Terrell Tilford

Terrell Tilford out as OLTL's Greg

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010 9:46:16 PM
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Terrell Tilford out as OLTL's Greg

Terrell Tilford will exit One Life to Live. The actor, who has played OLTL's Greg Evans since June 2009, has also appeared on Guiding Light and Days of our Lives. The actor will last air during the November Sweeeps period.

According to a published report, Terrell Tilford (Greg Evans) will soon be departing One Life to Live. The veteran soap star joined the show just a little over a year ago.

Citing setside sources, ABC Soaps In Depth reported earlier today that Tilford had been let go. It is unclear when the actor was informed that his time in Llanview would be coming to an end, but Soap Central has learned that the actor is still reporting to work.

"Prepping for scenes to shoot tomorrow [morning]," Tilford posted on his Twitter page. "Gonna be good stuff, man, good stuff! Thrilled how much the fans are into it. Lovin' the feedback!"

Tilford first appeared on One Life to Live in June 2009. Prior to joining the ABC soap, Tilford appeared for three years as David Grant on CBS's Guiding Light. The actor also made a short-term appearance as Dr. Carrington on Days of our Lives in 2008.

Earlier this year, Tilford received an NAACP Image Award nomination in the Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series category.

In an appearance on Soap Central Live in July, Tilford spoke passionately about his love for daytime television and its loyal fans. He urged them to continue to support their favorite shows no matter what.

"I think the medium of television is really sort of under threat in many respects, you know, as a result of the popularity of all these reality shows," Tilford explained. "I'm very biased -- I'm not a huge fan of reality shows for the simple fact that they are devised as low-production, high-volume television shows, and as a result, they've taken some of our mainstay television shows off the air. The mere fact that Guiding Light -- the very first broadcast anything, whether it was on the radio, television, whatever -- the mere fact that that show went off the air just shows a lack of disregard that these 'powers that be,' or decision-makers, have for the institution of television and for the people who have invested in them their entire lives. And I really think that it's a travesty. And I think that because of that, because of As the World Turns now going off the air as well, fans need to... we need to hear their voices that much more. They need to be writing in to the networks of their favorite shows and saying, 'Please keep our show on the air. What do we have to do to keep our show on the air?'"

To listen to Tilford's entire SCL appearance along with his wife, actress Victoria Platt, click here.

Tilford makes his final One Life to Live appearance on November 17.

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