Llanview Confidential

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Friday, August 10, 2001 10:39:28 AM
Llanview Confidential

Soap Central has obtained exclusive information about where One Life to Live may be headed in the months ahead. For those of you who do not like to read storyline spoilers, please do not read any further.

The information passed on to Soap Central comes from a source within One Life to Live. As with any and all spoilers and sneak previews, information is subject to change at the last minute. Sometimes a script may be changed or a storyline altered because of an actor's decision to leave the show or the writers' desires to change something that doesn't appear to be working.


The rumors of Tina Roberts' return to Llanview have been running rampant for several weeks. Soap Opera Central has previously reported on the rumors that Sarah Buxton (ex-Morgan, The Bold and the Beautiful; ex Annie, Sunset Beach) was in talks to join the show as Tina. Fans may want Andrea Evans (ex-Tina; currently Rebecca, Passions) to reprise the role that made her famous, but the actress is said to be quite happy with her current gig on the West Coast. Regardless of which actress takes on the role - Buxton is said to be "the leading candidate," the OLTL insider assures us that "Tina is being cast imminently."

Long-term plans calls for both Dorian and Cassie to return to the canvas. Both characters were played by very popular actresses - Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord and Laura Koffman as Cassie Carpenter, but it's unclear if either actress will be making a return to Llanview.

"[They're] not sure if Robin Strasser will return or not," the insider tells Soap Opera Central. "Although she will be the first choice to [play Dorian.]"

Strasser finished a run on NBC's Passions earlier this year and has been in Paris brushing up on her French in recent weeks. Strasser has never ruled out a return to her old stomping grounds and is reportedly a fan of OLTL's executive producer, Gary Tomlin. Tomlin has also let it be known that he enjoys Strasser's work and, likewise, has not ruled out Dorian's possible return to the OLTL canvas.

As for Koffman, the insider hints that Koffman may not be asked to return to the show. During her 1991 to 1999 stay at OLTL, Koffman was the most recent of four actresses to play Cassie Carpenter.

"They may pursue Ava Haddad, who played Cassie in the Mitch story back in 1986," Soap Central is told. There is, however, a possibility that the show will opt to bring in a new actress for the role.


Also returning to the show are Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins. While the original Allison, Barbara Garrick, will return on August 15th, OLTL has tapped former As The World Turns star Keith Coularis (ex-David, ATWT) to play Mitch.

"Yes, Mitch is as dead as a door knob, but that doesn't mean diddly on a soap," explains OLTL Online Two Scoops columnist Debra Chaplin.

According to the insider, these characters' returns will greatly impact the show's storylines in the months to come. Long-time viewers will remember that Allison kidnapped a then-baby Jessica from the hospital back in 1986. The show insider tells Soap Opera Central that Seth is the son of Mitch and Allison. But the surprises don't stop there.

"And for the big shocker... Natalie is the REAL Jessica Buchanan. Allison didn't return the right baby; Jessica isn't really Jessica at all."

Soap Central's One Life to Live editor, Susan Richmond, offers explanation as to why this twist is plausible.

"Natalie has no reason to be on the show right now as far as I can tell. She also seems to be envious of the type of life Jessica has lead - having money, her own horse and so on."


The development of these storylines will take several months to fully play out. More than likely the twists and turns are being worked to unfold during the early fall months - possibly leading up to the next Sweeps period in November.

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