Robin Strasser to return To OLTL

Posted Thursday, February 06, 2003 11:44:40 PM
It's decision time for Robin Strasser

The news is now official. Soap Central has confirmed that Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord) will be returning to One Life to Live in the very near future.

"I'm coming back and I'm delighted," Strasser reveals.

Rumors of Strasser's return have been batted around the Internet for months. In December, Strasser spoke of some "very encouraging" news on her fan hotline. Strasser joined the cast of One Life to Live in 1979 she remained with the show through 1987. After a brief hiatus from the show, the actress returned in 1993. Then in February 2000, Strasser again left the show amid rumors of squabbles between herself and then-executive producer Jill Farren Phelps.

After leaving One Life to Live, Strasser headed west. In October 2001, she secured a recurring role on NBC's Passions. While some may have referred to her character on One Life to Live as a "witch," on Passions, Strasser truly did play a witch -- a 300-year-old witch by the name of Hecuba. Strasser's stint on Passions came to an end in October 2002.

Internet fans have been lobbying ABC to lure Strasser back to the fictional town of Llanview for some time. And indeed, Strasser acknowledges that the fans played a crucial part in her return.

"I have to acknowledge the extraordinary energy and support put into this by Frank Valentini, the new executive producer, and Brian Frons, the new president of daytime. Of course, the writing team that is returned to One Life to Live and most of all you, the fans who just kept writing letters and posting things on the Internet and all that good stuff," Strasser stated. "I always said I owed the fans everything and it's never more true than now."

Strasser begins her taping later this month. Her first airdate will be in March.

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