel across the hall from her all this time.

Marcie tells Tommy they will go back to the diner and then be on their way. She tries to convince herself that no one will ever find them. Jared questions Jessica about her intentions. Jessica tells Jared she would love to sell the vineyard because it has become a nightmare. She mocks Nash's statements about having pride and making the vineyard a family business. Jared questions why she changed her mind. Jessica tells him she had to sound convincing in order to fool Nash; she laughs as she reveals that she also convinced him (Jared). Jared admits to being confused. Seductively, Jessica motions for Jared to come closer. When Jared refers to her as Jessica, she tells him she (Jessica) is not here. She tells Jared Tess is back and has to find a way of making things up to him. Jared smiles slyly at her. Left alone with Charlie's possessions, Dorian looks through his portfolio and laughs as she uncovers the picture of Charlie and Viki, in which Viki is wearing a waitress uniform. Charlie stands in Dorian's foyer and hesitates as he makes an attempt to call Viki. As Charlie debates making the call, Viki calls him. Charlie is excited to hear from Viki but quickly realizes that she is troubled. Viki explains how she has become involved in an awful mess that will ultimately destroy someone's life. Viki tells Charlie she wanted to hear his voice before she does what she realizes she must. As Todd and John head towards the diner, Viki attempts to call Todd while sadly expressing her grief for Marcie. While Viki contemplates making the dreadful call, she turns and there Marcie stands holding Tommy.

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