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Monday, November 22, 2010

At the hospital, Jake assured Amanda that what had happened with Cara was in the past. He promised that he was in love with Amanda and their son, Trevor. Amanda wanted to believe Jake, but she was concerned that Jake might harbor some unresolved hurt over the breakup of his marriage to Cara. Jake insisted that he was fine and that his family meant the world to him.

Tad bumped into Jesse at the hospital. Tad immediately realized that Jesse had bad news. Jesse confirmed Tad's suspicions by revealing that Zach Slater had been killed in a plane crash. Jesse revealed that the crash was under investigation, so they didn't know the exact cause of the crash, but Jesse ultimately blamed David for Zach being in the plane. "Son of a bitch," Tad muttered as he realized how the news of Zach's death would affect everyone in town. Jake and Amanda walked up moments later.

Jake and Amanda felt terrible for Kendall when they learned that Zach had perished in a plane crash. Jesse also explained that David had tried to frame Ryan for murder, so Jesse was determined not to let David hurt anyone else. Shortly after Jesse and Tad left, Amanda admitted that she was glad that Jake hadn't agreed to work for Doctors Without Borders. Jake assured his wife that he would never have left her and their son. Jake then shared the details of Zach's daring rescue after Jake had been kidnapped in Africa years before.

Amanda realized that Zach had been a hero. Jake vowed to tell Spike and Ian about Zach's courageousness when they were old enough to appreciate the story. Amanda and Jake promised each other that they would celebrate the holiday by honoring and appreciating everything in their lives. They then decided to go to court to show Greenlee their support.

At the Slater residence, Kendall was delighted to see that Ryan was back in Pine Valley because it meant that Zach was home. Erica and Ryan's sad expressions didn't register with Kendall as she lightheartedly complained about Zach not charging his cell phone. Erica finally interrupted Kendall's ramblings to explain that she needed to talk to her daughter. Kendall continued to chatter about Zach's imminent arrival until Spike and Ian ran into the foyer. Spike was eager to show off his costume for the Thanksgiving pageant.

Ryan picked up his son and held him tightly as Spike greeted his father. Spike then confessed that he missed "Daddy Zach." Erica gently suggested that Spike and Ian return to their room, so that Spike could write down the things that he was grateful for. After the boys and the nanny left, Erica decided that it was time to break the sad news to her daughter. Kendall finally realized that something was wrong when Ryan suggested that Kendall sit down.

Kendall ignored Ryan's advice, so Ryan gently told Kendall about the explosion. Kendall refused to hear Ryan out because she was certain that Zach would walk through the door at any moment. Erica wept as she insisted, "Zach is gone." Kendall was in complete denial; she argued that it was impossible because they had made plans for the pageant, Thanksgiving, and the years ahead of them. Kendall was adamant that Zach wouldn't leave her.

Ryan admitted that he had seen the plane burst into flames and that he had raced into the ocean in an attempt to save Zach. Hope flared when Kendall realized that a body hadn't been found; she was certain that it meant that Zach had survived the crash. Kendall couldn't believe that Ryan would be so cruel as to claim that Zach was dead when a proper search hadn't been conducted. Ryan explained that debris from the plane had washed ashore and that the Coast Guard had confirmed that no one could have survived an explosion like the one that had torn apart the plane. Kendall didn't believe Ryan, so she decided to talk to someone at the Coast Guard to see if they had found Zach yet.

Ryan revealed that the Coast Guard had changed it from a search and rescue mission to a search and recovery mission. Ryan then explained that Greenlee had wanted to be with Kendall, but she had needed to go to court for the verdict. Kendall didn't care about Greenlee or the verdict; she wanted to find her husband. Kendall demanded to know why Ryan hadn't stayed to help with the search. Kendall warned Ryan that Zach would be livid that he had been abandoned so quickly.

Kendall decided to put an end to the argument by calling Zach. Zach's voicemail picked up, so Kendall asked Zach to call her back and then let him know that she and the boys missed him. After Kendall ended the call, she ordered Ryan and Erica to leave because she was tired of hearing their lies. Kendall then went to check on the boys. After Kendall left the room, Erica broke down in tears.

At the courthouse, Jackson warned Greenlee that they were out of time because he couldn't get the judge to grant another postponement. Jack reminded Greenlee that there wasn't any proof that David had killed himself, so their options were limited. Greenlee was desperate to get to Kendall. She was filled with remorse because she felt responsible for Zach's death. Liza entered the courtroom moments later. Jack explained that the recording of Nick Pearson's confession had been destroyed, but he wanted Liza to stop the proceedings, since Nick had confessed.

Liza refused to drop the case based on Ryan and Greenlee's claim that Nick had confessed. Jack explained that the recording had been damaged because Ryan had it in his pocket when Ryan had tried to save Zach. Liza was stunned when Jack revealed the details of Zach's tragic death in a fiery plane crash. Moments later, Tad arrived to tell Liza about Zach's death. After Jack walked away, Tad held Liza.

Liza was shaken by the news about Zach because she had once been in love with him. Tad suggested that Liza request that the judge delay the reading of the verdict, since it was clear that Liza was having a difficult time absorbing the news. Tad was certain that the judge would understand. Liza refused to consider it because she felt pressure to be strong and to do her job. Tad didn't think that it was the time to prove herself to anyone, but Liza refused to change her mind.

At the defense table, Jack suggested that Greenlee needed to focus on the court proceedings. Greenlee didn't think that she could because she was too worried about Kendall. Jack confided that he wished that Greenlee and Ryan hadn't returned to Pine Valley because at least Greenlee would have been free. Jack revealed that he would try to get Greenlee out of town if a window of opportunity presented itself. Greenlee was touched by her father's offer.

Greenlee had no idea how Jack managed to have such faith in her or why he continued to believe in her. Jack smiled as he reminded Greenlee that she was his daughter and that he loved her. Moments later, Bianca entered the courtroom. It was immediately clear to Greenlee that Bianca hadn't heard the news about Zach, so Greenlee decided to tell her. Bianca's knees gave out as the news sank in that Zach had died.

"That's impossible," Bianca cried as tears filled her eyes. Bianca realized that she needed to be with Kendall. Greenlee encouraged Bianca to go, so Bianca rushed off to see Kendall. Jake and Amanda entered the courtroom a short time later. Jake offered to help Greenlee in any way that he could, but Greenlee assured him that she didn't need anything.

Bianca arrived at Kendall's house to find Erica crying in Ryan's arms. Erica and Ryan explained that Kendall was in denial about Zach's death and that Kendall had called Zach and then left him a message. Bianca urged Ryan to go to the courthouse to be with Greenlee when the verdict was read. Ryan was reluctant to leave because he wanted to be there for Spike when Spike received the news about Zach. Bianca and Erica assured Ryan that they would take care of Kendall and the boys, so Ryan left.

Kendall returned to the living room and then angrily demanded to know why Erica was still there. Kendall's anger instantly faded when she spotted her sister standing nearby. Kendall realized that the news about Zach was true when she saw the stricken expression on Bianca's face. Kendall repeatedly cried out, "No, Zach. No," as she crumbled into Bianca's arms. Erica stepped forward to wrap her arms around both of her daughters as the three of them wept.

Kendall didn't understand how Zach's death could have happened; she had no idea what to do or to say. Kendall didn't know how she was going to tell the boys about the tragedy. Erica assured Kendall that Kendall didn't have to do anything until she was ready. Later, Erica arranged for the nanny to take the boys to the park, so that Kendall could have some time to gather herself together. Kendall decided to go to her bedroom to rest. However, Kendall froze when she reached her bedroom door.

Kendall stepped back and then huddled in the corner of the hallway for a few moments. As tears streamed down her face, Kendall called Zach's voicemail over and over to hear his voice. In the living room, Erica and Bianca talked about Zach and his love for the children. Erica was overwhelmed by thoughts of what needed to be done. Bianca suggested that they worry about those things later.

Krystal arrived at the courthouse to check on Jack. Jack was frustrated because he couldn't be with Erica and Kendall. Ryan entered the courtroom moments later to let Greenlee know that Kendall was in shock and denial about Zach's death. Greenlee thought that Ryan should have stayed with Kendall, but he explained that Bianca had stepped in to help Kendall. Ryan insisted that he needed to focus on Greenlee because he had promised to stay by her side.

The jury filed into the courtroom shortly afterwards, followed by the judge. The jury confirmed that they had reached a verdict and then announced that Greenlee Hayward had been found guilty of first-degree murder. Everyone gasped in shock, while Jack demanded that the jury be polled. The judge didn't see the point, so she excused the jury and then announced that she intended to sentence Greenlee after a short recess. Jack was livid; he insisted that Greenlee was innocent and that he could prove it if the judge gave him some time.

The judge reminded Jack that Greenlee had been found guilty of murder, and then insisted that she would hand down a sentence after a short break. The judge ordered Greenlee to remain in the courtroom until then. Ryan vowed to find evidence to prove Greenlee's innocence while Jack insisted that he would not let his daughter spend one night in jail. Meanwhile, Jake offered to help break Greenlee out of jail, but Greenlee refused to consider it.

Tad pulled Amanda aside to find out how things were going with Amanda and Jake. Amanda explained that Jake insisted that he didn't have any unresolved issues with Cara. Amanda had intended to discuss it further with Jake, but she didn't think she would have the opportunity in the near future because of what had happened to Zach and because of Greenlee's guilty verdict.

At the defense table, Greenlee couldn't believe how terribly wrong everything had gone. Ryan and Greenlee recalled their perfect moment under the stars while on the beach. Ryan promised to track down Nick, so that they could clear Greenlee's name. He promised that they would have more perfect nights in the future. Greenlee just wanted Ryan to assure her that he would take care of Kendall. A short time later, the judge returned the courtroom and then sentenced Greenlee to life in prison.

Greenlee was immediately handcuffed and then led to the courtroom door. However, everyone was shocked when David Hayward, alive and well, suddenly appeared in the courtroom's doorway.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As Greenlee was led out of the courtroom, chaos erupted when David appeared in the doorway. Everyone in the room was stunned. "I'm back ... for you," he told Greenlee. Ryan tried to physically attack David, but others held him back. Jackson accused Liza of being in on David's scheme, though she denied it. Jackson requested that the judge overturn Greenlee's conviction. Jackson called the trial a farce, but the judge demanded answers before taking any action. The judge ordered the bailiff to escort David to speak with her.

David apologized to the judge and asked for a moment alone with Greenlee, but the judge said she'd hold him in contempt if he didn't follow her orders. Greenlee berated David for making her grieve for him. The judge said that David had explaining to do, and he claimed that he was prepared to tell her everything.

Ryan begged the judge to remove Greenlee's handcuffs, but the judge said that the verdict couldn't be magically overturned. Jackson ordered David to take the stand and to clear Greenlee's name. The judge advised David to get counsel, but David declared that he was ready to tell his story. He presented the judge with identification, and the judge allowed Greenlee to be uncuffed. Liza grew upset, but the judge pointed out that the victim was clearly alive.

Everyone in the courtroom sat down, and Greenlee wondered to Ryan what had happened. David was sworn in. Krystal worried about Marissa's reaction to David's return and left to find her daughter. David stated his name and haughtily announced that he was "back from the great beyond." An enraged Greenlee accused David of being responsible for Zach's death.

David claimed that he had nothing to do with Zach's accident, though he was sorry it had happened. Ryan raged that David had nearly ruined Greenlee's life. Jackson pointed out how David's actions had caused Greenlee harm. Ryan demanded to know why David had faked his death. "Because you couldn't stay away from my wife," David said to Ryan.

David accused Ryan of destroying his life by getting Greenlee to leave David, especially after David had saved her life. David confessed that it had been his intent to put Ryan behind bars, but he regretted that Greenlee had been hurt. David said he'd rather lose his own freedom than watch her lose hers.

On the night of the party, David had known that he had been losing Greenlee because of the pull between Greenlee and Ryan. He had been forced to watch as Ryan had drawn Greenlee in, and he believed that Ryan's intentions had been to steal Greenlee from him. David flashed back to spotting Greenlee and Ryan in a close moment in the park. David declared his love for Greenlee and said that if he couldn't have Greenlee, then Ryan couldn't either.

Liza reminded David of his rights to an attorney, but David said that legal representation was the least of his problems. He had framed Ryan because by doing so, David had felt assured that Ryan wouldn't be with Greenlee, and David had considered that to be justice. Jesse stood and yelled that the word "justice" had no business passing David's lips. Jackson inquired whether he could ask David a few questions. The judge reminded Jackson to watch his temper and to stick to the facts. Jackson asked whether David's intent had been to never return to Pine Valley, and David confirmed that he'd known it wouldn't be easy to stay away, but he had intended to stay away.

At her restaurant, Krystal found Marissa, who could see from Krystal's expression that something was wrong. Marissa flipped out when she learned that David had staged his death, knowing that she had already lost her adoptive parents. Krystal encouraged her daughter to sit tight for a while, but Marissa left to find David.

Meanwhile, David explained that he had found a compound that slowed the heartbeat and temporarily induced paralysis, mimicking death. David looked at Jake and taunted that any mediocre doctor would have missed it. David had chosen a public arena for a public death, and everything had fallen into place. He had been onto Greenlee and Ryan's plan, but he'd had his own -- he had used one drug to appear dead, and another one to frame Ryan. Suddenly, Marissa stormed into the courtroom and charged up to the witness stand, where she slapped David across the face.

Marissa condemned David for his actions. The judge wanted Marissa removed from the courtroom, but David said that she deserved an explanation. Marissa screamed that he had made her say goodbye to another father. David claimed that hurting her had been the hardest part for him and that he loved her, but she believed that there was no excuse for what he had done.

David understood Marissa's anger, but she spat that he had no idea about her and AJ's feelings. David admitted that he had attended his own funeral and had watched her be kind and empathetic with her son. He flashed back to spying on Marissa talking with AJ about David's death. He had wanted to comfort her, but he hadn't known how. Marissa said that David was "beyond screwed up" and that he punished people based on his own terms. She was done with his twisted world, and she told him to stay dead to her before she walked out.

David faced everyone in the courtroom and asked if they were enjoying themselves. He revealed that he had seen all of them toasting his demise and called them hypocrites. The judge reminded him that he was there to tell the facts, not to air personal grievances. David explained that Ryan had needed to be angry for David's plan to work, so David had intentionally made Greenlee feel cornered by pretending to force her to leave the country the night of the party. David said that Ryan should be rotting in a cell, and Ryan retorted that he should have killed David when he'd had the chance.

At the Slater home, Kendall sat on the floor and wept for Zach. Bianca sat down next to Kendall. After a moment of silence, Kendall admitted that she couldn't go into her bedroom. Bianca thought that Kendall was feeling numb, but Kendall didn't know what she felt. Bianca told her to let out her emotions, but Kendall thought if she did, she'd never stop crying.

Bianca comforted Kendall, who thought that Zach's death should have hit her like a bullet. Bianca explained that everyone dealt with grief differently. Kendall wanted to be alone. Bianca kissed her sister's check and left.

Kendall returned to the living room, where Bianca quickly closed her laptop and inquired whether Kendall had gone into the bedroom. Kendall asked how the boys were, and then wanted to know why Bianca had covered up something on the computer. Kendall begged her sister not to keep secrets. Bianca informed Kendall that it had something to do with David. Kendall remarked that the whole mess had started with him. Bianca wasn't sure how to tell Kendall the news that David was back.

David continued to explain his plans on the night of the party. He had been ready once Ryan had lost his temper. He recalled their fight in David's room. After Ryan had punched him, David had whacked Ryan over the head with a book, knocking him out cold. David had then consumed the drug to fake his death, and he had poured the digitalis into his own champagne glass. He made the fight look even worse than it had been by trashing the room, and he had said goodbye to a photo of Greenlee.

Moments later, David had fallen over the railing into the party, seemingly dead. However, he'd been conscious enough to hear reactions, including Greenlee's, and he had heard the pain in her voice. He had appeared dead to everyone except the medical examiner, who had a gambling problem. David had given the coroner a cash incentive to deal with David's body and to give David herbal treatments to keep him alive.

David had waited in hiding until his funeral, where he had spied the people who had mattered to him. Phase two of his plan had been for Ryan to be found with the murder weapon. He had planned that Ryan would be sent to prison, and Greenlee would be forced to live her life without Ryan. David had heard Greenlee speak to his "body" at the hospital, and he had realized that Greenlee's primary concern had been for Ryan even while she had grieved for her husband, which had been like a knife through David's heart.

After Greenlee had left the hospital, David had gradually and painfully woken up. Greenlee called David a fool, because she had loved him and had accepted the fact that Ryan had moved on. She had been willing to stay with David until he had turned their relationship into something ugly. She said that he had been the reason she had reunited with Ryan. "You created your own nightmare," she spat.

David told Greenlee to lash out or to hate him, but not to insult his intelligence. He felt that her reunion with Ryan had been inevitable, and David recalled that he had warned her not to let him love her because he could never let her go. He told her that his goal had never been to hurt her, only Ryan. When David had learned of Greenlee's arrest, he had realized that he couldn't fix things from a distance.

David had been stunned that his scheme had fallen apart, but he realized that Greenlee had protected Ryan. He couldn't stand by and watch her sacrifice herself, so he had hired Nick Pearson to testify against Ryan. After Nick ruined the plan, David had been hit with the reality that Greenlee could be convicted. He had returned because his life was about her. Ryan interrupted and called David delusional for thinking of himself as a hero. David swore that he would never let Greenlee go down, but she thought he was insane. Kendall slowly entered the courtroom as others in the courtroom began ganging up on David, recalling his misdeeds. As the crowd silenced, a livid Kendall confronted David.

Kendall said that David was at fault for everything that had happened. He expressed his condolences about Zach's death. Kendall threatened him, and the judge warned her to keep her emotions in check. A weeping Kendall explained that Zach had been trying to help Greenlee and had lost his life because of David's scheme. She broke down in tears as she told David to take ownership of the fact that Zach would no longer be there for her sons. She wanted guilt to eat David alive for the rest of his life, because then he'd know how she felt. Kendall ran out, and Greenlee tried to follow, but Jackson caught her. The judge overturned the verdict and confirmed with Liza that all the charges against Greenlee would be dropped.

Jesse took great pleasure in arresting David for fraud and evidence tampering. Krystal congratulated Jackson on his win, but he woefully claimed that he hadn't done anything. She said that what mattered was that Greenlee was free and that the ordeal was over. Jackson said that it wasn't over until he was sure that David couldn't hurt Greenlee again.

David asked Jesse if they were waiting for someone to take the law into their own hands, but Jesse claimed they just needed a ride to the police station. David said that Ryan would wait until his dying breath for his apology, as he was only sorry that Ryan wasn't behind bars. Ryan said that at least while David was in prison, David would be safe from Ryan.

A distraught Kendall arrived home, with Greenlee in hot pursuit. Greenlee knew it wasn't enough, but she said that she was sorry.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

At the courthouse, Liza tried to duck out, but Jackson declared that she wasn't done yet. He expected her to prosecute David for fraud, because someone had to stop him. Liza said David had deceived her, too, and she wouldn't let political pressure prevent her from doing her job.

In the courtroom, Ryan figured David didn't care that an innocent man had died. David said he cared for Greenlee, and from the moment he'd rescued her from the icy water, it had been his goal to protect her from Ryan. "And don't think for a second that I'm done," David warned. Ryan gloated about reuniting with Greenlee and suggested that David enjoy his stint in jail.

Jesse entered and led David away. In the corridor, they saw Marissa and Krystal. Marissa tried to leave, but David said he wanted to talk to her about AJ. She asked what he possibly had to say about her son. David revealed that he'd witnessed JR's underhanded tactics while watching Marissa and JR battle for the boy. David asserted that she could still win against JR.

Marissa glared at David, who said that though he hadn't been the best father, he could help her get AJ. She thanked David for the reminding her of the devious legacy he'd bestowed upon her. She vowed to fight for AJ, but unlike her father, she would set an example for AJ and ensure he never ever looked at her the way she looked at David.

At Krystal's restaurant later, Krystal stated that Marissa had become a strong and accomplished woman, who was ten times the person David would ever be. Marissa concluded that she'd gotten her traits from Krystal.

At the police station, David was surprised that they hadn't hung a "welcome home" banner for him. Jesse ordered Brot to book David, but David demanded a phone call. "I don't think anybody in their right mind would pick up," Jesse quipped. Brot patted David down and fingerprinted him. When David posed for his mug shot, his lips curled into a sinister grin.

At Kendall's house, Greenlee stammered as she tried to figure out how to comfort Kendall. A sullen Kendall said that if Greenlee wanted to help, she could bring Zach back. Greenlee wished she could do that, but she assured Kendall that they'd get through it somehow. Kendall asked Greenlee to leave, because being around her wasn't helping matters. Greenlee vowed to stand by Kendall for whatever she needed, whether it was to vent, cry, or sit in silence.

Kendall didn't know what to say, because she'd still have a husband if he hadn't gone to help Greenlee. Kendall sobbed, thinking that Zach would be making her silly turkey place cards if he were there. Greenlee asked if Kendall had told the boys. "No, I can't -- I can't. I can't even say the damn words. I can't even say them in my head," Kendall cried. She felt she couldn't be strong for the boys when all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball on the floor.

Kendall vented her frustration by blaming David, but Greenlee said Zach had gotten on the plane to help her. Kendall tried to avoid talking about that, but a tearful Greenlee said to blame her, if need be. Kendall wondered if that would make Greenlee feel better. Greenlee didn't know, but she pledged her and Ryan's complete support.

Surprised to hear that Ryan and Greenlee had reunited, Kendall assumed that it had happened while the couple had been awaiting Zach's plane. Greenlee said it wasn't important; only Kendall mattered. Greenlee reached out her hands, but Kendall jerked away, demanding that Greenlee not touch her.

Jackson, Ryan, and Bianca entered, and Greenlee backed off. Kendall implored them all to leave, because she couldn't handle any more ideas about how to grieve. Bianca asked what was wrong. "What's wrong?" Kendall scoffed. Kendall explained that her best friend wanted to help her "get through it;" however, once they were "through it," Greenlee would go on to live with her soul mate while Kendall tried to figure out how to live without hers.

Ryan and Jackson tried to console Kendall, but she asserted that Greenlee and Ryan would always remind her of what she'd lost. She yelled at them to go, and Greenlee apologized for pushing too hard. Bianca didn't want to leave, but Kendall insisted that she needed to be alone. Jackson escorted Bianca out, and Kendall stared through the window.

Opal called to inform Kendall that Opal had the boys, because Erica was fielding calls from California. Sounding uncertain, Kendall murmured that she could have handled that. She asked Opal to drive the boys home, and after the call, she stared at Zach's picture.

The doorbell rang, and Kendall grimaced, standing up. Griffin was at the door. He hoped he hadn't interrupted her day, but he suspected that Zach had been ignoring his calls about the Miranda Center. "He's not ignoring you. He's dead," Kendall stated in a small voice. She acknowledged that it was the first time she'd said the word "dead." She'd been calling Zach "lost" or "gone," but he wasn't. In truth, his plane was at the bottom of the ocean.

Griffin asked if he could call anyone for Kendall, but she said she'd sent her well-meaning loved ones away. Recalling that Zach had loved his boys, Griffin asked if she'd given them the news. A tearful Kendall replied that she hadn't. Spike was the only one old enough to understand, but she didn't know how to tell him. Griffin, who often broke that kind of news to people, said she'd be surprised at how resilient children were.

Growing upset, Kendall asserted that "resilient" was a word people used to make themselves feel better about messing up their kids' lives. Griffin said he hadn't meant to interfere. Kendall stated that telling a stranger the news about Zach was easier, because she didn't have to help the stranger cope with it. Griffin expressed his condolences. "If there's anything I can do..." he said. Kendall nodded and closed the door.

Later, Opal dropped off Spike and Ian and offered to stay a while. Kendall declined because she felt that Opal's presence would raise questions for the boys. Kendall wanted to keep a normal routine until after Spike's Thanksgiving pageant. Opal comforted Kendall and left.

Kendall caressed Spike's back as he napped on the sofa in his Indian costume. He awakened, asking for "Daddy Zach." Kendall said she had a feeling Zach knew that Spike would be great in his pageant. She said "Daddy Zach" was proud of Spike, and she hugged him.

At ConFusion with Ryan, Greenlee was worried about Kendall, who was rightfully angry. Greenlee blamed herself for marrying David and said Kendall shouldn't pay for that mistake. Ryan wanted to help Kendall, too, but all they could really do was offer their support.

Greenlee and Ryan went to the police station, and Greenlee insisted upon making a statement. Jesse tried to deter her until David had been processed and placed in a cell, but she persisted. Greenlee heard David in the interrogation room, saying that he'd been moved by what she'd said at his grave. "You mean John Doe's grave," she retorted, charging into the room.

After raging at David, Greenlee claimed that she'd had real feelings for him, and her gratitude would never fade. "Just like my love for you," he uttered. Scoffing, Greenlee wished he could hear himself, because he didn't know what love was. David stated that he'd returned for her sake -- even knowing how it would turn out for him. She refused to applaud him for that, but he said she was supposed to understand him -- the way he understood her.

Greenlee gasped, realizing that he thought he could win her back. She called him delusional, but David reminded her of the pain that Ryan had caused her. She insisted that Ryan would never intentionally hurt her, and she wondered if David even cared about Zach. "Of course I do," David responded. She figured he'd think it was worth it if it had helped him to win her back. She felt sorry for David, because time in jail probably wouldn't change him one bit.

Ryan and Greenlee went to Ryan's house. She realized that she should be happy to be with him and to be free, but she felt guilty because of Kendall. As Greenlee fell asleep on the sofa, Jackson called Ryan to say that he was keeping an eye on David at the police station. Jackson didn't believe that David was done with Greenlee just yet.

Krystal entered the police station to find Jackson. She apprised him of what had happened with Marissa and David. A preoccupied Jackson stared at David in the interrogation room. Krystal stated that Jackson had done his job, and he needed to let it go. He said he wouldn't let go until he knew that David could no longer hurt Greenlee.

Liza entered the interrogation room to go over David's charges. David said that the only thing he was guilty of was loving his wife. Liza bitterly explained that she'd wound up in the hospital during the trial, because she'd thought that his memory had deserved a good defense. He said she'd done an amazing job, and if the plan had worked, justice would have been served with Ryan's conviction. "You really believe that," Liza incredulously responded.

Liza realized that David had gotten her the district attorney position just to pull off his plan. He said it helped to have friends in high places, and she called him a "son-of-a-bitch."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of a recent All My Children episode. A new episode did not air. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Everyone at Soap Central wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your support -- not just today, but every day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, the entire ABC Daytime lineup was preempted -- and no new episode of All My Children was aired. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 29, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 24 episode concluded.

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