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Passions Recaps: The week of December 17, 2007 on PS
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Eve has a nightmare about Vincent attacking her. She awakes from her dream and tells Julian that Vincent is not dead and that he posed as an orderly and attacked her. Julian refuses to believe Eve because he thinks that Vincent is dead. In addition, he tells Eve that she attacked herself based on what her doctor told him. Julian, not knowing that Vincent is really alive, asks Eve to tell him the truth, and she insists that what she is telling him is the truth. Eve throws Julian out because he doesn't believe her. Julian expresses his love for her and tells her that he will do everything in his power to help her. Meanwhile, Vincent is on the other side of the door gloating. He wonders how Julian would feel about being a father to his own flesh and blood. After Julian leaves Eve, Vincent returns and continues to torture her. Eve tells him to tell Julian the truth that he is alive and is pregnant. Vincent is going on and on and asks Eve if the baby is showing yet. Eve tells him that he is delusional, and Vincent chokes her and tells her that he is deranged and not delusional. In addition, he tells Eve to keep her mouth shut until he is ready for Julian to find out the truth about him. Julian threatens the doctor of the psychiatric facility and tells him to make sure that Eve is well cared for. The doctor promises to look into Eve's claims. Julian is beginning to believe Eve about the orderly, but he doesn't think it's Vincent. He goes back to Eve's room and is shocked at what he sees.

Pretty does not want to part ways with Luis. If Luis leaves to go for help, she is afraid that she will lose him. She pesters Luis to find out how he feels about her, and he tells her that what happened between them was a result of Alistair's manipulations. Pretty fears that Luis won't touch her again, so she plays on his sympathy, and then kisses Luis. Luis kisses her back. Meanwhile, Sheridan is pointing a gun at Spike in hopes of getting information on Luis. Spike tells Sheridan and Fancy that Luis has been under their noses all along. He opens up a secret passage way to the mansion, leading underground, and takes Fancy and Sheridan there. After getting deep into the secret passage way, Spike tries to escape, but Fancy stops him. He then leads them right to Luis and Pretty. Sheridan and Fancy have an eye full. They witness Luis kissing Pretty.

Pilar tells Theresa that Maria was murdered, and she blames herself. Theresa tells Pilar that since she has given up on Ethan, she deserves to know the truth, so Pilar tells Theresa that she overheard a prominent crime family plotting to kill another crime family, and she confronted the gentleman, who happens to be the husband of her best childhood friend. Theresa questions Pilar and asks if there is more to the story. The image of Juanita's husband assaulting her appears in her head, and all she tells Theresa is that the entire family is in danger. She could not bring herself to tell Theresa that she was raped and then murdered her attacker in self defense. Pilar begs Theresa not to do anything to anger Rebecca and Gwen because they are evil women. Pilar blames Gwen and Rebecca for Maria's death. Theresa gets bad news about Little Ethan (LE) in surgery. The nurse tells her that something has gone wrong but does not say whether LE or Jonathan is the one in danger.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Theresa rushes to the OR and tries to figure out who is in danger, Little Ethan (LE) or Jonathan. Paloma joins her. Paloma figures out that LE is Ethan's son, and Theresa confirms it. Theresa tells Paloma that Ethan can never find out. Ethan walks in and questions what can't he find out, and Theresa lies to him again. Theresa is so busy covering her tracks that she gets on Ethan's bad side once again. This time he accuses her of keeping pertinent information about Jonathan from him. When the nurse told her of the impending danger re: the surgery, she did not relay the information to Ethan. Theresa finally finds out that it's Jonathan who is in danger and not LE. Ethan is not very pleased because he senses that Theresa is relieved that Jonathan is the one in danger and not LE. He does not know that LE is the liver donor. Gwen rubs it in further by accusing Theresa of wanting to dance on Jonathan's grave. Theresa thinks that Ethan hates her because she keeps covering up her lies with more lies. Gwen uses the rift between Ethan and Theresa to her advantage. She wants to make sure the distance remain between the two. Ethan tells Theresa that she is acting strange and wants her to explain her behavior. Gwen is not too pleased that Ethan is trying to warm up to Theresa. Ethan wants to meet the donor who saved Jonathan's life, and Theresa is worried. Both Gwen and Theresa are figuring out a way to get Ethan away from LE's room because they don't want him to discover the truth.

Julian goes back to Eve's room and finds her collapsed on the bed. He wonders if she passed out from drinking. Valerie, a.k.a Vincent, comes out of nowhere holding a needle behind her. It appears as if she injected Eve with drugs because she tells Julian that Eve is not passed out due to drinking. She lies and tells Julian that she saw an orderly giving Eve a sedative. Julian questions Valerie's presence, and she tells Julian that she is there looking for him in order to go over some things re: the baby. Eve screams Vincent's name in her nightmare. Julian tells Valerie that he will be there for her and the baby. That news puts a smile on Valerie's face. Valerie tells Julian that her parents aren't pleased with her impending pregnancy, so Julian comforts her by embracing her. Valerie softly calls Julian "daddy" while in his embrace. Julian questions why Valerie just called him "daddy." Valerie quickly cleans it up by stating it is something about her father. Julian offers to spend some time with Valerie over Christmas, and she gives him a peck on the lips. Julian remarks how uniquely different Valerie is, and Eve, who is having a nightmare, suddenly sits up in bed and tells Julian that she knows why Valerie is so different. Her nightmare plays out with her telling Julian that Valerie and Vincent are one and the same. Valerie, fearing that Eve will awake from her nightmare, and gives Julian an earful, suggests to Julian that they should leave. She kicks the orderly's uniform underneath the bed so that Julian would not discover it.

Fancy is shocked to see Luis and Pretty kissing. She then realizes that what she saw on the PDA was indeed real. Sheridan clears her throat in order to interrupt Luis and Pretty's kissing. Fancy questions why Luis is kissing Pretty, and she refuses to hear Luis' excuses because she has proof of them together on her PDA. she regrets ever falling in love Luis. Sheridan & Fancy just cannot understand how Luis could end up in bed with Pretty. Luis tells them what Alistair did, and Pretty further tells them that Alistair wants Luis to get her pregnant. Fancy and Sheridan are beside themselves after hearing what Pretty told them. Sheridan tries to get information from Luis about Marty, and he tells her that Alistair is on to them, which is why he set the trap with Pretty. Sheridan wants to focus on Marty, but Luis wants to work things out with Fancy. Pretty is overjoyed at what this is doing to Fancy. Fancy accuses Pretty of helping Alister to trap Luis in order to get back at her for revenge. Luis comes to Pretty's defense, and Sheridan tells Luis that Pretty is one of the most manipulative women he will ever meet. Fancy accuses Luis of falling in love with Pretty. In the end, Sheridan doesn't seem to be bothered by the situation because she claims that both she and Luis have been with other people in the past. Fancy tells Pretty that she is free to be with Luis. Pretty gloats and tells Fancy to email her a video of her first time making love with Luis. Fancy gives Pretty the PDA and then walks out on Luis. Sheridan and Luis hear Marty's voice asking them if they are coming to get him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ethan waits outside Little Ethan's hospital room, wanting to thank the liver donor who saved Jonathan's life. When Ethan and Little Ethan finally come face-to-face, Gwen threatens to have Theresa's entire family killed!

After learning that Luis slept with Pretty, Fancy rushes into Noah's arms for comfort. To her surprise, Noah advises Fancy to simply forgive Luis!

In the warehouse basement, Luis, Sheridan and Pretty hear Marty's voice close by. When Luis rushes off to find him, Pretty brags to Sheridan that Luis will be with her since she's now carrying his baby!

Tabitha gets a surprise Christmas gift from Endora, but destroys the present, worried the Dark Side will see. Kay is appalled and tries to convince Tabitha that her evil is doing nothing to win back their loved ones.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Theresa gets more bad news about Little Ethan's condition while Gwen continues to make Theresa look bad in Ethan's eyes. Theresa wants nothing more than to tell Ethan the truth when Ethan confronts her over her insensitive behavior. Theresa tried to leave to go see her son and Ethan wants to know what is more important than their relationship?

Luis tries to let Pretty down easy, explaining that Fancy remains in his heart, that them making love doesn't change that. Pretty puts on an understanding face but inside she makes plans to take Luis from Fancy once and for all.

Kay and Tabitha struggle to explain to Fancy how she just suddenly appeared in Tabitha's kitchen. Tabitha uses magic to make Fancy forget, then goes about looking for mortals to torture so she can get Endora back from the Dark Side. She sees Luis and Pretty in the magic bowl, and thinking of Fancy, gets an idea...

At the wharf, Esme takes Viki to talk to Santa. Santa, however, is much more interested in hanky-panky with Esme than he is in listening to Viki's Christmas wishes. Esme is only too eager to give hot Santa his own Christmas present.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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