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Clint made certain that the results of a paternity test named Charlie as Rex's biological father. Greg was sentenced to six years in prison, but Destiny had no sympathy for him. Destiny learned the circumstances of her real mother's death. Brody blackmailed Marty. Nora warned Inez to stay away from Bo. Marty received a court order to stay away from Hope.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 15, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lingering after Todd and Téa's party at the Palace, Charlie, Viki, Bo, Nora, Clint, and Dorian stood around and waited to hear Echo's answer regarding Rex's real parents. When Echo blurted out that Rex was her son, no one noticed that Rex had just entered the room. Echo acknowledged that Rex shouldn't have heard the announcement, and she admitted that it was probably a shock to him. She added that there was nothing one could do about biology. The group began to grumble to each other until Rex shouted for everyone to be quiet. He wanted to hear Echo's story. Dorian whispered to someone on the phone, urging them to return to the party.

Echo was sorry that Rex had heard the news that way, but he insisted that he wanted more than Echo's word. "Frankly, I can't imagine why," Dorian remarked sarcastically. Echo reminded Rex that she had her half of the heart necklace, and it had been the only thing for her to remember him by. Rex wondered if he were supposed to feel bad about that. Dorian recalled that Clint had the other half, but she kept her thoughts to herself. Echo claimed she had done what was best for Rex when she left him. Rex inquired about his father's identity, and everyone held their breath as they waited for Echo's response.

Echo replied that it was complicated, and Rex assumed that there was more than one candidate. "I think I can shed some light on it," Dorian piped up, but Echo told her to stay out of it. Viki accused Echo of stirring the pot when she'd returned to Llanview, and Viki thought that Rex deserved answers. Echo recalled the threat that Clint had made to her previously, and she remained quiet. Viki volunteered that Rex's father might be Charlie. Everyone looked at each other in surprise, while Clint stood quietly and allowed himself to smile.

Charlie conceded that he wanted proof, and he admitted he'd had a connection to Echo. They'd said goodbye, though, and she had never said anything to him. He had only recently started wondering if it were possible. Rex recalled the time that Charlie had pretended to be his father, but wondered what kind of proof there could be. The necklace could be a copy.

Viki stated that while there were lots of questions, she had another "piece of the puzzle." Echo had received a speeding ticket in Llanview around the same time that Rex had been left at the hospital. Rex complained that he had waited long enough, and Echo agreed. "Rex, Charlie is your father," Echo announced. She hadn't wanted to interfere in Charlie's life, she claimed, but after she'd seen Rex, she knew it was "time to make everything right again." Rex wasn't quite certain that he should believe her, and Charlie whispered to Viki that he felt that he should say something to Rex. Viki assured her husband that Rex would find Charlie when Rex was ready.

Bo and Nora invited Rex to stay with them, because Rex had lots of things to think about. Bo felt that there was something that didn't add up, and he pointed out that Charlie wasn't the only possible father. "What about you, Clint?" Bo asked his brother. "Clint Buchanan is not my father," Rex shouted. It couldn't be possible, he added. Dorian thought there could be worse things, like having Echo and Mitch for his parents. "You're not helping, Dorian," Bo told her. As everyone began to talk again and pose questions, Bo reminded them that Echo had slept with Clint also. Clint wondered how much Bo had drunk.

Dorian chimed in that Clint had left another woman "high and dry" with another son, too, but Echo claimed that Clint did not have an attachment to Rex. Bo was concerned about Rex, since Rex was like a son to him. He wondered why Echo had taken baby Rex to Clint's hometown to dump him if Clint weren't involved. Clint offered his theory that Echo had probably wanted to pass Rex off as Clint's so that she could collect lots of money. Nora pointed out that if that were the case, then Echo had forgotten to tell Clint. Echo had lost her nerve and had run off, Clint suggested. "Isn't that right, Echo?" he asked her.

Echo agreed that Clint was right, and she picked up where he'd left off. She had returned to Llanview, and she had seen how Clint and Viki were back together and stronger than ever. Clint was correct, and she had lost her nerve and departed. Clint announced that he was satisfied with the story, but Viki wasn't. "Not by a long shot," she stated.

Clint contended that they finally had the real story, but Viki asserted that Echo hadn't told the truth in the past, and there was no reason to believe her. She couldn't understand why Echo had hidden the truth and sent Rex on a wild goose chase with all of the fake love letters. It had been cruel, Viki persisted, and they needed to have a DNA test. Echo insisted that Charlie was Rex's father, but Nora suggested that Bo make arrangements with the lab that the police department used. Rex just wanted it all to be over, and so did Echo. "You're finally gonna get your answer, Balsom," Bo told Rex.

Up on the Palace roof and having had more than her share of alcohol, Kelly made several phone calls to Joey in London. The first time she called, she received his answering machine and, surprised, she told him to ignore the call. Suddenly, she realized that it would only be 5:00 a.m. in London, and of course Joey wouldn't answer the phone. She began to mutter to herself as she placed another call. She mumbled that she didn't have anything to say, and he didn't have to call her back unless he wanted to.

Kelly placed a third call to Joey, and she rambled on about how they'd been naked together, though it wasn't the same as when she'd been naked with Rex. It had been easy getting naked in front of Joey, she blathered. She was horrified when she ended the call, but she felt obligated to call him once again. She admitted that she was off-base to talk about being naked, but it had been fun. She recalled some of the good times they'd had, and she admitted that she loved being with him. He never judged, and she had loved him. She still loved him, she admitted.

At La Boulaie, Blair bumped into Langston and asked her about the party. Langston was preoccupied with sending someone a text message, but she told Blair that she had been worried about Starr and wasn't "into the party." Blair asked who Langston might be texting so late, and Langston lied that it was one of her professors. She took a last look at her phone and sent off the text that told Bobby how happy he'd made her. Blair revealed that James was with Starr in Starr's bedroom, and Blair thought that James might be making Starr feel better.

James was a good guy, Blair continued, and nothing like his brother. Langston pointed out that Bobby had helped out when Starr had been missing, and she insisted that Blair didn't really know Bobby. Blair noted that Bobby lied, cheated, and used women, but Langston revealed that she was giving him another chance, since he had changed. Blair stated that it was "a train wreck waiting to happen," but Langston was offended. She explained how Dorian had attempted to tell her what to do, but Langston was too old for that. Blair stood up for Dorian and pointed out that Dorian had done what any mother would do to protect her daughter.

Langston noted that she had her own mind, and both she and Bobby had learned from their previous experience. They were going to try it again. "Good luck," was all that Blair could muster. Langston was annoyed that Blair had nothing more to say, but Blair was certain that Langston would do what she wanted. Blair believed there was no way that Bobby could have changed already. Langston informed her that it wasn't only about the sex, but Blair felt that Langston believed what Bobby told her because she wanted it to be true. Blair had experience, and she thought that Bobby was a player. He'd revert to his old self soon enough, Blair believed.

Upstairs, James suggested that Starr live one day at a time, instead of worrying about the future. Starr pointed out that she was alone, though James promised that he wouldn't be going anywhere. Starr explained that her life was "like hitting a wall" whenever she thought about it, and her poor daughter would only have one parent. She looked at James and quickly apologized after she realized that he had grown up the same way. James wanted her to get through the night and not think about the future.

Starr disclosed that she wouldn't be able to sleep, and James offered to eat, play games, talk, or even steal cars with her, he joked. James asked Starr to wait out in the hallway while he rummaged around in her closet. When he was finished, he opened the door. He was decked out in some beachwear that he'd found in a box marked "River," and he had decorated her room with beach balls and other items to make it look as though they were at the beach. He handed her a pair of sunglasses and a lei, and he insisted on dabbing some suntan lotion on her nose.

He invited her to join him on "Starr Beach" and told her it was a private beach that no one else would know about. She could consider it her "safe place" and pretend she was in the tropics. "You can come here and stay as long as you want," James told her. Suddenly, they heard Hope crying, and the special moment ended. Starr retrieved her daughter, and she advised James that Hope wanted her father. He invited Hope to join them at the beach, but Starr thought it was time for James to leave. It meant a lot that he had been there to help her.

Bobby returned home and found his father with a hooker. He was angry and demanded that Eddie "get rid of her." Unable to find any money, Eddie urged Bobby to pay the woman for him, and he would consider it a down payment on the money that James owed him. Bobby forked over the money, but he advised his father he was laying down the law. No more women in the apartment, since he didn't want the cops to show up. Eddie complained that the apartment was like a monastery, and he was confused. He recalled that Bobby had always had plenty of women. Bobby replied that he'd grown up.

Eddie teased that maybe one special woman had gotten to Bobby, and Bobby was saving himself for Miss Right. Eddie couldn't believe that Bobby had his own "ball and chain," and he couldn't wait to meet her. Bobby grabbed his father, and advised him that he would never get near her. Eddie retorted that Bobby was probably afraid that his girl would "dump you for a real man." Eddie quickly added that he was kidding, and he wished his son luck.

Eddie knew that it happened to all guys, but he didn't think Bobby should expect things to last. It was in their blood to play around. Eddie wanted to see Bobby's phone, and he flipped through the address book. He noted all of the girls' names. Bobby insisted that he hadn't had a chance to delete them, but Eddie assured Bobby that Bobby was in denial. "You don't know me," Bobby maintained. He had changed, and he had nothing to prove. Eddie was adamant that Bobby had a history "to live down," but Bobby revealed that his girl knew all about that history. Eddie didn't think that Bobby would be able to make it.

James returned home, and Eddie noted that his son must have "struck out." He bragged that he had been the only one to strike it rich with a woman that night. He thought that James should be able to make things happen, and get a girl and his father's money.

Starr showed Hope the picture of her daddy, and assured the little girl that they'd make it. Kelly stormed into the house and handed her phone to Blair. Loudly, Kelly shouted that Blair was not to return the phone, even if Kelly were to beg for it. Kelly couldn't trust herself with it, and she didn't want to talk to anyone, unless it was Joey.

As everyone discussed the DNA test, Dorian asked when it would be conducted. Firmly, Viki assured the mayor that she wasn't invited. Dorian couldn't wait to hear who had won the "Rex Sweepstakes," she gloated. Charlie apologized to Rex for not speaking to him sooner, but he hadn't been certain. Rex understood, and Nora pulled Rex out the door.

"You happy now?" Echo asked Viki. Everyone left, and Echo was alone. Suddenly, Clint grabbed her from behind. "I warned you not to open your mouth," he growled at her. "It's done, it's over," Echo replied. She assured him that the DNA test would prove that Rex was their son. Clint promised to make Echo regret what she'd done. "You couldn't make me feel any worse than I already do. At least I have the decency to claim my son," Echo retorted. They were unaware that Dorian watched and listened, sight unseen.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kelly ran down the stairs at La Boulaie to answer the door. It was Rex with much needed coffee for her major hangover. Rex was upset and wanted to talk to someone, since he had been unable to reach Gigi in Paris. Kelly wondered if it were about Echo. "You mean Echo DiSavoy, my biological mother?" Rex asked. Kelly choked on her coffee and waited for Rex to fill in the blanks.

Rex shared the after-party discussion that had occurred, and how he had walked in when no one had expected to see him. He had learned that Echo was his mother, and there were "two lucky contestants" who might be his father. They were Clint and Charlie, and Viki had demanded that a DNA test be performed. Kelly believed that it was a "win-win" situation for Rex, since both Charlie and Clint were terrific. Rex reacted strongly and made it clear that he hoped Clint would not turn out to be his father. Kelly wanted Rex to explain why he obviously loathed Clint.

Rex wanted to drop the subject, and he complained that he hadn't been able to get hold of Gigi. He disclosed that he'd received a "drunk but affectionate message" from her though. Kelly suddenly recalled "drunk dialing" Joey several times, and she was mortified. She had no clue as to whether Joey had returned her calls, since she'd turned her phone over to Blair. Rex proposed that they look for the phone, and he was the first one to find it.

There were no new messages, and Rex tried to make excuses for that. He cited the fact that there might be a problem with international phone calls. Kelly was sick to think that she had probably sounded like a crazy person, but Rex suggested that she try to call Joey again.

Echo was the first to arrive at Llanview Hospital for the DNA test, and she stopped to telephone Clint. She wondered where he was and why he hadn't shown up yet. Sarcastically, Clint advised her that he was busy, but she demanded that he participate in the test, especially since Rex was really his son and not Charlie's. "It's a matter of opinion," Clint retorted.

Echo vowed that she wouldn't "jerk" Rex around any longer. "You don't even know Rex Balsom," Clint shouted at her. Echo explained that she felt guilty about what she'd done to Charlie, but Charlie walked in just then, and she hung up the phone abruptly.

Charlie wondered what Echo had been talking about, and she claimed she had felt guilty about not telling him sooner that Rex was their son. She hadn't told him all those years before, because they had only partied, and they weren't serious. Charlie didn't even remember those days very well. Charlie asked why Echo hadn't said anything when she'd first arrived in Llanview. Echo explained that she hadn't known about Rex until Rex broke into her place and discovered the necklace. She also hadn't been aware that Charlie had lost another son. Charlie admitted that his hopes were high that Rex was his son, and he wondered if there were any chance that he wasn't Rex's father.

Dorian paid Clint a visit at Buchanan Enterprises, and she spoke about the exciting time they'd had at the party the evening before. She made herself comfortable and noted that she'd been waiting for Viki and Charlie to name Clint as Rex's real father. She and Clint spoke about the big revelation of the evening, and Dorian reminded Clint that she'd seen him with the other half of Echo's necklace. "So what," Clint replied.

Dorian was pleased with herself. She knew she had been onto something, and she pointed out that the "cheesy" Echo was associated with the equally "cheesy" necklace. Dorian pondered why Echo would have left Clint's necklace with Charlie's son though. She figured that Rex was really Clint's son.

She asked if Clint were afraid that she'd tell everyone, but Clint denied that he was Rex's father. As he began to search through his desk drawer, Dorian asked if he were looking for a weapon in order to kill her. Clint found what he was looking for and triumphantly held it up. It was the necklace that Dorian had really seen, and it was a gift for Inez, he proclaimed. Dorian could barely hide the fact that she was highly skeptical. She knew it wasn't the same necklace, and she thought that Clint was working too hard to convince her. She was pretty certain that Clint, not Charlie, was Rex's father.

Clint pointed out that she had also been certain that David would marry her. "Cheap shot," she said, and added, "That's another sure sign." She wondered why he denied everything. Clint made a big production out of locking up the necklace again, and he tossed the key into a box. Dorian watched closely.

Eddie Ford opened Bobby's apartment door and tried to get rid of Bo, who was on the other side. Bo flashed his badge and walked into the apartment. He made sure to reveal the gun that sat on his hip. "I'm guessing you're not here with the welcome wagon," Eddie said. "Oh, you got that right," Bo replied. He disclosed that he was aware that Eddie was not in prison due to a technicality. Eddie maintained that he'd hardly been out of the apartment since his arrival in town, and he was certain it would be easy to stay out of trouble.

Bo advised Eddie that he'd have to answer to Bo if Eddie hurt his sons or his ex-wife. "My ex. So that's why you're here," Eddie challenged. He chuckled. "Inez done snagged herself a cop. In shining armor," he added. Bo clarified that Inez was his assistant, and he'd seen that she had been upset since Eddie had arrived in town.

Eddie called it "classic Inez," since she'd always told guys she was upset whenever she'd argued with her husband. Then she would find herself a hero, Eddie concluded. "You don't know me, and you don't want to," Bo replied. Eddie laughed. He thought that Bo was falling for Inez's plan, "hook, line, and stinker." "Watch your step," Bo ordered. Eddie asked whether Inez had told Bo about Eddie throwing her out years before. "Actually, she needed a job. I gave her one," Bo told him.

Eddie said some derogatory things about his ex-wife. He accused Bo of giving her a job because she was hot. "The more you talk, the harder I'm gonna work to get you out of this town," an annoyed Bo told the ex-con. Bo mentioned that someone had given Eddie's son a beating that had landed him in a hospital, but Eddie denied that it had been him. He wanted to find out who had done the beating, Eddie confessed. Bo advised Eddie to keep his hands off of James and to stay away from Inez.

Eddie noted that Bo was wearing a wedding ring. "How does your wife feel about you and Inez?" he asked. Bo suggested that Eddie look in his rearview mirror the next time he was out driving. He would see Bo or one of Bo's men following closely behind him. He planned on making Eddie's life miserable, and Eddie would regret that he'd showed up in Llanview. Once Bo was gone, Eddie made some calls in order to find out Inez's address.

As Inez gently placed a plant on Bo's desk in his office, Nora walked in. Inez explained that the plant was a gift to show Bo her appreciation for talking to her ex-husband. The gesture obviously bothered Nora, and Inez wondered why. Nora stammered and stuttered and explained that she was allergic to plants. Inez offered to remove it, but Nora wasn't through. She didn't think it was necessary for Inez to bake cookies and buy plants for Bo. "Just do your job well," Nora suggested.

Inez suspected that something else was behind Nora's statement when she looked at Nora's face. "Nora, if there's something you want to say to me, just say it," Inez advised. Nora took a deep breath and stated that Bo was both a generous and a kind man. She didn't want Inez to "read too much into it." "You think I'm trying to steal your husband," Inez exclaimed. Nora declared that her marriage was fine, but Inez realized that Nora always seemed to be pushing her to go out with Clint. Inez was aware that Bo wasn't free, and she thought that Nora and Bo were adorable together. She assured Nora that there was no need to feel threatened.

Nora denied that she felt threatened, but just annoyed. She felt that Inez's sons were grown men and able to take care of themselves. They didn't need Bo to run interference. Inez pointed out that Nora had no idea what Eddie was like or what he might do. She thought that Nora was probably thinking that Inez wanted to see how far Bo would go for her. "I think you have a crush on my husband," Nora blurted out. Inez denied it and reminded Nora that Bo was her boss, and she was dating Bo's brother.

Nora explained that she had seen the way that Inez had looked at Bo. Inez disagreed, and she noted that she couldn't afford to quit her job. She would keep her distance from him, since Nora didn't trust them. Nora made it clear that she trusted Bo. Inez understood, and she was glad that Nora had been honest. She hoped they could get past it one day and be friends. She left the office, and Nora remained behind. She wasn't thrilled with the way the discussion had gone.

John sought out Brody to speak to him about Natalie. He was sorry he had lost his temper when he'd learned about her amniocentesis, and when Brody had appeared to calm things down. John had been upset that Natalie had gone through the test alone. Brody recalled holding Natalie's hand during the test, but he kept his thoughts to himself. John praised Brody for his behavior through his ordeal. John knew that he'd probably "rip" someone's head off if he were in the same situation.

Brody indicated that it would all be over soon enough, and they would learn the true father of Jessica's baby. While John felt that no one deserved to be in such a situation, he knew that Brody would love the child as his own if it turned out that he wasn't the biological father. Brody wondered if John would be able to do the same. "No," John replied honestly. "I guess you never know 'til you get there, right?" he emphasized. John was happy that he didn't have to deal with it.

At Llanfair, both Jessica and Natalie called the doctor's office, regarding their paternity test results. They were both advised that the results were not yet available, and both women displayed their annoyance with the delay. Jessica walked into the room where Natalie stood, and she heard the tail end of Natalie's conversation. She thought it coincidental that both she and Natalie were having a problem with someone at the same time. Jessica's call had been about her paternity test, and she asked Natalie what Natalie's conversation had been about. Natalie was saved when Viki walked in and announced that she had some big news for her daughters that would change their lives.

Viki told the women a bit of Echo's history, and the fact that Echo had claimed that Charlie was the father of her son. Viki was skeptical and thought it might be Clint. Jessica and Natalie were excited at the prospect of a new sibling, and they wanted to know when they'd meet. "It's Rex," Viki revealed. Natalie was thrilled that she and Rex might really be related, after all, and thought that if Charlie turned out to be the father, it might help Charlie to recover. Viki agreed with her daughter, and she pointed out that either way, Rex would be a member of the family. Jessica thought it was strange that she and Rex were going through the same situation.

Viki had to leave for the hospital, though she was not looking forward to meeting up with Echo. Natalie commented that Echo would be involved with their family, but Jessica urged her mother not to worry. She couldn't fathom Echo getting in between Viki and Charlie.

Marty sat in her house and looked at the papers that she'd taken with Natalie's amniocentesis information. She picked up some case files, and a light bulb went off in her mind. She thumbed through the files until she found Brody's file and compared the DNA information with Natalie's test form. They were identical. She looked at her own handwritten notes and recalled Brody being upset about lying. "Too many people will get hurt," he had confided in her.

Marty began to think about many of the prior conversations she'd had and overheard, along with some of the encounters she'd witnessed between Natalie and Brody. "Natalie slept with her sister's fiancé," she muttered. She was disgusted.

Marty showed up at Llanfair and smiled at a wary Natalie. Marty wanted to apologize for her behavior at the party. Natalie promised that she planned to pursue the fact that her private medical records had ended up with Marty. The doctor claimed that the file had ended up on her desk by mistake. "Is that so?" Natalie asked. Marty was happy that Natalie had gotten the amniocentesis to make sure that her baby was okay. Natalie wondered if Marty believed there had been another reason for the test.

Marty understood that Natalie just didn't want to upset John about the test. Natalie was finished with the conversation and said goodbye to Marty, but Marty announced that she wanted to visit with Jessica. She had a surprise for her. After Natalie left, Marty and Jessica sat and chatted like the two old friends that they were. Jessica was sorry to have heard about Cole, but she had also heard that Marty blamed Natalie for Cole's imprisonment.

She wanted Marty to understand that Natalie felt horrible about it, but she had only been doing her job. She knew that Marty didn't really mean to seek revenge on Natalie, because she wasn't that kind of person. Natalie couldn't have lied to the police department and John, Jessica told her friend. Marty believed that Natalie was making a big deal out of nothing, and Jessica promised that Natalie would never intentionally hurt Marty. It was time to talk about Brody, Marty informed Jessica.

Echo admitted she had been with both men, and it could go either way. Charlie reminded Echo that she had stated she wasn't pregnant when she'd met him, and she had changed her story. Echo was suddenly confused. She reminded him that it had been a long time before, and she couldn't remember. She had been upset when Viki had confronted her. The DNA test would prove who the father was, she said.

Echo knew that Charlie would be a better father than Clint. Charlie acknowledged that he had pretended to be Rex's father at one time, and he had gotten close to the young man. It almost felt like Rex really was his son, he said. He couldn't replace Jared, but he would love it if Rex were his. Echo told him that she wanted Rex to be his son. As she stroked Charlie's shoulder and neck, Viki arrived and went up to her husband. Clint turned up shortly after, but he hid and listened to the conversation. Charlie hoped that he was Rex's father. Echo remained silent.

Clint walked over and announced that there was no chance that Rex was his son. Viki reminded him that the DNA test would settle everything. Finally Rex showed up. He told everyone that he wasn't ready, and he had decided that he didn't want the DNA test.

Natalie turned up at the police station, and said hello to John, who was busy with a case. She turned to Brody and told him that Marty had her obstetrical records, and the woman was "on the warpath." She told him about Marty's behavior at the party. They agreed that they weren't sure if she really knew about the paternity test, and Natalie was uncertain on how to get that information. She disclosed that she had left Marty at home with Jessica.

Nora and Inez had a tug-of-war with the plant. Inez agreed that Nora had been right, but Nora had decided that it was okay to leave the plant on Bo's desk. As the women struggled, the plant went flying into the air and crashed onto the floor. The pot was broken. Bo returned and witnessed the women's tussle. "What's going on in here?" he asked as he walked into his office.

Dorian returned to Buchanan Enterprises and stealthily managed to get into Clint's office. "Nobody lies to me and gets away with it," she muttered. She thought that Clint should be aware of that after so long.

After Rex left, Kelly made arrangements to fly to London. She was going to see Joey whether he wanted to see her or not.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At the Palace Hotel, Todd and Téa awoke well after noon, still recovering from their "back from the dead" party. Téa hurried to answer the door and found Shaun there with a present from him and Vivian. He explained that Greg's sentencing was later in the day, and Téa said she wanted to be there. "No way in hell," Todd replied. He warned Téa not to relive what Greg and Eli had done to her, but Téa was determined to see justice served.

Shaun promised that Greg would pay for his crimes, and apologized to Téa for his unwitting role in the sordid affair. Téa assured him it wasn't his fault. After Shaun left, Todd reminded Téa that they were on their honeymoon, and asked her not to waste a second of her life on Greg Evans.

Téa felt a migraine coming on and Todd fetched her some aspirin, then phoned room service to order lunch. As Téa dropped two pills into the palm of her hand, however, she was galvanized by memories of her ordeal, and her trembling hand dropped the aspirin on the ground. She attempted to shrug it off, but Todd pushed her to admit that the pills reminded her of Greg and Eli's attempt to slowly poison her. Overcome, she collapsed into Todd's arms.

At the police station, Bo stepped over the remains of the smashed houseplant and asked the guilty-looking Inez and Nora what he had just walked in on. The ladies claimed it was a simple accident, and Inez quickly cleaned up the plant as Nora hurried out of Bo's office. Bo attempted to get her to talk to him, but Nora told him she was late for Greg's hearing and rushed out of the station.

Bo returned to his office as Inez dumped the remains of the plant into a wastebasket. He told Inez he had paid Eddie a visit, and would have her ex-husband shadowed by uniformed officers. Bashful, Inez asked Bo to leave it at that and not help her further; she could handle her family's problems on her own. Sensing tension, Bo asked Inez if she and Nora had engaged in an altercation.

Inez said that she and Nora had gone through a "misunderstanding," but that it had been straightened out, and that she had indeed been asking too much of Bo. When Bo pressed for details, Inez confessed that Nora had accused her of having a crush on him. Bo laughed and said that Eddie had accused him of being infatuated with Inez. Just then, an officer arrived with a package for Inez. It was a present from Clint: the other half of the broken heart necklace. Inez seemed loath to accept the "extravagant" gift, but Bo told her it was a sign that Clint really liked her.

In a neighboring hallway, Brody and Natalie shared a collective freak-out over Marty's visit to Llanfair. Natalie attempted to assuage Brody's fears, as she wasn't sure Marty suspected anything about her baby's paternity, but admitted that Marty had been dropping a lot of hints about Natalie's amniocentesis. Worried, Brody rushed off to Llanfair.

After Brody left, Natalie ran into Vivian, who was on her way to the courthouse. Vivian promised that Natalie's test results would be back soon, and Natalie offhandedly commented on the hospital filing errors that could have led to Marty receiving Natalie's paperwork. Confused, Vivian said such a thing could never happen, but quickly realized that Marty had lied to her about being in her office the night before. Natalie was upset to realize Marty had stolen her paperwork outright.

At the courthouse, Richard and Phylicia arrived for Greg's sentencing hearing. Greg immediately asked about Destiny, but the Evans elders said Destiny wasn't speaking to them.

Just then, Destiny entered the courtroom. Richard and Phylicia clucked over the girl, and Phylicia asked Destiny if her brother was taking care of her. "You mean Uncle Shaun?" Destiny snarked. She corrected her grandparents, reminding them that Greg was her real father, and said she was only there to see that he got what he deserved. She rejected Phylicia's embrace, and said she couldn't trust her family anymore.

Greg broke his silence, and pleaded with Destiny not to blame Richard and Phylicia for his actions. He told her they were her true parents, who loved her as much as he did. "You have no right to love me," Destiny said coldly. She asked "Grandma" to stop pretending things were as they had always been and give her the truth about her life. Phylicia declared that she and Richard had spent day and night loving Destiny as their own, so much so that they had forgotten how their grandchild had entered their lives -- she swore that Destiny would always be their little girl, and begged the teen to return home and give them another chance.

Destiny pulled away from Phylicia, and demanded to know the truth about her mother, Charlene, and how Charlene had died. "Tell her," Shaun ordered Greg as he entered the courtroom, "She deserves to know." Greg recounted the story of Charlene's accident to Destiny, and admitted that he and Charlene had fought over whether or not to have their baby. Destiny was horrified to hear that Greg had hidden Charlene's body, and the girl fled the courtroom with Phylicia on her heels.

Phylicia caught up with Destiny in the corridor. Heartbroken, Destiny asked to see her mother's grave. "I want to see my mother," she sobbed. "You're Greg's mother, go be with him!" With that, she ran out of the courthouse.

Back in the courtroom, the sentencing hearing got underway as Phylicia and the rest of the Evans family took their seats. Nora submitted a plea agreement for Greg as a cooperating witness, offering him six years in Statesville Prison with a possibility for parole in four years. Entering the courtroom as the agreement was read, Todd was outraged, and asked Nora, "You kidding me?" The judge silenced Todd and agreed to the plea bargain, sentencing Greg to six years. As Greg was hauled away, he shared a moment with his parents, while Todd slapped his back and told Greg to "enjoy your stay" behind bars.

As the courtroom cleared, Richard and Phylicia thanked Nora for her help. After the Evanses had left, Todd confronted Nora, asking her how she could sleep at night, knowing that Greg had gotten a lesser sentence than Cole, who had rid the world of Eli Clarke.

Back at the Palace, Téa was recovering from her panic attack when she heard a knock at the door. Answering it, she greeted Destiny, who asked Téa for her legal expertise. "I want to divorce my parents," Destiny declared.

At Llanfair, Marty told Jessica that something had happened with Brody, and she had a right to know the truth. She explained that she was being investigated regarding the Hannah O'Connor case, and all her patient records were being seized. Marty didn't want Brody's therapy records ending up in the wrong hands, and explained that she was violating ethics guidelines and handing Brody's file over to Jessica for safekeeping. As Jessica reeled at the news that Brody was Marty's patient, Marty flashed back to her session with Brody, and his talk of secrets he couldn't bear to keep.

Brody burst into the drawing room and confronted Marty. As Jessica explained the situation, Brody railed at Marty for violating his patient confidentiality. Jessica insisted that Marty only wanted to help, but Brody didn't like the gleam in Marty's eye. Brody admitted he had needed to talk to someone about Jessica and Ford, but said he didn't appreciate Marty infringing on his privacy. Marty played innocent, and said she was only looking out for his best interests.

Jessica told Marty they appreciated her help, but it wasn't necessary -- "I don't think we have any more secrets left!" When Jessica mentioned the relief she would feel upon receiving her paternity results, Marty knowingly noted that Natalie had undergone an amniocentesis as well. "She didn't want to worry you or John," Marty said with a smirk, staring at Brody, "but now it's all out there." Jessica was bemused to be left out of the loop about Natalie's baby plans, while Brody and Marty shared an uneasy gaze. Marty gave Jessica and Brody her best wishes and walked out of Llanfair.

As Marty was leaving the grounds, she ran into Natalie at the front door. "You spiteful bitch," Natalie hissed. She told Marty she knew about the theft of her amnio records, but Marty played dumb. Natalie said she was sorry for how Marty and Cole had suffered, but offered her nemesis a warning. "You've crossed the line, Marty," Natalie declared, "and I will make sure you're stopped."

At Buchanan Enterprises, Dorian pried open Clint's desk, but before she could examine it, an alarm began to blare. Dorian attempted to flee, only to find the office door sealed. As she howled for help, her prayers were answered by the sudden arrival of Matthew, decked out in junior business attire. Dorian pleaded her innocence and warned Matthew that there was an intruder somewhere in the building, but Matthew primly informed her that the alarm was only for Clint's offices, meaning that Dorian was the intruder.

Dorian claimed that she had met with Clint, but left her earring behind and had only returned to retrieve it. Matthew wasn't falling for her ruse -- he told Dorian the alarm was keyed to Clint's desk, and only activated in case someone attempted to force the lock. He refused to let Dorian leave, and asked her if she was planning another corporate takeover of the company. Dorian condescended to the boy, calling him a "precocious young man" ready to follow in Bo's footsteps. Matthew informed her that he wouldn't be a cop -- he was going to succeed "Uncle Clint" and run the family empire. "And you used to be such a sweet child," Dorian said with a sigh.

Dorian offered Matthew a wad of bills for his silence, and Matthew correctly deduced that she didn't want Clint to know about her return visit. As Matthew pocketed the money, Dorian made good her escape, but not before Matthew insisted she return the desk key. "Have a good day, May or Lord," he said sweetly. With Dorian gone, Matthew pondered Clint's desk.

At Llanview Hospital, Clint hid his smirk as Rex told the assembled adults he didn't want to know who his parents were. Rex said he had gotten along fine without his biological parents, and wondered if the truth shouldn't stay buried. Viki and Charlie pleaded with Rex to go through with the test, and Echo added that she wanted her son back.

Rex begged to differ, reminding Echo that she had dumped him at the hospital as a foundling, and then forged letters to throw him off her trail. "That wasn't -- " Echo began -- then, glancing at Clint, she said she had been scared, but wanted to make up for her mistakes. Charlie added that he wanted to catch up on being Rex's dad, if he indeed was the father. As the DNA tech pressed Rex for an answer, Clint offered to take Rex aside and "talk sense" into him on Viki's behalf. Over Rex's protests, Clint hauled him into the neighboring corridor.

As Rex began to harangue Clint, Clint ordered the young gumshoe to shut up, and called him a spineless piece of garbage. "You think I wanna be your father?" he asked. "I don't want to take this test any more than you do." He accused Rex of looking for a payday as a Buchanan, and called Rex a miserable punk who would never be a part of his family. Rex assured Clint he wanted no part of the Buchanan name, beyond potentially being Natalie's brother and Bo's nephew -- he would rather have "the prince of darkness" be his father than Clint.

Rex trashed Clint for imprisoning David, his own nephew, in Morocco. "It's not a real nephew," Clint snapped. "It's David Vickers!" He added that Rex could have defied his blackmail and exposed him. "I protected my family," Rex muttered. "So did I," Clint replied. "Don't," Rex snapped. "I am nothing like you."

In the waiting area, Viki, Charlie, and Echo waited on Rex and Clint. Viki assailed Echo for her duplicitous behavior, and said she didn't deserve Rex for a son. Charlie took Viki aside and asked her to take it easy on Echo, but Viki refused to forget what Echo had done to her so many years before. Charlie reminded Viki that he had a dark past, as well, but people had given him a second chance; the least he could do was give Echo the same.

In the adjoining corridor, Clint offered Rex a solution to their stalemate: they would return to the waiting area and pretend Clint had begged him to take the test, only for Rex to decline. Rex agreed, but when the duo returned to the waiting area, Rex declared that Clint had convinced him to take the test after all: "Let's do it!"

As the party filed into the DNA lab, an infuriated Clint cornered Rex, calling him a snake. "Why'd you do it?" he whispered. "To see that look on your face," Rex shot back. Gritting his teeth, Clint stepped up to the technician's desk for his DNA cheek swab, only to be admonished to not "bite the swab."

As Clint stormed off, Echo followed him into the waiting area and gloated that soon everyone would know Rex was his son, and there was nothing Clint could do about it. "I guess not," Clint murmured, and left.

Echo returned to the DNA lab as Viki told Charlie she was leaving, claiming that the DNA results were none of her business, and exited over her husband's protests.

Clint returned to his office at B.E. and found Matthew waiting for him. Matthew explained that he had caught Dorian attempting to break into Clint's desk. She hadn't seen what was inside, but Matthew had. Matthew held up the other half of the broken heart necklace, and asked Clint if it was what Dorian had been looking for.

Viki returned to Llanfair, but was dismayed to find Dorian hot on her heels. Dorian explained that they had a pressing matter to discuss: Clint.

At the DNA lab, Charlie and Echo shared a moment of joy at the thought of Rex being their long-lost son. Meanwhile, Rex stepped up to the desk and gave the DNA technician his cheek swab. He warned Echo that his feelings for her were the same regardless of the results and left.

As the technician took the DNA samples into the lab, he answered a phone call from Marty. Marty introduced herself as Natalie Banks, and asked when her paternity test results would be in.

In the drawing room at Llanfair, Brody returned from putting Jessica back to bed and examined Marty's case file with Natalie. They were petrified when they noticed Marty had highlighted notations about Brody's secrets and lies, and deduced that Marty wanted them to know she knew their secret. "The only question is, what is she gonna do next?" Natalie wondered.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

John stopped at Capricorn to see Blair. He assured her that Cole was doing okay at Statesville, and John had people looking out for Cole. Blair was relieved and promised that she'd tell Starr. John also had a "little something" for Blair that was courtesy of Eli. The police had discovered a key to a safe deposit box among Eli's effects, and along with a letter that detailed Greg's crimes, they'd found a box. The contents of the box had been checked, and the police lab had deemed it safe.

Since Blair was Eli's "widow and sole heir," the box belonged to Blair. She was hesitant to take it, but John reassured her. "It's over Blair," he said. "God I hope so," Blair replied.

Cristian and Gigi said their goodbyes outside of Capricorn after returning from Paris. Gigi assured Cristian that things were fine after their kiss, and it made her realize how much she loved Rex. Cristian headed into the club. He found John and Blair in the midst of a conversation, but Blair turned to welcome Cristian home. She joked that they wouldn't have been able to open if he hadn't turned up, and Cristian insisted he'd arrived straight from the airport.

John left, and Cristian announced that he hadn't had a romantic time with Layla after all. She'd "ditched" him for a fashion show, so he'd gotten drunk and kissed Gigi instead. Blair was shocked, but Cristian assured her that it hadn't been a big deal. He had even offered to take Gigi up to his room for sex, but she'd declined. "She's a fool," Blair determined. She recalled how she and Cristian had done that very thing, but she thought they'd developed true feelings for each other afterwards. She wondered if Cristian had feelings for Gigi.

Cristian confessed that he liked Gigi, but he loved Layla, and Gigi loved Rex. He should have gone to Paris with Layla in the first place, instead of staying in Llanview, he proclaimed. He'd made a mistake. Blair felt otherwise and pointed out that Layla was busy with her career and didn't have time for anything else.

Blair said that Cristian should focus on his own career, because it just wasn't the right time for him and Layla. She thought he was lucky that he wasn't in love with a serial killer like she had been. Blair thought she should have just gone into the convent, she added. Cristian didn't think Blair was the type, and he suggested they have a round of sex.

He called it the "I'm mad at my lover, so I'm just gonna get with someone else to spite them" sex. It was the same suggestion he'd made to Gigi. Blair declined, but she smiled and seemed to consider it. The conversation turned to the box, and Blair proposed that Cristian toss it out. He picked it up, but he didn't follow Blair's recommendation.

Kelly called Rex and told him she'd taken his advice. She'd taken control of things. She didn't reveal anything else as she turned to knock on the door of the Buchanan house in London. Neville was thrilled to see her and invited her inside. She mentioned that she'd left several messages, and he assured her that his master was in the living room. She walked into the room, but she was surprised to see Kevin instead of Joey. "What messages?" Kevin asked her. He asked if she were looking for Joey.

Kelly covered quickly and admitted that she was looking for everyone she knew as they hugged each other. Kevin disclosed that Joey had been gone for about a month, and he had no idea where his brother had gone. He made a move to the answering machine to check all of his messages, since he had been busy and out of touch recently. Kelly called out "No" to stop him. She explained that she'd left about seven messages for Joey, and it had been after she'd had a few drinks. It had been a mistake, and she really didn't want Kevin to listen to them.

She walked over to the machine so that she could erase them, but Kevin kept her at bay and began to tease her. Kelly vowed to hit him with a vase or to place an ugly photo of him on the Internet, and Kevin reluctantly agreed to her request. As Kelly relaxed and sank onto the sofa, Kevin made a dash for the machine and began to play the messages. Kelly was mortified. After the first couple of messages, she jumped up and ripped the machine from the wall. She vowed to post the photo of Kevin, though Kevin replied that he'd have to explain the reason for her revenge. He wondered how long she'd been "carrying the torch" for his brother.

Kelly felt bad, but it was all right for Kevin. He revealed that he'd been dating a lot, and he'd found out that he was hot, though Kelly had never thought so. He agreed they'd always be friends, and he was happy for her. He added that Joey didn't have a girlfriend as far as he knew. He suggested she stay at the house and wait for Joey to return. Kelly didn't think it was possible, since she had to return to Llanview and the Sun. Then she realized that with Téa's return, Todd would be able to run the office himself. She decided to stay, after all, and Kevin was firm about her staying at the house.

Dorian paid a visit to Llanfair to speak to Viki. She said that Clint was hiding something important from Viki. Dorian pretended to cry as she rehashed Echo's sad story about leaving her son. Clint had the other half of the necklace, Dorian informed her nemesis. Viki clarified that Rex had placed the necklace at Lili's grave, and it had been stolen. Dorian emphasized that it was in Clint's possession, because she had seen him with it. Viki was puzzled, but Dorian was irritated that Viki could never see anything wrong with the people she considered to be perfect. Dorian summed it up briefly.

Dorian said Clint hadn't wanted the baby, and there had been a cover-up. Viki didn't buy it, and she informed Dorian that Echo had been responsible for the letters, and Echo had been the one to take the necklace from the grave. She showed Dorian the copy of the book of love letters, but Dorian noticed the name of the author. Musing over the familiar name, Viki admitted that the author had been a family member. Dorian was certain that Clint would have a copy of the same book, and she was also certain that he was Rex's father.

Viki really felt she should wait for the test results, while Dorian was equally adamant that Viki pursue the latest news. Dorian professed that she didn't care for Echo, and she didn't want anyone to put one over on Viki and Charlie. The couple had been through a lot, due in large part to Dorian. "Thank You," Viki told her. Dorian only wanted to be a friend.

Natalie was frantic as she realized that Marty was going to do all that she could to let John and Jessica learn that Natalie and Brody had slept together. They should have told everyone the truth the night it happened, she told Brody hysterically. Brody tried to calm her down, and he explained that his file merely stated that he had been lying. He told her to "hang tough," but Natalie was afraid that John would leave her. Brody agreed that Marty was "out for blood," but he planned to talk to her. He left and headed to Marty's.

John arrived and caught Natalie reading Brody's personal file. It fell to the floor, and he stooped to pick it up. He couldn't understand why Natalie had it. She maintained that Marty had dropped it off as a courtesy, since her files were all under investigation after the Hannah debacle. John understood, but he still didn't get why Natalie was reading it. Natalie confessed that she couldn't help that she was a "snoop." Brody had been open and honest with her, so she already knew about it. John didn't think it was ethical, and he didn't think that Brody would appreciate it. Natalie agreed.

John had already apologized to Brody for losing his temper, and he didn't want to "stir things up." He hoped that Brody turned out to be the father of Jessica's baby. Natalie acknowledged that she'd seen Marty, and everything was under control. He had to go back to the station.

Clint breathed a sigh of relief. According to Matthew, Dorian hadn't seen anything in Clint's desk drawer. Matthew couldn't believe that Clint was concerned over the necklace that Dorian was after, but Clint assured his nephew that it was the "key to the Buchanan family fortune." Matthew was confused, since he noticed that the necklace wasn't even gold. "It takes a smart man to see the real value," Clint quoted Asa. It wasn't the worth of the necklace, but what it stood for, Clint explained. They had to protect what belonged to them, he clarified.

Clint was certain that Matthew had lots of potential and could be trusted. He verified that Matthew would confirm that he had never seen the necklace, and Matthew agreed. Clint wanted to know if he could trust his nephew. Matthew said yes, that he could, but "Can I depend on you?" Matthew asked in return. He was annoyed that Clint had done so much for Inez and her sons, after Nate had hurt Matthew.

Clint assured him that everything he ever did was to protect his family. Matthew inquired whether Clint was dating Inez for that reason and didn't really care for her. Clint quoted Asa again. "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer," he said. He had a plan, and he wanted to protect his family. Suddenly, Clint announced that Matthew should no longer be an intern. He wanted the young man to be a salaried employee, because he wanted to reward loyalty. Matthew was suspicious, and he accused his uncle of trying to pay him off.

Clint denied it and told his nephew of an extra special job and responsibility that he wanted Matthew to undertake. There was a new Buchanan Enterprises prototype under development. He wanted Matthew to pick it up in another office and keep anyone from seeing it. After Matthew left, Clint tossed the necklace into the desk drawer.

Marty placed a call to the hospital and pretended she was Natalie in order to get the results of her paternity test. She was unable to obtain them, as they weren't available yet.

Brody paid Marty a visit and accused her of torturing Natalie. He advised her that she needed to keep her mouth shut, but Marty feigned ignorance. Brody reminded her that his information was private and was not intended for her to use for blackmail. He wanted her to "stop playing games." Marty accused him of sleeping with Natalie, and she thought that John should be aware of it, especially if his baby could really be Brody's. She moved over to the phone to place a call to John.

Brody showed Marty a photo. It was a picture of her going through Natalie's file in Vivian's office. He explained that there were lots of security cameras around, even more since Marty had been pushed down the stairs. He found it amusing that her accident could result in her undoing. He advised her she'd lose her license and end up in jail, because there were more photos. Her life would be over. Marty was incensed, and she advised Brody that her life was already over due to his lover. Brody retorted that Natalie was his friend, and she'd had nothing to do with the bullets that Cole had fired to take Eli's life.

Marty disagreed. She blamed everything on Natalie. Brody wondered how Cole would feel if he got out of jail only to find that his mother was gone and in jail herself. Brody was sorry about Cole, but he was sure that Marty didn't want to lose everything or even be the type of person that she was portraying. Jessica was fragile, and he refused to allow Marty to destroy Jessica, he continued. He stated that Marty had no idea what had really gone on, and she was using private and privileged information. He had no shame in anything he'd done, he added.

Marty asked why Cole should go to jail while Brody got off for what he'd done. Brody couldn't believe that Marty would "sink so low" and jump to conclusions. She didn't know what she was talking about, and she had a "sick need" to hurt other people instead of facing the truth about Cole, he accused. He wouldn't let her hurt Jessica. Brody reminded her that he was a police officer and a former Navy SEAL, and he could "make things happen." He hated to threaten her, but Marty hadn't given him a choice. He ordered her to leave everyone alone. "Understood?" he asked as he departed.

Marty was livid. She picked up the phone and called John. She asked him to stop by.

Rex was surprised when Gigi showed up at his place. He informed her that he had received her "slurred" message, but he'd understood what she meant. He revealed that Echo was his mother, and Charlie could be his father, though they were waiting for results of the DNA test. He was hopeful that Charlie would indeed be his father. Gigi apologized for being absent, but she had been angry at him and had kissed Cristian, she announced. Rex was staggered, but she reminded him that she'd been drunk and angry that Rex's ex-wife knew about Rex and Gigi not having any sex.

Rex claimed that Adriana had "wormed" it out of him. He'd really wanted to convey how much he respected and loved Gigi, and how they'd wanted to do things right. Gigi informed him that Dorian also knew about it, as she'd mentioned it when Gigi had called Rex. Dorian had stated that Rex had been helping Kelly get dressed for their date. Rex was floored, and he told Gigi that he and Kelly were only friends. He hadn't told Dorian anything, so she'd probably gotten the information from Adriana. He was sorry.

Gigi asked if he were okay with the kiss, but Rex misunderstood and mentioned that he and Kelly had kissed. He swore he had planned to tell Gigi, but he insisted that Kelly had been the one to kiss him. He'd only returned it for a second, he promised. Gigi had been in Paris, Echo had "jerked him around," and he'd had some drinks. Rex thought it was a good thing the kiss had happened, because Kelly had realized she could go after the guy she really wanted. He assured Gigi that he didn't want to be with Kelly. The kiss and the steam room had done nothing for him, he uttered. This piqued Gigi's curiosity again, but Rex asked her if she wanted Cristian.

Gigi promised that she didn't, and she thought she wanted Rex. She'd have to try out the kiss, she teased. After the couple kissed, Gigi assured Rex that he'd won. The couple settled into another kiss. They agreed that they loved each other and didn't want to waste any more time.

Kevin and Kelly left the house to see Zane. After they were gone, the phone rang. Neville answered and was pleased to find Joey on the other end. Neville wondered whether he should set another place for dinner, and he was pleased with the response.

Brody returned to Llanfair, and Natalie was beside herself with anxiety. She was afraid that Marty knew that Brody might be the father of Natalie's baby. Brody did his best to calm her down. He didn't think there was anything to worry about. He'd "handled her," he revealed. He was certain that Marty wouldn't say anything.

Viki stopped at Buchanan Enterprises to see Clint. "What are you up to?" she asked him.

Friday, November 19, 2010

In Rex's apartment, Rex and Gigi kissed and declared their love for each other. When they realized that it had been a long time since the last time they had made love, Gigi announced that she had been ready to have sex for six months. Rex and Gigi then both exclaimed that they were ready. Gigi lit a candle and jerked off her shirt. After they made love, Gigi and Rex fell back exhausted on the bed. They both agreed that it had been an amazing experience, and that they had been "stupid," because they had waited so long. Rex declared that he was starved, and Gigi suggested that they eat at Capricorn.

At Capricorn, when Bobby and Langston asked about their reservation, Blair insisted that it was not listed in her reservation book. Langston grabbed the book from Blair and located the reservation in the book. Blair then disgustedly left to find them a table, as Langston called Starr to check on her.

Blair sang a beautiful song in the club, as Langston and Bobby held hands at the table. Later, after Langston left the table, Blair joined Ford and invited him to see her back room, which she claimed she only showed to her "VIPs." When Bobby stated that they should wait for Langston, Blair flirted, "She will never know that you're gone."

Also in Capricorn, as Rex and Gigi devoured the food, Gigi claimed, "All of the months of no sex nearly drove us both crazy." When Rex revealed that he had caught a serious case of the blues, Gigi believed that they were stronger due to their abstinence. Langston overheard their conversation, as she walked by. Rex told Gigi that he would need her for "when the test results come in."

Rex and Gigi decided to leave for bed and ran out of Capricorn. As soon as they reentered Rex's apartment, they pulled off each other's clothes.

Still at Capricorn, Langston arrived back at the table, before Blair could drag Ford away. Bobby suggested that they eat elsewhere, and Langston agreed, because "the menu here is a little tired." After Ford left to get the car, Langston shamed Blair for throwing herself at Bobby. Blair stated that she saw how Ford had looked at her and warned that if Blair had been given a few more minutes, she would have "reeled him in."

Outside, at the front door of La Boulaie, Langston insisted that she had enjoyed their night out, and that after that night, Langston knew what she wanted. Bobby and Langston kissed goodnight, and Langston walked into La Boulaie.

The next morning, Langston answered the door to Bobby, who claimed that he had not been able to wait to see Langston again. Langston thought that Ford would have been disappointed, because they had not had sex the previous night. Ford laughed and claimed, "Listen, Langston, I know it seems like I'm all about sex, but I'm...I'm really not. In fact, I'm glad we're taking our time." Langston replied, "Really? Well, I'm glad to hear you say that, because we're not going to be having any."

In Starr's room at La Boulaie, Starr ignored the ringing of her phone, as Todd walked in. Todd asked Starr to sign a form regarding Hope's trust fund, but Starr insisted that she would sign it later. Starr yelled that Todd loved the fact that Cole was in prison, because Cole had shot Eli. Starr then screamed that Todd had hated Cole, and that Todd was disappointed that he had not put Cole in prison himself. Todd declared that "the kid is as screwed up as his mother," and that Cole was "broken," because Marty was "damaged."

Todd then admitted to Starr that he was glad that Cole was "out of the picture," and that he wished that Marty were also. Starr feared that Todd wanted to start a war with Marty and pleaded with Todd to leave Marty alone. Starr insisted that she needed Marty in her life, as Hope's grandmother. Todd again asked Starr to sign the trust fund papers. Starr signed her name on the line without reading the contents.

Later, after Blair returned home, Starr expressed her fear that Todd was on the warpath against Marty again.

At Marty's place, Marty handed John a cup of coffee, which she remembered he preferred black. After John asked how she was doing, Marty said that she felt good but was not sure that Natalie would feel the same way. When John asked what Marty meant, she covered with an apology for her behavior, and she asked for John's forgiveness. When Marty regretted that Natalie would not forgive her, John stated that he could not speak for Natalie. However, John declared that he would be there for Marty to listen to anytime she needed. Marty told John that he would be the first one that she would call.

After John left, Marty vocally yelled to herself that even though John deserved to know who the father of Natalie's baby was, she would be unable to tell him, until they had received the results from the lab. Marty realized that Natalie would just play the victim, if Marty accused her before the results were known.

Todd knocked on Marty's door, and when she answered, he handed her a court order. When Marty asked what the court order was about, Todd informed her that it was to keep Marty away from Hope.

At Llanfair, Brody insisted to Natalie that Marty would not say anything about the possibility that Brody might be the father of Natalie's baby. However, Natalie was certain that Marty would get her revenge, no matter who else she hurt. Brody revealed that he had surveillance footage on video that proved that Marty had taken the confidential files, so he had Marty under control. Natalie maintained that Marty only cared about revenge, and that Marty was not afraid that she would lose her job, or that she might be imprisoned.

Yet, Brody still claimed that Marty would not risk jail time, and that she would not want to cause Cole any more pain. Brody told Natalie to stay calm, and to think about the baby. Natalie reminded Brody that the test would show that the baby belonged to John, and not to Brody, just as Jessica walked in.

Jessica appreciated that Natalie was "a shoulder" for Brody to lean on. Brody insisted to the twins that "everything would turn out the way it's supposed to be." After Natalie left, Jessica asked Brody to continue to be friends with Natalie, and Brody agreed.

When John and Natalie met later outside of Rodi's, John told Natalie that Marty had wanted to "iron things out" with Natalie and then informed Natalie to expect Marty to be in touch.

Echo arrived at Llanfair and asked if Charlie had heard from Rex. Echo then claimed that she needed to talk to Charlie -- alone. Charlie pushed Echo out of the front door. Charlie cried that he had wasted his chance with Jared, so he refused to squander this chance with Rex. When Charlie claimed that he would be honored to call Rex his son, Echo voiced, "Before you do, I have a confession to make."

In Clint's office at Buchanan Enterprises, Clint pulled a keycard out of an envelope, as Viki walked up to his office door. Clint quickly hid the card, and Viki revealed that Dorian had told her a story about a necklace that Clint had in his possession. Clint cackled that he wanted to hear about "Dorian's latest hoo-ha."

Viki explained that Dorian had spoken of the half-heart necklace that she had seen Clint with at the hospital. Clint yanked the necklace out of his desk drawer and threw it on the desk. Viki expressed surprise that Dorian had actually been right. "You gave Echo this necklace all those years ago. She kept half, and she left half with her son. Rex is your son, isn't he?" Clint replied, "If I'm Rex's father, it's news to me."

Viki asked Clint why he had the necklace. Clint explained that after Echo had blown into town, he had hired a private investigator to check out the reason for Echo's return. Through the investigation, the P.I. had discovered and taken the necklace from the grave. Clint insisted that he had not given the half-heart necklace to Echo. "Why would I? Meeting Echo was the worst mistake I ever made in my life, and I have the feeling before too long, poor Charlie is going to be saying much the same thing."

Viki wondered why Echo would forge the letters out of a book that had been written by a Buchanan ancestor. Clint speculated that Echo had wanted "to keep it in the family," since she had always had an obsession with the Buchanans. When an employee entered the office, Clint demanded that Viki keep the necklace. Viki walked out with it.

Back outside of Llanfair, Charlie insisted that nothing Echo said would "shake" him, and Echo commented that she liked Charlie a lot, and that Charlie had always been her "fall guy." Echo pondered that if she had kept Rex as a baby, maybe she and Charlie would have remained together. Echo asked if Charlie had ever considered them a couple, just as Viki walked up.

Viki handed the other half of the necklace to Echo. Viki explained that she had retrieved it from Clint, and that she had been sure that Echo would want it back, since Clint had no use for it. Viki and Charlie decided to let Echo get her rest, since she would learn the results of the test the next day.

After Echo left, Viki and Charlie walked into Llanfair, and Viki insisted that Echo was fabricating everything. Viki then wondered what Echo had been doing at Llanfair, and Charlie responded that Echo had wanted to know if Charlie had spoken to Rex.

Back in Clint's office, the employee, Vimal, asked if Clint had found a problem with the keycard. Clint told him no and said that he had a job for Vimal. Clint announced, "There are DNA results pending at the Llanview Hospital, and I want you to make sure that they read the way I want them to read." Clint added that the tests had to show that Charlie Banks was Rex's father.

When Vimal questioned the legality of changing the test results, Clint claimed that a promotion to department head for Vimal would be in order for the task completed. Clint then stated that he had one more job for Vimal.

Once Vimal had left the office, Clint called Echo, who was at Rodi's. Echo told Clint that the test would prove that Clint was Rex's father. When Echo asserted, "And all of your lies will have been for nothing," Clint calmly stated, "We'll see."

Vimal broke into the hospital laboratory and located Rex Balsom's name on the computer. He looked up over the top of the computer in shock.

The next morning, Clint called and left a message. "Vimal, this is Clint Buchanan. Where the hell are you? I expected to hear from you last night, so call me as soon as you get this. I need to know if you succeeded. If you didn't change certain results, I am absolutely screwed. So take it from me -- lives are on the line."

Natalie entered the lab in the hospital and requested the results of her DNA test from the attendant. Natalie pulled out the results from the envelope.

Still at Llanfair, Jessica asked Brody, "Are you ready?" Brody kissed her and stated, "I love you, Jess." Jessica replied, "I love you too." Jessica pulled out the revealing papers of the test from the envelope.

Rex talked to Gigi on the phone and stated that they were waiting for Clint, as Echo, Viki, and Charlie sat in Rex's apartment. Clint knocked on the door, and Rex answered, "Speak of the devil." Rex let Clint in and remarked, "Well, then, I guess we can get started." Clint, Echo, Viki, Charlie, and Rex all looked at each other. Rex picked up the envelope containing the test results.

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