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Dorian warned Viki to keep an eye on Echo. Vimal told Clint that Clint was really Rex's father. Vimal confirmed that he'd changed the paternity test results for Clint's daughter. Jessica and Brody were happy to learn that Brody was their baby's father; Natalie lied about her own test results. Destiny decided to divorce her parents. Clint asked Inez to sleep with Bo.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 22, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Todd paid a visit to Marty and handed her some papers. It was a court order, and Todd advised Marty that she was to stay away from Hope. "You brought this all on yourself," he told her. He walked inside and told a distressed Marty that she had nearly gotten Starr and Hope killed due to her vouching for Hannah. Marty tried to argue and admitted that while she'd made a bad call, she'd thought she could help Hannah. Todd didn't want to hear it. He hoped that Marty would lose her license, because she had emotional issues. Marty exploded and reminded Todd that she had emotional issues after all that Todd had done to her, and after all that she had lost.

Marty could hardly control her rage, as she accused Todd of having bad timing. Her son was in prison, she'd lost the baby she'd really wanted, and he wanted to keep her from her granddaughter. Todd claimed that he only wanted what was best, but Marty refused to allow him to get away with it. A lot had happened to her since college, and she'd learned how to fight back, Marty informed him. Todd was hardly sorry, and he told her she'd have to "deal with it." He called her dangerous and toxic, just like her son. Marty didn't think that Starr would accept Todd's move, but he revealed that Starr's signature was on the paper. He gloated as Marty stormed out.

At Llanfair, Brody and Jessica were ready to look at the results of the DNA test. Brody promised to marry and love Jessica "no matter what happens." He wouldn't allow Bobby to get between them, and he considered the baby to be his and Jessica's. They slowly looked at the first page, and they discovered that the baby was healthy. Jessica was hesitant and stopped to ask Brody if they should look at the baby's sex. She wanted to be surprised and make it into a true happy ending. Brody was fine with that, and Jessica proceeded to look at the paternity test results.

"Oh my God," she uttered. They looked at the results and were ecstatic to see that Brody was the baby's father. They laughed and cried. They were ready to be happy.

Natalie was at the hospital and ready to look at her test results, but she was interrupted when John called out to her. "What are you doing in the genetics lab?" he wanted to know. He had seen her headed in that direction. He was there to talk to a witness in a case. Suddenly, he saw the papers in Natalie's hand and inquired if she had the test results. He grasped her hand and looked for himself, but he was confused. "What does this mean?" he asked.

Natalie read the page quickly and advised him that their baby was perfect. John heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed that all their worry had been for nothing. He wanted to look at the rest of the report, but Natalie kept him at bay. She didn't want him to read the report if he didn't want to know the baby's sex, she maintained. The information was at the end. John thought that he might want to find out, but Natalie felt that they shouldn't jinx things. She wanted to save the suspense until the baby was born, and John consented.

He divulged that he was happy, even if she couldn't tell. Natalie joked that she was used to "translating" John's manner. Just then, John received a phone call from Todd. John advised Natalie that Marty had received a court order, and he would have to leave to stop her from getting into trouble. He couldn't remember ever being as happy as he was. The couple hugged, and John left. Natalie turned her attention back to the test results.

The employee at Buchanan Enterprises who had agreed to perform some tasks for Clint, rushed into Clint's office and began to shout that he was sorry about the lab. The chair swiveled around, and the man was surprised to see that it was Matthew who was sitting there. The excited employee wanted to see Clint, but Matthew advised him that Clint wasn't around. He tried to persuade the employee to give him the information instead, but the man refused. Matthew thought it had been interesting to find a key card for Llanview Hospital in the envelope that Matthew had been asked to deliver to Clint, and he wanted to know what the employee was doing with it.

Rex, Clint, Viki, Charlie, and Echo gathered at Rex's place to learn the results of the DNA test. Rex pulled the first page from the envelope and announced that Echo was his mother. "Congratulations," Clint said as he fiddled with his cell phone and sent text messages. Echo stated that the news was anything but news to her, and she was happy that everyone else knew the truth. She wondered how Rex felt about it, and he was quick to point out that she'd tried to ruin Viki and Clint's marriage and had abandoned Rex as a baby. He asked how he was supposed to feel after that.

Echo agreed that it was all complicated, but Charlie noted that at least Rex knew for certain. Viki was curious as to what Echo had been doing in the years since she'd abandoned Rex, but Echo would only say that it was nothing she was proud of. Echo wanted to get to know Rex and be a part of his life if that were possible, and Rex approved. He would never think of her as his mother, though, he added. Sarcastically, Viki declared that she didn't think Echo would be so presumptuous. Some DNA wasn't the same as actually being a mother, Viki continued.

Clint sat quietly on the sofa and recalled the conversation he'd had with his employee to alter the DNA test. He jumped up and announced that the rest of the information would have to wait, since he had an urgent meeting to attend. Rex refused to stop, and Viki thought that Clint was trying to stall the disclosure of the identity of Rex's father. Both Viki and Echo were anxious to hear the news. "And the winner is," Rex said as he pulled the sheet of paper from the envelope.

He read it quickly and announced that Charlie was his father. Clint was visibly relieved as Rex congratulated his newly identified parents. Viki looked skeptical as Clint was ready to leave. He advised Rex that their relationship with each other wouldn't have to change. Viki demanded that Clint wait for her, and she cornered him out in the hallway. "What just happened in there?" she asked him.

Clint reminded her that Rex wasn't his son, and she and Dorian had been wrong about their perception. Furthermore, Echo's plan had been spoiled, she was out of his life, and she wouldn't get any Buchanan money. He was only sorry that Echo would be "smack dab in the middle" of Viki's life.

Back inside, Charlie expressed his gratitude that he was Rex's father, and he thought of it as a gift. Viki and Echo looked at each other wordlessly. Charlie thought it was a good opportunity for everyone to form "new bonds." Viki thought it was better not to push Rex if he weren't ready for it. Rex agreed that he would try to get used to the idea of his parents, and Charlie asked him for a hug. Affectionately, Echo rubbed Charlie's back, while Viki stood by and shook her head.

At La Boulaie, Langston was amused to see Bobby's reaction after she'd informed him that they wouldn't be having any sex. He was speechless. Finally, he pronounced that while he loved how unpredictable she was, they'd had sex already. Langston pointed out that sex had been the only thing their relationship had been based on, and she wanted him to get to know all about her. Bobby agreed that he wanted a real relationship, something he'd never had before, but he wasn't certain on how to go about it. Langston added that she wanted him to accept her for other reasons besides sex. Bobby gulped and asked if Langston had meant for them to never have sex again. "Would that be a problem?" she asked sweetly.

Bobby asked if it were even physically possible, and he wondered how it would all work. Langston explained that plenty of people conformed to that decision, but it didn't mean that they would abstain forever. She continued to be amused at Bobby's response to her decision. She thought that they could test it out for six months. She revealed that she'd gotten the idea from Rex and Gigi, and it had worked for them. "Remind me to thank Rex and Gigi," Bobby quipped.

He wondered if "no touching" would be next, but Langston stood her ground. She felt they'd be able to prove "we're for real this time" to members of her family. Bobby complained that he didn't have to prove anything, but Langston wanted proof for herself as well. He kept repeating six months, but Langston thought he was lucky that it wasn't ten years, which was the time that Starr and Cole would be apart.

Natalie returned home and found an excited Brody and Jessica. They told her the news about the paternity test, and Natalie was thrilled for her sister. Jessica left to take care of something, and Brody inquired about Natalie's test results. She told him that John was her baby's father. "We all lucked out," Brody exclaimed. They began to talk about how the stress and worry had all been for nothing.

Langston and Bobby were interrupted when Bobby received a phone call. It was Jessica, and she informed him that the baby wasn't his. She told him he was "off the hook." "I'm happy for you," Bobby told her, though obviously he was disappointed. He told Langston about the call, and she thought it was great news, but she looked at his face. "Isn't it?" she asked. Bobby concurred that it was good news, but he admitted that he wanted to be a father someday. He'd never thought about it until the incident with Jessica had arisen.

He was worried that he'd be a father like his own, but Langston assured him he could be a good dad. He agreed she was right, and he added that he was ready to consent to Langston's terms. He thought she was worth it.

Marty arrived and began to bang loudly on the door, calling out to Starr. John arrived right behind her, and she asked if he were there to arrest her. He calmly explained that she couldn't be there because of the court order. He added that Todd wanted Marty to cause trouble, and Todd had done his best to provoke her. John thought it best if Marty left. He promised to continue to be her friend, and he would make sure she got home.

Jessica ended her phone call and returned to the study. She overheard Brody and Natalie discussing their stress, and she expressed her sorrow over the fact that everyone else had been under pressure because of her. They agreed they would celebrate the good news after Jessica rested for a while. When she was alone, Natalie looked at her report again.

Clint returned to his office and dismissed Matthew. Incensed, Clint turned to his employee and demanded to know why the man hadn't called him. The man began to jabber about how stressed he'd been, and due to his headache, he had taken a pill. He had taken the wrong pill and fallen asleep. As he continued to talk non-stop, Clint grabbed the man's lapels. He ordered the employee to tell him what had happened at the lab.

The man revealed that someone had found him there as he had worked quickly to do what Clint had asked. It was a doctor who had walked in. He didn't think the doctor knew he didn't belong there, and she had merely wanted to use the computer. It had been Marty. Clint had to keep the man on track as he continued to digress. The man assured Clint that he'd made sure that Charlie was in the computer as Rex's father.

Clint asked about the other job, and the man noted how he'd pulled up the names in the computer and found Clint's daughter's name. He flashed back to the names and how he'd stopped at Natalie's name. He told his boss that he'd fixed Clint's daughter's results too. He had changed the father's name to read Brody Lovett. Clint was happy.

John and Marty returned to Marty's house, and they found that Todd was still sitting inside. He thanked John for "upholding the law." He turned to Marty and threatened her with jail time if she disobeyed the court order, and then he left. Marty was grateful to John for helping her out, because she felt like a burden. John reminded her that they'd already had that discussion. She asked about Natalie's test results, and John informed her that the baby was fine. Marty was glad to hear it.

John only hoped he'd be a good father, but he assumed that he and Natalie would "figure it out." Marty replied that he should "just trust Natalie." John looked at her strangely, and advised Marty to let things "cool down," and they would work out. He said goodbye. After he left, Marty removed Natalie's test results from under the sofa. It was a copy of the paper that Natalie had. It stated that there had been a DNA match, and it was Brody Lovett.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the Buenos Dias, Matthew told his parents that he was going to go to Buchanan Enterprises later. Bo asked Matthew if he should work on his paper instead, but Matthew knew that Bo didn't like Matthew working for Clint. Suddenly, Matthew spilled some of his food and excused himself to get cleaned up. Nora said that, as long as Matthew's schoolwork wasn't suffering, she didn't see a problem. However, Bo thought Matthew should spend more time with his friends.

In front of the Buenos Dias, Rex told Charlie and Echo that he wasn't sure if he could stay. Echo assured him that it wouldn't be a long lunch, and she just wanted to spend a few minutes with him and Charlie. The three entered the diner and immediately encountered Bo and Nora. Bo asked if the DNA results were back yet. Rex gestured to Echo and Charlie and said, "Meet the parents." Bo asked if it felt good to have the truth, and Charlie replied that he hoped Echo forgave him and Rex for their doubts about her.

Having a moment alone, Bo asked Rex if he was all right with everything. Rex said that things were still processing, and asked Bo if Echo was as bad as everyone kept saying. Bo had a flashback from years before, when he had yelled at Echo about how much suffering she had caused. He told Rex that maybe Echo had changed more than everyone thought, and that Charlie was a good guy to be Rex's father.

Matthew eavesdropped as Bo asked Rex why he had been unhappy with Clint lately. Rex thought about Matthew catching him in Clint's office at B.E. and said that he and Clint "rub each other the wrong way." Rex and Clint were both happy that Clint had turned out to not be Rex's father.

Clint asked what Vimal had done with the DNA test of Clint's daughter. Vimal said that that Clint was right -- "the wrong man" was the father of Clint's daughter's baby. Walking out of the office, he said that he had used the same process to change the result of Rex's DNA test. Clint asked how he had handled the doctor, Marty, that caught him in the DNA lab. Vimal said he had acted like he worked there and the doctor didn't ask him any questions. He told Clint that the father of his daughter's baby was, according to the tests, Brody Lovett.

Brody entered and asked why he had just heard his name. Clint explained that he was bragging to Vimal about his soon-to-be son-in-law because he was happy about Brody and Jess. Brody said that Clint would be thrilled with the news he was about to bring his soon-to-be father-in-law about the baby. Vimal awkwardly congratulated Brody and began to walk away, dropping the hospital key card in the process. He picked it up before Brody could see it, and left.

In Clint's office, Brody told Clint that Jessica's baby was Brody's. Clint was very happy and told Brody that he was like a son to him, "something that gold-digging Rex Balsom will never be."

Echo told Rex that she couldn't wait to meet Gigi and Shane. Rex said that there was a lot he had to explain to Shane before that happened. As the waitress delivered the check, Echo handed her a credit card. After a couple minutes, the waitress returned the card, saying it had been declined. Charlie ended up paying with cash, much to Echo's embarrassment.

John answered a knock on his door to Roxy, who had a pile of clean towels. She entered John's room and asked about the baby. "Perfect," he said. John and Roxy both had a bottle of beer and toasted to John and Natalie's baby. Roxy asked John if he had plans to propose to Natalie, but John said he and Natalie were taking things one step at a time.

Roxy told John that she took some credit for him and Natalie being back together because she was the one who had told Natalie to write the letter to John. She also gave Brody some credit because, if Natalie hadn't stopped to say goodbye to Brody on her way to the airport, John might not have gotten there in time to stop her from leaving. "Here's to Brody!" Roxy toasted.

John explained to Roxy that everything was all right with Marty. She had accepted that John and Natalie were together, and wished them well. "For being such a smart guy, you sure are a dummy about women," Roxy replied. She said that Marty was used to having everything, and at that moment, she didn't have anything. Before leaving, she warned John that, next time Marty had a dirty trick up her sleeve, she wouldn't "wimp out," and John would have to pay for it.

Vimal entered the diner and stared Matthew down, and Matthew stared right back. He thought back to Clint asking Vimal about the hospital key card. Matthew got up and asked Vimal about the key card. Vimal said that he had made it for Clint, and that if Matthew was smart, he'd forget all about it.

Natalie looked at her paternity test results and got upset. Gigi entered and asked Natalie if Viki needed any help with Thanksgiving preparations. She noticed that Natalie looked upset and asked why. Natalie revealed that she had received her amniocentesis results, and she was happy to report that John was the father. Gigi said that Natalie should be happy, so she wondered why Natalie was crying. Natalie claimed that the long wait for the results had made her emotional. Gigi asked to see the paper with the results, but Natalie refused.

Gigi said that Natalie could tell her anything. Natalie handed Gigi the paper and admitted to lying about John being her baby's father. She told Gigi about running into John at the hospital and not letting him see the papers. She also admitted to lying to Brody. She said that no one could live with the secret because it would upset so many people. Then Gigi asked if Natalie could live with it. Gigi suggested that the truth might be easier, and asked if Natalie was sure that John couldn't handle it.

Gigi went on to rationalize Natalie's decision to sleep with Brody, but Natalie knew John would feel betrayed and would leave her. Gigi promised to back Natalie up no matter what she decided. She promised to keep Natalie's secret until the day she died. They shook on it when Brody entered, wanting to know what was going on.

Natalie lied that she had told Gigi about Brody and Jessica's child. Gigi left as Brody again told Natalie how happy he was that her baby was John's. He left, and Natalie looked at the results paper. She threw it into the lit fireplace. As she watched it burn, her phone rang. She answered it to John, who wanted to see her.

Viki visited Dorian at La Boulaie to tell her of Rex's paternity results. Dorian didn't believe Viki and asked about the half-heart necklace. Viki informed Dorian that Clint had reasonable explanations for everything, but Dorian said that something being reasonable didn't make it legitimate. Dorian asked where the new family was, and Viki told her that they were at lunch. They had invited her, but she had declined. Dorian told her declining the invitation was a mistake.

Viki vowed that she wouldn't be jealous because no one was going to separate her and Charlie. Dorian imagined that, when Rex wasn't thrilled about his birth parents' identities, Echo would surely cry on Charlie's shoulder. Dorian related that, if she didn't find out Clint's secret soon, Echo would destroy Viki's home next. Dorian vowed to find out Echo's secret by becoming her new best friend and regaining her trust. Then, Echo would tell her everything. Viki trusted Charlie to "set Echo straight." Dorian was just trying to help, but Viki did not want her help.

Roxy entered the diner as Rex, Echo, and Charlie were leaving. Roxy asked what the connection between the three of them was. Rex broke the news to her about his newfound birth parents and led her outside. He explained that Rick and Lily were just a scam. He promised Roxy that nothing was going to change between the two of them. Very upset, Roxy ran back into the diner.

Roxy immediately saw Echo and said that she'd had Roxy fooled while getting information about Rex. Roxy demanded the money for Echo's room, but Echo didn't have it. She thought the photos were enough to cover the money. As Charlie watched, Roxy ordered Echo to pack up and get out of her hotel.

At B.E., a suspicious Matthew asked Clint where he had needed to go for the DNA test. When Clint answered that he had gone to the genetics lab at Llanview Hospital, Matthew had more questions. He asked how accurate the results were and if they could ever be wrong. Clint didn't think so. He related that he had gotten a lucky break because he was a lucky guy.

Rex reentered the diner and asked Bo how he could ever forgive his parents. Bo said that Charlie was a good guy. Rex didn't think he needed a dad at his age, but Bo related that he'd always need a dad. "Isn't that what I have you for?" Rex asked, and left. Nora asked Bo if he was thinking about Asa. Bo said that Asa wasn't an easy man to get along with, but Bo missed him every day.

Later, Gigi met Rex at the diner. She asked about the DNA results. Rex informed a surprised Gigi that his parents were Echo and Charlie.

Natalie arrived at John's and saw the beer sitting out. John explained to her about Roxy's toast, and that Roxy had warned John about Marty and her "dirty tricks." John reassured a worried Natalie that Marty regretted how she had treated John and Natalie, and that she was trying to let it go. "I hope so," said Natalie.

Brody went into the living room of Llanfair to get something out of a drawer. On his way out of the room, he poked at the blazing fire.

Dorian called Roxy at the hotel and asked to speak to Echo. Roxy told Dorian that Echo no longer lived there.

Charlie returned to Llanfair and Viki asked how the "family reunion" had been. Charlie knew that there had been a lot of tension since Echo had arrived in town, but he was happy that Rex was his son. Viki agreed, but related that Echo was probably happy about Charlie being Rex's father as well. Charlie promised that Echo wouldn't threaten their relationship. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Charlie answered it to Echo with suitcases in tow. She told Charlie she was homeless and had nowhere else to go.

Marty looked at a copy of Natalie's DNA test results and said that she would never feel sorry for Natalie. Talking to a picture of Cole, she wondered how John would "take the news." He would have to get the news first, and Natalie was lying to John, so Marty said it was up to her. It was time for John to get a "very special gift."

Marty took out gift-wrapping supplies and imagined giving John the gift. In her daydream, Marty smiled as John opened the gift with Natalie and took out the results of Natalie's test. A very upset John asked Natalie how she could had done that to him and to her own sister. He called her a liar and kicked her out of his apartment, never wanting to see her or "the kid" ever again. He thanked Marty for telling him before it was too late as Natalie tried to explain. He slammed the door in her face.

Marty finished wrapping the box and admired her handiwork. "Christmas comes early this year!" she said happily as she ran out of her house. Later, Marty arrived in front of John's place. Just as she was about to knock on the door, her phone rang. The person on the other end told her that her son had been involved in a fight. She said she would be right there and ran out.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Neville opened the door to Kevin and Kelly who were just getting back from Thanksgiving dinner with Zane. Neville was disappointed that they weren't having dinner at home because Nigel had told Neville all about Thanksgiving. It was a time for peace, harmony, forgiveness, and love. Neville also informed Kevin and Kelly that Joey had called, and was on his way home.

Kelly was glad that Joey hadn't heard her messages and decided that she needed to change her clothes. She confessed to Kevin that she had never really gotten over Joey. A disappointed-looking Kevin wasn't surprised and related that a person never really got over their first love. Neville announced that dinner was ready, but Kelly said that they should wait for Joey. Neville apologized for not being clear. Joey wasn't going to London; he was going to Llanview.

James and Ford entered their apartment after the town-wide marathon for charity. Eddie entered and asked where his money was, and where his sons were taking him for Thanksgiving dinner. Later, James made sure that it was all right for him to be at the Cramers' for dinner. Ford said it was fine as Eddie asked if he was invited too. Ford told Eddie that he was staying at the apartment. As the two left, James suggested that Eddie go to the diner. "By myself?" Eddie asked the empty apartment, then stated, "Unacceptable." He followed his sons out the door.

Natalie was decorating as Brody entered Llanfair, out of breath from the marathon. He asked Natalie why she was upset because she should be thrilled that John was the father of Natalie's baby. He decided that he knew why she wasn't happy and left to check on Jess and Bree, both of whom had colds.

Later, Natalie was on the phone with John and told him to say hello to Michael and Marcie for her. Brody entered as Natalie hung up, and she told him that John had said hello. Natalie explained that she had just been tired earlier, but Brody knew that she felt guilty because he did as well. As Natalie thought about the results of her test, Brody said that it was like their one-night stand never happened.

Cristian took Blair wine and a bouquet of flowers that were originally meant for Layla. He thanked Blair for inviting him to dinner because otherwise, he would've been all alone. He also gave her Eli's box. Blair was angry that Cristian didn't throw the box out like she had asked, but Cristian thought that Blair needed to deal with it.

Viki opened the front door of Llanfair to Dorian, who told her they'd won. She informed Viki that Roxy had kicked Echo out for not paying for her room. Dorian thought that they'd seen the last of Echo. Just then, Echo entered in a bathrobe, asking when dinner was. She said she was going to "pretty up" and went up the stairs. Viki told a shocked Dorian that she was angry that Echo was there. Dorian was sure she could help.

Dorian had a strong hunch that there was something going on with Clint and Echo. As Dorian said she needed to find out about Rex, Rex entered with Gigi and Shane. "What about me?" he asked. Dorian wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving and left. Shane told Viki that he was happy to have Charlie as his grandfather. Viki agreed as Echo appeared at the top of the stairs. Viki introduced Echo to Gigi and Shane and told them she was staying with Viki and Charlie for a couple days.

Starr was on the phone as she entered La Boulaie. When Langston entered, Starr asked her why James wanted to know what to bring for Thanksgiving dinner. Langston informed Starr that she had invited Ford, and Ford wanted to take James along. Langston assured an angry Starr that James knew that he and Starr were just friends. "Unless you're still into him," Langston added.

Starr denied it, and related that he had only been making her feel better when he was over a couple nights before. Langston said that Cole was in jail, but Starr couldn't stop living. Starr thought that Marty would want to see Hope for Thanksgiving, so she was going to leave. Starr stopped and asked Langston when she and Ford had become close enough for him to be at a family dinner. Langston caught Starr up to speed on how they were just getting to know each other, and how Langston had gotten Ford to agree to no sex for six months.

Starr didn't think six months was bad, since she'd have to wait ten years to be with Cole again. As Langston wondered if Starr had been listening, there was a knock on the door. Starr told Langston to get the door because Starr was going to Marty's. Langston opened the door to James and Ford. "One hundred seventy-nine days left," Ford announced, and kissed Langston. Starr tried to hurry up the stairs unnoticed, but James stopped her.

Starr told James she needed space. Blair entered and asked what Ford was doing there. Langston said that they were dating and they'd both changed. Just then, Dorian entered, followed by Eddie, who had told her that he'd been invited. Ford told Eddie he had to go. "This is your father?" Dorian asked. Starr summarized all the harm the man had caused to his boys. Eddie asked what Starr knew about raising kids, to which Blair replied that Starr had a daughter.

Ford asked whether Eddie was going to leave, or if they had to throw him out. James tried to push Eddie out, but Eddie returned with a punch to James's face. Ford attacked Eddie and pinned him against a wall. Cristian and Ford each had one of Eddie's arms while Dorian called the police.

Inez and Nate arrived at Clint's. Nigel led Nate into the adjacent room to play on the Z-Box. Clint had hoped Inez would wear the necklace Clint had given her, but she told him it was too extravagant for her to accept. Bo, Nora, and Matthew entered. Matthew saw Inez and hoped Nate wasn't there. Inez wanted to warm up the tart she had made, so Bo took her to the kitchen.

Clint hoped that everyone could be nice to his guests. Matthew asked if it had been necessary to invite Nate. Quoting Asa, Clint said that one had to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. Matthew left to play on the Z-Box and Clint told Nora that she should take a page out of Asa's book as well. Clint asked her if she was worried about Bo and Inez.

Nora said there was nothing going on. Clint said he was relieved and told her about the jewelry he had given Inez. He didn't think the reason was right. He said he didn't want history to repeat itself with a woman leaving him for his brother. Bo and Inez entered laughing and joking, not thrilling Clint or Nora.

In the adjacent room, Nate and Nigel played each other on the Z-Box. Matthew entered and wasn't happy to see it. He told Nigel to get him some nachos and then took the controller from him. Nigel asked "Mr. Salinger" if he wanted something, as well, but Nate didn't and told Nigel to call him Nate. Nigel left and Nate chastised Matthew for treating Nigel like a slave. Matthew told Nate not to change things for Nigel. They started to argue and Nate grabbed Matthew as the adults rushed into the room.

Inez scolded her son, but Clint assured her that "boys will be boys." Nate was tired of Matthew setting him up to look like a "jerk." Nate told Inez that he had turned Dani's invitation down in order to spend Thanksgiving with his mother, but he couldn't stay. He left, and Bo asked if Inez wanted him to speak with Nate. Inez said Nate should be with Dani anyway.

Dani was happy to open her front door to Destiny, and asked her to stay for dinner. Destiny said she would, but she also wanted to talk to Téa about divorcing Destiny from her parents. Dani said she would talk to her mother about taking the case, but urged Destiny to give it some time and think about it. There was a knock on the door, and Dani was happy to find Nate on the other side.

Natalie told Rex that Charlie was a great guy, even though it would have been great if they were really related. Rex didn't know how to feel about his newfound parents. He was glad that Natalie's baby knew its parents because it made life easier for everyone.

Bo left to answer his ringing phone. Clint told Matthew that he had driven Nate right into Dani's arms. Matthew wondered how to keep his enemies close. Clint looked at Nora and said that there were many ways, and he'd be happy to teach Matthew. "Not by example," Matthew said. He cited the fact that Clint hated Rex and kept him as far away as possible.

Shane told Brody that he was going to make a great dad. Shane said that, since Charlie was Shane's grandfather and Brody was marrying Jessica, they would be "kind of related." Brody's phone rang, and it was Bo.

Bo returned and said he'd be back soon because somebody had violently crashed the mayor's Thanksgiving dinner. He told Inez that the man was her ex, but that it would earn him a one-way ticket out of town. Clint talked to Nora about his paranoia: ever since Nora left him, he hasn't trusted anyone. Nora assured him that Inez didn't a have crush on Bo, because she had asked Inez. Clint asked if Nora believed her. Then, Inez announced that Bo had texted her that he had arrived at La Boulaie.

Echo told Gigi that Rex had talked a lot about her. She recognized Gigi as a waitress from Rodi's, and was surprised to learn that Gigi was in school. Gigi explained that having a child in high school delayed education. Echo clarified that Gigi had never told Rex about Shane. "Just like you never told Charlie?" Gigi replied.

Charlie told Viki about how Echo's credit card had been declined at lunch the previous day. Viki wondered why it was their problem. Charlie said that they had room in Llanfair. Viki was surprised at Charlie's suggestion that Echo move in.

Dorian demanded that Bo arrest Eddie for trespassing, and for punching his son. Brody handcuffed Eddie. Eddie vowed that James would pay for him getting arrested, in addition to what James already owed him. As Bo and Brody led Eddie out the front, James walked outside through the side door. Starr left to talk to him. Ford told Langston that he would never forgive himself for leaving James with Eddie. Dorian assured Ford that she still didn't like him, but regretted that he had been forced to go through what he had with Eddie.

Starr asked James why he hadn't told Bo what his father had done to him. James said that his father had all the power and would never let him go. He related that he was useless, and that his father had called him useless when he was younger. He said he had been stupid to think stealing his father's money and running would get him away from Eddie. Starr promised him that he wasn't useless and he wasn't alone because he had his family and Starr as well. They hugged and went back inside the house.

Cristian told Blair that he would throw Eli's box away if she wanted him to. Blair decided to keep it. Dorian began her Thanksgiving toast. She was thankful for the Native Americans teaching the pilgrims to reach out to one another and showing them how to provide for each other. "Who's hungry?" she asked excitedly.

Bo returned and Clint began his toast. He said that it had been a tough year, but they had gotten through it. Nigel announced that dinner was ready. Inez said that she should check on her sons, but Clint stopped her and asked for the real reason why she couldn't accept the necklace. She said it made her feel like he wanted to take the relationship to the next level, and she wasn't ready to sleep with him. She was relieved to hear him say that he didn't want to sleep with her. However, he wanted her to sleep with Bo.

Brody returned, and Viki began her toast. She was thankful for all of her family members and said that she always had room for those who had nowhere else to go. Later, Viki stood in the living room alone, looking outside. Someone came in the front door and said, "Happy Thanksgiving, mom!" Viki was very happy to see Joey standing in front of her.

Téa held a piece of paper out to Todd and asked him to explain it. He asked where she had gotten it, and she revealed that the court had thought she would be interested in her husband's activities. Téa asked if Starr had knowingly signed the paper that barred Marty from seeing Hope. When he didn't answer, Téa threatened to call Starr and ask for herself. Todd confessed that Starr had thought she was signing a paper about Hope's trust fund.

Téa angrily told Todd he was a liar and a cheat. She compared his actions to what Eli had done when he helped give Ross custody of Dani. She asked if he really thought Marty was a threat to Hope. Todd rehashed Marty's defense of Hannah, who had ended up almost killing Starr and Hope. Téa warned Todd that he was going to drive Starr and Hope out of their lives, and Dani would be next. As the kids entered the room, Todd said that he just wished "that idiot Nate" was out of Dani's life.

Dani asked if he was going to make her and Nate's lives miserable like he had done for Starr and Cole. Destiny told them that Darren's mother was a good cook and that they could all go over there instead. Téa told Todd to apologize, or she would call Starr and tell her what Todd was up to. Todd apologized for being a possessive father. "And an insensitive jackass," Dani added.

Téa told Todd not to make her regret returning from the dead and insisted he apologize to Nate. He apologized and told Nate not to take everything he said so seriously. Nate said he would remember that and accepted the apology, as did Dani. Before eating, Téa told everyone to hold hands. She spoke in Spanish and then said that she was so grateful to be there that she had to say it in two languages. She had never thought she would see another Thanksgiving and was very happy to be there with everyone.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of a recent One Life to Live episode. A new episode did not air. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Everyone at Soap Central wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your support -- not just today, but every day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, the entire ABC Daytime lineup was preempted -- and no new episode of One Life to Live was aired. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 29, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 24 episode concluded.

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