One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 17, 2007 on OLTL

Nora asked Cole to move in with her. Cole found empathy with Jared, who shared similar childhood stories. Natalie and John consoled each other after drinking. Todd changed Tommy's name to Sam, in honor of Sam Rappaport. Rex ran into an old girlfriend, Gigi, in Paris, Texas. Viki helped Charlie to get sober.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 17, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, December 17, 2007

At La Boulaie, Rex is asking for Dorian's blessing regarding his intentions to propose to Adriana. Upon receiving a vague answer from her, Rex informs Dorian that he plans to marry Adriana with or without her blessing. Rex states that he is only asking Dorian out of respect; he feels her blessings would make life easier for all involved. Still refusing to give Rex an answer, Dorian tells him she has a few questions. Convinced that Dorian is attempting to talk him out of proposing, Rex prepares himself for the worse. Dorian reminds Rex of his failed marriage and suggests that his lack of finances may not be a formula for success. Realizing she is hitting a nerve, Dorian continues to grill Rex. She goes on to insinuate that Rex cannot make ends meet due to Ultraviolet's declining business and the fact that his P.I. client base is nonexistent. Dorian further implies that Rex has plans to obtain funds from Adriana's lingerie business. Under extreme pressuring from Dorian, Rex continues to remain calm. Dorian takes one last shot at Rex; she now wants to discuss sex. A very uncomfortable Rex listens as Dorian reminds him of his sexual escapes involving Lindsay and informs him of the consequences if he were to ever cheat on Adriana. Rex attempts to convince Dorian that he truly loves Adriana and would never do anything to hurt her. Dorian tells Rex she has the perfect jeweler from whom he can purchase the engagement ring; she would like to know how much he intends to spend. Rex politely informs Dorian that his finances are just fine and reminds her that she has yet to give him and Adriana her blessing.

At Capricorn, Adriana and Sarah are having cocktails and drowning their sorrows. Adriana is complaining about her mother's constant interfering. She tells Sarah of her entire history with Dorian, including the fact that she gave her away as a child, hired someone to stalk her and lost her inheritance. She reveals that what bothers her most of all about her mother is the fact that she feels Rex is not an acceptable mate for her. As Adriana bears her soul, she realizes that Sarah has problems of her own - and the problem is Cristian. She questions Sarah about her relationship with Cris. Sarah reveals she has feelings for him and explains that she suggested he visit Evangeline. Adriana tells Sarah that she believes she gave Cris bad advice. Sarah defends her decision by telling Adriana that Cris needs to see Vange in order to decide if he is ready to move on with his life. She understands that Cris may realize that he is still in love with Evangeline, but nothing can ever become of their relationship as long as Cris is undecided about his true feelings. As they discuss their problems, both women continue to drink. Adriana tells Sarah that her mother was so distraught over the pregnancy scare she hates to think of Dorian's reaction if she and Rex were to ever get married.

Meanwhile at the hospital where Evangeline has been staying, Cris is yelling at the nurse. After hearing that Evangeline is gone, Cris demands to know what exactly does that mean; he fears Evangeline may have died. Before the nurse can respond, Layla and Vincent enter the room and Layla explains to Cris that their mother has had Evangeline moved to a facility in Maryland. An angry Cris wants to know why Layla did nothing to prevent this from happening and why she didn't let him know. Layla is obviously upset and tries to explain to Cris that she only recently found out and is devastated herself. After a shaken Layla leaves the room, Vincent explains that Layla was totally blindsided by the news; her mother didn't inform her because she knew Layla would object. Cris confides to Vincent that he is hurt and fears he may never see Evangeline again.

At Langston's home, Langston and Starr are involved in a heated argument concerning Cole. Langston tells Starr that Cole needed to tell the truth. Starr shouts at Langston and asks her who is she to say that Cole needs to tell the truth since she is incapable of doing so herself. Langston is horrified as her friend reminds her of lying about the death of her parents for over a year. Langston asks Starr where all her anger is coming from; she explains to Starr that she lied because she was afraid of the consequences - just as Cole is now. Langston advises Starr that she must allow Cole to make his own decision. Relentlessly, Starr tells Langston that she agreed with Cole's decision to turn himself into the police; Starr blames Langston for letting him go out for a walk on that fateful night. Starr insists had she not let Cole leave, he would have never been able to shoot Miles. Langston stares at her friend in disbelief; she tells Starr that Cole doesn't want to hide the way she did for so long and that is why he needed to tell the truth. Extremely upset, Starr states she doesn't want to lose Cole and runs upstairs. Starr later returns; her mood is the same. Starr tells Langston she doesn't want Cole to be punished for something that was a mistake, especially since John is willing to take responsibility for the shooting. As Langston continues to stress the fact that Cole is doing what is right, Starr again lashes out at her. Starr tells Langston she doesn't know what is right for Cole and neither does he. Langston opens up to Starr and explains the hurt she felt while concealing her parent's deaths. Starr feels compassion for her friend; the two apologize to each other and once again there is peace.

Outside of Miles' hospital room, Cole shouts as he tells John he is turning himself in and there is nothing John can do to stop him. John grabs Cole's arm and tells him he isn't going anywhere. John explains to Cole that he has already confessed to shooting Miles and suggests that he leaves things as they are. John tells Cole that he was out of his mind with grief at the time of the shooting and was not himself. John says he owes it to Marty to make sure Cole doesn't ruin his entire life over a mistake; he pleads with Cole to allow him to handle things his way. Cole appears unmoved and says he needs to speak with Miles. Meanwhile, Roxy is visiting Miles. She tells him the minute she heard about the shooting, she knew she needed to be by his side because he means so much to her. Roxy reveals to Miles that she has something important to tell him. Roxy begins telling Miles a long- winded story about the night she married Max Holden while in a drunken stupor. A confused and semi- sedated Miles asks Roxy is there a point to her story. Just as Roxy is about to reveal her feelings to Miles, John and Cole enter the room. Causing great discomfort to Miles, Roxy leaps on top of Miles and shields him with her body. She accuses John of trying to shoot Miles again. Miles convinces Roxy to allow him time to speak with Cole; she and John leave the two alone. Once alone, Miles begins to tell Cole how sorry he is about Marty's death; he never meant to hurt either of them. Angrily, Cole tells Miles that it was he who fired the gun and not John; he states that he realizes Miles knows the truth. Miles tells Cole he understands his pain because he just lost his mother. Cole says the loss of his mother doesn't make what he did right and apologizes to Miles. Miles does not feel Cole owes him an apology. Cole tells Miles that John wants him to remain quiet and allow him to take the blame. In a heartfelt voice, Miles tells Cole that John wasn't able to save Marty but is able to save him. Miles states that Marty would want John to protect Cole, just as he is trying to do. In the waiting area, Roxy tackles John and frisks him; she's convinced he has a gun and the intention of hurting Miles. An aggravated John fights her off and wonders what has gotten into her. Roxy admits she has strong feelings for Miles and that is why she is so concerned for his safety. John is shocked as Roxy admits to being in love with Miles Lawrence. Minutes later, Cole approaches John. John questions him about his conversation with Miles. Cole tells John that Miles agree that he remains silent. John continues to attempt to convince Cole to allow him to take the blame. Cole wonders what will happen to John as a result. John informs Cole that he has been in the system before and can handle it a lot better than he (Cole) can. John pleads with Cole to allow him to honor Marty's memory, by placing him first. Cole sadly agrees.

Once again, Roxy enters Miles' room and gets enough courage to tell him exactly how she feels. Roxy admits to Miles that she is "head over heels" in love with him. She looks down at him to get a response and discovers a sleeping Miles - who has not heard a word she has said.

Outside of the Buchanan Mansion, Jared has pulled Natalie into an embrace and begun passionately kissing her. Angrily, Natalie pulls away from him and screams for him to stay away from her. After hearing the DNA results, Natalie believes he is some sort of freak for kissing her. As she continues to tell him to stay away from her, he refuses to leave her alone until she hears what he has to say. Jared begins telling Natalie about the connection they shared. Natalie says the connection existed because they were related and tells him to get over it as she pulls away from him. As Jared grabs her arm, Nash appears and warns him to leave Natalie alone. Jared informs Nash that his conversation with Natalie is none of his business. With the encouragement of his wife, Nash is adamant that he has made it his business. A frustrated Natalie and Jessica head over to Capricorn to tell Sarah the results of the DNA test. Left alone with Jared, Nash informs him that he does not believe the coincidence of Jared being Asa's son; he is certain he is scamming the family. Jared tells Nash it is not coincidence, it's destiny - after all he has been following Asa's life since he was a child. Jared claims to have never expected to be a Buchanan. Before leaving, Nash threatens bodily harm to Jared if he hurts Natalie anymore than he already has. Jared caringly picks up a scarf that Natalie has dropped. Jared enters the mansion and encounters Bo. Bo informs him that Clint is phoning his sons with the news and Rene is planning a party to celebrate. Bo tells Jared he does not trust him and will continue to investigate him. Bo tells Jared that Rene has already lost a son as well as Asa; she cannot accept another loss. He warns Jared that if he discovers he is not really a Buchanan he will regret it. Jared insists he is not pulling a scam and offers his "brother" a truce; Bo is not amused.

Back at Capricorn, Jessica and Natalie reveal the results of Jared's DNA test to a disgusted Sarah. Natalie sits alone and begins drinking her sorrows away. As Jared looks at Asa's portrait on the mantel, he looks sad as he holds Natalie's scarf. Cris stares at a picture of Evangeline. He looks down at his ringing cell phone and ignores Sarah's call. Heartbroken, Cris curls up in Evangeline's empty hospital bed and cuddles her picture that he has placed beside him. Adriana tries to comfort Sarah, who continues to sadly look down at her cell phone. Dorian gives Rex her blessing and tells him she was just trying to find out if he had thought the idea of marriage entirely through. Unsure of Dorian's motives, Rex thanks her and gives her a halfhearted hug. Before leaving, Rex tells Dorian he plans to spend the rest of his life making Adriana happy. Later, Rex stares through a jewelry store window at a display of expensive diamond rings. Sadly, he turns away. Meanwhile, Dorian holds a picture of her and Clint and another of Rex and Adriana. Dorian cuts both Clint and Rex out of the photos. She tapes her and Adriana's pictures together and cuts up Clint and Rex's faces. Cole arrives at Langston's home and is greeted by an elated Starr. The two kiss as Langston smiles affectionately at them. As Miles sleeps, Roxy lovingly paints his nails. As Natalie continues to drink, John arrives at Capricorn. Both are unaware of the others presence. Natalie has had several shots and John has just begun. Natalie observes him sitting at the bar and joins him. As John pours Natalie a drink, she asks him if he is okay. He sadly replies no. Natalie states that neither is she. Both continue to drink.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rex visits a jailed Michael who explains his trip to Texas and why he risked his freedom. He knows "in his gut" that Marcie is there and he wanted to help her. He was so happy last year, he continues, while this year he's only worried about her. He wants to hire Rex as a P.I. because he's sure that he can find her first, before the F.B.I. He's heard that she was broke and someone wanted to turn her in; he knows that Rex can talk to people and get them to open up and trust him. He actually spoke to Marcie on the phone and there's a girl named Sally Ann who can help him. Rex is all set to agree when he remembers that he wanted to propose to Adriana on Christmas. He can't do it, he tells a disappointed Michael, who has some advice for him. "Don't ever tell her lies to protect her," he says sadly. Rex quickly changes his mind, telling his friend that he can't stand to see him in his present state. He hopes to be back by Christmas. Michael is ecstatic and encourages him to stop by the Bonjour Café as he's pretty sure they know something there. He will never be able to repay Rex.

Marcie is docked $24 for breaking dishes but the other girls chide Moe for having done the same thing. She really needs the money and the hours before Viki can get back, Marcie explains. The bake-off arguing continues and when Shane arrives, he's asked to judge the two pies. He doesn't like either of them but confesses to not even liking pie. "Good job," his mother whispers. Shane also has a dismal report card, the teacher citing his need for a reading tutor. Gigi is unable to afford it, but Marcie gets the boy into a conversation about movies and books and before long, he's asking his mom for a book that Marcie has mentioned. Marcie writes out a Christmas card for Michael but rips it up, as the judges show up to sample the pies. Gigi admires her for giving up so much. Viki has returned and stops at the motel to see Charlie. He's in a bad way as he recounts his meeting with his son who hates him and has a whole new life with rich and snooty people. He was really mean to his son and he sees that his son doesn't want him to ruin his new life, even if he's a new man. Viki asks about the progress already made and advises him that he has to stop drinking for himself, not his son. She would like to know more about him, she reassures him and she's not afraid of him. As Charlie cries, Viki lets him know that she cares about him. He's sorry for disappointing her but she needs him to know that it's not about her. He has to make a decision though.

John wakes up to find a sleeping Natalie beside him. She wants to discuss it but of course John never wants to have those personal conversations. She suggests that they both got drunk and they agree it wasn't planned. They then both admit that they remember the entire evening and they really weren't that drunk at all. Nat recalls telling John the sequence of events that led up to her drinking, but he was unable to talk about Marty. She has no regrets, they were each alone and in a funny place, but it won't happen again. She also believes that John is protecting someone and didn't shoot Miles. She admits to getting over John easily enough but Jared is part of the family and she will see him. The whole episode is rather disgusting and "illegal in almost every state," John teases. He wants her to call him if the situation becomes too uncomfortable but no one can help him, he admits. He needed her last night and was glad she was there. They share an embrace.

Nash makes fun of Jared's haste to get business cards printed and he and Jess "officially" welcome him to the family. They urge him to attend a holiday shindig at their place but Jared declines, not buying their sudden change in attitude. They admit that they still don't like him but if he's family, he won't disappear. He should try to prove himself worthy of the family, they pester him. They continue to harass him until he finally has no choice but to give in. After he leaves, the couple is excited that Jared bought their act. On to Stage 2, they declare.

Adriana, Antonio and Cris bond over a meal and talk about a gift for Carlotta, along with talk of inviting Talia and Sarah over for dinner. Adriana orders the guys to "get happy...or fake it" like her, as she recalls her argument with Dorian over Rex. She thinks the guys are lucky to have Carlotta instead, though they assure her that the woman is full of her own opinions as well. Antonio maintains that he's not ready to move on. Unready or unwilling? Adriana wants to know. She also mentions that Sarah likes Cris a lot and put him to the test on his feelings for Evangeline. Cris recounts his failure to see Evangeline since she was moved back to Maryland and doesn't think it fair that he can't talk to her. Adriana discloses that she believes she'll be getting something special for Christmas. The guys don't want any gifts but she asks them about things like hopes, wishes and dreams. Miracles can happen, she proclaims.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Antonio and Talia meet outside Bo's office. They share tense small-talk and recap their last, unpleasant conversation. Antonio tells Talia he cares about her. Bo cheerfully invites them both into his office, and thanks them for their hard work, which has reduced crime in Angel Square. Bo offhandedly tells Antonio that Talia has requested a transfer. Antonio denies the request. They argue about procedure. Talia explains why she wants out: she says that she and Antonio have no chemistry in their working relationship. She says they've hit a wall. Antonio agrees with her assessment, but he feels they can work it out. Bo acts like it's all smoothed over. Talia says she's given it a lot of thought but it's time for her to move on. Bo says there's nowhere for her to move anyway. The only place that has openings is Cherryvale, a retirement community. Talia says that's fine with her. Talia leaves and Antonio follows her. He asks if she really wants to get away from him that bad; he says she's going too far. He wants to know what he can do to fix it and she says nothing. Talia apologizes, but says this is her decision.

Rex heaves a huge Christmas tree back to his loft, surprising Adriana. Then he tells her he needs to work and he won't be home until Christmas day. Adriana and Rex fight about his trip to Texas. He tells her he needs to go try to find Marcie and Tommy. Adriana agrees that Rex should go, and volunteers to go with him. Rex isn't happy about the idea. Adriana decides he's trying to get out of having Christmas with Dorian. Rex snaps at her because he doesn't want her to go with him. He explains it is because Marcie is being blackmailed. Their argument escalates as Dorian arrives through the open door. Dorian is inviting Adriana to the Cramer girls Christmas celebration. Adriana declines rudely. Rex asks if they're having a fight; Adriana says it's because Dorian doesn't like him. Dorian turns around and invites Rex to the celebration. Adriana tells her an important case is taking him out of town. He mentions that Dorian knows what Adriana's Christmas gift is, which surprises Adriana. Rex walks Dorian out.

Blair and Dorian return to La Boulaie after a day of shopping. Dorian wants to have a Cramer girls Christmas. Todd fires the last private investigator, who storms out the door. Blair asks Todd what's going on. He says he's going to find Tommy on his own. Dorian announces Lee at the door. Lee asks to talk to Todd in private, but Blair and Todd tell him no. Lee announces that because John's story didn't agree with his, Lee has been temporarily relieved of duty. So no one is looking for Tommy. Lee volunteers to look for Tommy. Lee sounds so vengeful that Blair asks "What's going to happen to Marcie," and Lee replies "What do you want to have happen to her?" Todd agrees to have Lee find Tommy.

At the Bon-Jour Café, the judge prepares to start the pie contest. Noelle and Moe fuss over the judge. The judge recites the pie-contest rules in a grating, irritating voice. Moe is impatient for the contest to begin. Marcie calls Tommy at Lonnie, his babysitter's. Marcie feels guilty that she isn't there for Tommy. Gigi tells her not to worry. The pie judging goes on and on. Marcie bumps the judge and it turns out he's choking. There is confusion, but Marcie knows how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. The judge spews pie right into the camera. Moe wants to know who won, but the judge screams at them because he thinks they tried to kill him. All of them get into a pie fight. Viki and Charlie arrive. Marcie's face is covered with pie, so Viki appears not to recognize Marcie. Gigi welcomes Viki back. Noelle runs away from Moe, crying, because they can't enter the contest.

Viki asks Charlie if he's going to try sobriety again. Charlie takes the bottle and Viki is disappointed. Viki gets her things and heads to the door, and Charlie calls her back. She says she won't watch him throw away his life. But Charlie was just intending to spill the booze into a plant. Charlie apologizes for letting Viki down. Viki is proud of him. Charlie wonders who tipped Viki off, then asks if Viki cut her trip short for him. Viki offers to buy him lunch at the Bon-Jour.

Dorian arrives at St. Anne's and Dr. Bonner tells her she can't visit Addie. He says Addie will be allowed to visit Dorian on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preparing to leave town to find his son, Todd surprises Blair, Starr and Jack with an early Christmas celebration. Todd then announces that he's naming his son Sam, in memory of Sam Rappaport. Later, Blair is pleasantly surprised when Todd pulls her into a steamy goodbye kiss.

Rex is on a mission to track down Marcie in Paris, Texas. Anxious to get back on the road and in need of money, Marcie decides she has to sell her engagement ring. Then, a desperate Marcie turns to Gigi for help.

Paying Lindsay a visit, Bo and Matthew are surprised to find R.J. there. Later, Bo informs a worried Lindsay that she will have to appear in court after the holidays.

Layla and Adriana share some sound advice with Roxy. Meanwhile, Nora warmly invites Cole to move in with her and Matthew, as Marty had requested in her will.

Friday, December 21, 2007

While preparing for her holiday celebration, Dorian is attempting to put Blair, Starr, and Langston in a festive mood. She informs them that Adriana and Addie will be in attendance. Adriana receives a dry reception from Blair and Dorian makes every effort to keep the peace. After overhearing that Rex is on a case in Texas, Blair demands answers from Adriana. As Blair and Adriana continue to argue, Dorian attempts to divert their attention but to no avail. In response to Blair's persistent questioning, Adriana finally admits that Rex is in Texas looking for Marcie. Blair is beyond upset. Blair is cannot believe that her cousin continues to defend Rex's actions and Adriana feels Blair is insensitive to the pain Michael and Marcie are enduring. Blair is angered when Adriana accidentally reveals that she has known Tommy was Todd's son since the very beginning. As Blair continues to insult Rex, Adriana informs her that she is the one who convinced him not to reveal the truth and would do it again if given the opportunity. As Dorian, Starr and Langston look on, Blair responds by giving Adriana an earth shattering slap across the face. Dorian is appalled by Blair's reaction and demands that she apologizes to Adriana. Blair refuses. Adriana returns the favor, by slapping Blair across the face just as hard. The two engage in a catfight.

While Sarah, Vincent and Layla exchange Christmas gifts at Sarah's apartment, Cristian arrives. Believing he has come to see her, Sarah is pleasantly surprised. Her feelings are soon hurt when she learns Cris is there to speak with Layla. Upon hearing that Layla and Vincent are going to visit Evangeline, Cris informs Layla that he also plans to go Maryland to see her. Layla convinces Cris to allow her to plead his case. After being left alone with Cristian, Sarah hopes they will have a chance to talk. Cris leaves in a hurry and wishes Sarah a happy holiday. Sarah runs after him; she wants to give him his Christmas gift. Sarah's gift to Christian is a compass. Along with the gift, Sarah gives Cris a speech. She tells him all you ever need in life to find your way is a compass. She closes by telling Cris she hopes he finds his way.

Natalie informs Jessica and Nash that Viki is interested in a new guy and has gone back to Paris to be with him. Jessica is surprised that Viki never mentioned being involved with someone new but is more curious about why Natalie is consumed with thoughts of Jared. Natalie cannot understand why her sister is no longer concerned about Jared Banks. Jessica explains she no longer wants to fight about the situation anymore. After Nash leaves, Jessica suggests that Natalie gets over Jared; Natalie informs her sister she already has and confesses that she slept with John. Afraid that her sister will get hurt, Jessica attempts to convince Natalie her behavior will result in a no win situation. Natalie tells Jessica that although she slept with John, she no longer has feeling for him. Natalie believes that by sleeping with John she has proven that she can just as easily get over Jared. Nash interrupts the sister's conversation. After Natalie leaves, Nash questions whether or not Jessica has told Natalie the truth; that he and Jessica are being nice to Jared because they are attempting to scam him. Jessica confides in Nash that she did not tell Natalie the truth and she has her reasons.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Jared is deep in thought as she stares at a Christmas ornament bearing Natalie's name. His thoughts are interrupted as Nora introduces Jared to Cole. Jared happily introduces himself to Cole as Jared Buchanan. Nora wants Cole to make himself at home; he is not very comfortable with the idea but agrees to try. Surprised by the revelation that Bo took him to see Lindsay, Nora questions Matthew about the visit. Matthew informs his mother that Lindsay is doing much better. After receiving information from Matthew concerning Lindsay's apparent recovery, Nora places a call to her office. She requests the Spencer Truman murder file and informs her assistant that she is confident Spencer Truman's murderer with be standing trial by the New Year. Meanwhile, Cole has a heart to heart with Jared concerning the loss of a parent; Jared offers support and tells Cole he knows what he is feeling. Jared explains how he felt after losing his mother. Cole appreciates the insight that Jared has given him and says he may wish to continue the conversation some other time; he just needs to be alone.

Viki and Charlie are on a date at the drive-in. Charlie is telling Viki about his recent AA meeting; Viki is very encouraging. Viki confesses to Charlie that she missed him while she was away. Viki admits to Charlie that she feels somewhat guilty about leaving her children behind. Viki tells Charlie she worries about Natalie and explains how she was separated from her daughter for most of her life. She tells Charlie that she is concerned because Natalie has fallen for a guy who has broken her heart. Charlie teases that he will take care of the guy. Charlie reveals to Viki that he would still be drinking if she had not returned; he realizes he must learn to deal with his heartbreak in a different way.

At the Bonjour Café, Rex is stunned when he hears a familiar voice; he turns around and is surprised to see Gigi. Rex attempts to hug Gigi but she is unreceptive. When Rex questions her behavior, Gigi relates that she did not appreciate how Rex treated her in the past. Rex and Gigi dated throughout high school; Gigi is upset that Rex left town without saying goodbye. Rex explains that he left due to an emergency; he had to find his sister. Rex tells Gigi that she actually meant a lot to him. The two reminisce about the good times they shared as a couple. Rex tells Gigi he did not bother to call after the situation with his sister was settled because he thought she had moved on with her life. Rex says he always knew Gigi never had strong feelings for him. Surprised by Gigi's reaction, Rex questions exactly what were her feelings concerning him. Gigi quickly diverts Rex's questioning; she tells him her feelings for him were not serious at all. Rex explains that he is a private investigator and working on a case; he shows Gigi a picture of Marcie. Gigi tells him that Todd came to the diner looking for the same woman and she told him she believed she was in South America. Rex believes Gigi knows were Marcie really is and appeals to her to tell him the truth. Gigi refuses to give Rex any information concerning Marcie.

Gigi questions who Rex is working for; Rex tells her Marcie's husband is worried about her. Rex gives Gigi a card and tells her to contact him if she remembers anything that could be helpful and the two share an uncomfortable hug. Before leaving, Rex tells Gigi it is a terrible thing for a man to miss out on the opportunity to see his son grow up. As Rex walks out the door, Gigi looks terribly upset; she informs Rex that she has something to tell him. As Dorian and the girls attempt to separate Blair and Adriana, everyone is soon distracted by the appearance of Addie. Dorian and the girls are in shock; Addie's behavior suggests that her condition has taken a turn for the better. Viki and Charlie continue to enjoy themselves on their date. The two share a passionate kiss. Nash questions why Jessica did not tell Natalie about their plan. Jessica has something to reveal to Nash. She tells him Tess is back. Natalie visits the mansion and encounters Jared. When asked how she is doing, Natalie informs Jared that she feels great and that she slept with her ex last night. Jared stares at her stunned.

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