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Dr. Greg Evans
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Actor History



Statesville Prison

Previously in Llanview, Pennsylvania

Marital Status

Single/Never Married

Past Marriages



Richard Evans (father)

Phylicia Evans (mother)

Fred Wenton (grandfather)

Mrs. Wenton (grandmother)

Shaun Evans (brother)


Destiny Evans (daughter; with Charlene)

Flings & Affairs

Charlene (lovers just before Greg entered medical school in 1993; deceased)

Vivian Wright (lovers)

Rachel Gannon (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Disposed of Charlene's body and failed to report her death to police [1993]

Aided Eli Clarke in a plot against Téa Delgado [2010]

Lied under oath that Téa wanted Danielle to be raised by Ross Rayburn [2010]

Attempted to inject Elijah Clarke with lethal dose of morphine [2010]

Health and Vitals

Was administered near-lethal dose of morphine by Elijah Clarke [2010]

Suffered cardiac arrest after Eli drugged him in hospital [2010]

Brief Character History

Dr. Greg Evans, a renowned surgeon, showed up in Llanview in June 2009 after Clint Buchanan promised him a large payment to evaluate Matthew Buchanan, who had been paralyzed in a car accident months earlier. Greg's baby sister, Destiny, had written to Greg and asked him to help her friend Matthew walk again. But when Greg showed up, it was clear that Clint's check -- and not Destiny's letter -- had brought him to town. Greg immediately clashed with Rachel Gannon, who had begun seeing Greg's brother Shaun and had heard how Greg had deserted his family after becoming a hotshot surgeon. The first night he was in town, Greg blew off a promised dinner date with Destiny to instead wine and dine an attractive colleague, Dr. Wright.

After evaluating Matthew, Greg told Matthew's parents that he could operate on Matthew and enable him to walk again. But when Nora and Bo pressed him on the risks, Greg admitted that there was a chance that Matthew could die on the operating table. They decided that the risks were too great and told Dr. Evans that they wouldn't consent to the surgery. Greg quickly decided to leave town, upsetting his sister. But after Rachel challenged Greg to fix things with his brother and sister, Greg decided to stick around.

Rachel's icy attitude about Greg began to thaw after Greg performed life-saving surgery on one of her former drug addicts, who appeared to be on drugs but was really suffering from a brain injury. When Rachel showed up at Greg's hotel room the next morning to pay her thanks, she found a half-naked Greg there with Dr. Wright and was embarrassed to be intruding. Rachel accepted Greg's offer to stay for breakfast after Dr. Wright left but quickly spilled water on her clothes, forcing her to take off her shirt to dry off. When Shaun showed up, he jumped to the wrong conclusion and nearly strangled Greg until Rachel explained the situation, forcing Shaun to apologize to them both.

When Matthew sued his parents for the right to have the surgery, Greg told Matthew that he would testify on his behalf, angering Rachel. At Nora and Clint's wedding reception, Greg accused Rachel of sticking with Shaun because he was safe, not because she loved him, and Rachel threw a drink in his face. During Matthew's court case, Greg testified that Nora and Bo were scared to let Matthew have the surgery. Rachel jumped up and demanded to testify, saying Greg was speaking about her and not Matthew's parents. Matthew's attorney brought up Rachel's sordid past, including her drug abuse and conviction for killing Georgie Phillip, and Rachel ran from the courtroom in tears. When Greg followed her, Rachel confessed that she was living a sheltered life out of fear for all the bad things she's done in her life. Greg and Rachel then shared a passionate kiss, and Rachel decided she would break it off with Shaun before she could hurt him any more. But before she could break up with him, Shaun was shot multiple times while protecting Starr and Hope from kidnappers and was rushed to the hospital. Shaun survived the emergency surgery, but when a bullet fragment was found lodged in his skull, he agreed to let Greg operate on him to get it out. Complications arose during the surgery and Shaun lapsed into a coma, devastating Greg, Rachel and the Evans family. Greg blamed himself and vowed to never perform surgery again.

Matthew won the right to have his surgery, but Greg refused to operate and instead recommended a colleague from Seattle who agreed to do the operation. Rachel urged Greg to go to Seattle to assist in the operation. He agreed, but then Nora told Rachel not to come. Rachel was hurt and Greg comforted her with a kiss, which almost lead to them having sex until Greg got a phone call from Destiny saying that Shaun had emerged from his coma. Shaun was eager to take Rachel out on the date he had promised her before being shot. Rachel tried to sort out her feelings with Greg, but things got tense when Mrs. Evans intervened, telling Greg that he couldn't save Shaun's life only to take away the women that he loved. Rachel agreed to go on a date with Shaun but in the end couldn't go through with it and admitted to Shaun that she wasn't in love with him. Shaun asked if she was in love with Greg, but Rachel avoided the question. In the park, Rachel told Greg she didn't want to pursue a relationship with Greg for fear of hurting Shaun. Shaun saw them kiss and lashed out at them, warning Rachel that Greg will get bored with her and move on to another woman. When Destiny informed Rachel and Greg that Matthew was in Seattle for his surgery, they all flew there and the family was relieved when Greg scrubbed in and helped make the surgery a success. Back in Llanview, Rachel found herself homeless when Clint kicked out Nora and her family after discovering Nora's feelings for Bo. Greg offered to let Rachel crash at his place until she found more permanent arrangements, and they began to make out.

When Rachel moved in to a new apartment with her co-worker, Schuyler Joplin, Greg let it be known that he didn't like the arrangement and didn't trust Schuyler. Greg had reason to worry. Schuyler was keeping an explosive secret from the woman he was seeing, Gigi: he had gotten her sister Stacy pregnant and was allowing Stacy to lie about the baby's parentage. Rachel knew the truth but couldn't convince Schuyler to come clean. After a vial of oxytocin, a drug that induces labor, was stolen from the hospital, Greg immediately suspected that reformed drug addict Schuyler had stolen it. Rachel also wondered if Schuyler had taken the drug, but she proclaimed Schuyler's innocence when Greg asked her if she knew anything. After Schuyler was let off the hook by the hospital board, Greg accused Rachel of helping Schuyler cover up his crime. Even though Greg was correct, Rachel told Greg she would not betray her friendship with Schuyler. Greg said that maybe Rachel had picked the wrong Evans brother after all and told her he was breaking up with her. Rachel then flew to Chicago to help out an ex-boyfriend who had relapsed.

Greg kept his focus on his work in the wake of breaking up with Rachel. When Téa Delgado was brought in to the hospital by Elijah Clarke after fainting, Greg delivered the devastating news that she had an inoperable brain tumor that would kill her in a few months. Téa began radiation treatments to try to shrink the tumor. The treatments had failed to work after a month, but Greg told Téa not to give up hope. The morning after Todd and Téa's wedding, Todd summoned Greg to his home to evaluate Téa, who had experienced a frightening memory loss just before the wedding. Greg informed Téa that her tumor was getting worse and she only had a few weeks left to live. Greg told Téa she would lose all her faculties before she died, and Téa said she didn't want to put Todd and Dani through that. Greg suggested she go to a private hospice where she could live out her remaining days without burdening her family. Téa did just that, flying to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts with help from Greg's brother Shaun. Once Shaun left, Greg called Eli and told him that Téa was settling in, just as Eli had planned.

Téa began to question her decision to leave Todd and Dani behind, but Greg assured her she was doing the right thing -- even as he questioned Eli's motives for keeping Téa away from her family. As Téa's eyesight began to fail, Greg told her she only had a few days left to live. Téa pleaded with Greg to bring Todd and Dani to the hospice so she could be with them when she died. Greg phoned Eli and told him he thought it was wrong to keep Téa from her family, but Eli warned Greg that if Todd and Dani showed up, it would be over for them. Greg returned to Téa's room, lying to her that Todd and Dani were on their way, before injecting her with a drug that was supposed to help her sleep.

The next morning, Todd and Dani showed up at the hospice with Shaun, but Greg told them they were too late: Téa had died the night before, and her body already had been sent off to be cremated. Shaun told Greg that he wasn't acting like himself, and he questioned why Greg was so determined to keep Téa from her family. But Greg said he was only doing what his patient requested and ordered Shaun to back off.

His guilty conscience weighing on him, Greg was about to tell Todd the truth about Téa when he got a text message from an unknown caller warning him to keep quiet. Rattled, Greg left Todd's and went to psychiatrist Marty Saybrooke's office, where he admitted he had kept Téa from seeing her family because there were people who threatened his family if he didn't comply. But Greg clammed up after getting yet another threatening text message. After making sure Destiny was safe at school, Greg said he was going away for a while.

Greg flew to St. Kitts, to the same clinic where Téa had spent her last days, and was surprised to see Elijah Clarke was alive after being believed dead in a fire. Eli explained that he had faked his death with help from his brother Ross Rayburn, but he had been injured when an overhead beam had fallen on him during the fire. Greg ran X-rays and told Eli that he could die if Greg didn't operate on him. Greg told Eli he had to return to Llanview for Téa's memorial service and would be back soon to perform the surgery. Eli warned Greg not to say anything or his brother Ross would make sure his family suffered the consequences.

Greg returned to the states and, after attending Téa's memorial, drove to a nearby clinic in Cherryvale where he was treating a very-much-alive Téa. While Téa lay unconscious, Greg recalled how Eli had brought Téa into the hospital after she had fainted and Greg had performed tests that showed Téa was healthy. But Eli blackmailed Greg into telling Téa that she was going to die, telling Greg that it was his "destiny" to do as Eli said. Greg gave Téa a drug that mimicked the symptoms of a brain tumor and let Eli believe he had given Téa a lethal dose of morphine. But in reality, Greg had put Téa into a coma and had moved her from St. Kitts to Cherryvale so he could monitor her recovery from the toxic drugs he had been giving her. Greg hoped Téa would be able to forgive him one day, saying he had to protect his family from Eli's threats.

Téa eventually awoke from her coma, believing little time had passed from when she had asked for Todd and Dani to join her. Greg explained that they had come and would be back soon, and that he had moved her to another room. Greg then told Téa that she had miraculously recovered from her brain tumor and was going to be just fine. Greg was startled when Destiny arrived at the clinic, having followed him from Llanview, and explained he was looking after a female patient. Todd showed up at the clinic as well, having learned about it from Destiny, and told Greg he needed him to testify in court that Téa wanted Dani to live with him and not Ross Rayburn. But Greg shocked the courtroom when he testified that Téa had told him as she lay dying that she wanted Dani to live with Ross. Destiny couldn't believe why Greg would say that, certain that Téa wanted Dani to live with Todd, and began to suspect her brother was in trouble.

Greg returned to St. Kitts, where Eli thanked him for his testimony and said he needed to return to Llanview. Greg warned Eli he could die if he left without having surgery, but Eli told Greg he knew he was faking the test results just as he had done with Téa. Greg tried to inject Eli with a lethal dose of morphine but a struggle ensued and Greg ended up getting stabbed with the needle. John McBain and Lt. Theo Price arrived in St. Kitts to find Greg unconscious and near death. Greg was rushed back to the Llanview hospital in a coma. With his brother Shaun holding vigil, Greg awoke and uttered a single word: "Téa." After hearing from Shaun that Greg was awake, Natalie Banks went into Greg's room and a groggy Greg told her that Téa was alive before having a seizure and going unconscious again. Greg was unaware when Eli came into his hospital room and injected a drug into his IV to kill him. Vivian realized something was wrong when Greg's blood pressure was too low and she was able to revive him before he died.

Greg told his parents it was time to admit the truth to Destiny and Shaun. Phylicia and Richard told a stunned Destiny that they weren't her biological parents, and Greg admitted that he was Destiny's father. Greg told Destiny he had gotten a girl pregnant just after starting medical school. Rather than give the baby girl away, Phylicia and Richard agreed to raise Destiny as their own. When Shaun pressed for more details, Greg admitted that Destiny's mother was Charlene, a girl from the neighborhood who had been dating Shaun before he was sent to Statesville Prison. Greg and Charlene had gotten close while working on Shaun's legal appeal, and Greg said it never should have happened. Greg told Destiny that Charlene was dead, which was news to even Phylicia and Richard, who believed Charlene had simply left town. After Destiny and Shaun left the hospital room, Greg told his parents that he had killed Charlene.

Following a confrontation with Téa at the hospital, Greg admitted to Shaun what had happened to Charlene. He claimed Charlene had fallen and hit her head after they had been arguing about putting their baby up for adoption. Greg said he tried to revive her but she was already dead, so he disposed of her body and never told her parents what had happened.

An angry Destiny confronted Greg in court, just before his sentencing, and Greg told Destiny what had happened to her mother. Greg was sentenced to six years at Statesville Prison, with the possibility of parole after four, in a plea agreement with the district attorney for his part in Eli Clarke's crimes.

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